Review of Frazer-linked organisation ongoing


CONTROVERSIAL: Loyalist campaigner Willie Frazer was linked to the Family Research and Policy Unit (FRPU)

A REVIEW into the funding of a group linked to former loyalist victims’ campaigner Willie Frazer has yet to be completed. The Victims and Survivors Service (VSS) withdrew its backing for the Family Research and Policy Unit (FRPU) last May. The service was supposed to provide funding to community and voluntary organisations which deliver “support and services in a wide range of areas including health and wellbeing and advocacy support”. The FRPU, which is based in Markethill, Co Armagh, has received more than £542,000 in funding from VSS since 2015. This cash was allocated on a quarterly basis between 2015 and 2019.

Markethill stands with suspected Pedophile Prince Andrew

Before the funding was cut concerns were raised with VSS in relation to public comments made by Mr Frazer by relatives of people killed during the Troubles. Mr Frazer, who died last June, was an outspoken campaigner for loyalist victims and often made wild claims on social media. He previously came to prominence with victims’ body Families Acting for Innocent Relatives (Fair) in South Armagh. Controversial Pastor Barrie Halliday, a former UDA member who was Mr Fraser’s friend, has also previously been linked to the FRPU. In a statement VSS last night said it “provides funding to organisations on a quarterly basis, covering a range of costs associated with staff, administration and project delivery”. “Following cessation of funding expenditure has been reviewed and a significant element has been confirmed as eligible,” a spokeswoman said. “We are continuing to work through final queries, to conclude on eligibility of the remaining expenditure, and to determine whether any claw back is required.” BBC Spotlight revealed that Willie Frazer – a prominent campaigner for IRA victims – was secretly supplying UDA boss Johnny Adair with guns smuggled in by DUP-linked Ulster Resistance. Those guns were then used in massacres of innocent Catholics.

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Pastor Barrie Halliday on new charge of intimidation of a witness

Pastor Barrie Halliday has been charged with improper use of public electronic communications

PASTOR Barrie Halliday has been charged with intimidation of a witness, the Sunday World has learned.

The controversial cleric was arrested by police at his homeoutside Bessbrook in South Armagh last Friday. Halliday, who is a pastor at the Five Mile Hill Pentecostal Church, was taken to the RUC/PSNI custody suite in Lurgan and questioned about the alleged intimidation of a witness and the misuse of electronic media before being charged. It is understood the alleged new offences relate to a second social media post on June 17th and it follows Halliday’s previous arrest last week when he was also charged.


Halliday  – a one-time pal of IRA victims campaigner Willie Frazer – is facing a string of charges after he allegedly made racist remarks on social media. Now he’s been hit with further charges after he posted a second item last Saturday 13th June. The two social media items – which has since been removed from the internet – were posted on a Facebook page once operated by Willie Frazer.

Willie Frazer on the far left one of the British terrorists responsible for the Dublin/Monahan bombings among other serious terrorist offences

Last night, Halliday confirmed he had been arrested and charged, but he declined to go into any detail. The Pastor also revealed he had declined to any detail. The Pastor also revealed he had been ordered to refrain from using social media or electronic communication. Yesterday Saturday 20th of June the RUC/PSNI  said:  “A man has been charged with the improper use of public communications and intimidation of a witness. “The 52-year-old man is scheduled to appear before Newry Magistrates Court on July 8th.”

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DUP’s Donaldson briefed Frazer during Haass talks

McGuinness claim comes as DUP admits briefing flag protester

DUP negotiator Jeffrey Donaldson briefed controversial loyalist Willie Frazer during the Haass talks on flags, parades and the past. The Lagan Valley MP confirmed to The Irish News that he discussed Richard Haass’s draft proposals with the high-profile flag protester as the end-of-year deadline approached.


