Belated truth on MRF proves that republican claims were right!!!

Letter which was published in today’s Irish News – Monday December 16 2013 – Martin Galvin, Bronx, New York.

FERGAL Hallahan was more right than he imagines (November 25) about the derision accorded anyone with the temerity to accuse Britain of deploying a Military Reaction Force (MRF) of plain-cloths British troopers who gunned down unarmed nationalists using non-military weapons.

British State Sponsored Murder

During my years as both editor of the Irish People weekly American newspaper and national director of Irish Northern Aid, I was tasked with presenting such facts to the American public and especially congressmen. The contention we republicans repeatedly made was that the crown had sent out the MRF and later wiped British fingerprints from their killings by shifting from the MRF to having the shots fired by loyalist proxies. This tactic had obvious advantages, including avoiding British army ccasualties like those inflicted by the IRA at the Four Square Laundry. It allowed the British plausible deniability. Collusion in murders carried out by loyalists could be denied outright and blamed on a cadre of crown force bad apples, no matter how much targeting intelligence, agent control or safe passage the British had supplied. Britain’s answer to these charges never changed. British officials would declare, self-righteously that “Her Majesty’s government” would never stoop to deploy such a unit. The British army ‘yellow card’ rules were sacrosanct, they scoffed and this code was rigorously applied whenever British troopers opened fire.

These sanctimonious British denials were believed by the public, politicians and journalists to the extent that this handpicked death squard remained largely unknown to the public. Panorama’s Britian’s Secret Terror Force proves that republicans were right about Britain’s deployment of a terror force, the MRF. It proves that those high-ranking British officials who denied that the crown would stoop to such tactics were either deliberately misled by the crown or deliberately misleading others on the crown’s behalf. Members of this British terror squad have no worries that they will face justice for killing unarmed Irish civilians like Daniel Rooney or Patrick McVeigh. They freely boast of their misdeeds, for the television cameras. Confident that they enjoy a selective immunity and impunity, not granted to republicians like Gerry McGeough, Seamus Kearney or John Downey.  We republicans were right about Britain’s tactical shift from the MRF terror force to doing their ‘dirty war’ work through loyalist proxies. Must we await another documentary before people face the facts about Britain’s complicity with loyalist killers in collusion murders?

With many thanks to: Martin Galvin.

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Justice for the Craigavon Two

Irish TD’S raise Craigavon Two in the Irish Parliament. during a motion discussing 15 years since the Belfast agreement.

Find below some transcripts of the debate

Eamon O Cuiv.

I am surprised that the motion does not mention justice issues, particularly those which relate to prisoners in the North of Ireland. Deputy Ó Snodaigh is well aware of the matter to which I refer because he visited a number of prisons in that jurisdiction in the company of some Deputies and Senators who have shown great interest in these issues in recent times. I will try to outline the nature of the issues to which I refer and also of the injustices that have been perpetrated. I recognise that the Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Taoiseach have made representations in respect of these issues. It is important, however, to place on the public record the facts about what is happening.

I wish, first, to refer to the case of Marian McGlinchey – also known as Marian Price – and Martin Corey. Both of these individuals were released on licence many years ago. Marian was actually released in the very early 1980s. In the past two years, they were both arrested and imprisoned. Neither they nor we know what the allegations against them are. It seems extraordinary that, at this remove, someone can be put in prison and not be informed as to the nature of the evidence against them. These people were arrested and imprisoned on the order of the British Secretary of State. There is no limit to the amount of time that can be taken to hear their cases. If parole is refused, neither will be informed of the grounds for this. It is impossible to refute evidence if one does not know the nature of it. If this was happening in any other part of the world, motions of condemnation of a state which allowed such a justice system to obtain would be tabled all over the place.

Deputy Maureen O’Sullivan and I visited Marian Price in hospital yesterday. Ms Price has been in hospital for nearly a year and last week she was moved to an acute unit. She is suffering from a multitude of ailments and her immune system is breaking down as a result of the various medicines with which she is being treated. I am concerned about the ongoing incarceration of these two people.

