Remembering Ireland’s Patriot Dead

THE BRAVE Men & Women Who Give Their Lives For Irish Freedom.

80 men and women travelled the Irish Sea from various parts of the UK to play their part with the Irish Volunteers in the Easter Rising some had Irish Parents,some had not.They too helped fight against the oppression and tyranny of British Government and Crown Forces in Ireland 1916

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Saturday 14th November 2015, Cardinal Ó Fiaich Library & Archive, 15 Moy Road, Co Armagh.




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The Sworn Statement of Kevin Geard Barry, 28th October 1920.

I, Kevin Barry, of 58 South Circular Road, in the County of Dublin, Medical Student, aged 18 years and upwards solemnly and sincerely declare as follows:

Kevin Gerard Barry 20/01/1902 - Executed 01/11/1920. Fuair sé bás ar son saoirse na hÉireann - RIP!/story.php?story_fbid=921832224573005&id=100002387094442

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Kevin Barry by Countess Markievicz – POLISH: Markiewicz – Founder of – Na Fianna Éireann, 1909.

We knelt at Mass with sobbing heart
Cold in the dawn of day.
The dawn for us, for him the night,
Who was so young and gay.

Stained glass window commemorating Kevin Barry.!/story.php?story_fbid=926004690820841&id=596485443772769

76-years after its original installation in Earlsfort Terrace, a stained glass window commemorating the life of Kevin Barry, an IRA Volunteer who was executed by the British Army during the War of Independence, has been unveiled in its new location on the UCD Belfield Campus.

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Countess Markievicz - POLISH: Markiewicz.

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Remembering today Oglach Kevin Barry, born 20th January 1902. Executed on this day 1st November, 1920 in Mountjoy Jail, Dublin.


Kevin Barry was 18-years-old when he was hanged in Mountjoy Jail on November 1st 1920.

Kevin Barry, 1902-1920 - Executed by British armed forces 1920.!/story.php?story_fbid=925033197584657&id=596485443772769


