Tories to scrap Human Rights Act by next summer

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The Government are planning to fast-track a British Bill of Rights, aiming to get the extremely controversial legislation made law by next summer. 

A Bill of Rights was a Conservative manifesto pledge, but is strongly opposed by civil liberties groups that say it will restrict freedoms that are guaranteed under the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). 

The Independent reports that a 12-week public consultation on the Conservative Bill of Rights will start in November or December this year. It will be worded to clarify that the UK will not pull out of the European Convention of Human Rights, as some critics have feared, (and actually, as David Cameron has pledged previously). It will even mirror much of the ECHR language in an effort to “calm opposition.”

The Conservative Bill of Rights will go straight to the House of Commons without a Green or White Paper, which are usually…

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Short slide show from the campaign group Justice for the Craigavon Two

In The Name of Justice

Irish news article – Convictions unsafe

Making 2 murderers

Justice for the Craigavon Two

MAKING (Medium)

Everyone seems to be talking about the Netflix series “Making A Murderer” about how Manitowoc County in the United States framed Stephen Avery not once but twice.

It’s very interesting to hear how aghast the Irish people and media are about this miscarriage of justice as if this has never happened in Ireland or Britain, have we forgotten about the Guildford 4, Birmingham 6 and the Maguire 7?

Compare the coverage Stephen Avery has received here in Ireland to the complete lack of media attention and public outcry over our own making a murderer case in occupied Ireland.

The Craigavon 2 Brendan McConville and John Paul Wootton have been imprisoned for over six years for something they did not do yet no one seems to care.

The Irish media and human rights groups have rightly highlighted the case of Ibrahim Halawa in Egypt but ignore a case just a…

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POLL: The Monarchy – Keep it or scrap it?

Next Ballot Box

My next poll asks whether Britain should keep or scrap the monarchy. Read the pros and cons and then have your say in the comments below:

Pros (Reasons for keeping the monarchy):

  • It makes Britain different from other countries by having a monarch
  • It has been a tradition for hundreds of years
  • It brings in money from tourism
  • The monarch is only for decoration and a de jure head of state
  • The Royals are patrons of some charities
  • It costs about 50p per person per year

Cons (Reasons for scrapping the monarchy):

  • The monarch is an undemocratic and unelected head of state born into power
  • The Royal Family gain £300m from the tax payer every year
  • Britain will always be unique for its history even without the monarchy
  • Millions of British people will never have the chance to become the head of state
  • Britain would still gain money from tourism (Paris gains…

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32CSM Message read at Bloody Sunday Commemoration held by Anti Colonial Working Group



44 years ago British soldiers deliberately set out to control the growing

support for civil rights in the British occupied 6 counties of Ireland.

The message of the Irish people was getting world attention about the

denial of the rights of the people.

History show us as the marchers made their way into the city from the

Creggan British troops including the infamous Paratroopers had taken up

position and opened fire on the crowd.

The result 13 dead and several injured.

This attack on innocent unarmed people marching for their civil rights,

demonstrates the thinking of the British Government at the time, they

believed they could shoot innocent people and get away with it.

Freedom of expression was denied the people at the point of a gun, the

civil rights movement was exposing this and exposing all the violations

of civil rights and liberties of…

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Pat Nash, 1916 veteran

The Treason Felony Blog

Pat Nash, O/C Belfast Brigade (taken from Belfast and nineteensixteen).

Pat Nash of Belfast was the first Belfast soldier of the Republic to be arrested before 1916 and sent to prison for trying to buy a rifle from a British Soldier. He with his brother George later went with the Belfast contingent to Coalisland to take part in the Easter manoeuvres arranged for Easter Sunday 1916.

On being ordered back to Belfast on Easter Sunday night he took it very badly. He was arrested the following week and interned in Frongoch.

On his release he again became active in the movement and was again interned in Ballykinlar. Released from internment again he threw himself wholeheartedly into the movement and he became a great guerilla fighter and leader in the Leeson Street and “Loney” area of the Falls Road, right up to the signing of the Treaty in 1921.


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Une BD sur l’histoire de Pâques 1916.

Irlande 2016

“1916, a country is born” (1916, un pays est né), c’est le titre de la DB consacrée à l’histoire de Pâques 1916 réalisée par l’artiste Fergal McCarthy . Cette BD sera diffusée dans les écoles irlandaises et les planches originales seront exposées au Little Museum de Dublin .

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David Cameron and his vendetta on the poor



Ever since 2010 we have had a Prime Minister who makes no effort to hide is Aristocratic background, for as a relation of a the reigning Monarch David Cameron has shown us how the Aristocracy acts towards the poor. For we all know that the aristocratic elite love nothing better than to retain slaves to do their work, so to see Cameron taking away the rights of workers at an alarming rate is disgusting. For Cameron is no better than the landed gentry he looks upon those who are able to work as slaves allowing them just a pittance, yes if he had the chance he would go back to the days when tally’s were handed out.

The era of the aristocracy having control was we thought at an end with the demise of the Victorian era, but Cameron is slowly but surely taking us back to that era. We…

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