Unfortunately, I do not have time to go into his case. Both cases are effectively detention without trial and will do more to destabilise the peace process than anything else of which one can dream.

Why were Mr. Gary Adams and Mr. Gerry McGeough, the so-called on-the-runs, picked to be put in prison? As Mr. McGeough was released after two years, it is obvious that the system does not view him as a threat to society. A part of the delay in Mr. Adams’s case has to do with who he was with he was in prison. It is extraordinary that someone could be refused parole because he or she was put into a certain part of a prison. I assure the Minister that choice of who to associate with in prison is not that great.

Regarding the so-called dissidents, a dirty protest continued for more than one year. When it concluded last year, undertakings were given in respect of change. Judging by what we were told during our visit to HM Prison Maghaberry yesterday, no change has occurred. It further transpired that many of the people in question were in prison on indefinite remand for court cases that were still awaited. The remand period can continue in such cases. This is detention without trial.

The arrests and convictions of Mr. Adams and Mr. McGeough were contrary to an international agreement between the Irish and British Governments, that being, Weston Park Agreement. I am amazed that this has not been mentioned on the Sinn Féin motion’s “To Do” list.

Serious abuses have occurred in the case of Mr. Brendan McConville and Mr. John Paul Wootton. It was due to be started in the appeal court before the prosecution stated that it had further evidence. It now appears that the prosecution was collecting intelligence on discussions held between another witness who would confound the prosecution’s evidence and his solicitor. Matters have become so serious that an application has been made to the Northern Ireland Court of Appeal to ask the Criminal Cases Review Commission to direct the police investigation, something that is possible in Northern Ireland.

Maureen O’Sullivan

I am a member of the foreign affairs committee. When we meet people from conflict areas, they take great heart from the Northern peace process. After generations of bloodshed, bitterness and deep division, peace was achieved. No one wants to see it undermined, but that is what is happening. Lasting peace cannot be achieved without justice, something that is being undermined in the North. I have raised the issue of prisoners at Maghaberry prison in Priority Questions and Topical Issues. With a group of Deputies, I visited the prisoners several times. Their human rights are being abused. I am not referring to their political views. How could a dirty protest continue for 18 months without anyone paying the prisoners a blind bit of notice? We have been told that the agreement is not being implemented in the prison.

Regarding Ms Marian Price, how could a royal prerogative of mercy that received significant coverage when given be lost so suddenly? She is the only female being held in isolation in a male jail. Her medical treatment leaves much to be desired. These are abuses of her human rights. Her hearing with the Parole Commissioners is repeatedly postponed. She has been held two years on the basis of allegations.

Equally disturbing is the case of Mr. Martin Corey, who has been in jail for three years having had his licence revoked on the basis of allegations. Following a judicial review, the judge opted to release him, but the Secretary of State prevented that from happening. He is long overdue a parole review. It will not be held until July. This is internment without trial. In a democracy, due process should be followed. Level a charge, bring a person to court and let him or her have a say. If there is a conviction, it can be appealed. Otherwise, the person serves time. So-called evidence is being produced, but it will be closed. Barristers and solicitors will effectively be going into the case blindfolded.

The sword of Damocles is hanging over others who are out on licence. We have had the Birmingham Six and the Guildford Four. We now have the Craigavon Two, men who are being held following a series of allegations, dubious circumstantial evidence and serious issues relating to the PSNI and the covert surveillance of civilians. These injustices are putting the peace process in jeopardy. Do we never learn from history? Are we trying to create more martyrs and fill the ranks of dissident groups?

I believe in people’s democratic right to a fair trial. People in the North are being denied this right. Those being held on grounds of dubious allegations are not the problem. Rather, they would be a part of the solution if the situation was being addressed correctly and fairly.

Mick Wallace

The Good Friday Agreement has been a very positive development, but we should not take things for granted. There is still work to be done if we are to ensure the long-term sustainability of the peace process. Like other Deputies in yesterday’s debate, I want to concentrate on some of the prison issues. Marian Price and Martin Corey were released on licence many years ago but were rearrested in the last few years and are now imprisoned without trial.

