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C-IRA Take To The Streets of Co. Armagh

Originally posted on Na Fianna Éireann:

11182225_1586969584878474_4398420349676534827_n (3) Continuity IRA Volunteers on patrol in Lurgan

Today, the 23rd of April, pictures appeared online of Volunteers of the Continuity IRA on patrol on the streets of Lurgan, Co Armagh, Occupied Six-Counties armed with assault riffles.

The Continuity Army Council of the IRA was established in 1986 by the pre-1986 leadership of the Provisional Army Council, whose Volunteers failed to uphold the 1938 Proclamation and the IRA constitution by voting in favor of a proposal to support the dropping of Provisional SF’s abstentionsist policy in 1986. Although the leadership went on to form the Continuity Army Council after rejecting the proposal, the majority of the Volunteers of the Provisional IRA stayed with the Provisionals, unable to see the agenda of the new Provisional leadership at the time.

Lurgan, Co Armagh is a stanchly Republican area, an area where there would be a lot of support for the Continuity IRA and other militant…

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Promote the 2016 National Easter Rising Commemoration NOW!

Originally posted on Republican SINN FÉIN Poblachtach - Náisiúnta:

Centenary Committee copyAcross the Country and in every County Irish Republicans are gearing up to commemorate those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for Irish Freedom.

One year from now we will be facing 100 years since the historic events of Easter Week 1916 when Ireland defied an Empire and staked her claim for national sovereignty and independence.

Let this generation not fall short.  Let us be active and agitate on every front.  Republican Sinn Féin is prepared to show leadership and integrity in honouring what that generation gave so much for.  Let your continuity with that generation be known and stand with us and the Republican Movement in building towards the centenary which in our view remains unfinished business.

Republican Sinn Féin makes available below flyers to download, print and distribute with the details of the 2016 National Easter Rising Commemoration.  A JPEG version is also available to download and share on Social Media.

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JUSTICE FOR THE CRAIGAVON 2 — Ancient Order of Hibernians

Once again, Republicans are denied freedom of speech

TUV agent served jail term for AK47 loyalist stunt

 THE election agent for a TUV Westminiser candidate has a conviction for operating an armed loyalist roadblock.

2015-04-19 09.16.39

Gary McDonald, pictured above, the election agent for Mid Ulster hopeful Gareth Ferguson, spent a year in jail for his role in a roadblock involving masked men in Portglenone, Co Antrim on July 12th 2003. McDonald, of Innishrush Road in the village, admitted using a deactivated AK47 assault rifle to stop motorists. Thomas O’Hara and his son Thomas jnr, from Cullybackey, were travelling through Portglenone separately when they were stopped. A gun was put to Mr O’Hara snr’s head and the trigger was pulled. On Friday Thomas O’Hara jnr said what had happened was “still raw” and it was a case of “double standards”. “I think it’s a downright disgrace that the TUV say they are standing up for victims. But it seems that if you’re Catholic, you don’t matter,” he said. At their trial, McDonald and two others claimed they were protecting an Orange arch. They were each given three-year suspended jail terms in October 2005. The sentences sparked outrage among nationalist politicians.tuv-man-2015 However, in 2006 the Appeal Court deemed those sentences too lenient and imposed a two-year custodial term on each defendant. They spent a year in jail, allowing for 50 percent remission. The Irish News did not receive a response to requests for comment from either Gareth Ferguson or the TUV. Stephen Maternaghan, Gary McDonald and his brother John, all of Innishrush Road in the village, pleaded guilty and admitted using a deactivated AK47 assault rifel to stop motorists. In 2009, Thomas O’Hara senior recalled the incident, saying that his son, who was aged only 18-year’s-old at the time, had asked him to come and collect him after himself was stopped driving through the roadblock. “He had to drive through them. Then he went to a friend’s house and asked me to come and pick him up,” Mr O’Hara said. “When I saw them I thought it was Thomas’s friends. There were three boys standing on the road. I stopped and they said: “What are you doing here?” He added: “They put a gun to my head and I heard them fire two shots at me.”

Victims still awaiting payout for roadblock attended by Gary McDonald.

