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Closure of Everton mental health facilitie – Stormont delivers!!!

It has been brought to the attention of Belfast 32csm that the much needed mental health facilities at the Everton Centre in Ardoyne are to be closed due to a lack of funding…….


Everton Centre - Crumlin Road

Facilities like this are s necessity in the Ardoyne area which has a substantially high number of people with mental health issues, as do many working class communities. We totally condemn the closure of such services due to the lack of funding whilst at the same time British security forces including MI5, Special Branch,


Ardoyne residents protesting for their civil rights

SAS and the unreformed RUC are receiving millions of pounds of tax payers money to harass and oppress this small republican community. With the closure of Everton Centre many patients will have to travel to different unfamiliar facilities, in many cases these facilities are based in the heart of loyalist areas which would inevitably cause even more distress and anxiety.


Stormont delivers - punishing the poor.

Over the next few weeks we would ask everyone to highlight this issue and hopfully bring an end to the closure of this much needed service and show that we all support mental health treatment right across the board.

With many thanks to: Conchobhar Óbreaslain 32 County Sovereignty Movement :!/story.php?story_fbid=10207738094801018&id=1552765316

Statement – Republican Prisoners Encourage Support For Anti-Internment March | IRPWA

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AN Independant elected councillor, elected to the new North of Ireland Super Council: Police harassed my daughter

DERRY CITY councillor Gary Donnelly has accused the PSNI/RUC of harassing his daughter. Mr Donnelly, pictured below, has lodged an offical complaint with the Police Ombudsman over what his 21-year-daughter, Magan as she returned from a foreign holiday eariler this week.


An independant member of the new Derry-Strabane super council, he is a high profile member of the 32 County Sovereignty Movement. He accused police of deliberately targetting his daughter because of his relationship to him. “Megan was stopped at Belfast International Airport on her way back from holiday by a uniformed policeman who said he wanted to search her baggage. He said he wanted to do the search under the Terrorism Act,” he said. “When Magan tried to leave the room, he barred the way and shouted for her to sit down. Then two plain clothes plocemen (MI5) came in and said to her “you have information we need.” And he added: “I have broad shoulders and can take this sort of thing but it’s wrong to target my family.” Mr Donnelly said he has asked his solicitor to lodge a complaint with the Police Ombudsman. A police spokesman said anyone with a complaint about the RUC/PSNI should contact the police ombudsman.

With many thanks to: Seamus McKinney, The Irish News, for the origional story.

True republicans detained after being refused entry to Canada

‘Several factors are used in determining admissibility into Canada, including involvement in criminal activity, in human rights violations, in organised crime, security, health or financial reasons – Canada Border Services Agency spokesman.

1544472_627066484021892_151750410_n 1546146_269141479909569_1836966964_n

THREE high-profile anti-agreement republicans are expected to be deported from Canada after being refused permission to enter the country.

The chairman of the 32 County Sovereignty Movement, Francie Mackey, was amoung the men detained as they tryed to enter the country on Wednesday. It is understood prominent Belfast spokesman Martin Rafferty and Louth-based member Peter Fitzsiomons had also travelled across the Atlantic to take part in a six-day speaking tour. Republican sources have confirmed all three men were detained shortly after their flight from Dubin touched down at Pearson International Airport in Toronto. It was unclear last night exactly why they were turned away from Canada. A former Shame Fein councillor in Omagh, Mr Mackey was held in a local detention centre overnight before being placed on a flight home yesterday. His travelling companions were detained in local prisons and were expected to be placed on the same flight. The 32 County Sovereignty Movement was originally called the 32 County Sovereignty Committee and was formed by Shame Fein members opposed to the party’s political direction in 1997. It has in the past been linked to the Real IRA, which formed a merger with republican groups in Derry and Mid Ulster in 2012. A spokesman for the Canada Border Services Agency last night said it would not “confirm nor deny the entry of any individual” but it takes “it’s border and national security responsibilties very seriously”. “All persons must demonstrate they meet the requirements to enter and/or stay in Canada,” he said. “Several factors are used in determining admissability into Canada, including involvement in criminal activity, in human rights violations, in organised crime, security, health or financial reasons.” When asked if the 32 County Sovereignty Movement is banned in Canada, the spokesman directed The Irish News to a list of banned organisations on which the group did not appear.

With many thanks to: Connla Young, The Irish News, for the orgional story.