It is called internment. A series of abuses have occurred in the case of Brendan McConville and John Paul Wootton, known as the Craigavon Two. Allegations are weak in both cases and there are serious issues relating to the Police Service of Northern Ireland, PSNI, regarding their convictions and recent failed appeal. Injustices have the potential to put the peace process at risk.

Having visited Maghaberry Prison on three occasions over the last three months with other Members of the Oireachtas and listened to the prisoners’ side of the story, one would have to be concerned. I have no interest in republicanism, but I feel the treatment of political prisoners in Maghaberry is unjust and leaves much to be desired. Prisoners’ rights were promised in 2010 but did not materialise and this led to a dirty protest which lasted 18 months up to last December. Promises were made again following the end of the protest, and again they were not delivered. Measures were to be introduced to bring about a conflict-free environment in the prison. These were to be brought in over three phases in a 12 month period to include movement access, whereby they were promised they would be allowed to have six men on the landing at one time, three in the laundry, three in the phone room and three in the classroom. It turns out the classroom is not available to them. There are no teachers available to them. These prisoners are getting no education and are locked up in their own cells most of the day. It does not make much sense.

What ever happened to the idea that prison was meant to reform the prisoner, make him or her a better person and fit for society? They also have serious grievances about the continued use of strip-searching and the use of isolation in an effort to break particular prisoners. It would make far more sense to have a peaceful atmosphere in the prison rather than one of conflict.

Clare Daly

The issues Deputy Wallace has raised have been silenced by the mainstream media here in the South and we will ignore these issues at our peril. Not too far up the road we have a man who has been in jail for three years who meets all the criteria of the Good Friday Agreement, whose licence was revoked, allegedly for security reasons. He and his legal team have not been informed of these reasons and decisions have been made behind closed doors. The exact same situation faces Martin Corey and the very ill Marian Price, people who have not been presented with the cases against them and who have remained in custody for years. This is not the type of approach that will bring peace in the North. These people are becoming symbols of a continued injustice, and of the fact that internment without trial is still alive and well. There cannot be peace unless justice is done openly and transparently.

I am not a nationalist or a republican. I am an internationalist and am concerned about these issues very much from a human rights point of view, and that is why we have been involved in the cross-party delegations to Maghaberry Prison. It is absolutely reprehensible that the prison authorities and the establishment in the North and Britain have breached agreements and promises regarding prisoners’ conditions which should allow the men to go out onto the landings and socially interact, to get an education, to engage in handicrafts and other issues which deal with rehabilitation. This is not a way forward to bring a conflict-free environment. It is not in the interests of the prisoners or the staff in that prison. Unless we here address these issues we cannot have a lasting peace. I urge the authorities in the South to exert pressure for a desperately needed resolution of these issues.

Thomas Pringle

It is appropriate that 15 years on we should note progress and renew commitment to the Good Friday Agreement in this House. The Government’s amendment stresses that it continues to work towards the observation and implementation of human rights principles. As has been outlined by other Deputies in their contributions, the human rights of prisoners in the North are being abused on a daily basis. Martin Corey, Marian Price and the Craigavon Two are all having their human rights abused. The Government needs to step up to the mark on this and ensure it deals proactively with the British Administration because the Secretary of State is overruling the court system in the Six Counties to ensure these prisoner are kept in custody. This is internment. Holding prisoners without any notice of charge, trial date or attempt to bring them to trial is an abuse of human rights. This Government needs to ensure this is addressed and to deal with it very proactively.

The purpose of the Good Friday Agreement was to remove the circumstances that caused the conflict in the first place, but the British Government is leaving the potential for martyrs and undermining people’s confidence in the justice system. The justice system has to be an integral part of any peace process and the workings of the Good Friday Agreement.


‘ We consider that any of the grounds of appeal haveAssemblyde out – Lord Chief Justice Declan Morgan.


A FORMER IRA man’s bid to overturn his conviction for attempted murder has been rejected. Lawyers for Co Tyrone man Gerry McGeough said he had been assured immunity from prosecution by a Sinn Fein representative.

