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“Seen this in The Sunday (lies) World and had to repost”.

IN A couple of days we’ll be taking down the decosions, locking up the 12-year-old Scotch malt that’s only brought out at Christmas and contemplating another year!!!


The New Year is traditionally a time for optimism, sadly down the years ours has been wasted and without wishing to be a seasonal grump I’m not sure how long our optimism can take it. We’re getting used to being let down, but you have to hope don’t you? Things have to change eventually so why not in 2014. First thing that needs to change is the Chief Constable. Matt (maggot) Baggott has an unenviable task as head of the PSNI/RUC but he has shown he is simply not up to the job, whether its because of political pressure, his failure to handle the UVF has been spectacular. He was ill advised to have attended the PUP conference as the keynote speaker last year but he clearly can’t learn from his mistakes. With the UVF orchestrating night after night of street violence as the fleg protests swung into action the PSNI’s/RUC softly softly approach simply handed control of the streets to the terror group. His officers were expected to stand on the front line and take a battering – night after night – and when the PSNI/RUC did a deal allowing the UVF to police their own parades it was confirmation that the lunatics really had taken over the asylum. And if that wasn’t bad enough he insisted the UVF’s ceasefire remains intact, despite more than 30 murders since they claimed they put their guns beyond use and more recently the attemped murder of Jemma McGrath in East Belfast.


293290_171098439636605_1085904647_nIn the wider context we need the Orange Order to wise up. The outside world looks in and wonders what these strange wee men in bowler hats and collarettes are all about. Their intolerance and open hatred of all things Catholic is hard for anyone to grasp. And accommodating tolerant Orange Order would, in one fell swoop, disarm all those who want to see it condemned to the history books. The Order gives bigots an excuse, take it away and they fall. On the other side of the house the Shinners must be hoping that Gerry Adams‘ (pedo protector) closet isn’t any bigger. With the number of skeletons already out it resembles the Tardis! The Shame Fein president has been left damaged by his continued denial of IRA membership, allegations of involvement in the abduction and murder of Jean McConville refuse to go away and his handling of sex abuse claims levelled against his brother further wrecked his creditability. He is fast becoming a leader in name only – people simply don’t trust him anymore. Maybe 2014 will be a time the Shinners started looking for a new star. It’s not asking much but if we manage to secure these changes and the North of Ireland manage to win the match 2014 mightn’t be too bad.

With many thanks to: Richard Sullivan, The Sunday World.

Unionists protest at SF guard over shot Adams

Confidential files released

TODAY sees the release of previously confidential files from Stormonta and the NIO (Northern Ireland Office) covering the two years 1983 and 1984. This marks a change as Public Records Office be gains to phase towards a new ’20-year rule’. In total 1,047 files are released today of which 225 are subject to full closure while 366 are subject to ‘redaction’ or blacking-out. Those partially closed include files on the use of baton rounds, ‘political developments’ and ‘compensation to innocent victims’. Many are of these files are partially closed until 2067 (I wonder what they are hiding about the Shame Fein sellouts). Reporting on the Belfast files for the Irish News is Dr Damon Phoenix, a political historian and broadcaster and author of Northern Nationalism 1890-1940 (1994) and co-author of Conflicts in the North of Ireland 1900-2000 (Four Courts Press, 2010). Irish government files are released today under the ‘30-year rule.’ Reporting from Dublin is the Press Association‘s Ed Carty. The next lot of pages will be dedicated to these newly released files.

STATE PAPERS Belfast and Dublin

ON March 14 1984 Gerry Adams, the new Shame Fein MP for West Belfast, and three companions were shot and wounded by the UFF while driving back from a court appearance in Belfast city centre. Mr Adams was rushed to the Royal Victoria Hospital for emergency surgery.

Show your anger at Shame Fein ‘VOTE INDEPENDENT’ !!!

Mr Adams stay in hospital was the subject of a series of complaints by the Ulster Unionist MP for South Belfast, Rev Martin Smyth alleging that Shame Fein leader was being ‘guarded’ by republicans at the RVH. In a note on file for the NIO uunder-secretary, John Patten on March 22 1984, R F Sterling, an official at the DHSS reported that Rev Smyth had phonened the minister’s office to complain about reports that Shame Fein members were gaurding the West Belfast MP and his colleagues. According to Sterling, Rev Smyth was “particularly indignant that these people were reported to be stopping and questioning members of the public within the hospital”.

