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Urgent Call Brian Larkin and tell him to keep his goons in line


Chief Of Police- Bryan Larkin
(519) 650-8500 ext. 8700 |
please leave a msg as it is quite rare that a human answers any number for any of the police bureaucrats.

Today police have called in complaints to the City and bylaw to try to force us out of the place where we are currently set up. Furthermore police that should be under his control are currently preparing to evict us if we do not leave the area where we are now. These actions are in sharp contrast to the tweet he sent earlier stating that police are not involved in evictions of tent city.

Furthermore this action of police agents which are suppose to be under his control are sabotaging our negotiations which we currently are engaged in with the region to solve the current issue by addressing the root issue which is that people have no place…

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US Government Calls For Assassination Of Julian Assange For Being A Whistle Blower

Joey Scazzola

Both the Republicans and the Democrats are calling for the assassination of Julian Assange, the creator of Wikileaks, for exposing the corruption and malfeasance within the United States government against the American people and for the collusion with the mainstream media. They are demanding his “murder” and to have Wikileaks shut down. This is so the government can stop the flow of real information to the people and continue with their program of disinformation.

This seems to be par for the course now as anyone that exposes the wrong doing of the US government is called a terrorist. In the past we have seen how the government acted when Edward Snowden who copied and leaked classified information from the National Security Agency (NSA) in 2013 without prior authorization. His disclosures revealed numerous global surveillance programs, many run by the NSA and the Five Eyes Intelligence Alliance with the cooperation of…

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UK politician’s servitude to Zionism, israel, apartheid and jewish cash

Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

UK-Zion, Inc.

Upon being notified that she would be Britain’s new Prime Minister, Theresa May’s first act was to sign a pledge committing her to remember the Holocaust etc.
Her second  was to spend the evening before her confirmation by the Queen at a private dinner at the home of Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis. The Israeli newspaper Haaretz welcomed her as “ the most pro-Israel and Jew-friendly prime minister in British history.”
Here she is, commemorating the (nonexistent) Jewish deaths in the Charlie Hebdo incident.

Theresa May

Boris Johnson, former Mayor of London, is here praying to the Magic Wall and even wearing a yarmulke – he’s not even Jewish. Did that get him a job as Foreign Secretary?


The new mayor of London, Sidique Kahn, what was the first thing he did upon being elected? Why, he went to a Holocaust-memorial event. This was in May, how did they manage one…

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Meeting with City and Region on Housing set for this Friday at 9:30 am


After much consultation and discussion we have reached an agreement to have our first sit down with the Region and others involved to solve the homeless problem that gave rise to tent city by finding people affordable housing as well as necessary resources so people can maintain their housing. We thank everyone who has supported our just demands and send solidarity to the Tent City’s in Vancouver and other places still struggling for justice. We also would like to thank our international allies in Latin America for the political support, as well as those comrades in Ireland, particularly the 32CSM our sister organization and Kevin Patrick Meehan an amazing comrade whom I eventually hope to meet and have real coffee with not that instant shite they serve in Belfast.

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BBC producer deletes blog where he admits political manipulation before PM Questions

Pride's Purge

A BBC producer has admitted in a BBC blog – now deleted – that Andrew Neil, Laura Kuenssberg and himself manipulated the news to negatively impact Jeremy Corbyn during Prime Minister’s Questions yesterday.

In the blog, the producer – Andrew Alexander – openly admits the BBC team were not just reporting the day’s news but trying to influence it:

“this was a story where we could make an impact”

Alexander also admits the BBC team were fully aware that their actions would influence events:

“we knew his resignation just before PMQs would be a dramatic moment with big political impact”

And expresses pleasure in seeing the PM use their actions to attack the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn:

“we took a moment to watch the story ripple out across news outlets and social media. Within minutes we heard David Cameron refer to the resignation during his exchanges with Jeremy Corbyn”

This is not reporting news. 

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The Ugly Truth

saudi arabia israel

Sabba – As Mike Piper would say, whenever we see  ‘British Empire’, we should read the ‘Yiddish Empire’ instead.

This is not a bad article but it does not provide a clear back ground on the ibn saud clan and it leaves a major element out of the equation: wahhabism as an ideology. One can not understand why the ibn saud do what they do without understanding that wahhabism is the arabic offspring of judaism.

For those who are interested, Sheikh Imran Hosein had written many many years a little booklet on the subject: “The Caliphate, The Hijaz and the Saudi Wahabi Nation State” and which can be downloaded from his website:HERE

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Police declare tent city enemys of the state by using Public Works Act to Evict US!!!!!


call (519) 741 2330
Ask the city to keep police out of this.

Over the weekend Tent City has had quite a few visitors, most of them police officers and By Law agents and although many of them have acted in a calm fashion the legislation that they are using to remove us today is anything but calm. During WWII a peace of legislation was passed called the Public Works act which allows the police to suspend any rights if you are within a certain distance of Public Works and such to prevent sabotage or the passing on of information to enemy agents.

During peace times this legislation is never used except once in 2010 at the G20, saying that the protective fence falls under this category. The use of this law during the G20 provoked a public outcry and world wide condemnation since this act is to be used…

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The barren-wombed, childless women who want to rule us

Stop the attacks on Tent City!!!!!!End Police Aggression Until Talks Are Complete!!!!!!!


call (519) 741 2330
Demand a end to Police harassment until negotiations are complete.

This morning tent city has had three visits by the police whom have stated that we have until tomorrow at 8:30 am to once again back our stuff and move. This visit by police is not an accident but rather an attempt to keep us in crisis mode so that we cant participate in these negotiations since we are busy being chased like dogs. The reality of the situation is that Tent City will continue to exist until these negotiations are complete due to the fact that people have nowhere to go. The only solution to this problem is the one the city has proposed to house the people staying at tent city and have support systems for them to lift themselves out of this capitalist trap.

We ask the police to back off, give us…

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Negotiations with City on finding housing for people at tent city moving forward


Today we met with people from the city to discuss a solution that benefits all. We handed over the list of names of people that we are asking to be given affordable housing and we are both moving forward on this issue. We hope to come to a conclusion to this situation in the next little bit and feel that these negotiations are of the utmost importance.

Yesterday their was a crisis created by rumour mongering and paranoia that distracted us from dealing with the situation as is. These rumours have been put to rest and we feel that the city is genuine in their dealings with us. We have set up clear lines of communications and in the future people should not believe what they here unless it comes from , on our side Myself Don or Jon, on the cities side Gloria Mac Neil. Rumours and scare tactics…

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