The DUP and ‘What really happened at Number10’ ?

The DUP said tonight on English News: “All the cliam’s about my party were untrue and unfounded” but my response is “I am very sorry to say she lied”.

Jeffery Donaldson M.P. There are many faces of the DUP but here are just a few.

Ms Foster said she would not ‘negotiate over the airwaves’
The Democratic Unionist Party leader has said she hopes to seal a deal on supporting Theresa May’s minority government “sooner rather than later”.
After meeting the prime minister in Downing Street, Arlene Foster said discussions were “going well” and she hoped for a “successful conclusion”.Apparently a final meeting to approve the deal is set for Wednesday.

An Irish News, cartoon, previously printed. I think it says it all. Really.

But ex-Conservative PM Sir John Major said he was “dubious” about the idea and its impact on the peace process.
The Conservatives are having to rely on the support of 10 DUP MPs after they fell eight seats short of winning an overall majority at the general election.

The Headlines in the News Letter. One of the best selling Protestant newspapers in the North of Ireland (Northern Ireland).

But Sir John told BBC World at One that if the party “locked” itself into a deal with one of the main parties in Northern Ireland, there was a danger the government would no longer be seen as an “impartial honest broker” in restoring the power-sharing arrangements and upholding NI institutions.

Peace in Northern Ireland should “not be regarded as a given”, said Sir John – whose government laid the foundations for the peace process in the 1990s – and nothing should be done to “exaggerate the differences” between the unionist and nationalist communities.

Nigel Dodds M.P. A True Blue, pictured here showing his true colours. This bigot and anti-gay supporter could possibly be the next speaker in the House of Lord’s.

I am “concerned” about a deal with the DUP, says former prime minister Sir John Major
He urged Theresa May to consider governing on her own, saying this would not “carry the baggage” for the Conservatives that an arrangement with the DUP would.

Nigel Dodds M.P. The pictures he wouldn’t want you to see. When he came very close to losing his Westminister seat, but not to worry Nigel there’s always next time.

Sir John suggested the DUP would be asking for money and that would be seen as the “government paying cash for votes in Parliament”, and would be received badly in other parts of the UK.

I think this picture tells it all. The writing is on the wall’s ! Speaks for itself really.

The agreement with the DUP is expected to be very different to the coalition deal agreed between the Conservatives and Lib Dems in 2010, with DUP politicians not getting cabinet jobs and their support for the majority of new legislation to be determined on a vote-by-vote basis.
‘Giving stability’

The lie’s sorry “untruths” being peddled by the BBC. If you really believe their ‘false news’ then you need to open your eyes to the real truth.

The Secretary of State for the North of Ireland, James bronkenshire will not be accepted as impartial to the negiotions on restoring the North of IRELAND institutions. He has to go !!

Asked about Sir John’s comments during a trip to Paris, Mrs May said she was “absolutely steadfast” in her support for the 1998 Good Friday Agreement – which created the Northern of Ireland Assembly – and efforts to revive the power-sharing executive.

The Irish have stood shoulder to shoulder even in London to oppose the Conservitive/DUP alliance.

QMrs May, who has been holding talks with French President Emmanuel Macron on counter-terrorism and Brexit, said the “productive” talks with the DUP were about “giving stability to the UK government that is necessary at this critical time” ahead of the start of the Brexit process.

Theresa May & the DUP will push through so-called extra terrorist legislation and pull out of the European Convention of Human Rights.The Conservite/DUP alliance ‘Do not deserve to be in power’.

Bercow: I’m a Speaker ‘for testing times’
May to meet Macron for anti-terror talks
The clock’s ticking, EU warns UK
Reality Check: Has election changed EU views of Brexit?
Conservative sources said “constructive” progress had been made in the talks and both sides were “working carefully through the paperwork” to complete the deal.

Mrs Foster told the BBC areas being discussed including Brexit, counter-terrorism and “doing what’s right for Northern Ireland in respect of economic matters”.
The BBC’s assistant political editor Norman Smith said the DUP was likely to demand money for investment in Northern Ireland and an end to austerity.

The Conservite/DUP collation will vote through emergency legislation giving the British Securirty Services/MI5 and the British Army ” get out if jail free cards” for past murders. Including those of innocent women and children. No-one should be immune from prosecution including the IRA and it’s leadership.

“At least someone got a landslide” – the PM’s comment was met with laughter
Sinn Fein, whose seven MPs will not take their seats in Westminster, said any deal must be approved by the Northern Ireland executive when it is back up and running.
“Any agreement reached with the DUP – financial or otherwise – cannot be to the detriment of anyone else in our society,” said Belfast West MP Paul Maskey.

The RUC/PSNI, are not accepted in the North of Ireland as impartial. They are the very same police force as before. Anti-Catholic & just as bitter.

Earlier in the Commons, as MPs gathered for the first time since the election, Jeremy Corbyn congratulated Mrs May on “returning as PM” and said he “looked forward to this Parliament, however short it may be”.
The Labour leader joked that he welcomed the prospect of a Queen’s Speech once this “coalition of chaos has been negotiated”, but said if this did not happen, he was “ready to offer strong and stable leadership in the national interest”.

