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Continued abuse of Children and illegal stop searches by the RUC

A young mother was travelling with her partner and her 10 year old son when stopped by the RUC/PSNI who followed them before deciding to stop and search them as they passed through a Loyalist area. She was told that they intended to carry out a search under the illegal section 44 and proceeded to conduct a search. They stated then that they intended to conduct a search on her 10 year old son who in fear clung to his mother and while searching him they pulled down the trousers of the youngster.

The young mother and child were absolutely distraught and this shows that the supposed new face of policing have no qualms about abusing young children to enforce their will upon parents.

May 11

RUC/PSNI target infants and family at Toy Store

Derry 32 County Sovereignty Movement would like to bring to the attention of the General public the ongoing targeting and abuse of Children by the Sectarian force who run amok under the banner of  “Police Service of Northern Ireland.”

The devolution of Policing and renaming of the Royal Ulster constabulary is merely what a lot of people had guessed it would be… A simple cosmetic exercise designed to try and lend a veneer of respectability around a Corrupt British Sectarian force.




Derry Sceal

Gary McDaid finds himself placed in a criminal wing in Maghaberry gaol, deliberately isolated by the British crown, suffering numerous clandestine incursions by British MI5 in collusion with the RUC/PSNI and the MagHaberry regime.

Gary was rammed off his motorbike by crown forces, arrested and taken to Antrim interrogation centre where he was questioned by British state forces having already suffered trial by media.

Since his arrest he has been targeted no less than 5 times by British MI5 agents. The majority of these approaches occurred whilst he was in police custody at Antrim Serious Crime Suite and occurred in the absence of his nominated legal representatives.

The agents of the British state have been able to gain free access to his cell at any given time. They demonstrated an ability to have him returned to Strand road barracks in Derry to face supposed questioning over a quite separate offence but soon became quite apparent that they had no real questions to put to him with regard to this. His removal to Strand road was simply another blatant attempt to enable mi5 agents to have another go at him, offering him a deal to turn informer under a SOCPA Agreement.

The British appeared to have identified Gary as a vulnerable individual and placed him in a cell in Maghaberry on a criminal wing where Loyalists appear to have free reign to bang on his cell, shouting threats and such like, with constant intimidation an ever present.

He had immediately asked to be placed into the Republican wing on Roe 4 and at first was told by the Governor that this shouldn’t be a problem until it was stated to him some time later that there was information that he was under threat from Republican prisoners on the wing.

This was quickly identified as a non existent threat and merely another manipulated ploy by the British state to give them more time to inflict more mental torture,

Fearing for his safety following Loyalist threats within Bann house, he has been forced to undergo a dirty protest as he feared attack during mealtimes and now takes his meals in his cell. The British regime recognise that the only threat he faces is from the Loyalist remand prisoners and are using it as more leverage in targeting Gary for their ongoing psychological torture.

He has been put under considerable threat by MI5 agents who appear to have the run of the gaol, Antrim serious crime suite and Strand road barracks. He has been told that they will make him look like an informant whilst also making reference to his children.

The ease of which MI5 could gain access to a remand prisoner in the absence of legal representation, putting him in fear of his life should be ringing alarm bells everywhere following the death of Republican John Brady which took place in Strand road barracks, Derry, under extremely dubious circumstances in October 2009.

Gary Mc Daid is suffering daily as a result of a a British strategy of enforced isolation whilst enduring blackmail and threats out of sight of legal representation.

They appear to think they have recognised an emotional vulnerability and are determined to enforce their psychological torture with complete disregard to the Human rights of a remand prisoner.

The presumption of innocence until proven guilty does not come into the equation where remand prisoners are thought to be Republican minded.

