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The celebration of the memory of Eddie O’Neill, organised by Friends of the International Brigades Ireland was held in the Dublin Club building of the Irish National Teachers’ Union on 5th August, attended by many of his friends, relatives and comrades.

Eddie died 27th July 2021 but the commemoration had to be postponed until Covid precautions permitted a gathering of many of those who wished to attend, although messages were also received from those who inevitably could not attend this event.

Maureen Shiels opening the event (Photo: D.Breatnach)

Opening the event, speaking in Irish and in English, Maureen Shiels said that although Eddie was sorely missed, the proceedings were intended to celebrate the life of FIBI’s honorary President, with talks, reminiscences and music.

Eddie O’Neill had been a member of the Provisional IRA active in England, had been…

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British Soccer Media Ignores Chelsea Fanbase’s Anti-Semitism……

The Broken Elbow

If, like me, you watched the Chelsea vs Spurs Premier League match yesterday you couldn’t help but notice the deep animosity of the home fans to Spurs and its supporters.

The commentators could hardly ignore it – the hostility of Chelsea’s fans to those who support Spurs is a regular feature of games between the teams at Stamford Bridge – but explaining it was a different matter, since to do so honestly would be to admit that there is something rotten at the heart of this part of the Premier League.

Conveniently the two managers, Spurs’ Conte and Chelsea’s Tuchel, were both awarded red cards at the final whistle as one celebrated the result (Conte) and the other (Tuchel) lamented it, so the behaviour of the Chelsea fans could be assumed to be an extension of that rivalry. No need then to dig deeper to explain the special, deep hatred…

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‘Sinn Fein Moves To Centre’ – Another Media Spot As Election Nears…….

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Fair play to the Dublin-based media for keeping a wary eye on Sinn Fein’s rightward lurch as a general election in the South gets closer. It is encouraging to see the press at least doing its job – although none of what is happening will surprise this writer or the more devoted of his readers – and the latest to join the business of hard-nosed Shinner watching is The Irish Examiner’s political editor Daniel McConnell in this piece published today.

Here is the article for those unable to link to the Examiners site:

Daniel McConnell: Is Sinn Féin moving to the centre as it prepares for power? 
Pearse Doherty and other senior party members have been increasingly interacting with major businesses and employers. Picture: Gareth Chaney/ Collins Photos

Tue, 09 Aug, 2022 – 07:00

Daniel McConnell, Political Editor

News that Sinn Féin’s Pearse Doherty and other senior party members have been increasingly interacting with major businesses and employers may not be…

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‘UDA threatened to break arms of girls (13) for touching bonfire’.

At Last Some Truth-telling About SF And Being In Government……

The Broken Elbow

Comes courtesy of Harry McGee in The Irish Times today (Sat, Aug 7):

For those without a subscription, here it is:

For Sinn Féin, the reality of government won’t be change, it will be compromise

Sinn Féin’s rhetoric is populist but is not achievable in government

By Harry McGee

In the early 1990s, a representative of one of the ratings agencies arrived in Dublin to meet experts and academics while reporting on how Ireland was performing economically. Among those he met was a senior political journalist. A general election was imminent and the opinion polls were suggesting that the Labour Party would do well.

The ratings agency guy said it seemed to him from the election rhetoric that a Labour-influenced government would fundamentally alter the course of Irish economic policy. The journalist dismissed the suggestion out of hand. “Labour is not going to change anything. No matter who is in…

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Release the Noah Donohoe files!

Wall mural for Noah in Belfast Policing played a central role in the long sectarian conflict in the north of Ireland. Political policing today presents huge challenges linked to community trust in and the legitimacy of the PSNI in the eyes of society as a whole. Lingering challenges remain made worse by underfunding and a […]

Release the Noah Donohoe files!

The Orange Order’s “Graduated Response” and Julie Duggan. Julie Who?



A couple of days ago  DUP leader Peter Robinson, UUP leader Mike Nesbitt, TUV leader Jim Allister, PUP leader Billy Hutchinson and Ian McLaughlin of the Ulster Political Research Group issued a statement:.

There will be a graduated unionist response involving the Orange Institution, the PUL (Protestant Unionist Loyalist) community and political unionism.


The Orange Order and its concerns are now front and centre in unionist politics.

All Unionist/Loyalist parties   paid court to self-styled “Grand master” Stevenson and his brethren at the Order’s new headquarters


and left it to the Order to craft a statement summing up proceedings and setting out demands, saying   the ‘graduated response’ would “become more obvious as the days and weeks roll out”. There was no indication what form the pan-unionist action would take.No one seems to have any idea what it’s all about.


grandmaster stevenson

Self-styled ” Grandmaster Stevenson” decided the…

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The Day The IRA Sacked Freddie Scappaticci…..

The Broken Elbow

Freddie Scappaticci, one of the most effective and notorious British spies to infiltrate the IRA during the Irish Troubles, was, according to well-placed republican sources, drummed out of the IRA in 1993, a year before the first IRA ceasefire, after the IRA’s spy-catchers, the Internal Security Unit (ISU), demanded that the then Chief of Staff allow them to investigate the seven-man Army Council for evidence of treachery.

Both Gerry Adams and the late Martin McGuinness were members of the Council at this time and stirring up internal turmoil as such an investigation surely would have, could only seriously complicate the journey to peace they had started, which would culminate with the Good Friday Agreement, the winding down of the IRA and the decommissioning of the bulk of its weapons.

But the IRA’s military leader, Kevin McKenna, enraged by the ultimatum, called the ISU’s bluff and sacked the entire spy catcher…

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