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Farah Baker, Palestinian teenager tweets real-time bombing in Gaza: “I might die tonight” |

Resist attacks on our right to be political, message I will read at tonights 32CSM speaking tour event

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Comrades and friends
As you all know last Wednesday, our comrades from Ireland were illegally detained and turned back at the airport due to the fact that the 32CSM is a proscribed organization in the United States. This decision was taken at a higher level for the purpose of silencing them and there message about the reality of Ireland.Despite the fact that the 32CSM is not proscribed here, US law was used and imposed on this territory to silence people and censor the political discourse. Here in so called Canada this decision has serious ramification not just for the Irish solidarity movement but for all people who call themselves political. The imposition of American law on this territory is a dangerous precedent that no only undermines so called Canadian Sovereignty, which at this point is a joke, but sets the ground work to criminalize many from those engaged in Cuban…

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Anti internment group of ireland: who is Anti internment group of ireland???

Prison officials who assist MI5 not accountable to Justice Minister

Ombudsman speaks to The Irish News

PRISON officials who assist MI5 with “national security” duties are under the direct control of the Secretary of State and not Justice Minister David Ford, it has emerged.


Questions were last night being asked about the accountability of prison staff who work alongside MI5 in Maghaberry prison, the north’s biggest jail. MI5 are not answerable to either locally-elected politicians or any independent watchdog. The prison service last night said staff involved in “non devolved matters” are responsible to the Secretary of State. It is unclear if prison service staff involved in “national security” work are accountable to the Prisoner Ombudsman whose office was set up in 2005 to handle prisoner complaints. Asked if he was concerned about the matter during a wide-ranging interveiw with The Irish News, ombudsman Tom McGonigle said: “In a theoretical world, yes; in the real world no, because it has not been brought to my attention.” Mr McGonigle said that while he was aware of concerns about MI5’s role, his powers to investigate complaints are limited. “I’ve heard about it anecdotally,” he said. “It’s never come to me as a complaint, nor could it. “There would be a question for me first of all  about jurisdiction.” 1518317_263750407137011_967114406_oOne republican prisoner, Gavin Coyle, pictured on the right, from Omagh in Co Tyrone, claims that he has been deliberately held in isolation in the prison’s punishment block for the last three years and during that time MI5 has attempted to recruit him as an informer several times. Earlier this year he and other republican prisoners in Maghaberry held a temporary hunger strike to highlight his demands to be moved to the prison’s republican wing. It is understood prison authorities claim he is under threat from other republican prisoners – a claim denied by them. Concerns about MI5’s role and management of prison staff has previously been raised in a report by the Committee on the Administration of Justice. ‘The Policing You Don’t See’ report says a decision to make Prison Service staff dealing with national security information “temporarily answerable” to the NIO and not the “devolved service” was to give “MI5 confidence that Prison Service staff could handle such information”. CAJ spokesman Daniel Holder, last night said: “We have also had concerns for sometime at the behest of MI5 which also removes the accountabilty chain for prison officers when they are working on undefined ‘national security’ issues and transforms them into ‘Officers of the Secretary of State’, answerable instead to the NIO. “We have no idea how this works in practice and the purposes to which it is put.” Ulster Unionist assembly member Tom Elliott said within a policing world, extended to include prisons, there was strong oversight arrangements. “From time to time, national security will take precedence. There will be issues that need to be dealt with by national security and in general terms, I would support that,” Mr Elliott said.

With many thanks to: Connla Young, The Irish News.


MAX HASTINGS: I’ve always loved Israel but this brutality breaks my heart | Mail Online

Francis Makey of the 32CSMs full speech for July 26th Celebration

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On behalf of the 32 County Sovereignty Movement I would like to thank those who have invited us to address you here today. I wish to send revolutionary greetings to the people of Cuba and South Africa and through them greetings to all oppressed peoples struggling for freedom and human dignity.

I particularly want to send solidarity greetings to the people of Gaza whose criminal blockade and military persecution by the Israeli government continues unabated. We are with you.

Like Ireland, Cuba has lived in the shadow of an imperial power. That shadow has cast a nefarious influence on the well being of the Cuban people for decades. And like Ireland also South Africa has endured institutionalised discrimination as a means to attain and retain political power in the hands of a minority.

But just like Ireland, the Cuban and South African people have developed resilience to oppression and isolation…

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