The ongoing psychological torture of Gary McDaid is intolerable. All right thinking people who hold Human and civil rights to the fore need to oppose the ongoing and accelerated regression of these rights and demand an end to British torture both physical and psychological. —  with Seosamh O Bradaigh, Dublin Cumann, Seán MacDiarmada Ard Eoin, Cumann Sean MacEachaidh, Andrew Rae, Josephine Canning, Joe Last, Gary Donnelly, Angela Nelson, Belfast Cumann, Peter Corbett, Irpwa Ireland, Mandy Duffy, Gráinne McCreesh, Sean O’neill, Roisin Kane, Anthony Lancaster, Listen Here, Alan Lundy, Ciaran Boyle, Alicia Mackey, Joe Barr, Aine Mclaughlin, Paddy Browne, Antaine Mac Dhomhnaill, Alec Mc Crory, Vol Brendan Hughes Rfb, Aindriú Mac Giolla Phádraig, Armagh Cumann, Megan Donnelly, Ian O Kelly, Gráinne NíRaois, Dee Fennell, Irpwa Derry, Irpwa Galway, Cork Irpwa, SouthDerry NorthAntrim Irpwa, Braeden James O’Hara, Peter Fitzsimons, Michilín Mhíc Fheargail, Daniel Doherty, Kellie Donnelly Ramsey, Gareth Cullen, Kevin Collins, John Doherty, Seachranaidhe Irishandproud, Sean Cahill, Plunkett Devlin and Pigy Mc Cartan

Oppose MI5/RUC Collusion · 28 May ·



Derry 32 County Sovereignty Movement


PSNI/MI5 tracking and listening devices discovered in local 32csm activist‘s car


A member of the 32 County Sovereignty Movement has recently found what is thought to be two wireless listening bluetooth type devices and what appears to be a tracking device hidden in various parts of his car.


The objects were discovered within 20 minutes of the Republican activist being subjected to harassment by local RUC/PSNI officers under the draconian stop and search legislation.


The items were secreted on the underside of the Driver’s seat,underneath carpet in the rear passenger footwell and affixed behind the rear seats.


The 32 County Sovereignty Movement would ask all to check their cars thoroughly and  would reiterate our call to all Republicans to remain vigilant and  notify your local branch of the 32csm of any suspicious objects or approachs.



Sectarian Harassment/Assault visited on Wife and Minor children of POW by MagHaberry screws


