Former Maldives President recovering after bombing – Challenge

For Every 100 Bullets Fired By British Army Unit, Only Two Hit Their Target….And Other Scary Stories: | The Broken Elbow

This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to… As Seas Exhale

The Cedar Lounge Revolution

Started in 2010, As Seas Exhale is the brainchild of Stephen Craft, who writes, plays and produces all the material. It’s a nice mix of ambient and post-rock music and similar with much in the genre gets better with each listen.

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Bobby Sands’ Funeral Row – Listen To BBC Talkback Debate


That time of the month again! Odds’n’Sods our regular monthly feature of all the Celtic-Punk news that’s fit to print. Band news, record releases, videos, tours (not individual gigs though yet sadly), live streams, crowd funders etc., send it into us at or through the Contact Us page. All will get a mention but I need YOU to help if it’s going to work.

We kick off this month with some sad news that THE MAHONES are retiring from touring. Easily the busiest band in the Celtic-Punk world they’ve been just about everywhere there is to go… and several times too! I think for many out there they are the only out of town Celtic-Punk band people will have seen. They will pop up for the occasional local gig or festival but that’s yer lot.

“After 30 years, it’s time for The Mighty Mahones to stop touring. There…

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More than music: singing the Troubles in Northern Ireland

Writing the 'Troubles'

By Jess Readett

Music and politics went hand in hand throughout the ‘Troubles’. From the unionist Lambeg drum beating on Orange Day, to Bobby Sands’ lyrics scrawled on the cigarette packets smuggled out of Long Kesh – the ‘Troubles’ had a soundtrack that served as more than mere background music to its players.

In the current literature this is yet to be fully acknowledged and rarely is the idea that music existed as anything other than a creative outlet explored.[1] When it is, there is often a narrow focus on specific aspects of music such as rebel songs and parades.[2] These only provide detailed pockets of information, limited to one time period, group, or event.

Yet historians can learn a lot from studying all the music of the ‘Troubles’. Music had the potential to unite and divide, it controlled and critiqued narratives, was subject to censorship and…

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How MI5 Used The RUC’s Kincora Probe To Place Spies Beyond The Reach Of The Law: Its Agents Can Never Be Questioned By Police | The Broken Elbow

#OTD in 1967 – A local parish priest voiced his extreme opposition to the appearance of Jayne Mansfield at the Mount Brandon Hotel in Tralee, and the concert was duly cancelled. Two months later, she was killed in a car accident.

Surely it’s a joke?


Ooft! This run up to the Holyrood elections just gets more bizarre by the minute.

I’ve just caught up there with the man that’s had mair parties than Shug Hefner, George ‘indefatigability’ Galloway’s party political broadcast for his latest ego platform ‘All In ItFor the Onions’.

Wow, just wow!

First things first I hope he’s weighed the RAF in wae a bung for using their roundels as his party symbol.

How a guy who once allegedly despised everything about the former imperial power that rules our country can now attempt to be even remotely credible with views which are at a 180 degrees to his apparent original views I’ll never know.

He had always considered himself, in his own wee egotistical lunchtime, to be something of an orator, of Churchillian proportions in fact, which might explain the phoatie of the symbol of British nationalist hero worship over his left…

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Did The RUC Special Branch Cover Up The Kincora Scandal? | The Broken Elbow