The British have invaded 193 countries out of the total of 203 countries that are UN-recognized (195) or not UN-recognized (8). 

The consequences of British invasion for greed-based conquest (as opposed, for example, to invasion for the purpose of liberation from Nazism in WW2) ranged from total or near-total dispossession and extermination of hundreds of unique Indigenous peoples in the Americas and Australia to the active and passive mass murder of scores of millions in Africa and China and the avoidable deaths from deprivation of1.8 billion Indians under the British Raj.

History ignored yields history repeated. Britain in the 21st century is still invading and devastating other countries ( Mali , Libya , Iraq , Afghanistan ) in the Zionist-promoted US War on Muslims.

Not satisfied with Britain’s First Syrian War (WW1) and Britain’s Second Syrian War (WW2), the UK is now presently engaged in Britain’s Third Syrian War. Similarly, not satisfied with Britain’s First Iraqi War (1914-1932), Britain’s Second Iraqi War (1941-1948), Britain’s Third Iraqi War (the 1990-2003 Sanctions War in which 1.7 million Iraqis, half of them children, died avoidably from imposed deprivation), Britain’s Fourth Iraqi War (the 1990-1991 Gulf War in which 0.2 million Iraqis were killed), and Britain’s Fifth Iraqi War (2003-2011 in which 2.7 million Iraqi died, this including 1.5 million violent deaths and 1.2 million avoidable deaths from war-imposed deprivation), the UK is now engaged with its war criminal Western and other allies in Britain’s Sixth Iraqi War (2014- onwards, with thousands of Iraqis killed and thousands more to die from war-imposed deprivation in what seems to be an endless war for oil and hegemony).

Britain invaded Australia on the 26th of January 1788 and this is celebrated as Australian Day by white Australians. However Indigenous Australians commemorate this event as Invasion Day in remembrance of the continuing Australian Aboriginal Genocide and Australian Aboriginal Ethnocide in which 600 unique Indigenous groups and dialects disappeared, with only 150 remaining and of these all but 20 severely endangered.

Britain has invaded 193 countries – all but 10 of the world’s 203 countries – and continues to illegally and criminally invade other countries for oil and hegemony. Invasion is the most powerful expression of racism.


Annually victims of the serial invader, nuclear terrorist, exceptionalist and still invading British rogue state are bombarded with the glorification of their genocidal history during their so called ‘Remembrance Day’ symbolised by the blood red poppy – founded by the butcher of the Somme Lord Haigh.

Springhill Massacre

Their deeds would shame all the devils in hell.

With many thanks to: James Connolly Association Australia.

Corbyn gets my vote to be next leader of Labour

Corbyn gets my vote to be next leader of Labour.

IF JEREMY Corbyn had been Labour leader and prime minister in 2002-2003 instead of Tony Blair millions of Iraqis now dead or displaced would be alive and living in their home country.

Saddam would still be alive, still a dictator, and there would be no Isis, no American/British nightly bombing in Iraq/Syria if he had been leader and prime minister instead of David Cameron in 2011. There would not have been half-million tons of bombs dropped on Libya. Gaddafi would still be ruling Libya and it would still be a prosperous country not as it is today, a governless wasteland. The Africans would be employed by Gaddifi in Libya, so no boat people drowning in the Mediterranean; no deaths trying to reach the country of their tormentor and wrecker of their homes. Similar could be said re Africans in Syria, Yemen and Afghanistan. Oh that there were multiple Jeremy Corbyns in the past century. Certainly a Corbyn clone would not have allowed the Palestinians to be punished (as the British did) for other peoples’ crimes. I’m not too sure how he would have handled the Second World War. It is possible that if there had been no British Empire (which a Jeremy Corbyn would never have allowed) Hitler might not have got the same idea. No wars, no deaths, no terror and definitelty no trident. No Hiroshima, no Nagasaki and definitely no drones. The billions saved would have paid for welfare reform. I’m sure there would be a downside to a Corbyn government but at least a lot more human beings would be alive and the world would not target or hate the British for what they did worldwide with their military killing machines.

With many thanks to: Peter McEvoy Banbridge, Co Down. In a letter to The Irish News. Friday August 21st 2015.

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Frazer completes ‘charity bed push’ without a bed !

LOYALIST (half wit) flags protester Willie Frazer completed his ‘charity bed push’ yesterday – without a bed. The victims’ campaigner was joined by about 20 people as they walked through North Belfast.