  The IRPWA have been in contact with the wife of a current Republican prisoner in MagHaberry gaol with regard to the harassment, humiliation, degredation and assaults on families and minor children on their way to and from visits in the sectarian bastion that is MagHaberry. It also casts a light on the abuse and hatred directed towards minor children of Republican POWs and the Hoops that the authorities try to make them jump through to ensure they achieve a visit with their parent. We ask all to read and envisage the deliberate trauma inflicted on the families and children on the very basic right of visiting a Husband/Father. Take in the deliberate blackmailing directed at them to accept the abuse with the underlying threat of being barred from visiting. Not satisfied with torturing and forcibly stripping Republican POWs and Internees within MagHaberry, the sectarian authorities are now attempting to visit the abuse on their families,wives, friends and minor children. The sectarian hatred directed towards visitors of Republican prisoners is palpable. Below is a draft from the wife (in her own words) of a current Republic prisoner.Please take the time to read and share. This must stop and we need to ensure that each and every one of us do all in our power to ensure that it does!   I contacted the solicitors about what had happened at the gaol on 4th May 2013…… We all travelled up to the Gaol as usual, 3 children – 11,7 and 5months old – to visit Daddy and hubby, but as I booked in – the female enrolment officer said “that my daughter(11) had to be photographed and fingerprinted before she could proceed to visit her Daddy,” I questioned her as to “Why she would need my childs photograph and fingerprint scanned? What possible reason did they need a minors photograph and fingerprints to be logged into the system to visit her Daddy?” She couldnt answer me, she just kept replying “Because!!” and then eventually she said “because its our rules!!!” I continued to question her, all I wanted was a legitimate response , as to why they needed an 11year olds photograph and fingerprint, I pointed out that she is a minor, that she is unable to stand at the dog on her own as it states on the notice ” all u16 to stand with parents ….” ( not 100% on the exact words of this notice), plus I told her that my daughter is unable to purchase many items in the shops as she is a minor. But as I continued in questioning her, she became aggressive and replied again ” its our rules!!” which in a sarcastic tone I replied ” Oh I see cause its your rules, its quite obvious that you have no clue why, so therefore get me an SO or the Governor who then may able to inform myself as to why they need my 11year old childs photograph and fingerprint….!! The SO came and asked could he help, in which I asked him why……..same question as before… he just replied that it was for child protection!!!!! I replied to him that I am my childs parent, I the responsible adult for my children – so why did they need her photograph and fingerprint, he just repeated child protection – I asked for an adequate answer, but still haven’t received any, solicitor has also written a letter demanding a response and they too have received nothing. I asked for any written material that should be available for parents visiting the Gaol in relation to children being photographed and fingerprinted – he couldn’t give anything, all I got was that the duty governor agreed with him.. this argument continued for approximately 20mins – at which the female officer refused to give me her name, tried to call others to book in, which I told them and her that I wasnt finished getting booked in and that I wanted a legitimate answer, not a bullshit excuse of “our rules, or child protection!!!” she kept calling others forward but I still wouldnt move until she dealt with myself and my children. So she got up and walked away – my 3 children and I stood there for approximately another 10 -15 mins waiting, we tried to get her back, get the SO, get the other screws to call her or someone to deal with the issue at hand – but they all refused, they were too busy, even though she was skulking out round the back at the parcels area, my children seen her… and I pointed out that all they had to do was ring the SO… they refused, so my daughter joined the queue – so that the male screw would have to deal with us, whilst I stood waiting on the female screw to come back…. after waiting ages, my back in agony – the children getting upset not knowing if they were going to see their Daddy ( only one visit we have) the SO juked his head round the door and disappeared again, then the female enrolment officer came back to her desk – ignoring me and calling others forward, I told them and her – that as she walked away she hadnt finished dealing with me, an english one from the queue proceeded to come forward telling me to move, so that others could be booked in, he was nicely told to not to start!. – all 2 eldest children were anxious and the 5 month old was getting very restless, Erin was afraid of not getting to see her Daddy and she said “Mummy I will get my photo and fingerprint done!!!!” we eventually got booked in – my 11 year daughters photograph and fingerprints taken and enrolled onto maghaberry prison system to visit her Daddy. I told the female enrolment officer that I wanted her name , number – she said she wasnt obliged to give me these details even though I would be making a complaint against her and the management with regards my 11 year being photographed and fingerprinted, I told her that I would be contacting my solicitor. We proceeded through to wait on the bus… eventually we were called forward – and taken by bus down to the main prison area, at the first book in point – we had to be scanned in by finger print again, my daughter was in front of me and this female screw had taken my daughters ticket.. on her ticket it said “system fault” for her fingerprint but she scanned Erin in with no problem and didnt ask her to do her fingerprint.. but when the screw placed the ticket in the hatch, my daughter tried to retrieve it and in reaching it and trying to walk away the screw closed the plastic hatch thing on her thumb, Erin looked at me and said she “aahh she hurt my thumb” I looked at her and at the screw she just smirked and took my ticket, I gave her the benefit of the doubt that it was an accident, until she done the exact same to me – only this time she closed it on my four fingers, whilst I held my 5 month old in my other arm, I glared at her and she ignored us, others following us witnessed these events and are willing to come forward, I knew she done this deliberately but I waited, I was just going to log it with my solicitor and make a complaint. One of the visitors after me said loudly – I’ll watch my fingers! I said you’d need to!