After Mr O’Hara managed to drive away, the three men also approached another vehicle and pointed the rifle at that car, but fled when the occupants identified themselves as police officers. At their trail, the trio had claimed they had been protecting an Orange arch which had previously been burnt down and described their actions as “out of character”, 1524601_654473921284007_787186449_nwith alcohol consumption also cited as a factor. The men were given three year suspended jail sentences in October 2005, sparking outrage among nationalist politicians. Suspending the prison terms, Judge Kevin Finnegan QC said the three men would not have acted as they did “in a normal society”. However, in 2006 the Appeal Court ruled that those sentences were too lenient and imposed a two year custodial term on each defendant. Due to the 50 per cent remission policy, the trio served just a year in jail, with a further 12 months on probation. As part of their sentences the three men were each ordered to pay a total of £500 to Mr O’Hara and his son but in 2009 Mr O’Hara said they had still not received any of the compensation. The Irish News did not receive a response to requests for comment from either Gareth Ferguson or the TUV. Mr Ferguson, from Moneymore, is described on the TUV website as a self-employed joiner and an active member of all the loyal orders.995638_344843682342553_7097983178247068062_n At the announcement of his selection to contest the seat, he said: “As someone who is deeply concerned by the determined efforts to extinguish unionist culture and expression in Mid Ulster, most recently demonstrated by the council ban on the sale of poppies, I wanted to take a stand. TUV is the only party which has displayed uncompromising opposition to the Sinn Fein agenda and it is by voting TUV that unionists can send the clearest message that enough is enough when it comes to the never ending assaults of republicans on anything remotely British.” In the same press release, party leader Jim Allister said: “I am delighted that TUV are able to offer the people of Mid Ulster the opportunity to vote Gareth, a candidate with the dedication and ability to get the job done.”

With many thanks to: John Monaghan, The Irish News.

people in Kitchener say no to Harpers state terror law and demand that Bill C 51 not pass

Originally posted on julianichim:

Today a variety of groups including Fair Vote Canada and Members of The NDP and The Green Party joined Anti Colonial Working Group in demanding that the state back down and not ram through the so called anti terror bill being pushed through the house of commons by the conservatives. The event began with speakers that addressed a variety of issues including the impact of the bill on civil liberties, Indigenous Sovereignty, the demonization of Islam and the legitimization and normalization of the criminalization of dissent. The impact of similar legislation in the North of Ireland was discussed with particular attention being payed to the cases of the Craigavon Two, Christine Connor and Marian Price and how legislation similar to this was used and is being used to create miscarriages of justices and criminalize political views.

Attention was also payed to the role of the state in exploiting vulnerable people…

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British government seeking to have Omagh bombing intelligence assessed in private court told

 THE British government is to seek to have some intelligence gathered on the Omagh bombing assessed in privite.


Secretary of State for the North of Ireland Theresa Villigers (pictured below) plans to have a ‘closed material procedure’ form part of a challenge to her refusal to hold a public inquiry into the atrocity, a judge was told. Confirmation of the move came as lawyers for the the father of a young man killed in the Real IRA attack accused authorities of “massively dragging their heels”. Michael Gallagher has mounted a legal action in a bid to force the government to order a full inquiry. His son Aiden was among 29 people, including a woman pregnant with twins, killed on August 15th 1998. In September 2013 Ms Villiers rejected calls for a public investigation, deciding instead that a probe by Police Ombudsman Michael Maguire was the best way to address any outstanding issues. Last October Dr Maguire published a report which that RUC Special Branch withheld some intelligence from detectives hunting the bombers.11066816_784362958317822_4881406483812120168_n No-one ever been convicted of carrying out the attack but Seamus Daly (pictured above), a 44-year-old bricklayer from Cullaville, Co Monaghan,(has been stiched-up) and is currently charged with the 29 murders, which he denies. Central to Mr Gallagher’s case is a contention that the British government has a duty under Article 2 of the European Convention on Human Rights to protect lives and investigate the bombing. His lawyers claim a range of intelligence from British security agents, MI5 and RUC officers could have been drawn together to stop the killers in their tracks. An alleged gap in the information relates to monitoring of the bomb and scout cars as they crossed from the South into the North of Ireland on the border into Omagh on the day of the attack. It has been suggested that a BBC Panorama documentary has raised the possibility of other intelligence than the intercept material which has been the subject of investigations to date. In the High Court yesterday Paul McLaughlin, for the secretary of state, confirmed her intention to seek a closed material procedure before the full judicial review hearing can take place. 46251_371159356305885_1303888108_n-1The process, brought in under the Justice and Security Act, run by David Ford of the Alliance Party,(pictured left), can assess whether pubilc disclosure of some information would be damaging to (so-called) national security. With the other side in such proceedings kept in the dark about the contents, some have claimed it could give rise to ‘secret courts’. Mr McLaughlin stressed that a special advocate has to be appointed by the Advcocate General for the North of Ireland before the application is made. He said an “intensive” review of all available material has been carried out. “We have been going through a difficult process of trying to work out what evidence there is, and what evidence there is, and what evidence can be served in open as opposed to what is required to be filed in a closed hearing,” the barrister said. “We are trying to put together an enormous jigsaw of what material exists and who it has been examined by.” During exchanges Mr Justice Treacy emphasied how the case centered on whether all intelligence material was made available. 1975096_265836583595060_1936534027_n“If the intelligence services (MI5) don’t know what they shared and who with, that would be deeply troubling,” he said. The case was adjourned for a further review in two weeks’ time.

With many thanks to: The Irish News, for the origional story.


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