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 ‘Local pople have no faith in the RUC/PSNI’s willingness to deal with loyalist mobs breaking the law and increasing tensions - Deirdre Target.

PARAMILITARY flags have been placed outside a council run leisure centre in North Belfast in what is being seen as part of a campaign dissident loyalists vying for power in the Tigers Bay area.


Flags have been placed all along York Road and Shore Road with UDA and Union Flags placed outside the Grove leisure and well-being centre that is used by both sides of the community. A flags protocol was previously in place to prevent any emblems being placed in sensitive or interface areas as part of a voluntary aggreement. However, since the union flags dispute the protocol has not been adhered to. Meanwhile, in south Belfast Shame Fein and ex-republican assembly member Alex Maskey and councillor Deirdre Hargey yesterday met with senior police officers in relation to what they claimed was a failure to tackle a loyalist gang erecting paramilitary flags on the Ormeau Road. The loyalists also removed Shame Fein election posters from lampposts in the area. Mr Maskey said residents in the mixed community had felt intimidated by the loyalists, some of whom “had clearly been drinking”, “A gang of around 20 to 30 loyalists arrived on the Ormeau Road and took down legal Shame Fein  elecion posters  and began erecting flags, illegally on lamp posts. “Some of this gang clearly had been drinking alcohol and local residents said they felt very intimidated by their actions. “The RUC/PSNI were on the scene despite the gang committing a criminal offence and acting aggressively the RUC/PSNI failed to take any action”, Mr Maskey said. Mrs Hargey said local people felt frustrated that police did not take action against the gang she described as “bully boys”. “Local people have no faith in the RUC/PSNI’s willingness to deal with loyalist mobs breaking the law and increasing tensions in what is a shared community,” she said. “This type of aggressive sectarianism sets community relations back 20 years.”

With many thanks to: Allison Morris, The Irish News (For the origional story)

Traders ‘ordered to close shops for UVF gun-running march’

TRADERS in Larne have been ordered to close their doors to mark the 100th anniversary of the UVF gun-running plot next week, it has been claimed.

1888741_638923666155552_1600828383_n 1888741_638923666155552_1600828383_n

Thousands of loyalists will take to the streets of the Co Antrim town to mark the anniversary of the arms smuggling plot, known as Operation Lion, which took place on the night of April 24 1914. Thousands of weapons were smuggled into the port town on the ship Clyde Valley before being distribued to UVF units across the North of Ireland as the Home Rule crisis deepened. Up to 80 bands and 12,000 participants are expected to take part in next Saturaday’s anniversary parade, organised by the Operation Lion 2014 Centenary Committee. While the committee is understood to be made up of people from different backgrounds, (no the UVF is not a racist organisation we love eveyone so long as you are White and not Catholic), the majority of those expected to attend the parade are thought to be supporters of the UVF’s political wing the PUP – which offers political advice to the to the modern illegal UVF. Earlier this month the RUC/PSNI accused the UDA of being on a “power trip” when 100 loyalists rioted in Larne. A spokesman for Larne Borough Council confirmed that it gave the organising committee £2,000 to found a “number of events and educational programme in relation to the history of Operation Lion”. The council is also “erecting a plaque on the monument to mark the centenary as it did on the 75th anniversary at an event which will take place on April 24″.


East Antrim Shame Fein MLA Oliver McMullan, pictured above, said traders had been told to close for the day. “One of the traders that told us he said ‘what can you do? You dare not go against it’,” Mr McMullan, said. “I hope no bother comes out of it as there is considerable tension in Larne at the minute.” Mr McMullan’s comments come just weeks after he claimed that several businesses in Larne were ordered to hand over £200 to help fund the commemorition. Larne PUP the political wing of the UVF represtative Jonathan Hodge dismissed claims that businenessess had been told to close. “The Operation Lion Cetenary event is a special occasion for Larne that will bring thousands of visitors to the town,” he said. “This is a family-oriented event with vintage vehicles and period costume, many activites and workshops for children and it will reach out to people from all community backgrounds (so long as they are not from a Catholic background). “It will be a very busy day for local businesses, providing a welcome boost in trade. The suggestion that anyone would ask them to close is rudiculous.”

With many thanks to: Connla Young, The Irish News.

Strike/demonstrate on May Day/International Workers’ Day (1 May): Videos and marches in London and Greater Manchester

Originally posted on ThatcheroftheLeft:


[EDIT 18/4/14: I have modified the first paragraph to mention a new video, adapted from last year, in HD and non-HD versions, that specifically advertises the May Day demonstration in London.]

I produced a music video last year, based on the song “The Stars Look Down” from Billy Elliot the Musical, set during the miners’ strike, with changed lyrics calling for strikes and demonstrations on the 1st of May to oppose austerity, inflicted by capitalist politicians urged on by bankers and big business. I have added details of a London demonstration on that day, with links to a Facebook event for the London demo and to this blog entry at the end, but I used which may be censoring those links… I have also considerably improved the description of the video (including warning about tinyurl), and produced high definition (HD) and non-HD versions (it seems that HD versions don’t play on smart…

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Leaflet for Joe O’Neill -Independent – Swords -2014 Local Elections

Originally posted on Irish Election Literature:

A leaflet for Joe O’Neill who is running as an Independent in Swords for a seat on Fingal County Council.
Many Thanks to the sender.