However, Mr Donaldson said he did not speak to fellow loyalist Jamie Bryson and that nobody from the party had contact with him. Orange Order representative Mervyn Gibson, who was part of the DUP’s negotiating team, also insisted that he spoke to neither Mr Bryson nor Mr Frazer, who faces a series of charges connected to Union flag protests last year. Similar charges against Mr Bryson were dropped in November. The DUP has yet to give its verdict on Dr Haass’s seventh and final draft proposals. Senior party offices are expected to meet within days. Mr Bryson, Mr Frazer and fellow flag protester Jim Dowson were present at the Stormont Hotel talks venue during the days leading up to Dr Haass’s deadline. An outspoken critic of republicanism, Mr Frazer was a founding member of the Protestant Coalition party last year and made headlines in 2012 last year after confusing an Italian flag at a Co Tyrone primary school for an Irish tricolour during an online rant. It was reported on Monday that Mr Bryson also claims to have been shown Haass proposals by unionists as they sought to gauge loyalist opinion. However, the Ulster Unionists have also dismissed suggestions that they had contact with Mr Bryson – or Mr Frazer. “I know absolutely nothing about this claim,” UUP negotiator and former party leader Tom Elliot said. Mr Donaldson said it was a “matter for the parties” to decide who to consult with. He insisted that at no point did he share any draft documents with a third party. “Any discussions we had were of a verbal nature,” he said. “We would have had discussions about the issues contained in this Haass document.” Mr Donaldson said Mr Frazer did not have an effective veto on any of the document’s contents and that made its decision not to sign up to the deal” on the basis of its own assessment”. He said the negotiating team had heard the views of interest groups. On Monday night the UUP said the Haass propasals are “not viable and not acceptable” after a meeting of its executive. Party leader Mike Nesbitt said it was up to the first and deputy first ministers to “clear up the obvious mess that has been created” from the process they had initated. Shame Fein’s Martin McGuiness on Monday claimed that elements of the Orange Order and extreme loyalism were setting the parties agenda.

‘Adopting negotiating strategy which is driven by these negative elements is a huge mistake – Martin McGuinness.


The final Haass proposals were published on Monday in an abridged format on the Panel of Parties website. The full 40-page document has been available on the NI Executive website for the past week. “As political leaders we have a responsibility to all citizans to deliver,” Mr McGuinness said. “I have concern that the agenda for both unionist parties is being set not by this requirement but by the needs and demands of the Orange Order.” The Mid Ulster MLA said “elements of the Orange Order and extreme loyalism” did not wish to see agreement and that they were hostile to the idea of a shared future. “Adopting a negotiating strategy which is driven by these negative elements is a huge mistake,” he said. Mr McGuinness called for “political leadership” and said the vast majority of people in the north wanted to see progress. He said negotiations had concluded and that the only purpose in establishing an all-party working group wa to “ensure the implementation of the document as it stands”. An Orange Order spokesman said it had engaged positively with the Haass process and outlined its position through face-to-face meetings and separate submissions on parading, flags and emblems and the past. He said the issues discussed in the document were difficult to resolve and the order hoped a “fair and balanced resolution” could be found. “Despite losing 337 of our members as a result of terrorism, predominantly through violence orchestrated by the PIRA, we remain committed to playing our part in making the North of Ireland a better place for everyone,” the spokesman said. “In return, all we ask for is respect and tolerance for our culture and traditions.” The order spokesman said the deputy first ministers remarks were a “shabby attempt to deflect attention away from his own murky past”. “Mr McGuinness would be better served to come forward and tell the truth, for the sake of all innocent victims and the justice they deserve, regarding the heinous crimes inflicted by republicans,” he said. On Monday Dr Haass published the ‘fact sheet’ on his proposals. “The draft agreement would leave the people of the North of Ireland considerably better off than they are today by tackling the difficult issues that continue to divide society,” he said.

Conflict legacy proposals set out

(Very rare footage of Gerry Adams in 1969-1970 who claims he was never a member of the PIRA)

ARGUABLY the most complex issue facing the North of Ireland has been how it deals with the legacy of a 30-year-conflict, with competing narratives of what happened and victims demanding truth and justice after more than 3,000 unsolved murders.