The lawyers argued that criminal proceedings that led to McGeough being jailed for trying to kill part-time soldier Samuel Brush 32 years ago were an abuse of process. Central to his case was an allegation that North Belfast assembly member Gerry Kelly, pictured below, had assured McGeough in 2000 that he would not be charged if he returned to the North from being on the run. McGeough had escaped from hospital after being wonded when his victim – now a DUP councillor – returned fire in the ambush. He cotended that Mr Kelly had given him a binding primise on behalf of the Stormont executive.

Gerry Kelly

Lord Chief Justice Declan Morgan pointed to legal authorites which set out that an abuse of process depended on an unequivocal guarantee of immunity being by those bringing the criminal case. ” We do not consider that the evidence indicates any basis for the conclusion that Mr Kelly was a represntative of verdict and esponsible forhonduct of the investigation or prosecutions, ” the judge said. “We further agree that in any event the statement attributed to Mr Kelly, who did not give evidence, did not contain any representation, never mind one which could be said to be unequivocal for the purpose of this test.” Mr Brush was working as a postman when he was shot and seriously wonded near Aughnacloy, Co Tyrone in June 1981. McGeough (54), from Dungannon, was convicted in 2011 of attempted murder, possession of firearms with intent to commit an indictable offence and IRA membership. He was jailed for 20 years but released earlier  this year under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement. The one-time gunrunner was not in court yesterday to hear judges throw out all grounds of the appeal. Correspondence from the Northern Ireland Office to Mr Kelly in 2003 was introudeced during the case. The letter included McGeough in a list of six people who would face arrest and questioning if they returned to the North of Ireland.

As part of a disclosure process evidence was also called from William Smyth of the Progressive Unionist Party. He claimed to have attended a meeting with former Secretary of State Mo Mowlam during negotiations leading up to the Good Friday Agreement in 1998. It was alleged that she had confirmed that those who had committed offences during the Troubles for which they had not been convicted would not be prosecuted. Mr Smyth also stated that those who came forward to admit their crimes would serve two years in jail while those who refused to accept guilt would apparenty face no punishment. Sir Declan, sitting with Lords Justices Higgins and Girvan, said : “Such an outcome would be absurd. “The learned disclosure judge concluded, in our veiw inevitabilty, that Mr Smyth’s evidence that the issue of on-the-runs was ‘done and dusted’ was difficult to accept.” MrGeough also failed to establish that it was unfair to try him because of the passage of time. Detailing his escape from hospital, subsequent proceedings against him in continental Europe and the US and a period spent in the Republic, Sir Declan held that any delay in the trail was McGeough’s responsibility. “We do not consider that any of the grounds of appeal have been made out and we do not consider the convictions are unsafe,” the judge said. Mr Brush was in court for the virdict and later said he had been under no doubt the appeal would be thrown out. Dismissing McGeough’s claims to have been assured immunity, Mr Brush said : “We ars living in a fairytale land as it but to suggest that was going to take place is even worhorse .” The DUP councillor also hit out the founding being given to bring the challenge. “As far as I can see it’s another scandalous misuse of the legal aid system. It had no chance of success,” he said.

With many thanksis to : The Irish News.


 This letter appeared in the Irish News today and I thought I would share it, it’s written by – Martin GalvinNew York.

WHY would the British ever heed Brian Feeney’s call to Wipe the Slate Clean ( March 27 ) much less risk any honest truth process, when BBritish interests are better served by the present arrangements ? The ‘ unspoken amnesty ‘ which Brian Feeney says veteran republicans were led to expect, has been twisted by the British into a selective one-sided immunity or ‘ impunity ‘ for Crown Forces.


Britain may dole out the occasional hard won apology burt need not arrest uniformed members of the British army or Constabulary (RUC), who carried out or colluded in sanctioned murders, which Cameron terms Unjustifiable Killings. The British have systematically stonewalled the families of collusion murder victims, like that of Pat Finucane among so many others. Some bereaved families will count it a victory to see an inquest, much less see the culprits in the dock. Even Saville stopped at scapegoating the troopers who carried out the orders on Bloody Sunday.

