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Tony Rochford (pictured lying down) is yet another story of a brave Irish man, currently on day 23 of a hunger strike in protest to the Irish Government forcing him to pay this unjust tax on his family home, if Tony does not pay this tax, he can no longer work for himself and provide for his family.

The Irish media are involved in massive censorship of this man’s story, who after 23 days of hunger striking could be doing massive internal damage to himself.

Please SHARE this story in the hope that the international media will see his plight and let the people know what the Irish Government is really like.

Support Tony Rochford at Tony Rochford’s Hunger Strike.

Paddy McElligott

Ok, lets say they are all the same shower, that includes the 1977 government that abolished Irelands last form of property tax. Those who forget their past…


” The family of prison officer Brian Stack asked me to meet them and this will take place on Thursday evening”- Gerry Adams.

SINN Fein president Gerry Adams will tommorow meet the family  IRA victim Brian Stack – the only prison officer ever to be assassinated in the Republic. The face-to-face meeting is to be held in Leinster House at 5.30pm.


It follows a request from Mr Stack’s family who have been campaigning for decades for hisk killer to be identified. Mr Adams said they are not the first family he has meet who have been “in this same situation”. “Some were victims of the IRA. Others were killed as a result of collusion between British state forces and loyalist death squads, or by the British Army and RUC, the UDR and other armed groups,” the Louth TD said. “The grief and trauma suffered by all these families is the same. “The family of Prison Officer Brian Stack asked me to meet them and this will take place on Thursday evening.

In their request for a meeting, the family said they were : “Looking for answers and closure and in no way are seeking any form of revenge. “From our perspective an admission of responsibility accompanied by details of the reasoning for the act by those concerned would provide that. Mr Adams said he is “happy” to meet the family, but could not “raise expectation” that Sinn Fein leadership will be able to “resolve these particular matters”. Brian Stack was Chief Prison Officer at Portlaoise jail when he was shot in the back of the neck as he left a boxing match at the National Stadium, in Dublin in March 1983. He was left paralysed and brain damaged following the attack and died from his injuries 18 months later, aged 47.

With many thanks to : Bimpe Archer, Irish News.

Reply From Gerry Adams TD

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Damian, a chara,

Thank you for your recent mail to Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness.

Your comments have been noted.

As you will be aware, Sinn Féin supports Gerry McGeough‘s campaign for release and agrees that his prosecution should not have happened. Sinn Fein will continue to do all we can to achieve the release of Mr McGeough.

Le meas,

Office of Gerry Adams TD
Sinn Féin President
Kildare St
Dublin 2

Leinster House

POSTED ON BEHALF OF :  Damian Herron

Okay. WHAT EXACTLY DOES THAT MEAN? “SF will continue to do all we can to achieve the release of Mr. McGeough?” This has been their standard reply for the past 5 years with regard to Gerry’s arrest and now his incarceration. I would like to know the DETAILS of exactly what they are doing to achieve this? I have been asking Gerry Adams, Sean Crowe, Michelle Gildernew and other SF representatives for the details/documentation for years now and not one single bit of proof to show they have been trying to help this campaign or Gerry has been forth coming with the exception of this statement that continues to show up at election time and at their Ard Fheis. It would be extremely helpful to Gerry’s family and this campaign to know what they have actually done and are continuing to do to achieve his release. Thank you.

POSTED ON BEHALF OF : Helen McClafferty

New Year Statement from the leadership of Republican Sinn Féin

A vision of hope and inspiration

 New Year Statement from the leadership of Republican Sinn Féin

Republican Sinn Féin extends fraternal New Year greetings to all of our comrades, friends and supporters both at home and abroad. The coming year will be a challenging one for working-class people in Ireland and across Europe. The threats facing us are manifold. Economically people are faced with the consequences of the austerity programme imposed on them by the EU political and financial elite. For Irish Republicans increasing repression highlights the reality of the old imperialism of British rule in Ireland.

The economic policies being pursued by the Leinster House and Stormont regimes are all part and parcel of the same finance capitalism which created the present world economic crisis. The very markers of a civilised society – the right to health, education and protection of the most vulnerable – are being sacrificed to uphold a failed and undemocratic EU. This should serve as a call to arms to all who wish to build a new world from the ashes of a failed political and economic model.

In the 26 Counties the introduction of a regressive property tax presents working people with an opportunity to find their own voice and strike the first blows of resistance against the Leinster House political class. Republican Sinn Féin is calling on people to refuse to register as a first step to refusing to pay this unjust tax.

In the Middle East people are being applauded for their courage in taking to the streets to seek political change but in the Occupied Six CountiesIrish Republicans are being prosecuted for doing the same thing. In January our President Des Dalton and Vice-President Fergal Moore, along with 35 others, are being tried in Craigavon for taking part in a march in Lurgan in January 2011 calling for the release of the interned veteran Republican Martin Corry. This represents part of a pattern of repression directed against Republican Sinn Féin and all of those who refuse to accept British occupation and the partition of the historic Irish nation. The Craigavon trial is an attempt to force Republicans off the streets. We will not bow to such intimidation and reaffirm our commitment to resisting British imperialism in Ireland.


We also take this opportunity to extend greetings and solidarity to the Republican POWs in Maghaberry and Portlaoise prisons. These men are imprisoned because they refused to compromise on Ireland’s right to national freedom. We pledge our continued support to the Republican prisoners in Maghaberry prison in their ongoing struggle for the right to political status. We also renew our call for the release of Martin Corey and Marian Price, both of whom are political hostages held without trial in Maghaberry prison simply because of their political beliefs.

In 2012 Republican Sinn Féin will be launching our build-up to the centenary of the 1916 Rising with a one-day seminar in Dublin on April 21 entitled Who Fears to Speak of Easter Week. We will be appealing to all who wish, as unapologetic Irish Republicans, to commemorate the sacrifices of the men and women of Easter Week to join with us in planning for 2016. As the legitimate inheritors of the mantle of 1916 Republican Sinn Féin will commemorate 1916 not merely as an historic event but as a task yet to be completed with a living message for the Ireland of today.

As Irish Republicans we are the successors of a revolutionary tradition which stretches back to the foundation of the Society of United Irishmen220 years ago. For this reason we make no apology for guarding the integrity of that tradition from all impostors or criminal elements who would attempt to besmirch it or misuse its noble title.


The year ahead will be difficult but it also provides many opportunities to further our goal of creating a New Ireland. ÉIRE NUA and SAOL NUA set out a vision of hope and inspiration for an Ireland which truly “cherishes all the children of the nation equally”. Our duty as revolutionaries is to confront the twin imperialisms of British occupation and EU finance capitalism and in so doing shape an Ireland worthy of the high ideals of the 1916 Proclamation.

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Derry prisoner found dead

About éirígí 


Demonstration for justice for asylum seekers, organised by Residents Against Racism. Wednesday 22nd June. Leinster House, Kildare Street, Dublin, 12.30pm.
Published on Thursday 23 June 2011 14:00A man due to appear in court in Derry this morning has been found dead in his prison cell.Forty-nine-year old Patrick Duffy died in a cell in Maghaberry shortly after midnight last night.

The Prison Service says there “are no signs of suspicious circumstances.”

Mr Duffy of Nassau Street, faced charges of criminal damage and assault.

The Prison Service say Mr Duffy’s family “have been notified and in line with standard procedures, the PSNI, Coroner, and Prisoner Ombudsman have been informed and investigations are underway.”

Director General of the Northern Ireland Prison Service, Colin McConnell has extended sympathy to the Duffy family.

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