FRAZER: IRA men’s families should pay for bullets used to kill them

‘I am shocked, especially at this time when we are supposed to be dealing with the past that there’s still an attitude like that – Brian McGirr.

RELATIVES of two IRA men murdered and shot in the back by the SAS in Co Tyrone have expressed shock after loyalist campaigner Willie Frazer said they should be “charged for the rounds the soldiers used”.


Colm McGirr (23) and Brian Campbell (19) were murdered in a field on Cloghog Road near Coalisland where an arms dump had been discovered in December 1983. The Irish News this week revealed that a report for the police Historical Enquries Team had found that the Provisional IRA members had been shot in the back. Their familes now plan to sue the British government over the findings, which appear to contradict accounts given by the undercover soldiers who said the men were shot dead while pointing weapons at them. Leading flag protester Willie Frazer (53) posted a picture of the article on the Protestant Coalition Facebook page. An accompanying message read: “The family’s [sic] of these terrorist scum (one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter) say they will sue the government, because the SAS shot them. I say charge the family for the rounds the soldiers used on the tramps. Or at least they need to say sorry to the innocent victims. If they like to make a check (sic) payable to William Frazer to show remorse for what the two scum did I will past it on to the innocent victims. And I think the SAS men should get a medal for the good work they did.”

The Protestant Coalition was launched as a political party last April with Mr Frazer and other prominent flag protesters among its leading members. Its Facebook site describes it as aimng “to secure parity of esteem for the Protestant, Unionist and Loyalist people of Northern Ireland”. Colm McGirr’s brother Brian (58), from Coalisland, on Wednsday night said he was deeply shocked by the remarks. “We have suffered just as much as any other family, as much as the families of soldiers or policemen,” he said. “My mother is 95 at the minute and she has suffered just as much as any other mother. “To come out with stuff like that, it’s just unbelievable.” Mr McGirr said both families fully support the peace process and political efforts to tackle contentious issues such as addressing the past. “I am shocked, especially at this time when we are supposed to be dealing with the past that there’s still an attitude like that,” he said. “Any mother of any soldier, we wouldn’t have that attitude towards their families.”

With many thanks to: Brendan Hughes, The Irish News.

Frazer completes ‘charity bed push’ without a bed !

LOYALIST (half wit) flags protester Willie Frazer completed his ‘charity bed push’ yesterday – without a bed. The victims’ campaigner was joined by about 20 people as they walked through North Belfast.

Willie Frazer is a dick

Mr Frazer plans to hold illegal parades without notifying the Parades Commission. He says he has been left with no choice. The 53-year-old, who faces charges in relation to flag protests, wanted to raise funds for victims to travel to Libya as part of a legal case over the former regime’s support for the IRA. However, the commission noted that no street collection permit had been applied for by the organiser and it would therefore be illegal for money to be collected along the route. The commission banned the walk from passing Ardoyne. Instead it stopped at Hesketh Road. Police attended to ensure that the event obeyed the ruling. Mr Frazer said the bed push had been turned into a political event by the commission. “It was an opportunity for them to deal with a charity event in the right way but they didn’t do that and that’s why we didn’t bring the bed – we’ll do that when we do our walk properly,” he said. “Their mindset is that if you’re a Protestant and you have a cause, they will defy you. “We’re not going to give any more pre-warnings. There’s no point. We’re just going to turn up in places where it will be controversial.


Paisley, McKeague and Seawright among famed users of emotive words.

POLITCIANS playing to their constituency with colourful and emotive rhetoric is uusually regarded as an asset. Renowned orators like Michael Collins and Winston Churchill delivered words in a manner that instilled awe and great loyalty among their audience.


Throughout the Troubles – and even before 1969 – the North of Ireland‘s politicians have enjoyed employing aggressive and provocative language when speaking in public. One of the most notorious incidents occoured almost 50 years ago when big Ian Paisley demanded the removal of the Irish tricolour from Division Street in West Belfast. He warned of riots if the RUC did not heed his call, but the violence the relatively young Free Presbyterian preacher predicted was avoided after a police operation to remove the flag. Over subsequent decades the former DUP leader’s language sailed close to the wind on many occasions but never were his words deemed so offensive that they resulted in arrest. However, his East Belfast loyalist associate John McKeague did face prosecution for a hate crime over the written word rather than an inflammatory speech.

