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A Marxist View On Sinn Fein’s Latest Political Contortions

The Broken Elbow

I have been, and still am at time of writing, in hospital for much needed surgery and to while away the hours I have been surfing the web. In the course of that I came across this quote from an Irish Marxist publication, the name of which I lost, unfortunately (the internet in this hospital is not the best). If anyone can identify the source for me I’d be grateful:

“It just seems not to occur to them (i.e. SF) that monarchy is the epitome of denial of democracy and deserves zero respect. When Celtic and Liverpool football fans demonstrate a higher level of awareness of very basic democratic and republican principles we can appreciate the level to which Sinn Fein has sunk (with all due respect to those fans).

“If this seems a rather glib or flippant remark, we can recall the explanation by another Sinn Fein member who stated…

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Glasgow Celtic Fans Need A Good Talking To From The Big Effort……

Sheep And Cows To Replace Sniffer Dogs As Budget Cuts Hit PSNI

Tyrone Tribulations

Farmers across the county are being offered incentives to give up their best detective livestock after it emerged that sniffer dogs are to be phased out due to the cost of maintaining the highly trained canines.

Already, sixteen cows and five bulls have been through an extensive training course to sniff out drugs, bodies, firearms and illegal distilleries, up in a remote part of north Tyrone under the Sperrin mountains. The cattle have experienced mixed success during early missions, with one cow wrecking a house near Galbally whilst searching the premises for a stolen box of Snickers from the local newsagent. The house was wrongly identified, with the PSNI currently embroiled in a £1.2m claim for damages.

Policing spokesperson Samuel Clinker added:

“The cattle need a bit of work but some of the sheep are first class at sniffing out narcotics. We uncovered over £3m of cocaine in Pomeroy after…

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GAA May Sell Exclusive Viewing Rights To Japanese Island For 2024 Season

Tyrone Tribulations

The small Japanese community of Shikoku Island may get exclusive rights to the 2024 GAA season after it emerged they are frontrunners to secure the pay-per-view contract currently up for the highest bidder. RTE has been unable to match the Shikoku bid but has denied the suggestion that several of their board who have shares in Shikoku TV have influenced their decision.

Shikoku, which has baseball and soccer teams, has yet to form a GAA club but will enjoy exclusive viewing of the 2024 season for free, whilst the rest of the world could be charged up to £40 a game if current rates continue, if their £300m bid is accepted. It has since emerged that commentary will be in the local Japanese language.

Gary Mallon, a retired full-back from Edendork, fumed:

“Listen I’m delighted for the good people of Shikoku that they’ll be able to watch the likes of…

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