LAST NIGHT, for the second time in recent weeks, the children of Alan Lundy endured being trailed from their beds by armed and masked men from the RUC/PSNI. The RUC/PSNI were led by local so-called “community cop” Craig Mc Dowell.



These raids have now happened multiple times, causing severe distress to his two youngest children. Two years ago Alan was jailed for months on the lie of another so-called “community cop” before charges were dropped, depriving these children of their father for months. 

While local youth and community workers choose to work with the RUC/PSNI, they often remain silent on the ongoing trauma that the RUC/PSNI cause on a regular basis.

Is there any chance of a collective, visible response from local youth community providers, asking for these vindictive actions to stop – in the form of protests involving young people, statements to the press or open letters? Or will the condemnation only come from GARC and/or Republicans themselves, as this issue continues to be ignored by the wider community!!!

With many thanks to: Dee Fennell, for the origional story.


The Man Who Bought The Union Some Time

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What happened to you, man? I really liked you in Monty Python.

What happened to you, man? I really liked you in Monty Python.

It is currently being announced across the papers that Gordon Brown, the Man Who Saved The Union as according to his puppets in the press and media, is going to capitalise on his glorious victory against the Evil Forces of Nationalism by… standing down in 2015. He follows his stablemate Alistair Darling, the Leader of Better Together, who announced his intentions to stand down even earlier after what the media would love to claim was a heroic triumph against the insidious might of separatism. Before him, Johann Lamont, the leader of the opposition who handed the SNP their most crucial defeat, saw fit to follow it up by… standing down before Alex Salmond himself did. Time will only tell whether they will be joined by more “victors” among New Labour and their allies in the next six months.

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A DUBLIN man with an address in West Belfast has been remanded in custody charged with possession of a machine gun.

2014-11-25 15.28.25

Vincent ‘Vinny’ Kelly, of Hawthorn Street, Belfast, is accused of possession of an assault rifle and ammunition with intent to endanger life. The 29-year-old was also charged with having 50 rounds of 9mm ammunition and three magazines for the weapon. The charges relate to an incident last Thursday night when police recovered the assault rifle from a taxi which was stopped as it travelled along the Grosvenor Road in West Belfast. Three men, aged 27, 29 and 46, who were arrested from a property in Hawthorn Street during a follow-up search were later released without charge. Police said at the time that the 27-year-old was also being questioned about a grenade attack on police in Ardoyne in North Belfast just over a week ago, (pictured on the bottom right). A grenade launcher was fired at an RUC/PSNI Land Rover parked at the Twaddell protest camp by a man using a homemade launcher. 10339779_897616483605315_850425761070928856_nThe attack was admitted by the group calling itself the IRA. The device pierced the outer skin of  the vehicle but not the inner armour. Since the attack police have changed tactics at the Ardoyne interface. A static patrol in place since the start of a loyalist protest in July last year has been pulled back from the flashpoint interface with the nationalst Ardoyne area. Kelly refused to stand as he was brought into the dock in Belfast Magistrates Court and gave no response as the charges were put to him.  About 10 supporters cheered and whistled as he entered the dock. He looked up only to give a thumbs-up gesture. A detective told the court he beleived he could connect the defendant to the charge. Defence solicitor Ciaran Toner confirmed that no application for bail was being made at this stage and put no questions to the officer in relation to his client. 10150737_484484781653091_8861618946328309914_nThe case was adjourned for four weeks. District Judge Peter King ordered Kelly – who waved at supporters – to be taken to the cells. Kelly is well known in republican circles and is a former close friend of murdered Real Irish Republican (RIRA) boss Alan Ryan,( pictured below on the right). He moved to Belfast shortly after Ryan’s murder by criminal (so-called) elements in the capital in Dublin City in 2012. The case is expected to be heard again via videolink on December 22.



POLICE are ramping up their presence in central Belfast amid concerns that dissident republicans may target the area in the run-up to Christmas. 


RUC/PSNI commander Chief Superintentent Nigel Grimshaw said people can expect an increase in vehichle checks (during the so-called Peace process) and both visible and plain-clothed foot patrols during the festive period. Around 1,000 vehicles have already been stopped in the first few days of the operation. Mr Grimshaw said police were keen to balance the need to provide reassurance and protection without over-policing the city. “It’s there to provide reassurance and prevent and deter people who might want to bring something into the city centre from a more sinister point of view” he said. Last December dissident attacks caused signifcanct disruption in the city centre. Festive revellers escaped injury when a small bomb exploded in the busy Catherderal Quarter.

With many thanks to: The Irish News, for the orgional story.


