BREAKING | Off-duty police officer shot in Omagh

Forensic officers have arrived at the scene here on Killyclougher Road in Omagh.

Security sources tell @BelTel the officer was shot at least four times.

The PSNI officer has been taken to hospital where his condition is not yet fully known.…

Good Friday Agreement responsible for huge economic growth says Ibec

Good Friday Agreement has worked for everyone on the Island of Ireland for the last 25 years. Everyone on the Island wants it to work for another 25

February 9, 2023

The huge economic growth across the island of Ireland during the past 25 years would not have been possible without the Good Friday Agreement.

That’s according to Ibec, which is appearing before an Oireachtas committee today.

The business group says there has been record levels of investment across the island and Britain.

Fergal O’Brien, Ibec’s director of lobbying and influence, says the Good Friday Agreement delivered prosperity to the island of Ireland…

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Good Friday Agreement responsible for huge economic growth says Ibec

In spite of the DUP

All because a Catholic is FM, hatred and bigotry and bloody childish tantrums…

they have always tried to undermine the GFA and now the protocol they brought about, hopefully this will show once and for all the destruction they will bring to remain in dominance and line their own pockets

Hopefully everyone will see Lynne, they’re dragging us all backwards

Predictions for 2023: The Protocol stays, Biden comes, and Donaldson goes – Irish Border Poll


Clowns Will Be Clowns

1/ Rejectionist Unionism is still grappling with the cold reality of modernity and loss of veto on the affairs and control of the previously subordinated minority, exposing their insatiable need to kettle & police their neighbours as enemies. The anti-GFA Dup have always been

2/ against powersharing.
Brexit offered the opportunity to turn the clock back to pre-1972 supremacist regime hegemony. It backfired spectacularly now Brexit is ravaging unionism itself.
The DUP don’t want any deal. They wanted a border!
They got one, but not the one they wanted.

3/3 The mindset has landed us all with the inevitable confirmation that bigots themselves are incapable of understanding.
That this place is a failed political backwater stewing in the stale juices of empire & sectarianism, an experiment receiving its last rights in real time.

NI Protocol: Funeral of Good Friday Agreement unless it is sorted – Poots.

Stormont was mothballed in 2017

Leading bands announce NI Protocol Aid 2022

Rumours circulated today about the organising of a large concert to increase attention of, and bring aid to, those deeply affected by the N.I. Protocol. Olde Time Rockers ‘Leaders of Unionism’ are understood to have agreed to headline the event, with backing from modern electro-rock group ‘Protestant Action Force’. The man leading attempts to bring […]

Leading bands announce NI Protocol Aid 2022

What was the Troubles (1960s-1998)?

Introduction The Troubles (Irish: Na Trioblóidí) were an ethno-nationalist conflict in Northern Ireland that lasted about 30 years from the late 1960s to 1998. Also known internationally as the Northern Ireland conflict, it is sometimes described as an “irregular war” or “low-level war”. The conflict began in the late 1960s and is usually deemed to […]

What was the Troubles (1960s-1998)?

UVF prisoner who warned of ‘loyalist violence’ over NI Protocol dies following illness.

UVF – LVF – PAF – UDA – UDR – RUC – British Secret Service – MI5 – MI6

Border poll ‘yes’ vote would require British parliament consent.

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