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‘The ammuntitions technical officer carried out further work on the vehicle which would have impacted on the size of the hole in the windscreen – Nigel Grimshaw.

THE RUC/PSNI has admitted that damage caused to a car caught up in a dissident republican attack on officers was enlarged by a British army unit. Pictures taken shortly after the explosion on Tuesday showed several police officers standing beside the car which appeared to have just a small hole in its windscreen caused by shrapnel (pictured right).  However, pictures of the same car taken later showed a large hole in the front windscreen. The car was parked in the Victoria Parade area of the New Lodge in North Belfast when a bomb was thrown or fired at a RUC/PSNI Land Rover on Tuesday night. Asked by The Irish News how the hole had increased in size, Chief Superintendent Nigel Grimshaw confirmed the majority of the damage was in fact caused by British army bomb squad officers. 2015-04-25 09.53.53The car was put on display to journalists and photographers during a press conference at a West Belfast police station after the attack. No mention was made of the damage caused by the army. On Thursday night April 23rd Mr Grimshaw said: “During the follow up policing operation, to ensure the area was safe from risk or any other explosive material, the ammunitions technical officer carried out further work on the vehicle which would have impacted on the size of the hole in the windscreen. “From a policing perspective the significance of the damage to the vehicle was the fact that a part of the device [shrapne] had gone through the windscreen and actually entered the dashboard area.”

With many thanks to: Connla Young, The Irish News, for the origional story.

C-IRA Take To The Streets of Co. Armagh

Originally posted on Na Fianna Éireann:

11182225_1586969584878474_4398420349676534827_n (3) Continuity IRA Volunteers on patrol in Lurgan

Today, the 23rd of April, pictures appeared online of Volunteers of the Continuity IRA on patrol on the streets of Lurgan, Co Armagh, Occupied Six-Counties armed with assault riffles.

The Continuity Army Council of the IRA was established in 1986 by the pre-1986 leadership of the Provisional Army Council, whose Volunteers failed to uphold the 1938 Proclamation and the IRA constitution by voting in favor of a proposal to support the dropping of Provisional SF’s abstentionsist policy in 1986. Although the leadership went on to form the Continuity Army Council after rejecting the proposal, the majority of the Volunteers of the Provisional IRA stayed with the Provisionals, unable to see the agenda of the new Provisional leadership at the time.

Lurgan, Co Armagh is a stanchly Republican area, an area where there would be a lot of support for the Continuity IRA and other militant…

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Promote the 2016 National Easter Rising Commemoration NOW!

Originally posted on Republican SINN FÉIN Poblachtach - Náisiúnta:

Centenary Committee copyAcross the Country and in every County Irish Republicans are gearing up to commemorate those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for Irish Freedom.

One year from now we will be facing 100 years since the historic events of Easter Week 1916 when Ireland defied an Empire and staked her claim for national sovereignty and independence.

Let this generation not fall short.  Let us be active and agitate on every front.  Republican Sinn Féin is prepared to show leadership and integrity in honouring what that generation gave so much for.  Let your continuity with that generation be known and stand with us and the Republican Movement in building towards the centenary which in our view remains unfinished business.

Republican Sinn Féin makes available below flyers to download, print and distribute with the details of the 2016 National Easter Rising Commemoration.  A JPEG version is also available to download and share on Social Media.

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JUSTICE FOR THE CRAIGAVON 2 — Ancient Order of Hibernians

Once again, Republicans are denied freedom of speech


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