Deja vu


“After the surrender, no arrangements for decent custody… led to conditions which left a memory as bitter as that enkindled by executions… In the rotunda gardens… men gnashed their teeth at the shame to which both sexes were exposed” (TM Healy, Letters and leaders of my day, Voloume ii, p.561)

The above quote relates to the immediate aftermath of Eiri amach na Casca. There is somthing in the British psyche that craves not only the capture, but the degradation of those who refuse to submit to its will. Taking a Rebel prisoner is never enough, being captor will not suffice.

Twenty-four hours after the signing of the August 2010 Agreement serious matters arose. “Staff” immediately approached Republican Political Prisoners to ask what the Agreement entailed as they had not been briefed by the Jail Management. This was the first fundamental “mistake” that would allow bigots to renege upon and ultimately undermine the Agreement.

On 12 Novemer 2014, David Ford, the Justice Minister for the North of Ireland, announced to end the Strip Searching of Republican Prisoners being released from Maghaberry Gaol; going on home leave and, the end of “automatic” strip-searching for external hospital appointments. Less than 24 hours later a riot squad was ordered to forcibly strip a Republican Prisoner en route to, and upon return from, an external hospital appointment.1555455_631430643560593_1542498833_n-1

The Republican Prisoner, aware of David Ford’s directive and “stock-take”, articulated opposition to being strip-searched on these grounds. The response of the Maghaberry Governors (David Savage and Brian Armor) was a feign ignorance and state that he would be forcibly strip-searched regardless. The strip-search ensued. A large group of highly aggressive Riot Squad personnel entered the small room where a Republican Prisoner, awaiting hospital treatment, stood alone to face them. This was repeated on his return, even though he had been hand-cuffed, with prison guards present throughout. The aggression these men bring into that room is not merely the product of their Riot Squad training, it is sadism derived from blind sectarian hatred. This regime’s sustenance is a gratuitous and pervasive violence that is extracted from inflicting indignity upon Republican Political Prisoners in Roe House.

The era whereby Republicans “gnashed their teeth” at the indignities to which we are exposed ended a long time ago. The Administation’s failure to implement the August 2010 Agreement could not impact upon the ability or resolve of Republican Political Prisoners to face down the Pro Unionst, bigoted regime. Neither will a refusal to implement recent directives achieve anything other than a renewed conflict-fuelled enviorment.

Republican Political Prisoners Roe 4, Maghaberry 24-11-14

With many thanks to: IRPWA



REPUBLICAN prisoners in Maghaberry gaol have claimed a reveiew of a controversial deal at the high security prison has been “sabotaged”.


It comes just days after prisoners offered to give a recently completed independent stock-take” a fair wind”. The reveiw, carried out by an independent assessment team appointed by Justice Minister David Ford, (pictured below), examined aspects of a deal struck in 2010 to relax strip searches and controlled movement in the prison. Republican prisoners on the republican wing of the jail’s Roe House have accused jail authorities of reneging on the deal. The prisoners have claimed, however, that the reveiw has “already been sabotaged by the DUP and the POA (Prison Officers Association).” The recent stock-take found that “not all the principles of of the August 2010 agreement have been adhered to, nor have all undertakings been acted upon”. It also said the stock-take has “created an opportunity to get things back on track” in the prison. In response to the review, prison authorites say they will look at outstanding elements of the agreement including strip searches. 1912209_678811845518782_1262259371_nThey also say they will consider relaxing controlled movement as long as prison staff are allowed to carry out their work “free from harm, intimidation and threat”. Republican prisoners alligned to the ‘IRA’ are currently on the republican wing of the prison’s Roe Four landing while those alligned to the (CIRA), Continuity IRA and (ONH) Oglaigh na hEireann are housed in Roe Three. In a joint statement, repubican prisioners claim they have been told that from this week the two landings will be treated as “separate units” and that a grill separating the landings will not be opened “until violence in the streets stop”. “If those in power are genuine about moving forward to a conflict-free environment within this jail, they need to show that they are serious, for now this process is dead.” Both the POA and DUP were not available for comment yesterday. A skopesman for the Prison Service said: “The Northern Ireland Prison Service is committed to the agreement and to providing a normalised enviroment for the Roe House prisioners within a secure location.”

With many thanks to: Connla Young, The Irish News, for the orgional story.

The grenade launcher dissidents fired in bid to murder RUC/PSNI

This is the grenade-launcher the dissidents group calling itself the ‘IRA’ says it used to attack police in North Belfast.

