“If we don’t get Dáithí’s Law, I’m gonna crack up!”

#Time4Action #DáithísLaw


I don’t know how the good Christians @J_Donaldson_MP and @paulgivan can live with themselves.

#Grenfell 5th anniversary #augmentedreality #poster ‘Where are the charges?’

If you see these posters flyposted download the #artivive #app to see the #AR layer.

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Pressure building on Ulster Rugby to cut ties with sponsor #Kingspan over #Grenfell

Proud to stand in solidarity with survivors of Grenfell tonight. Really positive engagement from fans with many agreeing @UlsterRugby needs to #KickOutKingspan

Over 400 leaflets distributed and plenty of conversations with the fans.

Stand Up For the 72. Kick Out Kingspan.

💚 #Grenfell – still no justice.

#Kingspan unchallenged as sponsors of #UlsterRugby

💚https://twitter.com/BelfastEnd/status/1338195014388617216?t=GyFXCV7JsBmrlX1T_tFwbg&s=09 #Grenfell – still no justice.

#Kingspan unchallenged as sponsors of #UlsterRugby

It’s time the stadium name was returned to Ravenhill.
I have not followed them for some time since I can’t see their matches on TV without taking another subscription out.

#IStandWithGrenfell #RemoveKingspan

“Russian money has eaten quite deeply into the British elite.”

@C4Dispatches tells the story of Russia’s covert efforts to try and interfere in British politics.

Watch @C4Dispatches: Strippers, Spies and Russian Money tomorrow night at 10pm on @Channel4

The Brexit Freedoms Bill will come into force on the 31st of December 2023.

The right to paid holiday leave, paid maternity leave, and various health & safety laws will be removed for UK workers after this date.
#ToriesDestroyingOurCountry #BrexitCarnage

Check out “Northern Protestants: Time For a United Ireland?”!

Monday 5th December, 2022.

Is it time to ditch the misnomer ‘PUL Community’ when, since Brexit, increasing numbers of Protestants publicly reject the Union in favour of a United Ireland? Northern Protestant Claire Mitchell argues in her new book The Ghost Limb that there is a growing community of Protestants who wish to reclaim the Enlightenment spirit of 1798 and the United Irishmen? Is Claire correct or does she exaggerate the degree to which significant numbers of Protestants are open to the debate about Unity?

As the tectonic plates of the Union shift, Belfast Protestant Geoff Bell in his new book The Twilight of Unionism argues we are witnessing the decline of Ulster Unionism and good riddance to it. But at a time when opinion polls show support rising again for the DUP is there a danger that pronouncements on Unionist decline are premature and ill judged?

Protestant Ben Collins was once a unionist but disillusioned with Brexit and the state of pro-union politics he now campaigns for a United Ireland. In his new book Irish Unity he sets out the political, social and economic benefits of removing the border on the island of Ireland once and for all. He contends that Brexit is a game changer, prompting many Protestants to ask, “might I be better off in a New Ireland”? But is Ben right? Are growing numbers of Protestants really open to the conversation on Irish Unity? Join the debate and find out.

Should we view Claire, Geoff and Ben as outliers or as representative of a significant strand of Protestant thinking? Finally, to what extent does fear of being labelled a ‘Lundie’ still deter Protestants from raising their heads above the Constitutional parapet and joining the conversation?

Come join our zoom debate with Claire, Geoff and Ben, moderated by Kevin Meagher.

With many thanks to: Irish Border Poll and Claire Mitchell, Ben Collins and Geoff Bell for the original publication.

Follow this link below to to find out more on this event and take part and register for free….


JAMIE BRYSON has claimed he has guarantees from the DUP and its leader Jeffrey Donaldson DUP they will oppose a scheme due to be signed off by 11 Councils in support of the NI Protocol.





UK responds to EU legal action over NI Protocol – but does not budge.


Proposed legacy Bill may not be human rights compliant, warns commissioner – The Irish News


‘Brexit: NI Protocol is Working and gives our economy a boost in the North of Ireland ‘.


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