Former RUC Chief Constable believed a United Ireland was inevitable, book claims.

PSNI/RUC officer accused of lying under oath.

Vilifying the victims: two of the most vile British Intelligence smear campaigns of the Troubles blamed innocent murder victims for their own demise. By David Burke. – Village Magazine

MAJOR COLLUSION | How ex British Army major who leaked information to UDA terrorists leading to murder rose through army ranks.

Collusion is not an illusion!!!

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW | Woman who passed information to terror gang before murder says ‘I didn’t do anything wrong’.

”They’ll always be the RUC to me’! pictures believed to have been taken of a suicide victim by PSNI/RUC officers, which were later shared contained graphic and sectarian content ‘.

Police Service of NI – PSNI/RUC

‘Ex-police officer to stand trial this year over alleged misconduct in public office regarding her involvement with an individual namely Jamie Bryson. ‘.

Jamie Bryson

Take a look at this post… ‘PSNI/RUC officers exchange sexist, pornographic and sectarian and racist messages, Spotlight reveals ‘.

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil – but only if you are a loyalist paramilitary

PSNI prioritisation of public order over hate expression criticised in report – Investigations & Analysis – Northern Ireland from The Detail

CONTROVERSIAL: Chief Constable Simon Byrne, centre, with heavily armed officers in Crossmaglen

How MI5 is helping to cover up sexual abuse

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