Willie Frazer is a dick

Mr Frazer plans to hold illegal parades without notifying the Parades Commission. He says he has been left with no choice. The 53-year-old, who faces charges in relation to flag protests, wanted to raise funds for victims to travel to Libya as part of a legal case over the former regime’s support for the IRA. However, the commission noted that no street collection permit had been applied for by the organiser and it would therefore be illegal for money to be collected along the route. The commission banned the walk from passing Ardoyne. Instead it stopped at Hesketh Road. Police attended to ensure that the event obeyed the ruling. Mr Frazer said the bed push had been turned into a political event by the commission. “It was an opportunity for them to deal with a charity event in the right way but they didn’t do that and that’s why we didn’t bring the bed – we’ll do that when we do our walk properly,” he said. “Their mindset is that if you’re a Protestant and you have a cause, they will defy you. “We’re not going to give any more pre-warnings. There’s no point. We’re just going to turn up in places where it will be controversial.



The weapons and explosives haul was found last Wednesday during a search of lorry containers in a yard at Cloghran, north Dublin. It is unclear how long the cache was at the site but Yards believes the items were moved in recent years rather than stored at the same location since the late 1990s. Along with 15kg of Semtex, the weapons found included an UZI 9mm sub-machine-gun, revolvers, double-barrel-shot-guns, pistols, an air rifle and a Taser, plus around 1,300 rounds of ammunition.

The cache included former Provisional IRA weapons, Police said.

REPUBLICANS have been challenged to explain why explosives were not decommissioned after the discovery of a massive Semtex haul in the Republic. Yards said the explosives, found last week, were part of a cache donated to the Provisional IRA by Libya 30 years ago.

Semtex plastic explosives were among the items found in Cloghran.

They were stored in an arms dump which should have been emptied and decommissioned as part of the peace process. Ulster Unionist Tom Elliott said republicans must explain why the explosives were not put beyond use. He added : “We need republicans to tell us what exactly is going on here and why they have been holding on to explosives. “It doesn’t do much for unionist confidence, and we just wonder are they still part of Provisional IRA stock and are the Provisional IRA passing the weapons to dissidents as and when they need them. We have long suspected that not all Semtex was decommissioned, and clearly there is still a lot of it about. “I have always said that there is co-operation between dissidents and mainstream republicans and that is a major problem.”

A replica golden gun was displayed as part of the dissident weapon haul.


An UZI 9mm Sub Machine gun was recovered during the searches.

The explosive was part of the arms dump found during searches at the Old Airport Road in Cloghran near Dublin last week. Garda revealed more details of the cache on Thursday. Firearms including an Uzi submachine-gun, a Glock semi-automatic pistol, revolvers, shotguns, a silencer and a Tazer stun gun were also recovered, along with 1,300 rounds of ammuntion. A forensic analysis of the Semtex confirmed it had been concealed for over a decade. According to one report, the weapons cache may have been stolen from the Provisional IRA during the Real IRA split in 1998. Garda superintendent Dave Taylor said there was no doubt the seizure had foiled attacks by dissidents. He added : “These weapons are meant for one reason, and one reason only – to kill and maim and cause great destruction to the community. “I have no doubt this will put a dent in the operation of these (dissident) groups.” Underlining the significance of the seizure, Garda said that just 80g of the explosive was used in the bomb that killed PSNJ officer Ronan Kerr in 2011.

With many thanks to : Adrian Rutherford, Belfast Telegraph.


Fight for the life of Mahmoud Sarsak [2]

    • Today
    • 15:00 until 17:00
  • As the world watches millionaire footballers compete for the European Championship trophy, Palestinian footballer Mahmoud Sarsak is close to death as he enters his 85th day of hunger strike, the longest in history.Sarsak, a 25-year-old footballer and student from Gaza, was arrested three years ago as he was trying to meet up with the national team in the West Bank, and has been detained indefinitely without charge or trial ever since.Come and protest against this blatant abuse of human rights on Monday 11th June at 3pm outside the Department of Media, Culture and Sport in a coordinated action with the We Are All Hana Shalabi Network from Scotland who will be protesting outside the British Consulatein Jerusalem.Bring footballs, football shirts and banners for a fun media-friendly kickabout outside the DMCS to raise awareness of Sarsak and the thousands of Palestinian prisonersbeing held under administrative detention and illegal combatant lawsPlease note:
    This facebook was created because Facebook blocked all new activity on our original facebook event for this protest.
    Clearly it was too effective in gaining rapid growing support, so presumably the Zionist trolls made false allegations and facebook just blocked it without any notification or investigation. Please follow details and updates also through emails, twitter and phones.
    *** Phone CONTACTS: ***
    +44 (0)7729779164
    +44 (0)7880 731 865

    Twitter: @palestineplace

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Activists: Dozens dead in new Syria massacre

BEIRUT(AP) — Syria on Thursday denied as “absolutely baseless” claims by opposition groups about a new massacre in the central Hama province in which government forces allegedly killed dozens of people, including women and children.