Sterling explained to the minister that Adams and his companions had been housed in a secure ward and placed under the protection of armed police. All four, he noted, were material witnesses to an armed assault and “clearly their lives were at risk”. Questioned by Rev Smyth in the House of Commons on March 21, 1984 about the alleged ‘Shame Fein guard’ over Mr Adams, secretary of state Jim Prior insisted that the Shame Fein leader “was given medical attention under the protection of the RUC”. He also rejected a claim that British Intelligence had been aware of the murder bid on Mr Adams in advance. In a letter to Rev Smyth on March 22 1984 Mr Prior admitted that the hospital authorities believed that during Mr Adams ‘ stay at the RVH some members of Shame Fein might have been present but that they were confined to the public areas and “were not guarding” the Shame Fein leader.

With many thanks to: Dr Eamon Phoenix, The Irish News.

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Smithwick’s significance is political ‘NOT’ legal !!!

If the IRA was fighting a war, then this was a war crime – along with all their war crimes from Kingsmill to the Birmingham pub bombs.

WHO WOULD you rather beleive: Gerry Adams or former RUC Chief Constable, the late Sir John Hermon?


Mr Adams has come under attack from a number of politicians and commentators for his comments on the findings of the Smithwick Tribunal. He said that Chief Superintendent Breen and Superintendent Buchanan had a laissez-faire attitude to their safety. It was an insensitive remark, but what if someone else had made thatt point, would it have been acceptable? As it happens, someone else did make that remark – more or less. Quoted in Toby Harnden‘s book “Bandit Country” Sir John said of the late Bob Buchanan‘s activities on the day he died: “He did not follow basic, elementary security procedures.” Hermon claimed that Mr Buchanan did not beleive in taking precautions because, as a devout Christian, he beleived God was in control. If Sir John was right, so was Mr Adams – although Sir John does not appear to have been vilified. Reaction to the Adams comments tells us three things: any inquiry into the past is interpreted as political ammunition for the present; too many politicians do not want the truth about the past, they just want their prejudices confirmed and, thirdly, personalising our politics tends to suffocate valid political tends to suffocate valid political comment.

With due respect to the two dead RUC officers and their families, Smithwick’s significance is political rather than legal. Using the word “collusion” has major political implications. It is a heavily loaded word, which would probably be worth a million points in Irish political Scrabble. But the possible existence of one or even two Garda informants does not represent collusion. Gerry Adams said that Smithwick’s idea of collusion is very different in form and scale from the collusion that occoured in the North. Mr Adams is right. The IRA presumbly had moles in many organnisations, possibly even the RUC. But Smithwick’s findings allow unionists to use the word collusion (without firm evidence) thereby giving them a higher moral ground than previously. Unionists suggest there was also collusion in 1969 when the Provisional IRA was founded. There was certainly an attempt by some elements in Fianna Fail, the Irish intelligence service and assorted Catholics to take control of the Civil Rights Movement and to direct the then IRA away from socialism. Some of those involved at the time say as early as Sunday August 24 1969 – just over a week after the burning of Bombay Street – older, non-active IRA men meet these elements and agreed to break away from the existing IRA leadership in Belfast in return for money from Dublin.

There were two founds for Northern relief – the official Irish government fund for refugees and a Fianna Fail fund. The two may well have become intermingled, but there is no evidence that the government as a corporate body was intent on anything more of that was a political window dressing. However, the lack of evidence on collusion then and 1989 does not vindicate the Provisional IRA campaign of violence. It was unnecessary, sectarian, brutal and futile. The deaths of Harry Breen and Bob Buchanan, for example, broke the Geneva Convention by killing unarmed men and, in particular, by killing one who was injured and trying to surrender. If the IRA was fighting a war, then this was a war crime – along with all their other war crimes from Kingsmill to the Birmigham pub bombs. That is where Sinn Fein is open to critcism. What was the Provisional IRA campaign for? Pearse Doherty TD said this week that the campaign was to defend local communities. (Whom does he think the 21 dead in the Birmingham pub bombs were going to attack?) However, also this week, John O’Dowd described it as ” a conflict between nations and communities”. This largely confirms that Sinn Fein has finally abandoned Irish Republicanism and opted instead for Britain’s two nations theory, by suggesting that only Catholics can be Irish. The political impact of Smithwick’s is that it nudges our history towards the erroneous veiw that the violence here was carried out by two sets of paramilitaries, each backed through collusion by different national governments. The two nations theory is slowly becoming official which, oddly, suits Sinn Fein. The above comments represent valid veiws on Sinn Fein policies, past and present. You can agree or disagree with them. In that the context you can agree or disagree with Mr Adams, but no one has the right to disagree with the truth just because they dislike the person speaking it. Personal attacks are no substitute for political analysis.