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This year 2012 is very important in Irish History as it’s the ninetieth anniversary of nineteen twenty two. That year seen the creation of Irelands Free State and a very bitter Civil War. It also indicated to some,the departure of English /British rule, since arriving here in 1169 by invitation from Leinster,s Provincial King Diarmait Mac Murchada .He was defeated and exiled by King Roary O Conner. He returned with Strongebow and anglo Norman Mercenaries. Ironically the Pope, gave King Henry of England permission on invading Ireland in 1155 to bring the Church under more disciplined rule. Anyway, the events of 1922 played a major part in present day Politics.There are also many similarities regarding current Political and Civil problems etc. Moreover an insight into how Constitutional and Militant Republicanism of which, was highlighted in the Civil and 1919/21 war. It was also the historic breaking from British/English rule to an uncertain future regarding imposed conditions by Britain. On this date 18 May 1922 , major instability existed as a result of the Treaty. A Provisional Government was formed in January,1922, to implement those terms required by the Treaty in forming an Irish Free State. Britain in effect still had control as this was their conditions of so called independence. A major split existed in Dail Eireann as Sinn Fein and the vast majority of IRA volunteers rejected it. At this time the four courts,and various Army Barrackes throughout Ireland were taken over by anti Treaty IRA Volunteers. Devalera was in favor of constitutionally resolving this split as he was not for Civil war. On 20 May an Agreement was signed by Collins and De Valera. This updated Free State Constitution became known as “Collins-De Valera Pact” but was rejected by the British Government on contradicting some issues, regarding its agreed Treaty. Griffith and Collins were forced to accept this, resulting in an unresolved Split..DeValera supported anti Treaty IRA volunteers, but soon events would bring about the Civil War. On this day 18 th of May , the handing over of Military Barrack,s to a newly formed National or Free State Army like Portobello, now called Cathal Brugha was seen in different perspectives.. This Barracks was also the one M Collins left before his death later that year.It was also here,where Francis Skeffington, an eccentric, true Pacifist, Socialist of renowned bravery was executed Easter week 1916 without trial.. He along with two other innocent locals, a Printer and his apprentice, were really murdered, by firing squad ,on orders from Psychopath British Captain Colthurst. He had his own personal agenda against all mainly suspect or non, Republicans, Catholics or whoever .Francis Skeffington ,his wife as many others are unsung heroes of those times . A good part of this Dublin Brigade were IRA Veterns who stayed loyal to Collins.
In comparison to today the Treaty left a bitter split withen Republicanism, similar as lack of confidence in Political Representatives. The unsung heroes, forgotten victims in all capacities, selfish interests etc. Media censorship against anti Treaty forces except to portray them in a bad light. British support for pro treaty allowing all sorts of injustices. Similar questions like would the 1916 leaders accept the Treaty if still alive.This is similar to would the hungerstrikers accept the GFA. All very similar to whats happening today but one famous part of Padraig Pearse,s oration at O Donovan Rossa,s graveside hasn’t been disproven. “ Ireland unfree ,shall never be at peace”. Everyone had as has their views and opinions of Irelands Civil war as both sides have credible beliefs by reasoning to which side they supported. But like the GFA today ,especially parts of its non-implementation, Britain ,is the core of all past, present conflicts. For example reneging and lying about paragraph 20 on OTR,s regarding people like Gerry McGeough etc. Britains experience of its policies and treatment of the Irish, Nationalist, Republican People, still remains oblivious to our being or nature .They have really learned little in all the years of our resistance to their brutal oppression. Their contempt, indifference, disrespectful condescending attitude towards our Faith, Race ,Culture, language and self-determination is still prevalent . Our Catholic faith was illegal and brutally suppressed as most of us were from that Religion. Through the Protestant Churches uniting on a common endorsement of Anti Catholicism, Britain used this to their advantage by oppressing our Faith.
However through our Republican ideology on equality, from WolfeTone ,Henry Joy Mc Cracken etc in 1798, United Irishmen,s Rebellion sectarianism is unacceptable. In the recent Troubles through the Protestant Churches, Govt collusion ,Sectarianism was inevitable. No Republican acts can ever be equaled to the Loyalist, Govt backed militias atrocities on our communities. Any that accept these Psychotic ,Catholic murderers or aided them in any way are enemies of the Irish, Republican, Nationalist ,Catholic people.
Even on this day, 18 of May 1922 Loyalists murdered 3 innocent Catholics .Two were Samuel McPeake (50) and James Donaghy (46), shot dead coming from work, on a Crumlin Rd tram in Belfast. Another Catholic, was 18 year old Thomas Mc Caffrey shot dead while waiting on a train at the Midland Railway terminus.
The majority here suffered in various ways and still have the physical psychological lifetime scars to endure. It can be very difficult to listen to some who glorify a period of at times unexplainable horrors. They know or seen nothing yet make judgments on those or events who have. It’s mainly a youthful ego of harmless intent, but can be easily swayed to accommodate another’s false agenda. We must never forget and commemorate where possible our people who paid the Ultimate sacrifice. Presently there are many ongoing injustices like in 1922,which, are being covered over. Its these injustices, unawareness, experience and history of the troubles that make a certain section of vulnerable chanting youth, targets for a now wrong direction. By all that’s being disclosed in the last 12 years and its implications on some, violations , betrayel regarding many others, justifies Francis Sheehy Skeffington,s observation. This forgotten 1916 Patriot of true faith in Socialisms equality and a pacifist ,by experience claimed the following ………. ‘
“ As you know I am personally in full sympathy with the fundamental objects of the Irish Volunteers. ‘ High ideals undoubtedly animate you. But has not nearly every militarist system started with the same high ideals ? You are not out to exploit or to oppress ; you are out merely to prevent exploitation and to defend. You justify no war except a war to end oppression, to establish the right. What militarism ever avowed other aims in its beginnings ? I advocate no mere servile lazy acquiescence in injustice . . . but I want to see the age-long fight against injustice clothe itself in new forms, suited to a new age. I want to see the manhood of Ireland no longer hypnotised by the glamour of ‘ the glory of arms, no longer blind to the horrors of organised murder. . . . We are on the threshold of a new era in human history. After this war nothing can be as it was before. The foundations of all things must be re-examined. . . . Formerly we could only imagine the chaos to which we were being led by the military spirit. Now we realise it. And we must never fall into that abyss again.” Power corrupts Leadership and the original genuine people of integrity are used in due course for other manipulated agendas.
His hopes in 1916 remained just that , as oppression, injustice ,harassment ,intimidation continued to create more conflicts and abuses, by Power driven so called Leaders.
Some say the fighting Irish will always find a reason, but thats a lot different than a common foe of 800 years. As Sigmund Freud quoted ‘This is one race of people for whom psychoanalysis is of no use whatsoever.
A Bheannacht Dhia libh again go leir a Chairde agus ar thaglaigh. A Thiarna dean Throcaire ar nAnamacha ar gach dthrigriocht O hEireann .A Dhia a shabhail na hEireann
Seosamh O Glacain