2014-11-19 14.46.14

Pictures emereged on Tuesday night of the home-made weapon used to fire a Semtex-packed device at a RUC/PSNI Land Rover in the Ardoyne area on Sunday night. They reveal how the “drop and go” shoulder-held launcher was designed to be discarded at the scene, making it easier for the volenteers to escape. No-one was injured in the attack but police said it was “as close to officers being killed as you can get”. It followed failed attempts to kill police officers in Derry and Strabane, Co Troyne, using different types of explosive devices. In a statement to The Irish News admitting responsibility for the latest attack, the ‘IRA’ said: “Volunteers from our Belfast Brigade fired a home-made rocket launcher striking an armoured RUC/PSNI military vehicle. “Despite being heavily armed the RUC/PSNI fled the scene. “Our capacity to target state forces is increasing and developing. 10339779_897616483605315_850425761070928856_nAs a result we will continue to target them at a time of our choosing.” Sources close to the group have claimed it has set up separate ‘engineering’ operations across Ireland. The use of technology similar to that previously employed by the Provisional IRA (PIRA) is likely to cause alarm among security chiefs. The group’s statement was condemned on Tuesday night by North Belfast SDLP MLA Alban Maginness who said the dissidents seemed “proud of their actions. “It’s outrageous given the fact that three police officers could have been seriously injured or killed,” he said (I think that was the idea). North Belfast DUP MP Nigel Dodds said dissidents must be stopped. “The claim of responsibility for this murderous attack focuses attention on the capability of dissident republicans and the threat they pose to everyone’s safety,” he said. “It also reinforces the need for all avenues to be pursued in identifying members of these groups and bringing them to justice.” Two men, aged 29 and 43, arrested in Strabane in connection with last month’s attempted bomb attack on police in the town were released unconditionally on Tuesday night. 1924869_261003004078418_1621745972_nOfficers were lured into the Ballycolman estate on October 23 to investigate reports of a bomb at a water-pumping station. It was claimed dissident republicans had thrown a device, which did not detonate, at a police patrol vehicle the previous night. The alert was declared a hoax but a second device – a viable bomb – was found in the garden of a nearby house.

With many thanks to: Connla Young, The Irish News, for the origional story.


RECENT weeks have seen the ‘IRA’ launch a series of potentially deadly attacks using a range of devices. 


The appearance of weaponry similar to that used by the Provisional IRA (PIRA), is likely to be of particular concern among security chiefs. The use of ‘drop and go’ weapons, such as the launcher in Sunday’s Ardoyne attack, is also evidence of an increased threat by those intent on targeting police officers. Shoulder launched, sources say the device contained Semtex and exploded on impact with the RUC/PSNI Land Rover. Police said it failed to completely detonate but pierced the outer skin of the vehicle. Republican sources claim the attack was launched from a range of more than 60 feet. While police will forensically test the reminants of any device they find, republicans claim the launcher used on Sunday was designed to be discarded before the attacker makes off. 858585614The ‘IRA’ announced its formation in July 2012 through a merger of the Real IRA (RIRA), the Derry group Republican Action Against Drugs (RAAD) and independent republicans in Mid-Ulster and carried out attacks across the North of Ireland – with an escalation in recent weeks. Earlier this month the group confirmed it was responsible for leaving a trip-wire device in Strabane which was discovered and made safe. A “calibrated pressure plate” device was also left for police in Derry last month, but again made safe after being discovered. Earlier this month a Semtex-packed device known as an ‘explosively formed projectile’ was launched at a police car in the Creggan area of Derry, causing significant damage to a rear door, but injuring no-one. A similar device was fired at a police Land Rover on Belfast’s Falls Road in March. While EFP technology has been used to deadly effect in parts of the Middle East, it is understood to be a modern version of the horizontal mortar – known by republicans as a ‘doodle bug’ – which was used by the Provisionals to kill police officers and British soldiers. Other gun and bomb attacks have been carried out over the past 12 months. It is claimed the organisation has set up several ‘engineering’ operations across the island of Ireland which are responsible for modifying existing equipment and developing new technology. One republican source said this is part of an effort to make individual ‘IRA’ groups in some areas self sufficient, limiting the need to transport weaponry and therefore risk discovery. They claim an increase in frequency of attacks and sophistication is having an impact on how the RUC/PSNI patrols nationalist areas. Republicans say the home made shoulder-held launcher, while simple in design, can be potentially deadly and can be used anywhere. “They can be made in a few hours,” a source said.

With many thanks to: Connla Young, The Irish News, for the origional story.


Republican prisoners agree to give deal review ‘a fair wind’

‘ Although we have good reason to be sceptical, we are willing to give it fair wind – Inmate’s statement

REPUBLICAN prisioners in Maghaberry Gaol have said they are willing to give a “fair wind” to a recently completed reveiw of a controversial prison deal.