With many thanks to: Patrick Murphy, The Irish News.

A letter that appeared in The Irish News – Tuesday December 10 2013.

664421_445022892211878_450129189_oAbuse from ‘voices of perfection’ is unwarrantd.

THE CONCLUSION of the Smithwick Tribunal that Garda officers colluded in the murder of superintendent Breen and Buchanan is deeply disturbing and if true that one or more members of An Garda Siochana ( the guardians of the peace) colluded with the IRA in the murders of superintendents Breen and Buchanan then not only are they guilty of murder but they let down an entire police force.

Unfortunatley there are now unionist politicians who remained silent or indeed excused compelling evidence of collusion in the North over the years but delighted to rush to the media to smear the entire Garda Siochana and that is not only unjustified but it must not be allowed to happen. Garda officers, many of them now retired, were stationed in the border areas during the best part of their lives to protect life and limb. Is history now to be rewtitten, as it often is, to misrepresent those officers as villains involved in collusion leading to the murder of police in the north? I should think not. During the period from the 1970s to the 1990s the Republic, with very limited resources, spent more per head of population on security than the British did, much of that in the border areas. Often Garda stations on the southern side of the border had more manpower than their counterparts on the northern side and they worked for a fraction of the salary their RUC conterparts but they did it not for money but to protect the lives of people.

They were noble officers who were not influenced by the IRA or any other illegal organisation. Is this now to be dismissed because there may have been one or perhaps more rotten apples in the barrel? Like police forces all over the world the Garda have had their problems and the need for reform but they do not deserve the kind of abuse which is now emanating from the usual suspects who ignored, dismissed or excused widespread collusion in the north but now want to present themselves as the voice of perfection ignoring the fact that Garda officers made a massive contribution to limiting the number of people who may otherwise have died in those days of total madness.

With thanks to: John Dallat MLA, SDLP, East Derry.

Oglach Tom Williams – Hung by Britain 2nd September 1942. R.I.P

Oglach Tom Williams

Rory Dubhdara and Liam Ohainnin

Before Williams was executed he inscribed some messages on the backs of some playing cards. On one he wrote “To ever who receives this to pray for me always & pray for the cause for which I am dying. God Save Ireland….”[1] Father Alexis who witnessed the execution spoke after to his friends in the prison chapel. “I met the bravest of the brave this morning”, he said, “Tom Williams walked to that scaffold without a tremor in his body. The only people who were shaking were us and the hangman. Father Alexis concluded by saying to the remaining prisoners, “I’ve one other thing to say to you. Don’t pray for Tom Williams, pray to him, for at this moment Tom is a saint in heaven.” [1]

His funeral held on 19th January 2000 was attended by thousands. Joe Cahill, Tom’s cell mate, and John Oliver, sentenced to death with Tom but later reprieved, as well as Madge McConville, who had been arrested with Tom, Greta McGlone, Billy McKee, Eddie Keenan and perhaps least known, Nell Morgan, Tom‘s girlfriend at the time of his death, were all present. Six senior Sinn Féin members including Gerry Adams were also present in St Paul’s Church on the Lower Falls Road for the mass. Unfortunately, Tom’s boyhood friend and the man who introduced him to the Republican Movement, Alfie Hannaway, was unable to attend the funeral due to ill health.<5> Tom’s funeral mass was celebrated by Rev. Fr Paddy O’Donnell, C.Ss.R., a Redemptorist Priest from Clonard monastery.



Derry Sceal

Gerry Adams, some time back, wrote an introduction to “The writings of Bobby Sands

“That the republican prisoners are Political Prisoners is without

question. Bobby Sands’ writings say that better than I can ever hope to.

