TWO men and a woman tore down flags and banners at a loyalist protest camp in North Belfast and provocatively waved an Irish tricolour, a court has heard.


Police said the damage was caused early on Tuesday amid continuing tensions at the Twaddell Avenue site. However, a lawyer for one of the accused called for the illegal camp to be “dismantled” as they appeared at Belfast Magistrate’s Court yesterday. Appearing in the dock were Patrick Quinn (22), Sean Hyland (21) and 20-year-old Kerry O’Hara. All three have been charged with damaging flags or banners and waving a tricolour at a community flashpoint with intent to provoke a breach of the peace. Mr Quinn, of Rosehead, Dunmurry, Belfast, and Ms O’Hara, from Ardmore Road in Derry, are also both accused of stealing a flag from the camp, which occupies Housing Executive land. With neither of them seeking bail, they were remanded in custody to appear again by video-link next week. Mr Hyland, of Cranbrook Court in Ardoyne in North Belfast, faces a further charge of obstructing police. Opposing his bail appliction, a constable said the accused lives to close to the scene of the alleged trouble. “In this case what allegedly happened was this gentleman with two others tore down flags and also stood on the opposite side of the road to the camp with a tricolour and he waved it,” he said. He told the court it was a highly volatile location with ongoing public order problems. Shots have been fired at patrols in the Ardoyne area in the past,” the officer said. Altough he stressed it was not a “no-go area”, planning would be required before police could go in to check on any bail conditions. Loyalists have been protesting at Twaddell Avenue since July, after a decision to restrict  an Orange Order parade past nationalist homes on the Crumlin Road. Nightly protests have cost millions to police over the past nine months. Mr Hyland’s lawyer argued that the accused had no reason to go near the site. “Tensions have been caused not by members of the local community but by this illegal camp,”he said. District Judge Fiona Bagnall ruled that Mr Hyland could be granted bail once an alternative address is apporved by police. She imposed an exclusion zone and prohibited him from going within 500 metres of the Twaddell Avenue demonstration. Mr Hyland will appear again in court on May 21st. Before he was led from the dockW his lawyer continued to argue that the camp should be “dismantled”. He told Judge Bagnall: “It’s perhaps something Mr Hyland will pursure in another court.” 

With many thanks to the: The Irish News.


A FORMER IRA man has repeaoriginal ms that Gerry (I was never in the IRA) Adams and Martin (j118) McGuinness ordered him to transport explosives to Britain in 1980.

$hame £ein has denied the allegations by Peter Rogers, pictured above, who served a prison sentence to in the Reppublic for the murder of a Garda officer. The 69-year-old, who escaped from the Maidstone prison ship in 1972, has said he was visited by the leaders after he refused to transport a bomb, believing it was unstable. 1506709_504960292936209_330795628_n-1“Gerry wanted to know what the delay was,” he told the BBC yesterday. He was later convicted of killing Detective Garda Seamus Quaid, who was shot and killed after his police patrol stopped a vehicle in Co Wexford in October 1980. Rogers left the IRA while in prison and appoligised to the family of Garda Quaid in a letter. His apology was not accepted. Mr Adams has always denied being in the IRA while Deputy First Minister Martin (J118) McGuinness told the Bloody Sunday Inquiry he left the organistion in the early 1970s. A $hame £ein spokesman last night rejected Rogers’s claims, which were reported in The Irish News last month. “There is no truth in these allegations. Gerry Adams has already publicly refuted these claims,” he said. However, the DUPs East Derry MP Gregory Campbell said it was time for republican leaders to come clean. “How long will they continue their pretence? The terror happened. It is now over. They need to admit their part in it, face whatever consequences there may be and move on,” he said.

With many thanks for the orgional story, The Irish News.

PUP (the UVF linked political party) criticises ‘harsh’ jail terms for UVF linked loyalist rioters

A PROGRESSoriginal ist Party spokesman has criticised “harsh sentences” given to people involved in loyalist riots.


