Stop the attacks on Tent City!!!!!!End Police Aggression Until Talks Are Complete!!!!!!!


call (519) 741 2330
Demand a end to Police harassment until negotiations are complete.

This morning tent city has had three visits by the police whom have stated that we have until tomorrow at 8:30 am to once again back our stuff and move. This visit by police is not an accident but rather an attempt to keep us in crisis mode so that we cant participate in these negotiations since we are busy being chased like dogs. The reality of the situation is that Tent City will continue to exist until these negotiations are complete due to the fact that people have nowhere to go. The only solution to this problem is the one the city has proposed to house the people staying at tent city and have support systems for them to lift themselves out of this capitalist trap.

We ask the police to back off, give us…

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Negotiations with City on finding housing for people at tent city moving forward


Today we met with people from the city to discuss a solution that benefits all. We handed over the list of names of people that we are asking to be given affordable housing and we are both moving forward on this issue. We hope to come to a conclusion to this situation in the next little bit and feel that these negotiations are of the utmost importance.

Yesterday their was a crisis created by rumour mongering and paranoia that distracted us from dealing with the situation as is. These rumours have been put to rest and we feel that the city is genuine in their dealings with us. We have set up clear lines of communications and in the future people should not believe what they here unless it comes from , on our side Myself Don or Jon, on the cities side Gloria Mac Neil. Rumours and scare tactics…

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A Devastating Loss

Palestine History Tapestry

samar Samar AlHallaq 1985-2014

We learned last night that Samar AlHallaq, our assistant coordinator in Gaza was killed, along with her two young sons aged four and six, by Israeli bombing in Rimal.  She was carrying her third child.

Her husband Hassan is critically ill in hospital.  Several other members of their family were killed in the same attack.

We are heartbroken beyond belief.

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Heroin sold openly in North Belfast Park

Tent City At Sandhills Park will be evicted this evening, political support needed!!!!


This morning we were told by Kitchener By Law that we need to talk. After much running around I finally connected with Kitchener By Law and talking to the head of By Law it is quite clear that tonight we will be forced once again to move to another space only to be hunted down like dogs the next day by police and the powers that be.

Although the head of Bylaw was sympathetic it was quite clear that us going into any city park will lead to trespass tickets and removal. However as a sign of good faith bylaw is contacting the region to speed up peoples housing application we are meeting again at four to discuss this.

What we need at this point in time is a few days of breathing space to sort out a solution to our problem. We ask that people call bylaw and be…

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Fascinating photos from the 1890s restored to full color reveal daily life in Israel

Behind The News

Taken over 100 years ago, these fascinating photographs reveal life in Israel in the decade between 1890 and 1900.

Although the images were originally taken in black and white, they’ve been restored to full color with the help of Photochrom technology – allowing an incredible insight into the lives of the people living in Israel over a century ago. 

Many of the images are set to a stunning backdrop, still largely untouched by civilization and certainly far from modernity.

The images offer a fascinating perspective on a region that has changed dramatically in some ways but with its distinctive climate and unique architecture, in some destinations, looks surprisingly familiar.

3631AF7B00000578-3686251-image-m-75_1468324523889This photograph of Jaffa was taken between 1890 and 1900. The city  had historically been a very important port for the country.

3631AE4200000578-3686251-image-a-44_1468323948358.jpgThe street by the Tower of David in Jerusalem, circa 1900, had once been a bustling bazaar with traders selling their…

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The Battle of Lenadoon


As a sidebar to my other blogs I am wanting to remember some of the terrible events of 40 years ago which still have a resonance now.

We need to find a way to reconcile ourselves to what happend in what was the worst year of the Troubles. July was the worst month. And it all kicked off 40 years ago today (Mon) in Lenadoon.

Nationalists displaced from other parts of Belfast were taking over houses in the estate and the peaceline was gradually moving backwards towards the Stewartstown Road. A stand off developed between the UDA and the IRA, still on ceasefire following abortive secret talks in London two days before. The Army intervend.

Seamus Twomey, IRA commander in Belfast arrived, and Victor Patterson’s amazing image which is available from his website

captures the furious confrontation that ensued.

As rioting broke out Twomey declared that the…

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Our Future lies in a 32 County Socialist Republic, 32CSM speech read at International Romanian Heritage and Cultural day in Hamilton, Canada


Comrades and friends as many of you know at this point in time Ireland is divided through partition, the north occupied by the brits and the south, underdeveloped as a result of the colonialist project, under the economic domination by the European Union which is bleeding the country dry through the IMF and the World Bank, the same IMF and world bank that bled Romania dry than orchestrated a coup to impose their own agenda and rob us Romanians once again of the right to determine our own destiny.

As we are sitting and talking here loyalist mobs, the descendants of Scots given large tracts of lands by the british with the understanding that they would administer british rule and crush any resistance, are marching through Irish neighborhoods imposing their terror and violence on a community that they are occupying.

In the name of culture they are setting bonfires with…

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Tent City kick off a success


Today we joined with other comrades across this territory to take a stand in defense of our right to housing and to end the war on poor people. The national day of action that we are participating in has several basic demands which are

Federal Government: Spend $5 billion per year on non-market housing affordable, secure and safe housing for the people! Secure this money by cutting $1 billion dollars from each of the military budget, the prison budget, police, immigration enforcement and detention, and by ending subsidies to Canadian mining companies responsible for plunder and human rights abuses in other countries.

Provincial Governments: Rescind the new poor laws that criminalize the poor and homeless and replace them with rent control laws to eliminate speculation and profiteering off people’s basic need for housing.

Local Governments: Fund housing not police! Use city resources, including zoning and regulatory frameworks to eliminate real-estate…

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At War With The State, smash that which smashes us!!!!!


On Thursday I was walking with a friend uptown by King and Bridgeport around lunch. We saw someone walking with a noose and go into that alcove on king street next to the head shop. This person was writing a suicide note, a passerby er pointed this out to the cops who drove on, which actually may be a good thing as Waterloo Regional Police are known to shoot first and ask later. I decided after talking to my friend to go into the alley and ask for a light for my smoke as a ice breaker as this was a person whom I have seen around but am not like best friends. I chatted to him about why he wanted to kill himself and after he told me how his life was fucked around I honestly asked wouldn’t you rather kill those that hurt you as opposed to taking…

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