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Gerry complain’s he never “interrogaed” alleged rape victim! by the IRA, when I Kevin Meehan can confirm Gerry “who was never in the IRA” was fully aware of the allegations against the rape and sexual abuse of my sister and sided with the sexual abuser

Alleged rape victim ‘interrogated’ by the IRA

ULSTER Unionist leader Mike Nesbitt has said he has spoken to the chief constable about claims the IRA questioned an alleged rape victim and forced her to confront the accused man. 

Provisional IRA founder Joe Cahill, who died in 2004

Maiia Cahill, whose great-uncle Joe Cahill, whose pictue above, was a leading member of the PIRA, he was also a leading memember of of the Battalian Staff Commander of the Republican Movement he was my father’s O.C. Officer in Command and also the O.C. in command of Gerry Adams a current member of paraliment in the Republic of Ireland. I am making this statement today knowing I am putting my own life at risk, I am not afraid of Gerry Adam’s or any of his fucking croines. What I am saying and speaking is the truth and my word’s are my own word’s and noone elses. Gerry “who was never in the IRA” is a fucking lier” it might cost me my life but I have nothing to fear from a wanker who has not got the ball’s to tell the truth! Gerry was in the IRA his father was a sex offender and so was his brother, who was one of the masked men who carried the coffin of the first Hunger-Striker Bobby Sands and was one of the six men who had the preveilge to carry his coffin to his last resting place. Why not ask Gerry why? He knew his father and brother were child molosters and he know’s he was in the PIRA. Her alleged abuser denied her claims and was acquitted in court. However, she told the BBC’s Spotlight programme last night that the republican movemet carried out an internal investigation into the alleged abuse. She said she was summoned to a meeting with the IRA. “That was the start of, the only word I have for it is interrogation because that’s exactly how it felt,” she said. Ms Cahill said the IRA questioned her repeatedly for months about the allegations. After more than six months of questioning, she claimed that in early 2000 she was brought face to face with her abuser in an PIRA ‘kangaroo court’. “They told me that they were going to read my body language to see who was telling the truth and that they were going to bring him into a room,” she said. Ms Cahill said she later had a meeting with Shame Fein president Gerry Adams about the abuse allegations. Mr Adams told Spolight that he co-operated with the RUC/PSNI investigation. A Shame Fein spokesman said that the “interests of victims of sexual abuse are always paramount”. “In our opinion these  matters for investigation by the police and open court and not trial by media.” The spokesman said if the BBC had information it should refer it to police. Mr Nesbitt said on Tuesday he had spoken to Chief Constable George Hamiliton and asked for “his assurance that the police will investigate fully and appropiately the extremely serious allegations in tonights programme”. “I recognise Mairi comes from a family at the heart of Irish Republishism but this transcends political allegiances and strikes at the heart of what sort of society we want to build,” she said.

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 A JUDGE has deferred passing sentence on a notorious paedophile who admitted trying to look up schoolgirls’ skirts 

PICTURE: Justine Kernoghan

•GUILTY: Robert John Liddle (65) leaves Newtownards Magistrates Court during an earlier court hearing

Robert John Liddle pleaded guilty to outraging public decency in February this year by “committing an act of lewd, obscene and disgusting nature and outraging public decency by deliberately placing yourself in a position to look up the skirts of schoolgirls”. A prosecuting lawyer said security staff at a Tesco supermarket in the Newtownbreda area of South Belfast became suspicious of Liddle and watched him track a group of schoolgirls as they walked past him. The 65-year-old, from Moorlough Road in Lisnaskea, Co Fermanagh, could be seen on CCTV trying to look up the skirts of two school-girls in their early teens wearing school uniforms as they went up the stairs. Security staff alerted police and told officers that he had “regularly attending the store”. Once described as a “high-risk” paedophile, Liddle is on a three year sexual offenders rehabilitation probation programme after he breached a Sexual Offences Prevention Order by going without permission to a swimming pool at a Ballycastle caravan park in July 2011.

Liddle, who has convictions for sexually abusing children as young as six, was described in 2000 as a “danger to young girls” when he was jailed for two years for indecently assaulting an 11-year-old and put on the Sex Offenders’ Register for 10 years. However, he also has previous court appearances dating back to 1983 and 1990 when he sexually molested a 12-year-old and a girl of seven during his work as a gardener. Revealing that Liddle was in his way to a probation appointment at the time of his latest offence, Downpatrick Crown Court Judge Gordon Kerr told him that in five months there was a glowing probation report proving that he was “actively participating” in a treatment programme designed to address his deviant offending, he would suspend the two-month jail term he was minded to impose. He warned the pensioner, however, that if he reoffended, breached any of the court orders he is under or simply turned up for his counselling sessions and didn’t fully participate, he would go to jail.

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