The 1971 publication of Loyalist song book and its inclusion of anti-Catholic lyrics saw McKeague brought to court but ultimately acquitted after the proesecution failed to convince the jury of his intent. McKeague was shot dead a decade later by the INLA. In perhaps the best known episode of inciting sectarian hatred Belfast DUP councillor George Seawright was pprosecuted in 1984 when he made provocative remarked during a meeting of Belfast Education and Library Board. The loyalist, who like McKeague was later gunned down by the INLA offshoot, described Catholics who objected to the singing of the British national anthem “fenian scum” and suggested they should be burnt in an incinerator. Although he denied making the comments, Mr Seawright was prosecuted and received a six-month suspended sentence. The era of social media means the opportunities for people to go beyond what is deemed acceptable is much greater. The court restrictions around using Facebook and Twitter placed on loyalist flag protesters Jamie Bryson and Willie Frazer reflect a recognition of the potential by political and community leaders to incite their followers through.

With many thanks to : John Manley, The Irish News.


The social and political chaos surrounding the Twelfth has become a comedy goldmine for internet satiristsBrendan Hughes looks at the lighthearted online reaction to the North’s volatile parading season.

THE news this week has been dominated by the Twelfth and its violent aftermath. But amid the alarming scenes of disorder on the streets and heated political debate at Stormont, many people have managed to see the funny side.

Loyalists Against Demacracy (LAD)

Events surrounding the Twelfth have provided an irresistible abundance of material crying out to be mocked and parodied. And most of this northern satire has devoloped online, through social networking websites. From flag protester Willie Frazer‘s latest arrest to the towering loyalist bonfires, Facebook and Twitter users have eagerly made light of the north’s annual parading season problems. One picture of a Twelfth rioter being flushed from atop a police Land Rover by water cannon has become a mini internet sensation, wwith numerous different parodies. ‘Loyalists Against Democracy’ (LAD), which was set up late last year during the Union Flag protests in Belfast, pictured above, is one of the north’s most popular satirical Facebook pages with more than 3,000 followers. Its team of voluntary contributors have entertained a poster for a fake electronic cigerette called the ‘e-fleg’, which enables loyalists to “display their Britishness” with “a harmless vapour”.

They also created pictures of Egyptian pyrmid-sizes bonfires and Willie Frazer superimposed into a poster from the TV show Breaking Bad. “People have accused us of inventing Willie Frazer because they think he’s an actor that we hire. He’s a great comic creation,” said a Belfast-based contributor to the Facebook page, who did not wish to be named. “The Twelfth has provided too much am

munition almost. There’s too much to keep up with.” Derry-based satirical Facebook page ‘Pure Derry’, which has more than 14,000 followers, created an image for the Twelfth showing William of Orange driviking a forklift in front of a bonefire. “The whole concept of shifting tyres and pallets I just find incredibly amusing,” the page’s creator and main contributor said. “The reaction has been great. It’s so specialised that it’s a very quirky sense of humour.” Comedian and prominent Twitter user Jake O’Kane gained hundreds of new Twitter followers during the Twelfth due to his tweets. “The problem with being a political satirist in the North of Ireland is that you just have to open the paper and repeat what is said. It’s farcical,” he said. O’Kane said social media has allowed many more people to get involved in political satire. “With social media now everybody can be a political satirist, or try to be,” he said. “It has been opened up a lot more so it seems that it has exploded but it has always been there in the background. “The nice thing about it is that there would be people who wouldn’t have the b***s to go up on stage but they now have a voice.” But the Belfast-based comedian warned that some social networking attempts at satire can become childish and abusive. “If you look at a lot of of social media unfortunately it’s the lowest common denominator. It’s like any new technology, it’s as much abused as used,” he said.