What makes anyone beleive the British would ever risk, much less encourage, any independant truth search which required troopers and constabulary (RUC) members to lead us back up the chain of command and indict those who gave orders or set policies ? On the other hand, quarter-century-old charges can be unearthed to send inconvenient republicans, like Gerry McGeough to Maghaberry, should they dare speak too strongly against such injustices during an election campaign. Britain’s lateset innovation of internment by licence & remand, today practised upon Marian Price and Martin Corey, was devised to threaten others. For example, should Gerry McGeough stand for election to Stormont or a council seat and campaign against British injustice, will constabulary (PSNI/RUC ) members await him at the polls claiming secret evidence to revoke his licence ? Why would they ever cede exclusive control and risk a genuine independent search for truth ? Surely those who negotiated such terms for republicans ( $hame £ein ) did not see this coming. Surely they have a moral duty to do more to undo these twisted terms than sitting still for them at Stormont.

Search Operation in Maghaberry: Bed and Blankets Covered in Excrement and Wet with Urine.

Gerry McGeough has just phoned from Maghaberry Prison following a massive search operation. While Gerry himself is not a protesting prisoner, he finds himself imprisoned in the middle of an escalating dirty protest. As in the past, a dirty protest involved spreading human excrement on the cell walls. Today, in 2012, the walls of the protesting cells in Maghaberry Prison are covered in human excrement. Having found it necessary to escalate the protest, the prisoners now throw excrement and urine out underneath the cell doors into the hallways.

When they entered today and carried out a search of Gerry’s cell, the dog had just completed a search of neighbouring protest cells. Already covered in excrement and urine, this dog was used to sniff through Gerry’s cell. His bed and blankets are now wet with urine, plastered with excrement and covered with dog hair. He will sleep in this tonight. These are the conditions a 54 year old man, who has already suffered two heart attacks and has five stents inserted, is expected to survive in. If your husband, father or any family member was found to be living in these conditions within a hospital, there would be outrage.

The protesting cells are cleaned once every six weeks. In the meantime, cat litter is spread over the floors. The guards wear protective suits and gas masks when they deliver food through the cell doors. Flies will be ever present and in hot weather, heating is turned up full. The smell is unbearable. In any cleaning operation, a mixture of excrement, urine, cat litter and chemicals will be washed back into the cells. When prisoners leave their cells, they will sometimes be forced to walk through this mess. The riot squad are on constant standby. If prison staff are seen becoming too friendly with a prisoner, they are moved.

This is allowed to happen today in Ireland because too many people are silent. You close their eyes, you close their ears and your mouths remain shut. What will you say if your own sons and daughters find themselves on a dirty protest? Who will you turn to when so many refuse to listen?

Libertad para Gerry

POSTED ON BEHALF OF : by Damian Herron 

An Irish American Activists said this morning…Remember Guiseppe Conlon. (RIP)

RELEASE THEM NOW !!!THEY knew he wasn’t political. They knew he was innocent. They knew he was sick. But they arrested him Falsified evidence. Convicted him And let him die in their prison. They haven’t changed.

As Irish-Americans our mantra now must be the words of Bernadette (Devlin) McAliskey: This Was Supposed To Be Over.

For those who may have missed her recent speech from which these words come, it’s here:

We must join with her when she says: Organize! Educate! Activate!

There are 40+ million US citizens who readily identify themselves as Irish-Americans. Time to get them up and at ’em. It’s an election year. We did it in 1968. We did it in 1972. We did it in 1980. .

And we must do it again because?

This Was Supposed To Be Over

Hydebank Prison turned away the UN doctors – refused them entrance into the prison no less access to examine Marian Price

The English Bastards would be much happier knowing they killed both Gerry McGeough and Marian Price in prison.

What other excuse do they have for this blatant disregard for human rights?