… we walked on round to the dog, continued through the other parts unhindered, we got into the visit area and DD and the lads were already sitting waiting on us, we had a great visit besides all that had happened before. Visit called and we had to stand and wait to be called out of visit area, waiting a wee while. On the way out we scanned out no problem from the visit area section, no finger scan was asked of Erin… so out we went to the next area, had to sit and wait on the bus, got on through to the last scan out area before the bus (turnstile area) and it was the same female screw who had assaulted my daughter and I by closing the plastic thing on our fingers, so my daughter gave her the ticket and she shouted at her, “put your finger on the scanner!” staring at the child…. I spoke up and said her “fingerprint doesnt work,” she continued staring at my child and said it again, her voice sounding aggressive, Erin looking at me for reassurance – I told the screw “it doesnt work, as you can see on the ticket it states – system fault,” but she glared at the child and nastily said “sometimes it works, now, put your finger on the scanner,” I said “it doesnt work,” Erin then told her “No, it doesnt work!” and I said “sure you can book the child without the finger being scanned, you do it for others, hers doesnt work,!” and so she did, Erin got her ticket back, and waited whilst I tried to book out…. I tried to give the ticket into the hatch bit, but she shut it closed and smirked at me, telling me to give her the ticket – but all she has to do is slide the plastic bit out of the way, I told her I dont want my fingers slammed this time…. she wouldnt take the ticket and said slide it through, so I pushed it a wee bit towards her… so she eventually took the ticket, she was just being crooked…. so I placed my finger on the scanner, it turned red, I held it there and then had taken it off – remembering that I have my 5month old son in my arms still, she said do it again, staring at me with a smirk, “so I placed my finger on the scanner again, waited until it turned red – held it there for a few seconds again and lifted it off,” she said do it again – I said Ive already done it twice, just book me out sure….she said “no we have up to three times to do it!! now, put your finger on the scanner again!!” I said “no, Im not doing it again – you’re doing this deliberately, I said just book me out sure yeh can do it with others….” she refused to do this, and called the next person forward, but the woman after me, gave her ticket but said scan this girl out first, as did the gentlemen who were also standing in the queue waiting to get out, the screw kept calling for someone else to come forward , but they all wanted her to deal with me first, so the screw realised that no one was going to book out before I could, she hissed “fine, yehs can stand there” and she swung around in her chair, turned her back on us and ate her cup a soup/ pot noodle!!! now the baby was very agitated due to the whole episode prior to our visit, he wouldnt feed his bottle – he was upset, and now we were being put through another whole ordeal at the hands of these sectarian screws…. the children were restless and wanted out, they wanted to go home – we were now being held hostages in the prison, as we usually are – as they always keep us waiting deliberately…….. so we stood there waiting to get out, she turned around and spat at me, put your finger on the scanner now – I refused , and the men and woman spoke up – saying this girl has already placed her finger on the scanner twice – now just let her and the kids out, but the screw called for back up – and this huge man, walked past us and in behind the screen, came to the window pointing his finger at me, saying “Im telling you to put your finger on the scanner,” I told him that I had already and that she was doing this on purpose, and the other people spoke up also stating the same….. and I asked him what did he mean hes telling me to put my finger on the scanner – at which the gentlemen also questioned him on this, he made no reply and left the room, but he came out from behind the screen, the men asked him what he meant, this male screw was rude and abnoxious, the men also explained that I had already done that and that I had 3 children and to let me go, the screw slabbered something to them – children were getting very anxious and annoyed, baby whinging and tired, the screw came and stood directly in front of me pointing his finger, telling me to put my finger on the scanner – I told him again I had already done this, and that she could just book me out – he then said are you refusing to comply, are you refusing to comply – (raising his voice and speaking over me) as I tried to speak to him, he again said are you refusing to comply directly in my face, I told him I didnt refuse as I had already scanned my finger twice – Other people also spoke up on my behalf – he said that she said it didnt work and that I was refusing, and hes taking her word for it – I said so you’re taking her word for it……….(exact wording has got hazy… at this point, everyone was talking and asking questions..) the male screw said to the female one, you dont need to answer her Joanne, ( now I had previously asked this particular female screw what her name was on another occasion – but she refused to give it) we all spoke at once, saying that I did scan my finger twice and that I have 3 children, and to let me out – I told him that she was being vindictive and doing this deliberately – he didnt care what I or anyone had to say – he just said to me put your finger on the scanner, I tried talking to him again yet again he started his rant are you refusing to comply, (loudly and in my face) then you are barred from visiting any prisons in northern ireland until this is fully investigated……are you refusing, are you refusing!!! I said I didnt refuse and I already had scanned twice, he just said do it again, until she (female screw) was satisfied……the argument continued….. but I scanned it again, I literally only tipped the scanner, she said do it again and yet again I tipped it with my finger and all of a sudden it worked, she sat there with a smirk, now I asked for the male screws name (6ft + huge in size – he was towering over me, intimidating a 5ft woman with 3 children) he gave me his name as Senior Officer Dalzell…… another screw accompanied him on his escapade….. so after all that, he smirked and smiled saying was that hard… he smirked and smiled, walking out with the other screw, – he stood outside and said goodbye – safe journey as we got onto the bus!!!………. female screw (Joanne) on another visit – whilst I was booking out, she shouted through the glass – just as I was booking out – “keep your children with you!” – I replied my children are with me – Damien and Erin were standing at the turnstile and the baby in my arms….. she just glared at me and said it again – I pointed to my children and telling her they are with me… plus the woman behind me spoke up and said – its my child, I then said to this screw Sure it was you who let the child out through the turnstile for God sake……. and from that she been as ignorant as sin…….. I have witnesses to all of this, and I have asked my solicitor to retrieve CCTV and audio recordings of the incident….. We are doing them for assault on a minor and myself, Judicial Review for 11 year old photographed and fingerprinted, intimidation, discrimination and sectarian bigotry………………… . Then myself and another fella received letters telling us that we would be suspended from visiting the Gaol if our behaviour persists…… Sean – 6months barred, and on my letter it stated – for a considerable length……… Derry Sceal Have just put up a status from IRPWA of the sectarianism, assault, violation, fingerprinting and photographing of minor children of Republican POWs in MagHaberry.. I would ask everyone to read and share as widespread as possible.. This cannot continue:

Posted on behalf of : Derry Sceal.


The rebranded RUC launched their latest vicious unprovokedwitack on a young family in the Creggan, Co Derrycoarly on  rnoon. A friend of the family had parked uutside the houses waiting to gain entry as two TSG’s of RUC/PSNI pulled up outside the house.


The TSG’s trespassed onto the property in an attempt to get at the family friend when the householders turned up. The husband was goaded by the RUC as they tryed to make fun of a speech impediment and as the family’s young son took umbrage to this, he was slammed into the car by four TSG’s and assaulted before having cuffs slammed onto him and pushed onto the car. They then assaulted the father who was making his way into the house with his family. What followed next was a brutal assault on the family members. The TSG’s followed the family, pushing their 12-year-old daughter violently out of the way, forcing tbeir way into the house and immeditaly depolyed canisters of CS gas in their livingroom.

The police number of one of the PSNI/RUC men involved in the vicious attack

The family were seriously affected by the gas and temporarily blinded when members of the RUC deployed telespcopic batons and llaunched a brutal attack on the wife/mother leaving welts and bruises on her body and limbs. They smashed items in the living room before trying to force their way into the kitchen. Athough suffering the effects of CS gas, the husband and his friend mmanaged to force the stormtroopers out of the house tearing of one of the lapel numbers in the process.

As they got into the car, a neibhbour went to remonstrate with them but they turned their attention to him as they grabbed him mob handed flinging him up against the police car.

The bruising left by the vicious assault by PSNI/RUC officers.
The poor mother’s bloodshot eyes after the PSNI/RUC beating

He was then handcuffed and placed under arrest on nifearious charges. They then uncuffed the Family’s son and pulled him from the car before spending off. The family were traumatised, there 12-year-old girl havining to stay in a neighbours house being to afraid to stay in her own house. The mother of the child was sore, brusied, and tramatised in an extreamlly emotional state over the following the attack for some 24 hours later. She described the attackers as ” out of control “. This is yet another example of the PSNI/RUC showing the people of Creggan that they are out of control.They appear to be carte blance to launch thier bitter sectarian attacks in defiance of all laws there supposed to adhere to.

There attack was witnessed by a street full of people who were absolutly stunned at the viciousness of the attack  and the apparant hatered that followed and accaccompanied it.

Bruising around the eyes where the lady was viciously assaulted by PSNI/RUC scumbags.

This has been going on now for far to long. The Stand Road/Maydown Gestapo show the Nationalist/Republican communittes day and daily that far from be the keppers of law, they are simply state sponsered uniformed thugs, who seem to get their kicks form assulting and terrorising Irish women and children.

Where will it end? Do they have to leave some child, or mother fifghting for their lives before the great and good akknowlege that this is still the corrept rotten to the core biggoted force they had promised to change.

The people who both suffered and wittnessed the attack would beg to differ.

As usual, the great and the good bury your heads in the sand, as the Regression and Human Rights for nationalist people goes on and continues. Criminal TrespTrespass and agreevated assult by Crown Forces will be ignoreed as it is not the norm in the occupied 6 Conunties.

For what died the Sons of Roision.

Posted on behalf of : Derry Sceal.

Northern Ireland police accused of weakness over Real IRA rally

A masked member of the Real IRA reads a statement to supporters at Creggan cemetery, Derry, during a commemoration of the 1916 Easter Rising. Photograph: Peter Morrison/APreal ira

The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) has defended itself against unionist charges that it demonstrated weakness over a Real IRA rally inDerry.

East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell demanded a “more serious approach” to commemorations in which masked Real IRA members issued statements promising more violence.

The Democratic Unionist party’s security spokesman said: “I think that unless we see some sort of response now in terms of further arrests, unless we see that leading to a non-repeat of this, then we have got to have a different approach.”

The PSNI waited until after an Easter Monday commemoration marking the 1916 Easter Rising finished at Derry’s Creggan cemetery before moving to detain six men. Although the police did monitor the pro-Real IRA rally from a police helicopter there were no officers on the ground inside the cemetery.