Joe O'Neill - Front

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Barry Peach – Derby

Originally posted on Database of UK and Eire paedophiles/child abusers:

April 2014

Five years for Derby pervert who sexually abused baby


A 53-YEAR-OLD man went to a police station to confess he had sexually abused a baby years ago

Barry Peach admitted indecent assault and child cruelty and was jailed for five years yesterday when he appeared at Derby Crown Court.

James Varley, prosecuting, said: “As far as indecent assault on a young child goes, it’s hard to think of a worse one.”

Judge John Pini QC said what Peach had done was a “demonstrably deviant act”. He said that if the crime had been committed in recent years, it would have been charged as rape.

The court heard that in May last year Peach was heading to Pear Tree police station when he handed a letter to a police community support officer in the street.

He told the officer: “I want to confess something to you – I sexually…

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Flyer from Mae Sexton -Independent – Longford -2014 Local Elections

Originally posted on Irish Election Literature:

A flyer from former Progressive Democrat TD and Labour Councillor Mae Sexton who is running as an Independent in Longford Urban for a seat on Longford County Council.
Many thanks to the sender.


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Martin Hendron – Stow/Peebles

Originally posted on Database of UK and Eire paedophiles/child abusers:

April 2014

Police discovered images of children

Police found more than 1,000 indecent images of children after searching the home of a 37-year-old man, a court heard.

Martin Hendron claimed to have come across them while surfing the internet for adult pornography.

Hendron, now living at Cockholm Crescent, Stow, appeared on indictment and admitted possession of indecent images of children at his then home at Kittlegairy Road in Peebles between June 2007 and June 2013.

The majority of the images found on Hendron’s computer were level one, which depict pornographic posing with no sexual activity.

Prosecutor Tessa Bradley told an earlier hearing: “Intelligence was received by police in June 2013 that someone accessing the internet through a connection at the address had been accessing indecent images of child abuse.”

Police, armed with a search warrant, called at the accused’s Peebles home at 8.50am on June 11. Hendron and his wife…

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Gwion Griffiths – Bala/Trawsfynydd

Originally posted on Database of UK and Eire paedophiles/child abusers:

April 2014

Man must keep away from school after offence

A 24-YEAR-OLD sex offender must not live close to a village school during term time, a judge has ordered.

Gwion Wyn Griffiths had performed a sex act in a bedroom window of his home as nearly 40 young children were crossing the school yard opposite on their way to the lunch canteen. None of the children saw him, but he had been spotted by teachers inside the Trawsfynydd school, Caernarfon Crown Court heard.

Griffiths, of Cefn Gwyn, Trawsfynydd, but now living temporarily with a relative at Bala, admitted sexual activity in front of a child and was given an eight-month suspended prison sentence last Thursday.

Judge David Hale placed him on a supervision order for two years and made an exclusion order to keep him away from the school during term, and said he must live where directed by the…

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Abdul Basit – Burnley

Originally posted on Database of UK and Eire paedophiles/child abusers:

April 2014

Man jailed for rape of Burnley teenager


A man from Burnley has been jailed for 34 months after pleading guilty to rape and sexual assault. 

Abdul Basit (22), of no fixed abode, raped a teenage girl in Burnley when he was 17, Burnley Crown Court was told.

Basit later sexually assaulted the same teenage girl, also in Burnley, before running off, the court heard.

Lisa Worsley (prosecuting) told the court that Basit had then tried to make amends by sending the girl a card containing £20 as a way of an apology, but it was refused.

The court also heard that Basit was being watched by police and had been served with more than one abduction notice in relation to girls under the age of 16.

Basit had pleaded guilty at court on Friday at the first opportunity.

Andrew Nuttall (defending) said the best mitigation he could…

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Osborne brings in new tax avoidance laws; city minister undermines him

Originally posted on Vox Political:

Andrea Leadsom [Image: The Independent].

Andrea Leadsom [Image: The Independent].

George Osborne’s latest attempt to make us think that Conservatives can be tough on tax avoiders has lasted less than a week.

The part-time Chancellor announced measures that meant avoiders faced bigger fines and were more likely to go to jail, on April 12.

What a shame his new city minister, Andrea Leadsom, is facing hard questions over actions she took to cut her own inheritance tax bill, just six days later.

Ms Leadsom is now responsible for the government’s Help to Buy property scheme, making this even more embarrassing as the allegations against her refer to shares in a property company.

The allegation is that she took advantage of offshare banking arrangements for her buy-to-let property company, placing her shares into controversial trusts in order to reduce her inheritance tax bill, for the benefit of her children.

The property firm Bandal, created by…

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