Oglaigh na hEireann yesterday (17 May) claimed responsipbilty trough the media for a gun and bomb attack on British police operating in the Twinbrook area of West Belfast. An attack which by all accounts forced a panicked PSNI unit to scramble along the ground for cover before retreating from the area altogether, albeit only for a few hours.


Wednesday’s was the latest in a series of OnhE claimed attacks on Crown Forces in the Belfast area since the beginning of the year, attacks which have demonstrated a capacity for utilising mobile phone detonation, mortar capacity, under car booby trap technology and now a clear abilty and intent to engage ‘face to face’ with the armed forces of the British State.

RNU has made their position on ‘physical force‘ quite clear ( See our A-Z Section), follow the link at the top of this page, it is a legacy issue borne from Britain’s insistence on maintaining its presence here by force. While claiming the right to hold a critical analysis on the political suitability of each and any republican armed action, we refuse to join in the hypoctrical chorus of condemnation from those that choose to ignore the fact that the overwhelming bulk of armed actions in Ireland are still carried out by the British state.

Day and night – and directed by MI5 – a heavily armed British PSNI literally stalk Irish Republicans and their families with hostile intent. In West Belfast, despite the best attempts from Sinn Fein and others to portray them as an accountable non-partisan force, so-called PSNI ‘community officers’, Armed Response Units and Tactical Support Groups all participate in the daily harassment of republican activists.

Families are followed constantly by PSNI patrol cars and Jeeps. Veichles and individuals are subjected to humiliating searchs on the roadside, in school grounds while collecting children, at work, and in the home during raids which are conducted on a whim and often in random retaliation for one incident or another.


But on Wednesday afternoon in broad daylight, the macho posturing of the British Police was deflated in Foxes Glen, when the same PSNI officers refused to engage with Irish Soldiers, instead opting to crawl along the ground to find cover. According to local people they used family cars and wheelie bins to hide behind, then scurried along footpaths in a clear state of panic before speeding out of the area, leaving the ground to Oglaigh naNa hEireann.

PSNI while under fire hid behind cars.
PSNI while under fire hid behind cars.

Later a compliant media reported on the almost compulsory presence of school children ‘playing in the area’, a claim disputed in the ONH statement and indeed not borne out by the fact that it was 1pm on a school day.

Sinn Fein claims as to ‘no susupport’ for ONH in the Twinbrook area appear to hold no water and raise the question as to why that party needs to continually repeat this well rehearsed mantra, not to mention their obviously hypocritical new position on armed actions.

Republican veterans will confirm that attacks such as that which occurred on Wednsday cannot take place at the level which they have (and there have been numerous such attacks in the Twinbrook area) without a degree of local support. Indeed for four years or more the population in the Twinbrook district have increasingly relied on ONH to face down Anti-Community elements in that area, in full knowledge that the PSNI have no interest in Anti-Social Criminality, except as a means to recruit and manipulate local youths.

Indeed the apparent response which ONH made to requests for intervention from the community may well point to their increasing levels of support and successes in Belfast and seeming inability of the PSNI to disrupt their efforts as they have done to other like mindedONHbomb_25032013-300x168 republican groupings.

At the begining of January OnhE admitted trying to assassinate a serving PSNI officer at his home in East Belfast by placing an UCBT underneath  his vehicle. In early March three more PSNI officers had a narrow escape at the Duncre towpath along the M5, when an ‘anti-personel device exploded close to them. According to both the PSNI and republican sources the IED was detonated using Mobile Phone Technology. In a statement from the British PSNI, Detective Chief Inspector Karen Baxter said “Had this device exploded as intended we would’ve had fatalities this morning,” she said. “There was a significant degree of planning involved and this was a sophisticated device”.

Less than a week later Oglaigh na hEireann aimed what they termed to be a ‘MK1, 10KG’ Mortar at New Barnsley PSNI Barracks in West Belfast, it appears that British Army Bomb Disposal Uuits were able to disable the device before it was launched. That attempted mortar attack in itself, – alongside the appearance of Mobile Phone Detonation Technology a week earlier – shines a further light on the ongoing crisis which the British PSNI are facing in their losing battle to defeat Militant Irish Republicanism in the Belfast area, and the extents to which they will go to cover-up that crisis.

Last July the PSNI assisted by dubious figures in the world of journalism, did their best to discredit a claimed OnhE gun and Horizontal Mortar Attack on a PSNI patrol, which took place along the Glen Road, again in West Belfast. According to the Oglaigh na hEireann statement, one of their Active Service Units (ASU) had fired at (with a rifle) and hit a passing PSNI jeep. Which was driving along the Glen Road in the early hours of July 27th 2012. As another jeep sped to the scene, they used Mobile Phone Techonology to detonate a Horizontal Mortar Device which fortunately for the British Police appeared not to leave its launching tube at full velocity.

Despite video footage (as above) of the attack being released to the Irish News, the PSNI – assited by former Sunday World journalist Suzanne Breen – spent the following week attempting to discredit the Oglaigh na hEireann claim. Firstly they pointed to the absence of the unexpolded mortar and the launch tube (ignoring the  possibilty that an ASU unit would retrive such objects for forensic reasons) and then relied on a PSNI statement which claimed that ONH lacked both mortar capacity and the ‘ability to detonate using mobile phone techonology’! A prolonged attempt was then made to discredit ONH by claiming that the attack was in fact a staged ‘hoax’.

It is now however (with both the M5 and Ballygomartin attacks) that both mortar capacity and mobile detonation capacity did exist, the carpet has arguabily been pulled from under the feet of the conspiracy theorists, pointing to the fact that the Glen Road attack probabily did occour just as ONH claimed. What is equally clear is that the PSNI have found themselves incapable of infultrating or significantly disrupting the activities of Oglaigh na hEireann (no charges have arose from any of these attacks) perhaps suggesting that the prudence of that group last year (maintaining their own autonomy) was well based.


Whatever the operational capabilities of Oglaigh na hEireann and the PSNI’s clear inability to defeat their efforts, what is missing from the equation is a debate within the wider republican family as to the long-term merits of physical force, Its benefits, its drawbacks and the price which the movement and its supporters pay in terms of Gaol time and harassment.

Republican Network for Unity would call on the wider republican and socialist family to consider the holding of such a debate, free from an atmosphere of schism and based only on the realities of cold hard facts.

posted by Charlie.

Jarlath Toner ( RNU ARMAGH )

Posted on behalf of RNU.

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