With many thanks to: BBC, for the original story.

Sharon Rafferty and Christine Connor POW’s


Not Brittle at all nor barred from the call

They serve in the legions of duty

And suffer the same for patriot games

as all ‘woke by a terrible beauty

Is it for their frames or their notable fame

That England abuses them so?

That screams of defiance

Roar out non-compliance

and Under Hydebankwoods doors

Torment flows?

Do they wince when they hear,

or cower in fear

the demand to obey Loyalist hate

or do they proudly repel

the oncoming hell

by the visions of life beyond gates

Mairead Farrell stood here

in horror and fear

Another hell hole and a now distant time

but her words are the same and in Hydebank remain

They will never get inside your mind!

Maghaberry a name marked by British Shame

Where by times hopes have shattered with bones

Another pit of no good is the name Hydebankwood

Where are Women are tortured alone…

Seosamh O Bradaigh




Dublin Cumann


Recently Republican prisoners in Maghaberry have been subjected to an intensely restrictive regime which has resulted in intense controlled movement whereby only one prisoner accompanied by three screws is allowed out on the landing at any time.

This has virtually ground the regime to a halt and Republican prisoners are facing long delays in every aspect of their routine.

Cells are not opened to as late as 11 am, access to the phone is restricted as is access to the yard and canteen.

Governors in Maghaberry have tried to explain that this restrictive regime is a result of action being taken by the POA over a dispute around overtime. They have been told by Roe 4 prisoners that this is not acceptable and have been reminded that even before this action by the POA the phasing in of less restrictive controlled movement under the terms of the August Agreement had not been adhered to and in fact the Republican prisoners are now under a more restrictive regime than they were prior to them taking protest action.

Roe 4 Republican prisoners and their support groups on the outside demand an end to this latest abuse of Republican Prisoners and call once again for the implementation of the August Agreement.

Statement ends.



Stiofán Mac Óda



Cabhair is a charitable organisation, solely dependant on public subscriptions. It was established in early 1987, following the revolutionary / reformist split in the republican movement, for “the relief of cases of distress arising out of republican activity”.

Immediately followimg the Ard-Fheis of Sinn F?in in 1986 when the Provisionals departed from the Republican road a number of Irish political prisoners in England, the Six Counties and the 26 Counties adhered to the revolutionary path and refused to accept support from the Provisionals.

To meet this pressing need CABHAIR was formed and has continued with this noble work. Prisoners that they have cared for have been released on completion of sentence and others have gone to prison. At no time since 1987 have no prisoners been in CABHAIR’s care. As long as British rule continues in Ireland, Irish people will resist that foreign occupation and, unfortunately, there will be political prisoners.

CABHAIR currently supports Republican prisoners in Portlaoise prison in the 26 Counties and Maghaberry prison in the Six Occupied Counties.

Donations can be sent to CABHAIR, Irish Republican Prisoners Dependants Fund, 223 Parnell Street, Dublin 1, Ireland


The name “Cogús,” has being adopted by the RNU’s POW Department, meaning “Conscience.”

It is from here that we aim to highlight the injustice suffered by POW’s incarcerated within oppressive Gaols.

Cógus help support the families of imprisoned Irish POWs. Anyone who would like to donate to Cógus to help aid us in easing the hardships of Cógus prisoners can do so directly to Ulster Bank, Antrim Road Belfast. Account Number 10584365 Sort Code 98-00-11


Jim Lockhart

In the U.S. -MAKE A DONATION TODAY TO AID THE DEPENDENTS of Irish Political Prisoners interned or sentenced under British laws in Ireland! Donations can be sent via Friends Of Irish Freedom, P.O. Box 210-Riverdale Station, Riverdale, NY 10471.

FOIF was founded in 1916 in NYC to aid the dependents of the Volunteers arrested in the aftermath of the Easter Rising. FOIF continued to support Republican Prisoners dependents through the War of Independence. We continue to aid Republican Prisoners Dependents today! Make a difference. Give something back to the land of our forebears.


SUPPORT OUR POW's1040363_170778549767531_848789344_oStiofán Mac Óda






Friends Of Irish Freedom

Friends Of Irish Freedom, P.O. Box 210-Riverdale Station, Riverdale, NY 10471

Stiofán Mac Óda



Angela Nelson



On Monday I and three other Independent Republican Councillors visited Republican prisoners in Maghaberry Prison. The delegation consisted of Cllrs Angela Nelson, (Lisburn City Council), Bernice Swift, (Fermanagh Council), Anita Cavlan, (Ballymoney Council), Padraig Mc Shane, (Moyle Council).

Two other Independent Cllrs, Barry Monteith, (Dungannon Council) and Davy Hyland, (Newry&Mourne Council) were unable to attend due to prior commitments but are fully supportive of our initiative.

Our aim was to meet representatives from Roe 3 and 4 and CSU, (Controlled Secure Unit) to hear first-hand what their issues and grievances were. We are totally Independent we are only concerned about their human rights within the prison structures.

