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#JFTC2 Campaign in Southern Ontario kicks off with British Consulate shutdown

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Today a small but dedicated group of members of ACWG started the #JFTC2 Campaign of intensification here by shutting down the British consulate in Toronto. This action was carried out despite heightened security measures by the British consulate aimed at stopping people from protesting intensified criminalization of Irish Republicans by the British state. At The consulate a banner was unfurled with the msg #JFTC2 and people tried to get through to consulate people who promised that someone from the Consulate would meet with them. Instead security came and removed them from the building uttering empty threats of future arrests and such. Flyers were then handed out outside the consulate which were well received by pedestrians despite more empty rhetoric from security which was trying to say that they own the sidewalk or some crap. These heightened security featrures do not stop us from getting our msg out nor from taking…

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Statement from Roe 4 Republican Prisoners Maghaberry 20/3/15 | IRPWA


Republican stalwart flees after death threats over twitter chat with loyalist

REPUBLICAN motor mouth Martin Og Meehan is a ‘dead man walking’ after republican death threats forced him to flee to England.


The Sunday World can reveal Meehan has had a spectaclar fall-out with his former republican pals in Republican Network for Unity (RNU) and is now living in fear of his life. He fled the North of Ireland last month after he was involved in a spat with Ardoyne community worker Dee Fennell. The son of PIRA man, Martin Meehan, has been accused of “collaborating” with loyalists after he was allegedly caught slagging off Fennell in privite Twitter messages sent to a known loyalist. Days later Fennell turned up at his house and demanded to see his laptot. Meehan was told he had been expelled from RNU by his former friend and ONH boss Carl Reilly. A source close to a Meehan has confirmed he is living in a hostel in England and is said to be “devastated” at what has happened to him. “Martin is absolutely devastated because he is adamant he didn’t send the offence tweets and he thinks he has been set up,” said the source.



“”He’s adamant that loyalists have hacked his Twitter account and somehow he’s completely innocent. “He intially refused to hand over the laptop because it belonged to his son but the next day he decided he would hand it over to them to clear his name. “The RNU had their IT expert days later that the evidence was ‘inconclusive’. “Martin thought that ment he would be in the clear but instead Reilly called to tell him he had been expelled from RNU.”He was gutted. He has known Carl Reilly for years and can’t believe he’s turned on him now.” The Sunday World understands it was only a matter of hours before Meehan received a phonecall telling him his life was under threat. The RUC/PSNI later confirmed the threat was very serious and Meehan left his family and his home to flee to England.

‘If he gets shot he will bleed to death because he’s on Warfarin’


A well-placed republican source told us Meehan has been told by the IRA they want to subject him to ‘just a punishment shooting. But we understand Meehan has refused to accept even a punishment shooting because he takes blood thinning medication having suffered two previous heart attacks. “Martin was told they just wanted to (give him a four pack) shoot him four times in the legs and arms but he can’t accept that. Apart from feeling he has done nothing wrong the truth is if he gets shot he will bleed to death because he’s on Warfarin. “A side from that he just dosn’t trust these people. He thinks if he comes back he’s a dead man. “Martin feels he should be treated better because he served 12 years in jail for the IRA.”


Meehan was a funding member of (GARC) Greater Ardoyne Residents Collective, a community group which primarily opposes Orange Order parades going past Ardoyne shop fronts. Dee Fennell is now the leader of that group and there has been friction between the two. The situation exploded two weeks ago when it emerged Meehan allegedly been sending private messages via social media to a well-known loyalist about Fennell. A statement from GARC released a fortnight ago accused Meehan of being found “guilty of collaborating and colluding with loyalists”.10403447_806684762698488_4038148568722093265_aGARC claim Meehan came to their attention when a republican in Co Tyrone got into an online ‘debate’ with an Orangeman and loyalist from Ballysillan. During the heated discussion on Twitter the loyalist claimed that GARC was in dissarray and was split. When this was challenged by the republican the loyalist produced private messages sent to him from Martin Og Meehan’s private Twitter account claiming that GARC was split and that Dee Fennell was “hated in Ardoyne and needs to be taken down a peg or two”. “It’s also claimed Meehan urged the loyalist to use comments made by Fennell about using arms aganist him and that they should “expose” him.

