Hunter Of Cecil The Lion Said His “Life Is Ruined”

Cecils Pride

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Theo Bronkhorst business destroyed

The hunter behind the killing of Cecil the Lion, Theo Bronkhorst, hired by American Dentist, Walter Palmer, has stated that since news broke out about Cecil the Lion and him identified as the hunter who aided Palmer in the hunt, his life has turned upside down as his business was shut down.

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Sitting anxiously in his car awaiting trial earlier yesterday, Bronkhost was swarmed by reporters. He repeatedly said that he had the proper document and the hunt was legal. When asked about the collar on Cecil, he said that collared lions were hunted every year and he believe that he was the fall guy and that the charges ruined his life.

“Well, it’s destroyed us, it’s destroyed the family, my business,” said an emotional Bronkhorst. “You know, we employ a lot of people, and they are on half-time now…”

While the shooting of Cecil was against the law…

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Is It Cold In His Shadow? – An Appreciation of Vol. Brendan Hughes



By Mark Hayes

A short time ago I was asked by TAL’s editor if I would consider writing a short piece about Brendan Hughes. As readers of TAL will doubtless be aware Brendan Hughes figures prominently in the narrative of modern Irish Republicanism, and much has already been said and written about him. What else, I pondered, might usefully be added to the wealth of material that already exists? Moreover, there is a sense in which the effort to recollect causes much more pain than pleasure. Why inflict more discomfort by revisiting the past? Perhaps it would be far better to press on without glancing backwards.

As it turns out Talman posited the question at precisely the right time because recent events have made remembering an obligation for anyone who claims to profess adherence to the Republican creed. It is not the gradual and insidious elision from principled armed resistance…

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ARCHIVE: Citizens Free Press

Gardaí warn vigilance after three suspected abductions in Meath

Concerns are being raised over a suspected peadophile in Co Meath, after three attempted child abductions were reported in recent weeks.

Two attempted abductions were reported in Navan, the third in Trim.

In all three cases, a man is understood to have tried to lure young girls into a car.

It has led to a warning from local gardaí that parents should stay vigilant and keep a close eye on their children.


PARENTS in Co Meath have been warned to keep a close eye on their children amid fears that a dangerous paedophile is on the loose.

Three attempted child abductions have been linked to the same pervert who, in one particularly disturbing case, attempted to snatch a 10-year-old girl while he was naked from the waist down.

All incidents have taken place in the…

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Bobby Sands: 66 Days


DOCUMENTARY maker Brendan J Byrne sets out to bring  us the man behind  the  icon in this  detailed look  at the life of the hunger striker Bobby Sands. He achieves his aim exceptionally well in this fascinating  film that contextualises this torrid period in the North of Ireland’s history, and the events that led Sands and the other hunger strikers to take the dramatic action they did. The movie looks at the history of hunger striking, how self-starvation can impact on the body, and why 10 prisoners  died in their fight for special category status to be returned in the H-Blocks of Long Kesh Prison. Coming at the story from each and every angle, Byrne has given us a comprehensive and balanced film which also features the writings and hunger – strike diaries of Sands himself, voiced brilliantly by Belfast actor Martin McCann in the film. In fact, this is one of the best documentaries ever made about the Troubles – informative, brilliantly put together by Byrne and his editor Paul Devlin and at times incredibly moving.

 Featuring the contributions of several commentators and historian’s, it tells the story from the Unionist context also, with contributors including terrified prison officer’s recalling their fear at their families being attacked. As well as going into intimate historical details about the history of the Troubles – from the perspectives of both sides of the Irish Sea – and how the hunger strikes came to pass, the film also examines how they impacted in other parts of the world. It’s a stirring, wonderfully made documentary and an important account of a grim period in our trobled history.

With many thanks to: Esther Mccarthy. Sunday World.


RIC & DMP to be Commemorated as part of Free State 1916 Centenary Events

Republican SINN FÉIN Poblachtach - Náisiúnta

ThomasKent Thomas Kent, Executed 1916 in Cork, Being escorted by RIC & British Soldiers

27 August 2016: Interdenominational service for DMP and RIC dead of 1916. At the Church of St Paul of the Cross, Mount Argus, Dublin 6W, at 2.30pm.  This event has been organised by the Harp Society.

