Letter from the Craigavon Two – Irish Republican News – Sat, Jan 24, 2015


Remembering Bobby Sands!!!!

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Today 1st March we remember with pride the great sacrifice taken by IRA volunteer Bobby Sands to engage in a hunger strike to the death whilst being held in the British gaol Long Kesh (the Maze H-Blocks).

Born Robert Gerard Sands on 9th March 1954 ‘Bobby’ went on to join the ranks of the Irish Republican Army and was arrested in October 1976 whilst on an operation and sent to the Maze prison.

During his incarceration Bobby was involved in the many forms of protest during the prison struggle and on the 1st March 1981 he was the first to refuse food in the final fatal hunger strike for a cause held dearly by all.

Bobby Sands lasted a staggering 66 days without food and on May 5th, aged 27 he died in a prison bed. 9 more brave men died throughout this hunger…

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Celtic 4-0 Aberdeen-Thoughts-Pics-…’Is Time Up On The Challenge From The North.!!

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Statement from Republican Prisoners Maghaberry 26/02/15. | IRPWA


Statement from Republican Prisoners Maghaberry 26/02/15. | IRPWA


Discussion on Craigavon Two in context of new anti terror legislation very positive

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Today despite the crappy weather and myself being late a small group of people met to discuss the case on the Craigavon Two in the context of the new legislation being passed by Harper that is inspired by the UK anti terror legislation of 2001. The facts of the case were presented and a background was given about the political climate in the occupied six counties as well as the role of the UK anti terror laws 2001 in causing this outrage and miscarriage of justice to be committed.

The case of Price was also discussed in the context of the parts of the new Harper legislation that deal with “glorifying or promoting terror” and this was also discussed in the context of the five eyes and intelligence sharing.

This was followed with concrete planning to support the Craigavon Two, oppose the criminalization of our right to be political as…

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BBC News – Magilligan Prison: Performance slips since last CJI inspection in 2010


BBC News – Crossmaglen: Man is injured in South Armagh explosion


Colin Law – Newton Aycliffe

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September 2012

Judge praises courage of child sexual abuse victims


A judge has praised the victims of a serial child abuser for the courage in giving evidence as he jailed the pervert for ten years

Sentencing Colin Law, 52 of St. Barbaras walk, Newton Aycliffe for sexual offences against two young girls. 

Judge Christopher Prince said: “Having displayed their own courage, they can take additional comfort from the fact they know this is a repeat offender who is comparatively young. They have therefore, through that demonstration of courage, protected others from this happening again”

One of Law’s victims said, “What I did not expect was the closure and relief when (he) was found guilty on all charges”

“Perhaps there are those that have been victims of such offences who can be encouraged in the future to come forward to give account of what has occurred to them”

A jury at Durham…

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