The reveiw which was carried out by an independent assessment team appointed by Justice Minister David Ford, examined aspects of a deal struck in 2010 to relax strip searches and controlled movement in the prison. Republican prisoners in the jail’s Roe House have accused jail authorities of reneging on the deal. The recent stock-take found that “not all the principles of the August 2010 agreement have been adhered to, nor have all undertakings been acted upon”. The report found that the agreement has “been unable to realise its full potential, partly because of bedding in problems arising from the lack of trust” between prison service officials and republician prisoners and concern about staff safety. It also said the stock-take has “created an opportunity to get things back on track”. In 2012 republican prisoners ended a no-wash protest just weeks after prison officer David Black was shot dead as he travelled to work in Maghaberry Gaol along the M1.SPOOKS Prison authorities say they will look at outstanding elements of the agreement including strip searches. They also say they will consider relaxing controlled movement as long as prison staff are allowed to carry out their work “free from harm, intimidation and threat”. In a joint statement inmates on the republican wing Roe Three and Four landings gave the review a cautious welcome. “Although we have good reason to be sceptical, we are willing to give it a fair wind,” it said. “The stock-take has the capacity to re-engage the implementation process of the August 2010 agreement. The reality is the only viable option. It is the only show in town,” it said. The prisoner statement said the 2010 deal offers are “victory to no-one”. “It is a route to an environment which is conflict free and threatens no-one,” it said. The joint statement added that a “resolution of all outstanding issues is within all of our grasps”. ” This should not be held to ransom by the politically ambitious or reactionary elements who yearn for a time long past,” it said. “We are in the 21st century; prison conditions should reflect that. Therefore Rupublican Political Prisoners in Roe House are in full favour of a conflict free environment.”

With many thanks to: Connla Young, The Irish News, for the origional story.

Catholic priest criticises justice system over Justice For The Craigavon Two

The state is supposed to be the servent of it’s citizens, not the master – Monsignor Raymond Murry.

Veteran human rights campaigner Monsignor Raymond Murry has criticised the Justice System in the North of Ireland.



The Catholic priest told an event in Co Derry that there is currently “no adequate peocedure for undoing miscarriaiges of justice” in the North of Ireland. Friday’s event was organised by supporters of the Craigavon Two men Brendan (Yandy) McConville (43) and John Paul Wootton (23), who are both serving lengthy sentences in Maghaberry Gaol for the murder of RUC/PSNI officer Stephen Carrol. The pair deny any part in the (CIRA) Continuity IRA sniper attack but lost an appeal case earlier this year. McConville (Yandy) has been ordered to serve a minimun of 25 years for a crime he didn’t commit while Wotton’s minimum sentence was increased from 14 to 18 years last month. Constable Carroll was shot dead as he and colleagues answered an emergenceny call in Lismore Manor area in 2009.

15286_976249242401584_5738944951227552048_n Monsignor Murry, who has campaigned for the Birmingham Six and other miscarriages of justice in the past, offered sympathy to the family of Constable Carroll. But he said he was concerned about the case. “How can we fail to be anxious and concerned when we hear of injustice inflicted on individuals?” he said. “The state is supposed to be servent of its citizens, not the master. It always comes down to the indvidual with a name, a human being. “Names, Brendan Mc Conville and John Paul Wootton and their tormented families. They deserve our special attention. We must not seek excuses for ourselves in the matter of injustice by just proclaiming the abstract.” Monsigray also criticised the judicial system in the North of Ireland. “We still have special courts,” he said. 10644111_10205125931571945_7487437520169349102_o“During the 30 years, conflict Diplock Courts were not acceptable by people seeking truth and justice and present tracings of its workings in the Justice and Security (NI) Act 2007 in non-jury courts with their aura of injustice are not acceptable. “The rule of law in the North of Ireland was corrupted by the use of illegal methods of interrogation and by the official efforts to cover up the use of these methods. The end can never justify the mean. Justice, not expediency is always the principle.”

With many thanks to: Connla Young,The Irish News, for the origional story

#Chutzpah! #Israel shuts Dr Mads Gilbert out from #Gaza for life!

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Israel shuts Dr Gilbert out from Gaza for life ~ The Local, Norway’s News in English.

Israeli authorities cited security reasons as to why they have shut doctor Gilbert out from the Gaza Strip.

The Norwegian 67-year-old has travelled to and from Gaza to treat Palestinians. This summer, the chief physician who lives and works in North Norway, was back working at Shifa hospital, Gaza, where he treated over 50 days many of the 11,000 injured.

The doctor was attempting to return to the region in October to help in the hospital and was stopped by Israeli officials from entering.

Gilbert says: “When we came back to the Erez border station, the Israeli soldiers told me that I could not go in to Gaza.”
Now the…

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