The rebranded RUC launched their latest vicious unprovokedwitack on a young family in the Creggan, Co Derrycoarly on  rnoon. A friend of the family had parked uutside the houses waiting to gain entry as two TSG’s of RUC/PSNI pulled up outside the house.


The TSG’s trespassed onto the property in an attempt to get at the family friend when the householders turned up. The husband was goaded by the RUC as they tryed to make fun of a speech impediment and as the family’s young son took umbrage to this, he was slammed into the car by four TSG’s and assaulted before having cuffs slammed onto him and pushed onto the car. They then assaulted the father who was making his way into the house with his family. What followed next was a brutal assault on the family members. The TSG’s followed the family, pushing their 12-year-old daughter violently out of the way, forcing tbeir way into the house and immeditaly depolyed canisters of CS gas in their livingroom.

The police number of one of the PSNI/RUC men involved in the vicious attack

The family were seriously affected by the gas and temporarily blinded when members of the RUC deployed telespcopic batons and llaunched a brutal attack on the wife/mother leaving welts and bruises on her body and limbs. They smashed items in the living room before trying to force their way into the kitchen. Athough suffering the effects of CS gas, the husband and his friend mmanaged to force the stormtroopers out of the house tearing of one of the lapel numbers in the process.

As they got into the car, a neibhbour went to remonstrate with them but they turned their attention to him as they grabbed him mob handed flinging him up against the police car.

The bruising left by the vicious assault by PSNI/RUC officers.
The poor mother’s bloodshot eyes after the PSNI/RUC beating

He was then handcuffed and placed under arrest on nifearious charges. They then uncuffed the Family’s son and pulled him from the car before spending off. The family were traumatised, there 12-year-old girl havining to stay in a neighbours house being to afraid to stay in her own house. The mother of the child was sore, brusied, and tramatised in an extreamlly emotional state over the following the attack for some 24 hours later. She described the attackers as ” out of control “. This is yet another example of the PSNI/RUC showing the people of Creggan that they are out of control.They appear to be carte blance to launch thier bitter sectarian attacks in defiance of all laws there supposed to adhere to.

There attack was witnessed by a street full of people who were absolutly stunned at the viciousness of the attack  and the apparant hatered that followed and accaccompanied it.

Bruising around the eyes where the lady was viciously assaulted by PSNI/RUC scumbags.

This has been going on now for far to long. The Stand Road/Maydown Gestapo show the Nationalist/Republican communittes day and daily that far from be the keppers of law, they are simply state sponsered uniformed thugs, who seem to get their kicks form assulting and terrorising Irish women and children.

Where will it end? Do they have to leave some child, or mother fifghting for their lives before the great and good akknowlege that this is still the corrept rotten to the core biggoted force they had promised to change.

The people who both suffered and wittnessed the attack would beg to differ.

As usual, the great and the good bury your heads in the sand, as the Regression and Human Rights for nationalist people goes on and continues. Criminal TrespTrespass and agreevated assult by Crown Forces will be ignoreed as it is not the norm in the occupied 6 Conunties.

For what died the Sons of Roision.

Posted on behalf of : Derry Sceal.

Author: seachranaidhe1

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