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Louth sex abuse victim urged to file complaint against Shame Fein

‘IRA commanders gave brothers option of shooting dead their alleged abuser’

A CO LOUTH man who says he was brought before a IRA ‘kangaroo court’ after being sexually abused by a republican paramilitary has been urged to make a formal complaint to gardai.


He says that, along with his brother, he was sexually assaulted in the family home by a known IRA member when they were both teenagers in the early 1990s. The man, who has not been named and is now in his late thirties, said that the residence had been an IRA safehouse and that their abuser had later admitted sexually assaulting the brothers after they told senior republicans what had been happening. He told The Irish Independent that the siblings were met at their family home in 2002 by “top brass” within the movement and interrogated. Republicans later gave the brothers the option of having their abuser shot dead and ‘disappeared’ by the IRA, or of doing the killing and body disposal themselves. The third option was that the abuser could be ordered to leave the Republic, which is what occurred. Alliance justice spokesman Stewart Dickson last night urged the two men to make an official complaint to gardai about the alleged abuse. “All child sex abuse must be fully investigated by the police and not by organsations that, by their very existence, intimidate and threaten individuals,” he said. Describing the Co Louth man as “very brave,” the MLA said gardai should now be allowed to investigate his allegations.

With many thanks to: Valerie Robinson, The Irish News.

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