On Tuesday Belfast Recorder Judge David McFarland warned that the courts will hand out “stiffer custodial sentences” if there are further riots during this summer’s marching season. The judge jailed James Harding (30), of Lawnbrook Avenue, off the Shankill Road in West Belfast, to eight months in jail and a further eight on licence after he pleaded guilty to a single charge of riotous assembly on July 12 2013. The conviction was linked to riots on Woodvale Road and Twaddell Avenue on the Twelfth on the Twelfth of July last year after an Orange Order feeder parade was banned from returning past a flashpoint at Ardoyne shops. PUP spoksman (and UVF commander) Winston (willy winkey) Irvine, said while the party did not condone rioting “the sentances being handed out by the courts are perplaxing, especially given the minor nature of some of the offences being prosecuted”. He said the sentence handed out last Tuesday was the “latest in a line of unduly harsh sentences”. “Filling our prisons with people who are not hardened criminals is not an answer to solving inherent political failures around issues such as parading,” he said.

With many thanks to: Clare Simpson, The Irish News (for the origional story).

We’ll fight fracking law say activists

Change may rob you of right to say no to gas pipes under your land.

ANTI-FRACKING campaigners have vowed to resist any attempt to change the law in the North of Ireland to allow gas pipes to be laid under private land without the owner’s consent.


The British government plans to introduce new legislation that would enable energy companies to run shale gas pipelines underground without having to seek the landowner’s approval. The move is designed to kick-start Britain’s fracking industry and will be included in the Queens Speech in June as part of an infrastructure bill. Proposals to extract shale gas from an area that straddles the border between Co Fermanagh and Co Cavan have proved controversial. In the assembly unionists are generally supportive of the plans, whereas $hame £ein and the SDLP have urged caution. Other areas of possible extraction in the north have been identified on the north coas and in south Antrim. In the Republic economic extraction is possible in Co Clare, west Limerick and parts Co Kerry. Fracking – the name given to a process called hydraulic fracturing – involves pumping pressurised water blow ground to split rock and release the gas.

$hame £ein MLA Phil Flanagan, whose Fermanagh-South Tyrone constituency is the focus of shale gas exploration, said he would seek to establish and his pro-fracking cronies as they seek to impose this dangerous technique on areas where the environment is very sensitive,” he said. However, DUP MLA Maurice Morrow said fracking should not be ruled out. Lord Morrow said that if energy could be sourched in a “safe manner” then it should be explored.

Fracking law change will be opposed by $hame £ein

Tories want to kick-start shale gas extraction

$hame £ein has vowed to resist any change in the law which would allow gas pipes to be laid under privite land without the owner’s consent.


The energy companies will still need planning permission to drill for shale gas but they will be able to install pipes to transport the gas under private land without breaking trespass laws. The change in the law is designed to thwart landowners and anti-fracking protesters who may use existing laws to block shale gas extraction. Fracking has been linked to earthquakes in England and water pollution in the United States. However, those in favour point to the collapse on energy prices in the US where there has been a rapid expansion of the shale gas industry. David Cameron’s spokesman yesterday said the government was looking at ways of making test drilling easier and to ensure there was not “an over burden of red tape and regulation”. He added: “Fracking is something that is very new, certainly in this country, which is why we are looking to see whether there are particular obstacles to the test drilling.” However, $hame £ein MLA Phil Flanagan, whose Fermanagh-South Tryone constituency is the focus of shale gas exploration in the north, said he would seek to establish whether the new legislation would apply to the North of Ireland. He said he would fight plans for any pro-fracking legislation whether it came from Westminster or Srormont. “This move smacks of desperation by David Cameron and his pro-fracking cronies as they seek to impose this dangerous technique  on areas where the environment is very sensitive,” he said. “It’s important that we resist any moves that would see similar changes in the law.” Mr Flanagan said people who had built homes or bought land had the right to protect their interests. “Fracking would devastate the rural way of life by introducing industrial scale development in country areas,” he said. “The majority of people I speak to are opposed to it and I think it is unacceptable to try and impose something on people when they clearly don’t want it.” However, DUP assembly member Lord Maurice Morrow said fracking should not be ruled out. He said if energy could be sourced in a “safe manner” then it should be explored. “It’s strange that $hame £ein are turning their nose up at any opportunity to reduce energy costs,” he said. “It shows how out of touch Flanagan is with households and businesses in his constituency – people want better energy options in the west and they want to reduce costs.”