32 County Sovereignty Movement

For orders of the Sovereign Nation, in Europe, America, Scotland, Canada and England, please contact the National Secretary on:





Votail Gary Donnelly No1 in Derry council elections 2014

My name is Gary Donnelly. I am a local Independent candidate with a lengthy track record of community activism and social justice campaigning. I received over 600 first preference votes in the last council election – more than many of those who were elected on the basis of transfers.

The bigger parties are poised to implement massive cuts in Social Welfare and Benefits. As families fall deeper into poverty, the familiar merry-go-round of each party blaming the others will begin. Now is your opportunity to do something about it! As an Independent candidate, I will fight for you and be directly accountable to you.

As an IIndependent candidate, a vote for me will rattle the failed system of party-political brands and serve to amplify your voice. I am offering local people direct represtation. I will serve the local community first rather party policy, party leaders or party rhetoric. There will be no excuses, no mythical “Bigger Picture”, No lies, No betrayal. Put your local community first, put your family first, vote Gary Donnelly Number 1.

INDEPENDENT - VOTE Gary Donnelly No1

Visit his Facebook page and give it a like follow the link below:

‘Offensive’ RAF poster torn down ahead of Bloody Sunday anniversary

32 County Sovereignty Movement members remove an RAF banner from a hoarding in Derry city yesterday.

An RAF recruitment billboard in Derry’s Brandywell area has been torn down by dissident republicans.


The large RAF Royal Air Force Reserves recruitment billboard was erected at the junction of Lone Moor Road and Foyle Road in recent days. Members of the 32 County Sovereignty Movement (32CSM) pulled down the billboard – which faced drivers entering the city from Co Donegal – yesterday afternoon. However, as they were doing so, representatives of the company which erected the poster arrived to remove it as well after they were contacted by the SDLP. Police filmed the removal of the poster from a discreet distance. 32CSM spokesman, Gary Donnelly claimed people living in the Brandywell area were furious that the billboard was erected. “This is a complete insult to the people of the Brandywell. It’s also a disgrace that it should have been put up within yards of the route of the Bloody Sunday march, particularly at this time of the year with the anniversary coming up,” Mr Donnelly said. Derry SDLP spokesman Emmet Doyle said such posters could cause hurt and distress in some areas. “A number of peope have been in touch to say how disgusted they are and how they find the poster deeply offensive, especially given this time of the year in the lead up to the anniversary of Bloody Sunday,” he said. Stangford DUP MLA Jonathan Bell criticised the SDLP veiw. “The RAF has a proud distinguished history of service and recruits people from all parts of the Uniited Kingdom regardless of their political beliefs or religious persuasion and rightly so. “Many will find it bizarre if the SDLP is opposed to RAF jobs being advertised. Such a stance suggests they have forsaken any semblance of commitment to a shared future and equality let alone fair employment.”

With many thanks to: Seamus McKinney, The Irish News.

Masked flag-bearer appeals conviction

‘This classically is a case which calls for an answer from the person who knows whether he was on that march or not – Sir Declan Morgan.

A DERRY man given a suspended jail sentence for being the masked flag bearer in a republican parade was never properly identified, the Court of Appeal has heard. Lawyers for Patrick John McDaid argued that experts in facial mapping and image comparison techniques were not certain he had been the man pictured in a balaclava.


As well as the photographs and facial mapping evidence, the judge in the non-jury trail in Belfast Crown Court heard how police later seized a document which purported to be minutes of a meeting to organise the march. It included the reference: ‘Colour party – McDaid to get people sorted’. But judges in the Court of Appeal were told on Tuesday that nothing more than a surname was found. Kieran Mallon QC, for McDaid, also challenged the strength of the evidence from an expert who noted striking similarities in the lips and eyes of his client and Man X. “It’s our contention there was not established any form of meaningful identification,” he said. “On balance he cannot say the accused and Mr X were one and the same person, primarily because there was no statistical database against which he could test an individual with that type of eye colour or lip shape.” Lord Chief Justice Declan Morgan, sitting with Lords Justice Girvan and Coghlin, drew his attention to two other strands of the prosecution case: McDaids name being on the organising document and his participation in previous events. Mr Mallon accepted there would have been clear suspicions, but contended this fell short of proof. Sir Declan then alluded to McDaid’s failure to give any evidence at trial. “This classically is a case which calls for an answer from the person who knows whether he was on that march or not,” he said. Judgment in the appeal was reserved.

With thanks to: The Irish News

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