And the importance of popular mobilisations is also recognised in his

writings. Bobby wrote in ‘I fought a ·monster today': “My body is

broken and cold. I’m lonely and I need comfort. From somewhere afar

I hear those familiar voices which keep me going: ‘We are with you,

son. We are with you. Don’t let them beat you.’ I need to hear those

voices. They anger the monster. It retreats… Sometimes I really long to hear those voices. I know if they shout louder they will scare the monster away and my suffering will be ended.” And, in the same article,

written more than two-and-a-half years ago, he concluded: “I remember,

and I shall never forget, how this monster took the lives of Tom Ashe,

Terence MacSwiney, Michael Gaughan, Frank Stagg, and Hugh Coney,

and I wonder each night what the monster will do to me tomorrow. ”

Gerry.. There are still prisoners this very day fighting the same Monsters in MagHaberry.. This time they are ignored by you and yours as there is no self-serving interest or Political kudos to be gained by publicly acknowleging the abuse and torture being suffered by Irishmen and Women in British gaols in Ireland.Gary McDaid and Gavin Coyle lie in the same conditions today as the blanketmen suffered, this time with British MI5 being given free access to inflict their mental torture..

Your namesake Samuel Adams summed it up far better in 1785 than I can today!

“Contemplate the mangled bodies of your countrymen, and then say “what should be the reward of such sacrifices?” Bid us and our posterity bow the knee, supplicate the friendship and plough, and sow, and reap, to glut the avarice of the men who have let loose on us the dogs of war to riot in our blood and hunt us from the face of the earth? If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom — go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen!”



”Hero Jim Bryson would turn in his grave if he knew he was linked to that loyalist

Baby faced Super Prod Jamie Bryson is a direct relative of the IRA’s most fearsome killers, we can reveal. The Bangor loyalist is related to Provo martyr and his namesake James Emerson Bryson.

This is the dark family secret Bryson has been keeping tight lipped about throughout his recent Union flag campaign. In August 1973, Jim Bryson, who was regarded as one of the IRA’s top gunmen, was shot and fatally injured by British soldiers in his native Ballymurphy. The Sunday World investigation has discovered the IRA hero was the first cousin of Jamie Bryson’s grandfather Walter Bryson. Described by Gerry Adams “as a dear friend”, Jim Bryson was regarded as a ruthless operator. His formidable reputation was well earned – he is known to have escaped from custody three times. On one occasion he jumped from the back of a Saracen armoured car where he fought soldiers with his fists to break free. The second time was when he and six other IRA internees swam to freedom through the frozen waters of Belfast Lough from the prison ship Maidstone. The third time was from the underground passage that linked Crumlin Road jail to the courthouse.


PROTEST: Jamie Bryson went on a very short hunger-strike

Using a smuggled pistol Bryson and another prisoner, who were both facing arms charges, overpowered warders, stole their uniforms and escaped outside. Bryson was the only one who evaded capture and manged to make it to the Shankill Road where he stopped a car and asked for a lift to the Falls Road. Jim Bryson’s now legendary actions are at odds with wee Jamie’s recent form.

He was arrested by cops eaearlier this year cowering in the corner of a loft at his pastor’s Bangor home. The baby-faced loyalist, who is currently facing charges relating to the flag protests, subsequently went on hunger-strike which lasted less than half a day. During an online Twitter spat earlier this year Jamie Bryson Jr made his dwellings clear on the IRA and loyalists paramilitaries. “Loyalists were not terrorists. The IRA were the terrorists,” he posted. “I would not view the UVF as terrorists.” After Jim Bryson Snr’s death Gerry Adams in his book described how he advised his chief lieutenant to keep a low profile. “I had argured with Jim very earnestly…. that he needed to keep his head down; things had changed from the time he could wander around the Murphy at will,”. But the late Brendan Hughes, quoted in journalist Ed Maloney’s book ‘A Secret History of the IRA, had a different view. “Byrson didn’t trust Adams, because he had never fired a shot,” “He was such a hard bastard, and I think Adams was basically frightened of him.” According to Maloney in the early years of the troubles, Bryson’s weapon of choice was a vintage Lewis Machinegun.



He used the weapon to break the IRA’s 1972 ceasefire when he, along with Brendan Hughes and Tommy Tolan, opened fire on British troops in Lenadoon, in West Belfast. Bryson was also a feared sniper who used an Armalite rifle fitted with a telescopic sight.It was this gun that British intintelligence believe he killed a number of soldiers and policemen. His death created a huge outpouring of grief from his fellow Ballymurphy republicans who later created a mural in his honour. So powerful is the IRA legend’s legacy that republican leaders still refereference his importance to the struggle. At the 2001u unveiling, three years after the Good Friday Agreement, Gerry Kelly told the gathered crowd to remember Bryson and his fellow IRA man Patrick Mulvenna, who was killed alongside him. “None of us can speak for Jim or Paddy and say what they would think of the situation today. “But at the time they were leaders of the struggle and they led with courage and imagination.”