With many thanks to: John Manly (Policical Reporter), The Irish News, for the origional story.

$hame £ein council vice-chair accused of assaulting SDLP constituency worker

THE $hame £ein vice-chairwoman of a Co TTryone council has been charged with assaulting an SDLP constituency worker.

Strabane councillor Michelle McMackin, pictured above, and her brother Malachy Finbar McCrossan are accused of assaulting SDLP representative Daniel McCrossan. The pair are also charged with disorderly behaviour in the Farmers Home bar on Railway Road in the town on July 6 last year. Mr McCrossan (25), who is no relation to the defendants, is an active SDLP member and works as a personal assistant for the party’s West Tyrone MLA Joe Byrne. Neither of the defendants appeared before Strabane Magistrates Court last week. However, a defence solicitor said Ms McMackin (48), of O’Nolan Park, denies both charges. The solicitor did not enter any pleas on behalf of the councillor’s 57-year-old brother, and requested more time to look at police interview transcripts. The defendants are due to appear before the court on May 1 when a contest date will be set for Ms McMackin and pleas are expected to be entered by her brother. Michelle McMackin was elected as a councillor for Glenelly area in 2011 and last year became vice-chairwomen of Strabane District Council. She will not stand for election next month ( I wonder why lol) for the new Strabane and Derry council after announcing in October that she was standing down, citing work commitments.

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Will socialist revolution start in one country then spread, or start simultaneously (e.g. a #MayDay or credit crunch)

Originally posted on ThatcheroftheLeft:


Different revolutionary socialist organisations have two distinct theories about how to achieve socialism, which is reflected by their differing strategies on all sorts of issues including defeating austerity (cuts, the public sector pay cap and other attacks on the living standards of the masses):

  • Revolution happens (or starts) in one country first, which inspires the masses in other countries to rise up and overthrow their ruling classes too. This was the model pursued in Russia flowing from the October 1917 revolution, but a combination of factors meant it didn’t work – Russia being a semi-feudal country at the time, about 20 foreign armies invading to try to restore capitalism, naivety of the German Communist Party combined with the assassinations of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht preventing the revolution spreading, and the disastrous decision to abolish the Constituent Assembly (after campaigning for it when the capitalist Provisional Government that came to power in February 1917…

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IRA Dissident group vows to ‘build and organise’

McGuinness described as ‘Former Republican’

THE dissident paramilitary group known as the ‘IRA’ has described Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness as a “former republican”.


In its Easter message the group said it would continue to “build and organise” in the future. It formed in July with the merger of the Real IRA, Republican Action Against Drugs and independent units based in Mid Ulster. It has previously admitted responsibility for killing prison officer David Black in November 2012 and Kevin Kearney in North Belfast in October last year. Last month it admitted responsibility for using a command wire to launch a mortar at a police Land Rover on Falls Road in West Belfast. Earlier this month it left “an anti-personnel explosive device” at Strabane Golf Club which failed to go off. In a statement to The Irish News, using a recognised codeword, the group claimed the 100th Anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising “is the ideal time to re-energise the republican struggle”. “The IRA has played its parent in recent years by rebuilding, rearming and re-focussing efforts to build a sustainable military campaign,” the statement said. “These endeavours are proving successful as recent operations have demonstrated. “At the same time constitutional nationalists and former republicans that abandoned the IRA oath and constitution, dine with the British Royals and implement British rule.” The group also vowed to continue its armed campaign. “The IRA remains fully committed to genuine republican objectives and where Britain denies the Irish people the right to live free from foreign and undemocratic interference, the IRA will use military force to assert these rights.” SDLP MLA John Dallat condemned the paramilitary group and its statement. “It is disturbing that after 40 years of violence there are some people who refuse to be convinced that violence only puts off the day when Ireland can enjoy true unity between its people,” he said.

With many thanks to: Connla Young, The Irish News.

Kevin Scully – Drimoleague/Cork

Originally posted on Database of UK and Eire paedophiles/child abusers:

April 2014

‘High-risk’ pervert Scully back on streets


ONE OF Ireland’s most depraved perverts – who abused more than 20 children between the ages of just two and eight – is back on the streets, even though a detective says he is a “high risk” of re-offending.