The exact death toll and circumstances of the overnight killings in Mazraat al-Qubair on the outskirts of Hama were impossible to confirm but the violence is bound to reinforce the growing belief that a peace plan brokered by international envoy Kofi Annan is unraveling as the country spirals toward civil war.

The violence comes on the heels of a horrific massacre in late May in Houla, a cluster of villages in the central Homs province, which left over 100 dead including many children and women gunned down in their homes. U.N. investigators blamed pro-government gunmen for at least some of the killings but the Syrian regime denied responsibility and blamed rebels for the deaths. The Houla massacre triggered international outrage and a coordinated expulsion of Syrian diplomats from world capitals.

Syria on Thursday said “an armed terrorist group committed an appalling crime” in Mazraat al-Qubair, killing nine women and children. A government statement published on the state-run news agency SANA said that after the crime, residents there appealed on Syrian authorities in Hama to intervene to protect them, adding that competent authorities headed to the farm and stormed a hideout of the group and clashed with them.

Clashes resulted in the killing of all members of the group. Two security agents were killed and five others wounded, it said.

The statement said the killings were meant to put pressure on the Syrian regime ahead of the U.N. Security Council meeting.

British Prime Minister David Cameron urged concerted action from the international community against Syrian President Bashar Assad‘s regime following the latest reports. He said Thursday that if the reports of the “brutal and sickening attack” are true, it adds further proof that the Assad regime is “completely illegitimate and cannot stand.”

Speaking during a visit to Norway, Cameron insisted more must be done to isolate Assad’s regime and show that “the whole world” wants to see political transition in Syria and condemns “absolutely” the Syrian regime.

The exact circumstances of the violence in Hama were impossible to independently confirm.

Al-Qubair is a small farm in the overwhelmingly Sunni village of Maarzaf around 20 kilometers (12 miles) west of the city of Hama with around 30 homes and around 160 inhabitants. Attempts to reach eyewitnesses and residents of the area were unsuccessful Thursday, making the verification of what went on extremely difficult. The Syrian government keeps tight restrictions on journalists.

Activists said the Sunni village is surrounded by a string of Alawite villages. Alawites are an offshoot of Shiite Islam and Assad is a member of the sect.

The Britain-based Observatory for Human Rights said Thursday that “dozens” of people were killed overnight in Mazraat al-Qubair but Rami Abdul-Rahman, the director of the group which relies on a network of activists on the ground, said he was still documenting names of the dead. He said the circumstances of the killings were still unclear and called on U.N. observers to visit the area immediately.

The Local Coordination Committees group gave a far higher death toll, saying more than 78 people were killed, including many women and children. It says pro-government militiamen known as shabiha first shelled the farming area and then went in and killed the residents there. It says some of the dead were stabbed to death while other bodies were burned.

Syria’s main opposition group in exile, the Syrian National Council, also said 78 people were killed. It said 35 of them were from the same Al-Yatim family and more than half of them women and children. It said the militiamen converged on Qubair from neighboring pro-regime villages. It said some of the dead were killed execution-style, others were slain with knives.

“Women and children were burned inside their homes in al-Qubair,” said Mousab Alhamadee, an activist based in the central province of Hama.


An Irish American Activists said this morning…Remember Guiseppe Conlon. (RIP)

RELEASE THEM NOW !!!THEY knew he wasn’t political. They knew he was innocent. They knew he was sick. But they arrested him Falsified evidence. Convicted him And let him die in their prison. They haven’t changed.

As Irish-Americans our mantra now must be the words of Bernadette (Devlin) McAliskey: This Was Supposed To Be Over.

For those who may have missed her recent speech from which these words come, it’s here:

We must join with her when she says: Organize! Educate! Activate!

There are 40+ million US citizens who readily identify themselves as Irish-Americans. Time to get them up and at ’em. It’s an election year. We did it in 1968. We did it in 1972. We did it in 1980. .

And we must do it again because?

This Was Supposed To Be Over

Hydebank Prison turned away the UN doctors – refused them entrance into the prison no less access to examine Marian Price

The English Bastards would be much happier knowing they killed both Gerry McGeough and Marian Price in prison.

