Troubled Times Ahead For Sinn Fein?

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When a bubble bursts it usually does so with a loud noise and a rapid discharge of gas. But sometimes all you get is a gentle hissing sound, so measured it can be hard to detect.

Sinn Fein’s performance in last week’s British general election probably falls in the latter category. With the exception of the dramatic loss of the iconic Fermanagh and South Tyrone seat – first won by Bobby Sands thirty-four years ago – its vote hissed softly outwards, declining overall by a just single percentage point. Not the end of the world but not good either.

With the exception of West Belfast, where the vote slumped by nearly 17 per cent, most of which went to the left-wing People Before Profit candidate, the losses were tiny in most areas. But the bad news was that the losses were across the board, in fifteen of the eighteen seats.

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The Worst Of Margaret Thatcher Meets The Worst Of Tony Blair, We Need To Fight These Bastards Like Never Before

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five-more-years-no-wayWhen the richest 20% of people vote to attack the poorest 20% – a crude but not unfair summary of what just happened in the election – then any talk of democratic mandates or majorities is redundant.  What we are left with instead is human decency – do we want to live in a society where diabetics die because they cannot afford the electricity to chill their medicine?  Or where children are socially cleansed away from their schools, friends and families because neither benefits or wages are enough to pay soaring rents?

Do we want to live in a country where strikes are virtually banned, or where dissidents can be targetted by the full force of the state even when they have committed no crime?  And if anyone complains they will be smeared as thugs by the bullying right wing press and told they have no right to protest? …

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On Seamus Dalys day in court lets phone jam the british consulate and demand his freedom

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Tuesday May 19th
(416)593 1290
all day

Seamus Daly, an Irish Republican is currently being held in a maximum security prison and denied bail for a crime that he did not commit. His incarceration is evidence that today in Ireland despite the talk of peace and such nothing has changed. Due to the nature of his trial and the media around this it is quite clear that A. they do not have the evidence to convict him and B. he will not get a fair trial. This is a clear example of human rights violations and all should oppose this.

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The 1946 hunger and thirst strike

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This is a brief account of a hunger and thirst strike that two prisoners stagedin 1946.One involved David Fleming, a southerner imprisoned by thenorthern government, the other Sean McCaughey, a northerner imprisoned by De Valera’s Military Tribunal. While Fleming’s hunger strike began first, the agony of McCaughey’s death after a thirst strike was almost beyond description. Fleming ended hishunger strike but a further protest later the same year was to some extent successful, althoughthe price of gaining his early release was catastrophic damage to his body and he never returned togood health, dying in 1960at the age of 41.

Fleming, imprisoned in 1943 for IRA activities, had been at the receiving end of brutal beatings in Crumlin Road prison and had petitioned for his release in February 1946. That hepetition for release rather than political statuswas confirmed in Stormont on 21st May that year (all internees had been released in…

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Sinister approach to Republican in North Armagh by British Intelligence

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Préas Ráiteas / Press Release

8056191919_c0665df48a_zIn recent days, a member of the Thomas Harte Cumann, Republican Sinn Féin North Armagh, was stopped and approached by British Intelligence while driving in his car with his young child. He was driving his car towards Portadown when he noticed an RUC/PSNI bike sitting at the side of the road just before the roundabout on the Armagh road.

He continued: “The RUC/PSNI bike pulled out and followed me and then pulled me over asking for my licence and where I was going. I gave the RUC/PSNI member my licence and he walked to the rear of the car. It was then I noticed two other men. They came from behind and ran up to my car, one on each side.

“One of them tried to enter the car by the passenger side which was locked so he rushed round to the driver side. At…

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Adams, McGuinness ‘protected informers’ –


DISSIDENT republican supporters are beleived to be behind a paint bomb attack on the Bogside home in Derry of Deputy First Minister Martin (J118) McGuinness. 1959634_1435836603327232_393438256_n Paint was thrown over the porch area and upstairs window of McGuinness’s home overnight on Sunday. A car parked close to his home was also damaged. The attack is the third time Shame Fein members have been targeted in Co Derry in the last week. On Thursday night, a car belonging to well-known Shame Fein activist, Sean McMonagle was destroyed in an arson attack close to his Creggan home. On the same night, a large election billbord supporting Shame Fein candidate, Gearoid O hEara was also badly damaged in an arson attack at Buncrana Road in Co Derry. Last June, a ministerial car belonging to Mr McGuinness was vandalised while parked outside his home in Derry’s Bogside. Mr McGuinnness said on Sunday night’s incident was an attack on his home and his family as his grandchildren were in the house at the time. The deputy first minister said: “This attack on my family follows an arson attack on the car of a Shame Fein member in Derry last week and on Shame Fein election billboards and posters in the city.10334318_278475382326911_7619169152476714511_n-1 “The people behind these attacks have nothing to offer the community and they are intent on dragging society back into the past.” Mr McGuinness said he would not be defected from his work by such attacks. “My work for peace, reconcilation and a better future will continue,”he said. The Unity of Purpose group in Derry – which represents civic and political leaders – condemned the attack. A spokesman called on people from all communites and political and cultural backgronds to reject as an assault on the wellbeing of Co Derry and its people. Meanwhile, a death threat has been made against Shame Fein MLA Mickey Brady. Mr Brady, who is standing in the general elction, said police warned him of the threat on Monday night May 4th. “I will not be intmidated by this threat from continuing to campaign to retain the Newy Armagh Westminster seat for my party.” he said.

With many thanks to: Seamus McKinney, The Irish News, for the origional story.

Former IRA leader Gerard ‘Jock’ Davison shot dead in south Belfast –

Justice for the Craigavon Two | Brendan McConville and John-Paul Wootton



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