Kevin Scully’s depraved sex acts imposed a reign of terror among local children in his native west Cork during the mid 1990s.

On one occasion two terrified girls locked themselves into the boot of a relative’s car to avoid his perverted attentions, and he once attacked five children in a single day.

Children told investigating gardaí how he used scissors to cut their pocket linings so he could touch their private parts.

He has spent most of the last 13 years in custody in Arbour Hill jail or in the Central Mental Hospital for his shocking crimes.

Although the equivalent of €330,000 was…

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Statement from GARC’s spokesman and Independant candidate Dee Fennell

JUST back from observing another unwanted sectarian parade on behalf of Greater Ardoyne Residents’ Collective (GARC), this time carried out by the Apprentice Boys.


Several determinations broken, including the display of UVF flags and insignias. It was also interesting to see $hame £ein allenged Crumlin and Ardoyne Residents’ Association’s (CARA), banner which read “Resolution is Possible”, held by people that live on the Cliftonville and Newington. Anyone who witnessed one of the other individuals that held the banner may also be surprised that $hame £ein local election candidates would be pictured with them, or maybe not. Resolution is not possible without an end to sectarian parades through this area, an analysis shared by the vast majority of Ardoyne, Mountainveiw and Dales residents. No deal between $hame £ein and the UVF ( Willy Winston Irvine) by proxy will be accepted by the residents of this area.

With many thanks to: Dee Fennell, GARC’s spokesman.


A NATIONALIST residents’ group has warned that an ongoing parade dispute in North Belfast could result in a “long, hot, and volatile summer.”


Greater Ardindependent nts’ Collective (GARC), confirmed on Friday night it will not hold a protest as members of the Apprentice Boys march through the district on Easter Monday. The band has been restricted to playing hymns on a section of the route at Ardoyne.  Spokesman Dee Fennell said the decision was taken in order not to draw attention away from a similar parade past St Patrick’s Catholic Church on the same morning. There was controversy this week after it emerged that nationalist residents opposed to the parade were banned from standing in front of the Donegall Street church by the Parades Commission. After initially refusing to reveiw the decision, it was subsequently overturned by the commission. St Patrick’s has been a scene of strife since Shankill Road based Young Conway Volunteers Flute Band was filmed walking in circles outside it while playing the sectarian Famine Song on 12 July 2012. Tensions in Ardoyne have been high since the Orange Order was banned from marching past nationalist homes last July. Mr Fennell, who is an independant local election candidate, said loyalist parades through his district are “totally unacceptable to the vast majority of the people of this area.” “This determination by the Parades Commission, an incoming commission, does not bode well for a peaceful summer,” he said. “The consistent theme of commission determinations since its inception has been to acquiesce to the three pronged attacks on this community by loyal orders, political unionism and loyalist paramilitaries.” The GARC spokesman also condemned determinations issued by the Parades Commission in relation to St Patrick’s branding them “nothing short of disgraceful.” He revealed that his group have decided not to hold a protest on Monday in “order that the media focus remains solely” on St Patrick’s parishioners and nearby Carrick Hill but added some members will be present to “monitor and note any breaches of the Parades Commission determination”. Mr Fennell claimed the “radical approach and strategy of GARC” in recent years has “effectively brought an end to evening parades” through Ardoyne. He also warned that a more “radical approach” will now be taken towards loyal order morning parades taking place through the district. “The actions of the Parades Commission, RUC/PSNI and the loyal orders in the months ahead could lead to a long, hot, and volatile summer for all of us,” he warned. Another nationalist group alligened to $hame £ein, Crumlin and Ardoyne Residents’ Association (CARA), has been given permission to hold a small protest as the parade passes through the nationalist district on Monday. They have raised concerns about the band taking part in the parade. Meanwhile, Carrick Hill residents have met with Bishop of Down and Connor, Dr Noel Treanor and administrator of St Patrick’s, Fr Micheal Sheehan. The meeting took place in a community centre in the Carrick Hill district and residents’ spokesman Frank Dempsey described it as “friendly.” “We had a frank and open conversation and the bishop’s veiw has not changed,” he said. “Respect is the key to this and it’s only through respect and dialogue that all this will be resolved.”

With many thanks to: Connla Young, The Irish News, (for the origional story).


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