What other excuse do they have for this blatant disregard for human rights?

POSTED ON BEHALF OF : Helen McClafferty

+18 A 7-year-old child girl is injured seriously by Assad in Ariha,Idlib,Syria June 02,2012.mp4

 For everyone who disagrees with me on this issue or that:
1- I respect your opinion but I don’t think that you understood the reason why we have a revolution in the first place,, and it is to SAY WHAT WE WANT WITHOUT FEARING ANYONE. WE SHOULD RESPECT EACH OTHER’S OPINION WHETHER WE LIKE IT OR NOT!! I am not defending anyone but whether I want to quote Bush or McCain, i think i am entitled to ! And will continue to speak up and say my opinion even if it is liked or not. We live in the 21 century.
2- Be sure that will not allow anyone to hijack this revolution, even if it was one of the field activists themselves. Syrians are fully aware of this! We are not going to substitute a tyrant with another.
3- The killing did not stop for 14 months so far, and in fact a massacre happened yesterday in Khan Shaykhon. DID YOU HEAR ANYONE SAY ANYTHING? 14 MONTHS AND WE ARE IN OUR SECOND YEAR. SO PLEASE DON’T ATTACK ANYONE FOR SPEAKING WHAT’S ON THEIR MIND.

 POSTED ON BEHALF OF :  We are all Hamza Alkhateeb


FRESH scenes of the horrific slaughter of innocent civilians in Syria have emerged as violence in the Middle Eastern country spirals out of control.The images show tearful children sobbing over the bloodied bodies of relatives killed in another massacre carried out by forces loyal to President Bashar Assad. In the most recent atrocity it was claimed that pro-regime militia killed 12 factory workers on Thursday after forcing them off a bus in the village of Qusair7277050144_cec7c42f7e_b

Video footage released by Assad’s opponents showed the disfigured bodies of at least a dozen victims who were shot in the head or stomach at close range. It follows the slaughter of more than 100 civilians, including 49 children, in Houla last week. Syria’s most important ally, Russia, has again refused to support moves that could lead to foreign intervention.

Last Thursday, a Syrian goverernment investigation into the killings blamed armed rebel groups seeking to trigger foreign military interventon. The claim was dismissed by US permanent representative to the UN, Susan Rice, as a ” BLATANT LIE ” !

Orange parade ‘sets tone’ for centenaries

A major unionist parade through Belfast on Saturday could set the tone for other sensitive commemorations, the Parades Commission says.

The march, organised by the Orange Order and the Unionist Centenary Committee, marks the 100th anniversary of rally to Balmoral, opposing the proposed Home Rule Bill of 1912.

Celebrations got underway in Ormeau Park on Friday, but some concerns have been raised after it was revealed former paramilitaries will march alongside Orangemen and Apprentice Boys.

Police expect around 60 bands and more than 5,500 supporters to take part – but organisers say it has the potential to be bigger than the 12th July celebrations.

“It’s a major day for the whole unionist community as it starts the public commemorations of our Ulster covenant events”, said Mervyn Gibson.

“It will be the same atmosphere, people out to watch and enjoy themselves and we want everybody to have a good day so we hope it will mirror the Twelfth in many respects.”

The first parade will set off from Ballynafeigh in the Ormeau area at 9am. It will wind its way through Stranmillis before arriving at Sandy Row in south Belfast just before 10am.

Marchers will set off Sandy Row at 10am and also from Clifton Park Avenue and Shankill Road in north Belfast at the same time.

The parades will make their way to Donegall Street in the city centre before merging. All bands and marchers will then parade through the city towards Ormeau Park.

Marchers will then return along the same routes in afternoon parades beginning at 4pm.

It is understood that loyalists will not take part in the return parades as a “gesture” to nationalists who had raised concerns about trouble at interface areas.

However, while the parade will not travel along the mainly nationalist area of the Lower Ormeau Road, it has, in the past, been a flashpoint for trouble.

Community leaders have told UTV they have held talks with parade organisers and remain confident that everything has been done to ensure the day passes off without incident.

A spokesperson for the Parades Commission said: “The Balmoral Review parade has the potential to set the tone for how other events are approached and perceived.”

The Commission said they acknowledged “the work undertaken by many in the build-up to the Balmoral Review parade” and said it hoped “all parties involved will mark the event with respect for not just the past, but for the present and each other.”

Meanwhile, motorists are being warned of traffic delays the parades take place, with police saying they will do their utmost to keep disruption to a minimum.


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