With many thanks to: Steven Moore, Sunday World, for the original story.

“BELIEVE” — short poem by Donal O’Meadhra

Originally posted on rebelbreeze:

From their homes stolen lives.
Injustice never new.
Not one crime done nor crime seen.
A sentence served undue.

Witness blind and judge astray.
Trial a kangaroo.
You want a reason to believe?
My friend, I’ll give you two.

Two sons of Craigavon Ireland,
Our voices now are due.
The cry should shout until it cracks
For justice to the two.

It happens time and time again,
Shadows of me and you.
Where once stood four and then the six,
The mirror shows the two.

Together we can make this right.
As one we’ll see it through.
You want a reason to believe?
My friend, I’ll give you two.

Believe poster J4C2

The poem is about the incarceration of the “Craigavon Two”, Brendan McConville and John Paul Wooton.  On the 30th of March 2012 both men were convicted and given life sentences.  They were accused of the fatal shooting of Constable Steven Carroll in Craigavon on…

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RIP Julia Kelly: Another Tragic Suicide After DWP Threats

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julie-kelly1A woman who founded a charity to help people suffering with chronic pain committed suicide after a battle to claim disability benefits ended with the DWP demanding that she repay £4000 in backdated payments.

Julia Kelly was just 39 when she took ker own life at the end of last year.  In an  inquest into her death the Northampton Chronicle reported that the coronor believed the “upset caused by the potential withdrawal of her benefits had been the trigger for her to end her life.”

According to a statement made by her father at the inquest, Ms Kelly had attended three tribunals in her attempts to gain disability benefits.  Mr Kelly said he “firmly believed” correspondance from the DWP triggered her death adding:

“Not to be believed by the DWP that she was suffering chronic back pain and also to be accused of wrongdoing and be told her payments might…

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Case Facts,Synopsis & Court transcripts | Justice for the Craigavon Two

Uninvestigated Northern Ireland killings ‘tarnish UK’s reputation’ | Law | The Guardian

Glenroy Forknor – Brislington

Originally posted on Database of UK and Eire paedophiles/child abusers:

March 2015

Former Jamaican Defence Force officer jailed for having sex with a child in Bristol


HE was a head boy and rose through the ranks to become an army officer trained by the Royal Marines

But now Glenroy Forknor is a prisoner serving a five-year sentence for having sex with a child.

Forknor came to the UK from his native Jamaica, Bristol Crown Court heard.

After finding work in the security business he went on to sexually abuse a 14-year-old girl.

Forknor, 32, who was living in Brislington, pleaded guilty to three charges of having sexual activity with a child.

Judge Euan Ambrose told him: “You are 32, you are of previous good character and you have no convictions or cautions.

“You are well educated, you have served in the military in Jamaica and you have worked.

“You have expressed considerable remorse for what you have done and you…

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Universal Credit Scandals Exposed by Benefits Britain.

Originally posted on Ipswich Unemployed Action.:

Not Much has changed since the Above.

Ipswich Unemployed Action was going to give a detailed account of last night’s Channel Four’s Benefit Britain on Universal Credit.

It was excellent and there’s no need to give our own notes, except to say that the programme gave an indication of the personal suffering the new system is causing.

The job has been done, by the Daily Mirror.

Universal Credit ‘adviser’ told not to tell claimants about cash fund for clothes and bus fares

A reporter posing as a Universal Credit adviser trainee was told not to tell claimants about a vital cash fund for clothes, bus fares or other expenses to help them into work.

The undercover journalist spent seven weeks working at the Department for Work and Pensions’ (DWP) Bolton Universal Credit contact centre.

He was told by trainers not to bring up same-day advance payments for those struggling…

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