To give you some background this initiative began in January this year with me writing to NIPS (Northern Ireland Prison Service) and requesting a visit on behalf of the Cllrs. As you might have deduced this has been a long arduous battle with the system, which used many delaying tactics to deter us from going in but we persevered until we were eventually granted the visit. We were to be allowed 40 minutes with each group

Other political parties like Sinn Fein, SDLP and TD’s from the south have not met the same resistance so one can assume that is because 1,We are Republicans, 2, We will genuinely work on behalf of the prisoners and not only pay lip service to the issues.

We were informed that we would meet all of the representatives and at the time of the initial request we named the six prisoners held in CSU at that time who were, Liam Campbell (He has since been released) and the others named were Martin Mc Gilloway, Austin Creggan, Thomas Hamill, Martin Hamill and Gavin Coyle. The prisoners in Roe House would decide who would attend the visit.

We arrived at the prison at 9am and were photographed, finger printed, scanned and searched and sniffed by the dog before we could proceed to the designated area.

Our first meeting was with Republican Prisoners from Roe 4, and they were Paul Duffy, Damian Mc Kenna, Stephen Murney, John Paul Wootton, Neil Hegarty and Damian Mc Laughlin.

This was a very productive meeting were the prisoners discussed the many issues still outstanding from the August 2010 Agreement. There are too many for me to go into but I can inform you of the 3 core issues that require immediate attention to ensure a “Conflict Free Environment” within the gaol. They are 1. Strip Searching, 2. Controlled Movement, 3. Prisoner Isolation.

As you may be aware the prisoners ended their protest on 21st November 2012 (showing maturity from them), whilst accepting there were no pre-conditions on the ending of the protest but that there would be expectations from the statutory agencies to implement the agreement in full. That has not happened and it is now 7 months since their protest ended and the conditions have not improved.

The strip searching of the prisoners continues and though they are not physically resisting the searches, they do not comply so they are brutally held down and forcibly stripped of their clothing leaving the prison domain and re-entering the prison, for court appearances or medical attention, even though they are not in contact with any other people outside of the screws. The simple answer to this is to use The Boss Chair, scan and rub down the prisoners! Why do they not?

The second issue is “Controlled Movement”. Until recently even though the protest ended 7 months ago the “Trained Riot Squad” was in full riot gear on the wing in Roe 4, this has only ceased in the last few weeks after the intervention of The Prison Ombudsman. Currently prisoners are only allowed out on the wing singly and are accompanied by two screws to where they are going. If a prisoner is going to the shower, his cell is opened he is brought to that area and locked in, if another prisoner needs to use another facility the same practice is used. If the prisoners are in the canteen they are locked in for whatever period of time they have the use of it. There are never any more than 3 prisoners out of their cells at any given time. The screws on the wing can deny even these limited accesses stating at times they are a man short on the wing because one has gone to lunch or some other lame excuse. There is very little free association if any, yet the agreement stated there would be unfettered access. Why do they not have this?

The third issue is “Isolation of Republican Prisoners”. The two priority cases of this illegal practice are Gavin Coyle and Gary Mc Daid. Both of these men have been held in Isolation since their arrest, Gavin is held in CSU and Gary in Bann House. I don’t need to go into minute detail here as you have access to their details from others. We need to be aware that both of these men are locked up 23 hours a day and have been removed from Maghaberry several times by MI5 to be interviewed without legal representation and to be “coaxed” to turn informant. Gavin and Gary should be moved immediately to Roe 4 to be with their Republican comrades. They intentionally keep these men isolated to make them feel vulnerable and to show that they have the power to do what they wish. It was our shared belief that an MI5 agenda exists within the gaol with the approval of the British Government.

The prisoners in Roe 4 have been working very hard internally to address all these issues with various people; The Prison Ombudsman, Solicitors, Governors, David Ford and The Director General of Prison Service Sue Mc Allister. Their dedication and commitment to resolving these issues are to be commended and all of us councillors were highly impressed at how they articulated their concerns.

During this part of the visit I enquired as to whether the other prisoners were being brought down to meet with us and I was told that they were not aware we were to see any other prisoners but those from Roe 3,and that Roe 3 had not coordinated their visit with us at this time. He then went to the CSU and only 4 of those prisoners were given access to us. Gavin Coyle was not informed by NIPS of our delegation that day therefore we did not see him. We met with the other 4 men named above and had an in-depth conversation with them about their conditions.

In conclusion my interpretation is this that “The August 2010 Agreement” could be implemented and offers and sign posts the way forward for “A Conflict Free Environment” within the gaol structures and nothing less will be accepted by the prisoners and the longer this prison crisis continues then there is always the chance of further protests in the future. It is up to all of us outside the prison to make sure our prisoners are treated with dignity and respect and that their basic human rights are given. The prisoners have met with other political parties and informed them of the same issues but to no avail. We Independent Councillors are determined to do everything within our power to bring an end to this stalemate.

Angela Nelson.

Derry Sceal

Independent Councillors visit Republican POWs and Internees in MagHaberry | Irish Republican…






Bring him home












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