POSTED ON BEHALF OF : Helen McClafferty


This year 2012 is very important in Irish History as it’s the ninetieth anniversary of nineteen twenty two. That year seen the creation of Irelands Free State and a very bitter Civil War. It also indicated to some,the departure of English /British rule, since arriving here in 1169 by invitation from Leinster,s Provincial King Diarmait Mac Murchada .He was defeated and exiled by King Roary O Conner. He returned with Strongebow and anglo Norman Mercenaries. Ironically the Pope, gave King Henry of England permission on invading Ireland in 1155 to bring the Church under more disciplined rule. Anyway, the events of 1922 played a major part in present day Politics.There are also many similarities regarding current Political and Civil problems etc. Moreover an insight into how Constitutional and Militant Republicanism of which, was highlighted in the Civil and 1919/21 war. It was also the historic breaking from British/English rule to an uncertain future regarding imposed conditions by Britain. On this date 18 May 1922 , major instability existed as a result of the Treaty. A Provisional Government was formed in January,1922, to implement those terms required by the Treaty in forming an Irish Free State. Britain in effect still had control as this was their conditions of so called independence. A major split existed in Dail Eireann as Sinn Fein and the vast majority of IRA volunteers rejected it. At this time the four courts,and various Army Barrackes throughout Ireland were taken over by anti Treaty IRA Volunteers. Devalera was in favor of constitutionally resolving this split as he was not for Civil war. On 20 May an Agreement was signed by Collins and De Valera. This updated Free State Constitution became known as “Collins-De Valera Pact” but was rejected by the British Government on contradicting some issues, regarding its agreed Treaty. Griffith and Collins were forced to accept this, resulting in an unresolved Split..DeValera supported anti Treaty IRA volunteers, but soon events would bring about the Civil War. On this day 18 th of May , the handing over of Military Barrack,s to a newly formed National or Free State Army like Portobello, now called Cathal Brugha was seen in different perspectives.. This Barracks was also the one M Collins left before his death later that year.It was also here,where Francis Skeffington, an eccentric, true Pacifist, Socialist of renowned bravery was executed Easter week 1916 without trial.. He along with two other innocent locals, a Printer and his apprentice, were really murdered, by firing squad ,on orders from Psychopath British Captain Colthurst. He had his own personal agenda against all mainly suspect or non, Republicans, Catholics or whoever .Francis Skeffington ,his wife as many others are unsung heroes of those times . A good part of this Dublin Brigade were IRA Veterns who stayed loyal to Collins.
In comparison to today the Treaty left a bitter split withen Republicanism, similar as lack of confidence in Political Representatives. The unsung heroes, forgotten victims in all capacities, selfish interests etc. Media censorship against anti Treaty forces except to portray them in a bad light. British support for pro treaty allowing all sorts of injustices. Similar questions like would the 1916 leaders accept the Treaty if still alive.This is similar to would the hungerstrikers accept the GFA. All very similar to whats happening today but one famous part of Padraig Pearse,s oration at O Donovan Rossa,s graveside hasn’t been disproven. “ Ireland unfree ,shall never be at peace”. Everyone had as has their views and opinions of Irelands Civil war as both sides have credible beliefs by reasoning to which side they supported. But like the GFA today ,especially parts of its non-implementation, Britain ,is the core of all past, present conflicts. For example reneging and lying about paragraph 20 on OTR,s regarding people like Gerry McGeough etc. Britains experience of its policies and treatment of the Irish, Nationalist, Republican People, still remains oblivious to our being or nature .They have really learned little in all the years of our resistance to their brutal oppression. Their contempt, indifference, disrespectful condescending attitude towards our Faith, Race ,Culture, language and self-determination is still prevalent . Our Catholic faith was illegal and brutally suppressed as most of us were from that Religion. Through the Protestant Churches uniting on a common endorsement of Anti Catholicism, Britain used this to their advantage by oppressing our Faith.
However through our Republican ideology on equality, from WolfeTone ,Henry Joy Mc Cracken etc in 1798, United Irishmen,s Rebellion sectarianism is unacceptable. In the recent Troubles through the Protestant Churches, Govt collusion ,Sectarianism was inevitable. No Republican acts can ever be equaled to the Loyalist, Govt backed militias atrocities on our communities. Any that accept these Psychotic ,Catholic murderers or aided them in any way are enemies of the Irish, Republican, Nationalist ,Catholic people.
Even on this day, 18 of May 1922 Loyalists murdered 3 innocent Catholics .Two were Samuel McPeake (50) and James Donaghy (46), shot dead coming from work, on a Crumlin Rd tram in Belfast. Another Catholic, was 18 year old Thomas Mc Caffrey shot dead while waiting on a train at the Midland Railway terminus.
The majority here suffered in various ways and still have the physical psychological lifetime scars to endure. It can be very difficult to listen to some who glorify a period of at times unexplainable horrors. They know or seen nothing yet make judgments on those or events who have. It’s mainly a youthful ego of harmless intent, but can be easily swayed to accommodate another’s false agenda. We must never forget and commemorate where possible our people who paid the Ultimate sacrifice. Presently there are many ongoing injustices like in 1922,which, are being covered over. Its these injustices, unawareness, experience and history of the troubles that make a certain section of vulnerable chanting youth, targets for a now wrong direction. By all that’s being disclosed in the last 12 years and its implications on some, violations , betrayel regarding many others, justifies Francis Sheehy Skeffington,s observation. This forgotten 1916 Patriot of true faith in Socialisms equality and a pacifist ,by experience claimed the following ………. ‘
“ As you know I am personally in full sympathy with the fundamental objects of the Irish Volunteers. ‘ High ideals undoubtedly animate you. But has not nearly every militarist system started with the same high ideals ? You are not out to exploit or to oppress ; you are out merely to prevent exploitation and to defend. You justify no war except a war to end oppression, to establish the right. What militarism ever avowed other aims in its beginnings ? I advocate no mere servile lazy acquiescence in injustice . . . but I want to see the age-long fight against injustice clothe itself in new forms, suited to a new age. I want to see the manhood of Ireland no longer hypnotised by the glamour of ‘ the glory of arms, no longer blind to the horrors of organised murder. . . . We are on the threshold of a new era in human history. After this war nothing can be as it was before. The foundations of all things must be re-examined. . . . Formerly we could only imagine the chaos to which we were being led by the military spirit. Now we realise it. And we must never fall into that abyss again.” Power corrupts Leadership and the original genuine people of integrity are used in due course for other manipulated agendas.
His hopes in 1916 remained just that , as oppression, injustice ,harassment ,intimidation continued to create more conflicts and abuses, by Power driven so called Leaders.
Some say the fighting Irish will always find a reason, but thats a lot different than a common foe of 800 years. As Sigmund Freud quoted ‘This is one race of people for whom psychoanalysis is of no use whatsoever.
A Bheannacht Dhia libh again go leir a Chairde agus ar thaglaigh. A Thiarna dean Throcaire ar nAnamacha ar gach dthrigriocht O hEireann .A Dhia a shabhail na hEireann
Seosamh O Glacain

