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The NI Protocol explained to a T

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TWITTER STORM (100) Justice for Noah Donohoe

1000s Sign Petition To Get Teachers And Pupils To Stay In School Over Summer

Tyrone Tribulations

A petition, which started in Carrickmore, has now over 8000 county-wide signatures asking for schools to remain open over the summer holidays to make up for lost time over the last few years.

Organisers have denied the accusation that it is a petition motivated by revenge due to long periods of homeschooling and general presence of children in the house for far longer than normal during the past 24 months.

Margaret Tynan, a mother of 9 from Plumbridge, explained:

“Now that schools are nearly back to normal, we think it’s only right that children stay in for 2 months to make up for lost time. Let’s be honest, they did nothing during remote learning. And as for the teachers, don’t start me. I heard one teacher say ‘for f**k sake’ when my son showed up for his online class, thinking no one would. Get them all into work.”

Schools have…

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Suella Braverman British Attorney General who advised Boris Johnson to rip up the NI Protocol

First Shots Fired As Armagh Stop Supply Of Apples To Tyrone

Tyrone Tribulations

In what could be the start of a series of sanctions either side of the Blackwater, Armagh farmers, in an effort to unsettle their bush-dwelling neighbours, have ceased selling apples to Tyrone vendors and the general Red-Hand public as of today, 26th May – a full 10 days before both counties meet in a winner-takes-all back door game in the Athletic grounds.

Homes throughout Tyrone will have to forgo apple pies, apple crumbles and just apple-eating in general for the foreseeable future due to the draconic sanctions which have been allegedly attributed to McGeeney and his backroom team.

Thousands of Tyrone school children left home this morning in floods of tears, having to do with pears and mangos instead of their traditional apple and a lump of cheese.

Pat McHurl from Ardboe, who has been eating apples since he was about 3, fumed:

“If this is how they want to…

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Question Time is broadcast from Belfast tonight

Good Friday Agreement (GFA)
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