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Seven Signatories

Seven Signatories:Éamonn Ceannt: Born in Galway in 1881, prior to the Rising Ceannt was an employee of the Dublin Corporation. He was a co-founder of the Irish Volunteers, partaking in the successful Howth gun-runningoperation of 1914. His involvement in republican activities was complemented by his interest in Irish culture, specifically Irish language and history, although he was also an accomplished uileann piper.As the commander of the Fourth Battalion of Irish Volunteers during the Rising, he took possession of the South Dublin Union, precursor to the modern-day St. James’s Hospital. He was executed on 8 May 1916.Thomas James Clarke: Born on the Isle of Wight in 1857, Clarke’s father was a soldier in the British army. During his time in America as a young man, he joined Clann na nGael, later enduring fifteen years of penal servitude for his role in a bombing campaign in London, 1883-1898. In 1907, having returned from a second sojourn in America, his links with Clan na nGael in America copper-fastened his importance to the revolutionary movement in Ireland. He held the post of Treasurer to the Irish Republican Brotherhood, and was a member of the Supreme Council from 1915. The first signatory of the Proclamation of Independence through deference to his seniority, Clarke was with the group that occupied the G. P. O. He was executed on 3 May 1916.James Connolly (1868-1916): Born in Edinburgh in 1868, Connolly was first introduced to Ireland as a member of the British Army. Despite returning to Scotland, the strong Irish presence in Edinburgh stimulated Connolly’s growing interest in Irish politics in the mid 1890s, leading to his emigration to Dublin in 1896 where he founded the Irish Socialist Republican Party. He spent much of the first decade of the twentieth century in America, he returned to Ireland to campaign for worker’s rights with James Larkin. A firm believer in the perils of sectarian division, Connolly campaigned tirelessly against religious bigotry. In 1913, Connolly was one of the founders of the Irish Citizen Army. During the Easter Risinghe was appointed Commandant-General of the Dublin forces, leading the group that occupied the General Post Office. Unable to stand to during his execution due to wounds received during the Rising, Connolly was executed while sitting down on 12 May 1916. He was the last of the leaders to be executed.Seán MacDiarmada: Born in 1884 in Leitrim, MacDiarmada emigrated to Glasgow in 1900, and from there to Belfast in 1902. A member of the Gaelic League, he was acquainted with Bulmer Hobson. He joined the Irish Republican Brotherhood in 1906 while still in Belfast, later transferring to Dublin in 1908 where he assumed managerial responsibility for the I. R. B. newspaper Irish Freedom in 1910. Although MacDiarmada was afflicted with polio in 1912, he was appointed as a member of the provisional committee of Irish Volunteers from 1913, and was subsequently drafted onto the military committee of the I. R. B. in 1915. During the Rising MacDiarmada served in the G. P. O. He was executed on 12 May 191

 — withMichael Bradshaw.
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