Preas Ráitheas / Press Release

Irish_Eviction R.I.C. enforcing an eviction

“A follow up to the odious ‘Wall of Shame’ erected in Glasnevin Cemetery and the State commemoration for British soldiers in Grangegorman Cemetery earlier this year, the counter-revolutionary Free State is now gearing up to commemorate the Royal Irish Constabulary and Dublin Metropolitan Police who were killed by the Revolutionaries of the Easter Rising which declared an All Ireland Republic in 1916.

No other State on earth goes out of its way to commemorate the war dead of their enemies in such fashion as the Irish Free State; established with pure…

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ACAC All Cops Are Creepy Fucks on having cops spy on your friends bedroom window and other such things


There is only one thing I learned while in the cell i laid the pigs will never leave us UNTIL THEY ARE BLOWN AWAY-traditional Irish song remix

So the last few days have been quite fucked as I cant get a bloody moments peace without some bloody pig following me, and im not just talking about in Kitchener. On Wednesday night I went to Toronto to go to the docter to check out how fucked up my foot is. I accidentally left my cell phone which only works on wifi in a friends car and went to visit another friend. After several hours of hanging out I decided to log onto my facebook and then go for a Poke walk with my friend. Upon our return we saw two cops coming out of the backyard of my friends house. They were parked two blocks down which is fucken strange as…

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Photos of Donald Trump’s adult sons hunting in Africa resurface, spark comparisons with Walter Palmer, killer of Cecil the lion

Exposing the Big Game

A rifle-touting Donald Trump Jr. grins next to a buffalo he killed on a trip to Zimbabwe in 2011.

A rifle-touting Donald Trump Jr. grins next to a buffalo he killed on a trip to Zimbabwe in 2011.

( Legends)

Eric Trump is pictured with an animal he killed on a visit to Zimbabwe.

Eric Trump is pictured with an animal he killed on a visit to Zimbabwe.

( Legends)

Donald Jr. is seen with the tail of an elephant he killed during the 2011 hunting trip.

Donald Jr. is seen with the tail of an elephant he killed during the 2011 hunting trip.

( Legends)

Brothers Donald Trump, Jr. (l.) and Eric Trump (r.) are pictured with a cheetah that they killed on their 2011 trip to Zimbabwe.

Brothers Donald Trump, Jr. (l.) and Eric Trump (r.) are pictured with a cheetah that they killed on their 2011 trip to Zimbabwe.

( Legends)

Eric Trump is pictured with a buffalo he killed in Zimbabwe in 2011.

Eric Trump is pictured with a buffalo he killed in Zimbabwe in 2011.

( Legends)

1 | 5A rifle-touting Donald Trump Jr. grins next to a buffalo he killed on a trip to Zimbabwe in 2011.( Legends)
Their dad likes shooting from the lip, but the Trump kids prefer shooting wild animals with…

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Todays meeting with Region provides housing and other necessary services to Tent City people


Today at the Mill Courtland Community Center emergency housing workers, welfare workers, ID Clinic workers and others are fast tracking peoples applications to get them out of tents and into homes. We think that this is a positive development and a good way to deral with the tent city issue, namely putting people into homes instead of chasing them around. With this victory creating the conditions to end the crisis that gave birth to tent city we look forward to the completion of this process and the people being housed.

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Help the Craigavon Two click this link and Pledge Now!

Justice for the Craigavon Two


Brendan McConville and John Paul Wootton (the Craigavon Two) were convicted for the killing of a PSNI Officer in the North of Ireland in 2012.
The case has been supported as a miscarriage of justice by high profile campaigners, legal experts & human rights activists including the late Gerry Conlon of the Guildford 4 (RIP).

Our campaign group wants to raise awareness of the case by publishing a booklet authored by an academic, that exposes the insidious nature of this miscarriage of justice.

Help now by donating to this Crowdfund.

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Why we can’t participate in this years Feile an phobail

Justice for the Craigavon Two


Over the past few years, the JFTC2 campaign Committee has organised an annual seminar as part of the West Belfast feile an phobail. The purpose of this has been to provide contemporary information on our quest for justice. It has also afforded an opportunity to highlight other campaigns and groups such as ‘Joint Enterprise’ – not guilty by association who we partnered with last year before their much publicised victory in the Supreme court in England.

Despite the success of this event in previous years, regretfully we feel it impossible to continue this tradition. We believe the continued attendance of, and prominence afforded to the PSNI serves to sanitise that organisation and it’s role in our miscarriage of justice. The part they (PSNI) have played in manipulating witnesses and sabotaging legal processes as well as the targeting of our legal representatives, is well documented. We will not share in the…

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