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Reply From Gerry Adams TD

English: Gerry Adams, at a book signing at the...

Damian, a chara,

Thank you for your recent mail to Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness.

Your comments have been noted.

As you will be aware, Sinn Féin supports Gerry McGeough‘s campaign for release and agrees that his prosecution should not have happened. Sinn Fein will continue to do all we can to achieve the release of Mr McGeough.

Le meas,

Office of Gerry Adams TD
Sinn Féin President
Kildare St
Dublin 2

Leinster House

POSTED ON BEHALF OF :  Damian Herron

Okay. WHAT EXACTLY DOES THAT MEAN? “SF will continue to do all we can to achieve the release of Mr. McGeough?” This has been their standard reply for the past 5 years with regard to Gerry’s arrest and now his incarceration. I would like to know the DETAILS of exactly what they are doing to achieve this? I have been asking Gerry Adams, Sean Crowe, Michelle Gildernew and other SF representatives for the details/documentation for years now and not one single bit of proof to show they have been trying to help this campaign or Gerry has been forth coming with the exception of this statement that continues to show up at election time and at their Ard Fheis. It would be extremely helpful to Gerry’s family and this campaign to know what they have actually done and are continuing to do to achieve his release. Thank you.

POSTED ON BEHALF OF : Helen McClafferty



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