Peace Process Hero George Mitchell Mired In Epstein-Maxwell Paedo Scandal….

The Broken Elbow

Yukk! You can read about it here……No wonder he was so eager to get out of Belfast!

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A Song For ‘The Disappeared….’

The Broken Elbow

You can hear it here….. with thanks to TBG

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Irish Bouncers Asked To ‘Go Nuclear’ On Children Trying To Enter Pantomimes

Tyrone Tribulations

Bouncers up and down the country are currently being re-trained to brutally deal with persistent children who may attempt to gain entry to pantomimes during the festive season, including smelling young-looking people’s breath for Farley’s Rusks, turfing them into the air, roundhouse kicks and checking for nappies.

Following the news that the Irish Health Minister has recommended that children should not attend their favourite pantos this year, bouncers have been told to ‘full metal jacket’ on any children trying to access theatres, with police on hand to confiscate Haribos and Fruit Shoots as an initial deterrent.

In a trial run near Navan, seven 4 to 6-year-olds were unceremoniously booted out onto the road after trying to gain access dressed as dwarves for the Snow White matinee.

Witness Kathy Hearn explained:

“It was like something out of a horror show. There were children flying through the air like fireworks. To make…

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Exclusive: Benefits watchdog wants tougher punishment for jobless and disabled claimants after DWP bungles new sanctions system

Westminster Confidential

New sanctions to be imposed in Jobcentres

From November 3 the Department for Work and Pensions introduced a new tough regime for people claiming the new Jobseekers Allowance and the Employment and Support Allowance. They will like those already on Universal Credit have to sign up to a ” claimant commitment ” to undertake whatever work coaches at the DWP demand from them to get a job, Failure to do so leads to a rising number of financial penalties ultimately leading to the withdrawal of all benefits.

The new regulations like the ones dealing with domestic abuse should have been scrutinised by Parliament but the main body that vets them is the little known Social Security Advisory Committee,(SSAC) a watchdog which is expected to see whether the benefit regime is fair and equitable.

Minutes and correspondence released by SSAC show that it has been doing its job since September and…

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Statement from Ireland against Fascism regarding latest harassment.

Ireland against Fascism

It is with a heavy heart that I write this, but it needs to be said. It’s needed to be said for some years now to be fair. My name is Charlotte O’Sullivan (Twitter handle IrishRebel1965). I am one of the admins of Ireland against Fascism. This will be my last post/tweet as part of that team for reasons I will share here in this blog.

A woman by the name of Fiona O’Leary (Twitter handle fionapettit71) has been harassing me since July 2019. Her deeply disturbing obsession is alarming. She had continually named me as an admin of Ireland against Fascism (IAF) to the point that I had to tweet about it on my own account in an attempt to stop her bullying. As you must always stand up to bullies.

Because I did so and she had nothing to hold over me any longer, she then came after…

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Protestant Action Force defend burning of bus

MJS Writing

In an explosive interview, the ‘Protestant Action Force’ who claimed responsibility for the hijack and burning of the bus in Newtownards yesterday showed no remorse for their actions and threaten more is to come.

Interviewed in a secret location as they try to evade arrest after the incident yesterday, they doubled down on their opposition to the NI protocol and dismissed any suggestion of remorse.

Q. Do you feel your actions hijacking and burning a bus were justified?

“Well, we’re not sorry for what we’ve done. Not only will this show the E.U. that we mean business, we’ve also really put Newtownards on the map. We’ll no longer be called the Sewer of North Down. Now we will be known as the epicentre of P-U-L opposition to the NI protocol.”

Q. How do you feel about the trauma and distress caused to the driver during the attack?

He should be…

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Tweet from Kevin Meehan (@Seachranaidhe)

Kevin Meehan (@Seachranaidhe) Tweeted:

Boris Johnson Sneaks Across Armagh Tyrone Border To See Sam & Dazzler McCurry

Tyrone Tribulations

Sources have confirmed that the English PM Boris Johnson made an unexpected break across the Blackwater in an attempt to catch sight of either Darren McCurry or Sam Maguire, both highly desired icons in the northern hemisphere.

To his delight, Johnson encountered both the Dazzler and the cup in a boutique in Dungannon which McCurry was visiting to get kitted out for the All Star awards in December. The Edendork sharpshooter had coincidentally brought Sam Maguire along to make sure he could lift it when wearing a tight-fitting shirt.

Although no photos exist of the occasion, onlookers described how Johnson persisted in calling McCurry ‘The Dangler’ and dropped the cup five times during a three minute conversation. Johnson proceeded to have a fish supper from a van on the Killymeal Road before heading back to Armagh.

Boris Johnson was in Armagh to commemorate 100 years of Buckfast brewing in Lurgan.

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NI’s 100th Birthday – Steve Bell’s Guardian Cartoon…..

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