The Derry PSNI area commander, Chief Inspector Gary Eaton, defended his officers’ approach to the republican demonstration. He said: “Any alleged breaches of criminal law reported to police or coming to our attention will be rigorously and thoroughly investigated.

“The PSNI work to ensure that all their actions are appropriate, proportionate and lawful. Our priorities are to protect the public, preserve public order, uphold the human rights of all and gather evidence of any wrongdoing.”

Several hundred dissident republican supporters attended a march to the cemetery, where wreaths were laid.

A Real IRA spokesman dressed in a balaclava and black combat gear said “Óglaigh na hÉireann” would continue to attack “crown forces” and “British interests and infrastructure”.

The six men remained in custody in the PSNI’s serious crime suite in Antrim town police station on Tuesday. WITH MANY THANKS TO: THE GAURDIAN.





TODAY MARKS THE 40TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE MURDER OF LEGENDARY FREEDOM FIGHTER JOE MCCANN….Joe McCann was appointed commander of the OIRA’s Third Belfast Battalion. By 1970, violence in the North of Ireland had escalated to the point, where British soldiers were deployed there in large numbers. From 3–5 July 1970, McCann was involved in gun battles during the Falls Curfew between the Official IRA and up to 3,000 British soldiers in the Lower Falls area that left four civilians dead from gunshot wounds, murdered by the British Army, another killed after being hit by an armoured car and 60 injured. On 22 May 1971, McCann’s unit ambushed a British patrol, killing one soldier.
In another incident McCann led a unit which captured 3 UVF members in Sandy Row. The UVF had raided an OIRA arms dump earlier that day and the OIRA announced they would execute the three prisoners if the weapons were not returned. McCann eventually released the three UVF members because they were “working class men like yourself”.
His most famous act came on 9 August 1971 when his unit took over the Inglis bakery in the Markets area and fortified it after the introduction of internment without trial by the Northern Ireland authorities. They defended it throughout the night from an incursion by 600 British soldiers, looking to arrest suspects. The action allowed other IRA members to slip out of the area and avoid arrest. He was photographed during the incident, holding an M1 carbine, against the background of a burning building and the Starry Plough flag; one of the most striking early images of The Troubles.

Roe 4 POWs on 24 hour lockup since Easter Saturday

It has been brought to the attention of the IRPWA that POWs on Roe 4 in Maghaberry have been placed on 24 hour lock up since Saturday 7th April.

It appears that the sectarian regime in control within Maghaberry gaol are adopting this as a punitive measure in response to the wearing of Easter lilies by the POWs.

Lilies will be worn by the POWs until 12am on the 11th April.

The IRPWA condemn the defacto punishment adopted by this outdated regime which proves,if proof were necessary, that parity of esteem is non existent in either the British gaol or the British statelet and the remembrance of Irish patriot dead will not be tolerated by either.

Six held after RIRA threatens police

Six men have been arrested by detectives investigating a dissident republican parade, which took place in Londonderry on Easter Monday

Six held after RIRA threatens police

The Real IRA vowed to continue its campaign of violence against the police and army in Northern Ireland during the 32 County Sovereignty Movement‘s annual commemoration at Creggan cemetery.

Several hundred dissident republican supporters watched as a colour party marched to the cemetery.

After wreaths were laid, a masked man wearing black combat clothing addressed the crowd and threatened further violence against police and soldiers.

He claimed to be speaking on behalf of the organisation Óglaigh na hÉireann and said they would continue to attack “Crown forces” and “British interests and infrastructure”.

His words were met with applause by the crowd.

A PSNI helicopter hovered overhead during the event but there was no attempt to move in as police officers kept their distance.

In a statement, police said they “took the decision to run a low-key operational response to the event”.

“Any alleged breaches of criminal law reported to police or coming to our attention will be rigorously and thoroughly investigated,” local area commander Chief Inspector Gary Eaton said.

“The PSNI work to ensure that all their actions are appropriate, proportionate and lawful. Our priorities are to protect the public, preserve public order, uphold the human rights of all and gather evidence of any wrong-doing,” he added.

The six men, who were arrested in connection with the incident on Monday afternoon, have been taken to Antrim Serious Crime Suite for questioning.

Police have appealed for anyone with information to come forward.


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