Described as the by the battalion officer of the British Army unit that killed him as “a cunning ruthless killer”, Bryson was much loved by his family and the wider community in Ballymurphy. To this day an annual commemoration is held for him and Mulvenna. The British Army’s own account of the armambush said it “destroyed arguably the best Provisional ASU in Belfast and disposed of two dangerous men in the North of Ireland.” A source close to James Emerson Bryson told the Sunday World the IRA man would be aghast to discover any relative of his was a loyalist. “If you had told him that a direct descendant of his and his namesake would turn out to be a wee loyalist scrote like that he would drop down dead.” “He must be turning in his grave.” Fellow flag protester Willie Frazer described the news of Bryson’s lineage as “a turn up for the books.” When contacted by the Sunday World a horrified Bryson denied any connection to the IRA man, whose father Albert was a brother of James Bryson the father of Walter Bryson…. Jamie’s grandad.

With many thanks to : Eavan Murray, Sunday World.

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Councillor Gerry O’Reilly of Shame Fein, should explain how this blatant Sectarian act can happen in a shared space in the ” CITY OF EQUALS IN AN ISLAND OF EQUALS “. !


Loyalist wrapped in Union Jacks erected an Orange Arch in the centre of Glengormley assisted by the PSNI/RUC, the road in this so called shared space was blocked by a Armoured Jeep as a Crane lifted the Arch into place. This leaves the question was there planning permission sought and given for this action, or was this an illegal act? The new chairman of the local council is Councillor Gerry O’Reilly of Sinn Fein, maybe he should explain how this blatant Sectarian act can happen in shared space in the “City of Equals in an Island of Equals”.


I FIND the split personality of the first minister Peter Robinson totally amazing on the  subject of victims. As recently as May 10, Mr Robinson in his role as first minister meet family members of the Birmingham bombing victims.


After meeting them he said a new investigation was necessary. He also said that they must try to pinpoint who was responsible for this dreadful act. He then asked families to put ttogether a dossier of documents of their campaign and he would pass them on to David Cameron. He said if the British prime minister looks at these arguments there is every reason there should be an investigation. He also signed their petition for a public inquiry.

Fair enough but then put this in the context of when Mr Robinson as DUP leader met the families of the Ballymurphy Massacre in February 2011. He was sympathetic and seemed shocked when he was told there was no proper investigation. The families then asked would he speak to the then secrtary of state Owen Paterson. He said he would and would raise other issues for the families. To this day the Ballymurphy families are still waiting. Mr Robinson also said that to lose a loved one is a painful experience. The way in which we deal with the past requires sensitivity. Then he said the DUP’s of the view that a further raft of open-ended inquires is not beneficial. 

No calls for a dossier of documents for the British PM.

No calls here for pinpointing who was responsible.

No calls for looking at the arguments.

No signing of the petition for an inquiry.

This is a first minister who says he wants a shared society. Alas it seems not for the victims of state violence.

With many thanks to : Pat Quinn

Ballymurphy Massacre Committee Belfast.

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A CHILD sex abuse scandal continues to haunt Sinn Fein, the Sunday World can reveal. Three weeks ago, we named IRA icon J.B. O’Hagan, as being at the centre of a Provo peadophile cover-up. Our sources now say that at least three senior IRA veterans are at the heart of this latest child sex scandal.


Details of the O’Hagan investigation first appeared in this newspaper. But we have since learned that the latest Sinn Fein sex abuse suspect – a man who served many years in jail for the IRA murder of an RUC man – was secretly spirited around houses of known republican ffigures, while the IRA investigated the allegations. And we have also been told that a small coterie of leading figures in Sinn Fein and the IRA knew all about the alleged ‘cover-up’ operation. A source with inside knowledge of the close knit republican community at the time told us : “The Catholic Church in Ireland had shown how it dealt with sex abuse allegations – move the alleged abuser to another area, only tell those who need to know and stop all talk, gossip and rumour.” IRA men tasked with implementing the ‘cover-up’ scheme were given a two-pronged order aimed at firstly, protecting Sinn Fein’s standing as a credible political party in nationalist areas, and secondly, saving J.B O’Hagan’s reputation ‘at all costs’.


