Man who refused bail over tag allowed home for Christmas

A DERRY man who turned down bail because it meant he would be electronically tagged has been granted compassionate bail for Christmas – without a tag.


Belfast Recorder Judge David McFarland told 44-year-old Anthony Michael Taylor, who is accused of having a rifle linked to dissident republicans, would not have to wear the tag because he would only be on bail from Christmas Eve until St Stephen‘s Day. However, the Crown Court judge said all other condititions of his origional full bail would remain. They include the lodgement of £50,000 to the court; that he resides at Farmhill, Derry; reports daily to the police and observes an 8pm curfew each evening. Taylor, a member of Repulican Netwok for Unity (RNU), is accused possessing a semi-automatic rifle with intent to endanger life and under suspicious circumstances on August 2, 2011. It was alleged at an earlier hearing that he could be linked to the car in which the rifle was later found. A prosecution lawyer said that Taylor had been granted full bail but had failed to perfect it because it would involve wearing the tag, which was “a real issue for the accused…. a matter of principal”. The lawyer added hat given his family circumstances, the prosecution were not unsympathetic to his situation in wanting bail over the holiday period. Eugene Grant QC, defending, said while Taylor did not take his full bail, all he wanted now was the opportunity to spend a few days with his family over Christmas. Mr Grant said one way of dealing with any fear of him absconding over the three days was for the police to call on him, if necessary.

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PAT Finucane‘s son has clashed with conservative political commentator Richard Waghorne who claimed online that the murdered solicitor was “the IRA‘s lawyer“. Mr Waghorne is a former political commentator for the Irish Daily Mail.


On his official Twitter feed yesterday the political blogger made comments about the hunan-rights lawyer shot dead by loyalists in 1989. Mr Waghorne first tweeted that it was “Astonishing that the US House Committee on Foreign Affairs is wasting time tomorrow on the death of IRA lawyer Pat Finucane“. Later he said the Belfast solicitor’s reputation “as a ‘human rights lawyer’ is more than slightly questionable”. His outburst provoked Mr Finucane’s Dublin-based solicitor son Michael to challenge the political commentator he once represented in legal proceedings in the Republic. Michael Finucane is in Washington giving evidence to the foreign affairs committee in relation to state collusion involved in his father’s murder. In a series of tweets he replied : “You’re quite happy to sully my dad’s name but I acted for you when you needed a lawyer. Was I right or wrong to help you?” Mr Waghorne tweeted : “Your father’s record of defending IRA terrorists is well documented.” Mr Finucane tweeted : “I beleive you’ll find lawyer defends client, not the cause or beliefs. Thats all my dad did. And all I did for you, right?” Mr Waghorne tweeted : “You were free to refuse the brief. Your father was free to to refuse his. He choose to defend IRA terrorists.” Mr Finucane tweeted : “Well, I didn’t refuse you because of what you believe or say and my dad was just as professional. That’s the differnce.” The Washington committee will today be updated on developments in the Finucane investigation since the release of the report by barrister Sir Desmond de Silva and will hear testimony from retired US brigadier general James P Cullen.

With many thanks to : Allison Morris, Irish News.

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