This is motion 22 at the Ard Fheis which was passed at This Ard Fheis notes continued absence of any political or societal consesus, North or South, on dealing with the legacy of the past !

295161_409874449090081_1003601203_nLoretta Franklin

We believe the past cannot be addressed or resolved in a partisan or one-sided way. Our future will remain contested for as long as we continue to contest the past.

Sinn Féin recognises that victims and survivors on all sides seek different outcomes.

We reaffirm our party policy on the establishment of an independent, international truth recovery process.

We accept that the development of strategies to assist in the management of the legacy of our past conflict poses complex political and human challenges. Discussion is clearly required to address the implications arising from any agreed strategies and processes.

This Ard Fheis renews it call for fully inclusive dialogue between all sides on how best to address the legacy of our past as an essential contribution to the peace process and development of reconciliation across the island.

This is Motion 23 This Ard Fheis commends Sinn Fein’s ongoing efforts to encourage cross-community and party support for the development of an inclusive reconciliation process.

We note that the public discussion which has occurred in the last 12 months has focussed mainly upon format, substance and participants. This is to be welcomed.

We further note that this public discussion has reflected the extent of disagreement within our society as to the causes and effects of the political conflict.

However, we believe that any acknowledgement that reconciliation is necessary, welcome and deserves to be built upon. We applaud those who have already offered strategic and far-seeing contributions to this discussion.

Sinn Féin recognises that there are many victims and much hurt on all sides. We acknowledge the pain and suffering of all non-combatants, combatants, and their families on every side.

We believe the development of an authentic reconciliation process is essential to consolidate and enhance our peace process and political stability. The unity of the people of this island is crucial to that enterprise.

Sinn Féin is committed to reconciliation in the here and now and the replacement of current divisions with new human and political relationships.

This Ard Fheis urges mature and strategic debate North and South on opening a new phase of our peace process based on reconciliation, the development of new relationships, and creation of trust among all our people.

THEN WE GET THIS Kelly slams Red Hand Defenders threat against schools

September 7th, 2013 – North BelfastGerry Kelly

Sinn Féin MLA for north Belfast Gerry Kelly has called on those responsible for issuing a threat of military action against school children, their parents and teachers at three schools in Belfast to immediately withdraw it and has further called on leaders within unionism and loyalism to condemn these threats in the strongest possible terms.

Speaking today Mr Kelly said:

“This is a disgraceful and sinister statement to come from any organisation or individual against school children, their parents and teachers. Those responsible have threatened violent action against children.

“People will remember the shameful scenes of school children at Holy Cross where primary pupils and their parents were left traumatised. We can never see a repeat of those scenes.

“Even the threat of this cannot be tolerated by society. One thing we can all say without fear of contradiction is that school children, their parents and teachers should never be targeted and threatened like this.

“The Red Hand Defenders is a flag of convenience that has been used in the past by mainstream loyalist organisations.

“We must now see unionist and loyalist leaders coming out and condemning these threats in the strongest possible terms, call on the Red Hand Defenders to withdraw this threat and actively support the rights of any child to attend any school of their choice where ever it may be situated and receive their education with without fear or intimidation.”

In other words they are saying lets forget the past be best buddies, while the other side threaten the lives of our children?

Gerry you have made a speech about the threat, but what are you going to do about it?

Ard fheis stetement contradicts Martin’s IRA claim

This letter appeared in the Irish News on Thursday April 18 2013

IN COMPLAINING that he does not know most of those attending events oorganised by Republicans (or ‘dissidents’, as he calls them), Martin McGuinness has unwittingly exposed the mendacity of his own distortion of the historical record.


On Friday night he told the Sinn Fein ard fheis : ” Every now and again you’ll see these so-called republicans parading…. And I look and I see these 50-year-olds, and I see these 40-year-olds…. and I don’t recoginise most of them. You know what I wonder ? I wonder where they were when there was a war.”

This statement clearly contradicts McGuinness’s claim, made under oath during the Saville inquirythat he resigned from the IRA in 1974. Given that it is a secret orgnisation one wonders how he could have known the identies of “many” of those involved in the IRA’s “war” subsequent to his own apparent departure from it. If he is so certain that these people aged in their forties and fifties were never in the IRA we can assume that he must have been a member during the peroid when they should also have been.

Anyone who is 50 years old today would have been a child in 1974, aged 11. Since the IRA did not swear in members until they reached the age of 17, they could not have joined it until January 1980. Likewise, a 45-year-old would not have been considered for membership until 1985 and a 40-yyear old until 1990. In claiming not to recognise republicans of these ages who could who could have participated in the IRA’s “war” Martin McGuinness is now contradicting his sworn statement that he left the organisation in 1974.

It will be interesting to see whether McGuinness will be asked to clarify the very obvious tension between these claims, or whether he will be allowed to continue to manipulate the historical record for his own purposes. Given that one Derry republican was jailed for refusing to participate in the SaSeville inquiry, McGuinness’s words on this matter are of profound public iinterest.

With many thanks to : Michael Donnelly, Derry City

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This article appeared in the Irish Daily Mirror today.


The family of republican killer jailed without charge three years ago told yesterday how people ” playing God ” have ruined their lives. And Colette Mathews, whose brother Martin Corey is in Maghaberry after his licence was revoked by then Secretary of State Owen Paterson, dismissed suggestions the 62-year-old is “Some dissident mastermind”. She told the Mirror : ” We will never get back the last three years. ” Three years in which Martin’s brother died while he was in jail, but we will never give up hope that we will get him home again, we all love him so much.” Corey was sent back to prison on April 16, 2010 on what his solicitor was told was a national security matter based on so-called ” closed file information “. Gerry Adams raised Corey’s continued detention at the Sinn Fein‘s Ard Fheis saying he and Marian Price, also jailed after having her licence revoked, should be freed. Ms Matthews said the three years in jail have “taken their toll” on their family, especially after the death of Martin’s younger brother Peter. She added : ” Martin just loved Peter. I feel Peter’s death certainly wasn’t helped by the fact his brother could not be there for him.” Corey was serving life for the murder of two RUC officers in 1973 when he was released as part of the Good Friday Agreement.

With many thanks to : Maurice Fitzmaurice, Irish Daily Mirror.

Reply From Gerry Adams TD

English: Gerry Adams, at a book signing at the...

Damian, a chara,

Thank you for your recent mail to Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness.

Your comments have been noted.

As you will be aware, Sinn Féin supports Gerry McGeough‘s campaign for release and agrees that his prosecution should not have happened. Sinn Fein will continue to do all we can to achieve the release of Mr McGeough.

Le meas,

Office of Gerry Adams TD
Sinn Féin President
Kildare St
Dublin 2

Leinster House

POSTED ON BEHALF OF :  Damian Herron

Okay. WHAT EXACTLY DOES THAT MEAN? “SF will continue to do all we can to achieve the release of Mr. McGeough?” This has been their standard reply for the past 5 years with regard to Gerry’s arrest and now his incarceration. I would like to know the DETAILS of exactly what they are doing to achieve this? I have been asking Gerry Adams, Sean Crowe, Michelle Gildernew and other SF representatives for the details/documentation for years now and not one single bit of proof to show they have been trying to help this campaign or Gerry has been forth coming with the exception of this statement that continues to show up at election time and at their Ard Fheis. It would be extremely helpful to Gerry’s family and this campaign to know what they have actually done and are continuing to do to achieve his release. Thank you.

POSTED ON BEHALF OF : Helen McClafferty

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