Celebrated IRA leader Joseph B. O’Hagan (now deceased), almost singlehandedly carried the torch of the Irish Republican Movement in north Armagh for decades. Joining the IRA in 1940, O’Hagan was fully involved in three separate IRA campaigns. He helped found the Provisional IRA when it broke away from the mainstream organisation at the outset of the Troubles. And he also served on the Provos ‘ first ever Army Council. The Lurgan man later wrote his name into Irish republican mythology, when on October 31, 1973, he and two other IRA leaders escaped from Dublin’s Mountjoy Jail in a helicopter. The incident made headline news all over the world. And when a quickly-penned ballad recalling the farcical scenario was released on record, it remained in the Irish pop charts for four weeks. However, if full details of this latest sex abuse scandal to hit Sign Fein emerge, then O’Hagan’s grainite-tough reputation, may end up in tatters. Now it is alleged that leading members of Sinn Fein and the IRA in Belfast colluded with top Provo J.B.O’Hagan to cover-up a sex abuse scandal. There is no suggestion that J.B.O’Hagan was personally involved in child sex abuse in any way. But there are claims that the issue was swept under the carpet to protect O’Hagan’s reputation and the growing support for Sinn Fein in West Belfast, where party President Gerry Adams was MP.

3 more Proves hushed-up abuse

J.B. O’Hagan died in April 2001, aged 79. His commitment to the IRA was praised by leading Shinners, Caoimhghin O Caolain and Gerry Adams. Addressing mourners in St.Coleman’s Church cemetery in Lurgan, Gerry Adams said : “Whether as a soldier, prisoner, politicial activist, husband, father or friend, J.B. give his fullest.” However, standing just a few feet from the spot where Mr.Adams was speaking, was a man who a few years before had been accused of sexually molesting children. On his release from prison after serving a lengthy sentence for murder, that man, originally from Lurgan, settled in Belfast, where he struck up a relationship with the mother of two young children.


It is understood the sex abuse issue became common knowlodge amoung republicans in Belfast when a number of women caught the man in bed with a young child. “The leadership of the Movement was terrified that one of the woman would report the matter to the police, although it is a definite fact that Social Services were called in. There must be a file relating to this,” said a west Belfast source. As part of the cover-up, the suspect was banished south of the border following an IRA investigation into the matter. And we this week learned that in the immediate aftermath of the allegations, the Sinn Fein activist was held under IRA guard at the home of a former republican prisoner and Sinn Fein election worker, who later quit the movement to throw his support behind the Republican Network for Unity.The suspect was moved around a number of other houses because the IRA and Sinn Fein leaderships were afraid the matter might have been reported to the RUC, with the possibitly he may have turned tout – and ‘grassed’ on his former terrorists to the police – as well as nailing those allegedly involved in peadophile activities known about, but covered up, by IRA boss J.B. O’Hagan. A west Belfast source told the Sunday World this week : “This man was extremely close to J.B.O’Hagan. J.B. was told about it and it was agreed that the man would be moved down south. It was a total cover-up to protect J.B.’s reputation and also distance the whole child sex abuse scandal from Sinn Fein and the IRA.”

With many thanks to : Hugh Jordan, Sunday World

email :



SINN Fein pPresident Gerry Adams has ruled out legal action against RTE and Marian O’Callaghan due to a lack of resources. It had been speculated in the aftermath of last week’s hard-hitting Prime Time interveiw that the Louth TD was considering suing the the Republic’s state broadcaster over Ms O’Callaghan’s dogging interviewing about Mr Adam‘s past. But speaking after Thursday’s meetingw with the family of Brian Stack, a Portlaoise prison officer murdered by the IRA 30 years ago, the former West Belfast MP quashed rumours of an impeding action. “Firstly what was said was clearly actionable but whether I would take on RTE, Prime Time and the rest of them with all their resources is a different matter,” he said. “One part of me has come to terms with the fact that there sections of the media who appear to think they can say what they want about me without impunity.” Mr Adams, who earlier flew to the United States to undergo private prostate surgery, said  he lacked the necessary resources to pursue a legal action.

With many thanks to : Irish News.


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