The People’s Monument

Extramural Activity

In August (2022), Saoradh Doire (web) and the Derry IRPWA (web) unveiled a new memorial to the Derry Brigade IRA/Briogáid Dhoire Óglaigh Na hÉireann on the green at the Fahan Street turn which it is calling “the people’s monument” (Derry Now) perhaps in parallel with the series of murals by the Bogside Artists called “the people’s gallery” (Visual History page).

In the centre is a Derry Brigade roll of honour with 42 names; on the left is a role of remembrance of naturally-deceased óglaigh and activists, including Geordie McGilloway who worked on the nearby hunger strike memorial (An Phoblacht); on the right is a list of the deceased twentieth century hunger strikers, beginning with Thomas Ashe.

“This monument is dedicated to the people of Derry City who have resisted & still resist the occupation of our country by Britain…

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The war in Ukraine (1) – picking sides

Sráid Marx

Imperial War Museum

“What appears to characterise (opportunist) practice above all? A certain hostility to ‘theory’.This is quite natural, for our “theory”, that is, the principles of scientific socialism, impose clearly marked limitations to practical activity–insofar as it concerns the aims of this activity, the means used in attaining these aims, and the method employed in this activity.It is quite natural for people who run after immediate “practical” results to want to free themselves from such limitations and to render their practice independent of our “theory”.However, this outlook is refuted by every attempt to apply it in reality.”

Rosa Luxemburg, ‘Reform or Revolution’.

A year after the Russian invasion of Ukraine the clear and hard division in the socialist movement can hardly be said to have mellowed.  The escalation of western involvement has not caused supporters of Ukraine to miss a beat in their support, despite initial indications that…

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Coyle readmitted to Labour despite sexual harassment warning as well as racist outburst

Starmer welcomed Bermondsey and Old Southwark MP back into party this week – but well-known racist comments toward British-Chinese journalist were not Coyle’s only transgression Neil Coyle, left, and Keir Starmer There was widespread outrage among Labour members this week after the the Starmer-led party’s decision to readmit him as a Labour MP, just a […]

Coyle readmitted to Labour despite sexual harassment warning as well as racist outburst

Kildress Woman Accidentally Breaks Lent By Eating 8-Pack of Wagon Wheels

Tyrone Tribulations

A Kildress seamstress has tweeted the Vatican asking for pardon after she accidentally ate eight Wagon Wheels whilst watching the TV on Thursday night.

Winnie McGurk (57) who sews curtains for the Pink Pussycat and Glenavon hotel, revealed that it didn’t dawn on her that she’d broken her Lenten promise 8 times in 2 hours due to how engrossing Emerdale was.

McGurk admitted:

“I couldn’t believe it. It wasn’t until I looked into the camera on my phone that I realised I’d broken it, eight times. I had chocolate all over my chin and cheeks. And then I looked at the wrappers on the floor and realised I’d eaten the whole pack. So I tweeted the Pope straight away and hopefully he’ll understand it was a massive mistake on my part.”

This is not the first time someone from Kildress broke their Lent in recent years. In 1997, Seamy Loughran…

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Defender Of Europe

Extramural Activity

As the Visual History page on the role of Cú Chulainn makes clear, in PUL muraling and iconography, Cú Chulainn serves as the “ancient defender of Ulster”, and the B Specials, UDR, and loyalist paramilitaries – originally the UDA but recently also the UVF –then fit into that tradition. Using Cú Chulainn as a precursor for service in the Ulster Division of WWI is unique to the panels on Highfield green, five of which are devoted to the hero Cú Chulainn and four – two on each end – refer to the Great War.

The five Cú Chulainn panels are (from left to right) Boy Warrior, Hound Of Ulster, Sheppard’s statue, Hero Warrior, and Defender Of Ulster – all shown individually in this post.

On the far left, there are two panels showing Messines tower and a few lines from a Ronald Lewis Carton poem Réveillé (though given a more…

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We Will Always Be Ready

Extramural Activity

There are three hooded gunmen on the main panel of this new installation along Conway Street, Belfast, and the side panel is a gallery of 14 photographs of hooded gunmen, flanked on either by two more hooded gunmen.

Please note: the photograph above has been photoshopped for colour. The true colour (orange) can be seen in the wide shot, below.

“No. 5 Platoon, attached to ‘A’ Company, 1st Belfast Battalion, Ulster Volunteer Force, was formed at the onset of the conflict, and was eventually to become one of the most active Units with the Organisation. The Platoon was formed to fulfil one role, the defence of the Protestant community on the Shankill Road, in the wake of increasing, indiscriminate, Republican gun and bomb attacks. To counter these sectarian, murderous incursions, No. 5 Platoon devised a daring strategy, which would see its Volunteers strike at the very heart of the Republican…

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300% Increase In Disallowed PIP Awards

According to Tom Pursglove DWP Minister For Disabled People, 42,000 claimants lost their PIP Personal Independence Payments) awards in 2021 because they allegedly failed to return their AR1 PIP review forms. This has caused an astonishing unexplained increase of almost 300% in just two years. Theres a strong probability that many of the claimants that […]

300% Increase In Disallowed PIP Awards

#OTD in 2002 – The film ‘Bloody Sunday’, directed and written by Paul Greengrass, won the coveted Golden Bear award at the Berlin Film Festival.

Ten international judges praised the British-Irish co-production, which drew cheers when it was screened, for “its extraordinary authenticity”. The award was greeted with strong applause from critics. The jury chairman, the Indian director Mira Nair, said the film captured “the urgency and intention of being part of a historic struggle”. Bloody Sunday director Paul Greengrass…

#OTD in 2002 – The film ‘Bloody Sunday’, directed and written by Paul Greengrass, won the coveted Golden Bear award at the Berlin Film Festival.

The politics we need: former Labour policy director on Keir Starmer – and the Tories

This is a video worth watching. Former Labour Director of Policy Andrew Fisher has provided his opinions on Keir Starmer’s decision to unilaterally ban Jeremy Corbyn from standing for election as a Labour candidate again, on Starmer’s Labour generally, and on UK politics and the timidity of its politicians. It’s a meaty interview, and you…

The politics we need: former Labour policy director on Keir Starmer – and the Tories

Rishi Sunak is giving Ukraine long-range air weapons. What will Vladimir Putin do?

Rishi Sunak is taking a huge gamble. He has promised to give Ukraine long-range air defence weapons, along with jet fighter planes, to allow that country to better defend itself from Russian aggression. And he wants Russia’s warlords to face justice after peace is brought about. But what kind of peace will we get? Sunak…

Rishi Sunak is giving Ukraine long-range air weapons. What will Vladimir Putin do?
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