With many thanks to : Brendan Hughes. The Irish News.

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Cumann Sean MacEachaidh

The Repatriate Michael Campbell Campaign.

1st July 2013.

Organised and mobilized. (Ard Mhacha Abú)

Armagh’s emphatic 2-21 – 0-02 victory over Wicklow at the Counties Athletic Grounds yesterday was not the only locally cultivated success in the city to be lauded.

Up to 30 members of The Repatriate Michael Campbell Campaign exploited the influx of GAA supporters and media personnel in to Armagh and staged a picket and information point highlighting the denials of Michael Campbell’s human rights, rights as an Irish Citizen and his right to come home and to serve his sentence on Irish Soil.

Over 3000 leaflets were distributed to an extremely responsive crowd and the campaign group were inundated with requests from both sets of supporters and neutrals, for further information and contact points for the future.

Local MLA’s Councillors and MP’s attending the game accepted leaflets from the group who covered all entry points to the stadium. All those who we interacted with, were respectful and courteous and when implored to consider the campaign most, if not all, committed to do so.

Today saw cohesion succeed with activists from all over county Armagh connecting and it is these efforts that will prove most successful in the weeks to come. We cannot thank all of those who helped out today enough.

It must be remembered, not diminishing Armagh’s victory, that this was a Qualifier and not billed as a Major Championship game, however the response was magnificent and we can now expect even greater things to follow on our next outing, so join in and become a part of this campaign as it rolls out.

The official campaign leaflet text is available to copy and paste on this page, or the actual leaflet and generic posters are available and can be printed from here.

This is a good cause and it will result in a victory for Human Rights. Share in that victory. Bring Michael Campbell Home!! (12 photos)



”Hero Jim Bryson would turn in his grave if he knew he was linked to that loyalist

Baby faced Super Prod Jamie Bryson is a direct relative of the IRA’s most fearsome killers, we can reveal. The Bangor loyalist is related to Provo martyr and his namesake James Emerson Bryson.

This is the dark family secret Bryson has been keeping tight lipped about throughout his recent Union flag campaign. In August 1973, Jim Bryson, who was regarded as one of the IRA’s top gunmen, was shot and fatally injured by British soldiers in his native Ballymurphy. The Sunday World investigation has discovered the IRA hero was the first cousin of Jamie Bryson’s grandfather Walter Bryson. Described by Gerry Adams “as a dear friend”, Jim Bryson was regarded as a ruthless operator. His formidable reputation was well earned – he is known to have escaped from custody three times. On one occasion he jumped from the back of a Saracen armoured car where he fought soldiers with his fists to break free. The second time was when he and six other IRA internees swam to freedom through the frozen waters of Belfast Lough from the prison ship Maidstone. The third time was from the underground passage that linked Crumlin Road jail to the courthouse.


PROTEST: Jamie Bryson went on a very short hunger-strike

Using a smuggled pistol Bryson and another prisoner, who were both facing arms charges, overpowered warders, stole their uniforms and escaped outside. Bryson was the only one who evaded capture and manged to make it to the Shankill Road where he stopped a car and asked for a lift to the Falls Road. Jim Bryson’s now legendary actions are at odds with wee Jamie’s recent form.

He was arrested by cops eaearlier this year cowering in the corner of a loft at his pastor’s Bangor home. The baby-faced loyalist, who is currently facing charges relating to the flag protests, subsequently went on hunger-strike which lasted less than half a day. During an online Twitter spat earlier this year Jamie Bryson Jr made his dwellings clear on the IRA and loyalists paramilitaries. “Loyalists were not terrorists. The IRA were the terrorists,” he posted. “I would not view the UVF as terrorists.” After Jim Bryson Snr’s death Gerry Adams in his book described how he advised his chief lieutenant to keep a low profile. “I had argured with Jim very earnestly…. that he needed to keep his head down; things had changed from the time he could wander around the Murphy at will,”. But the late Brendan Hughes, quoted in journalist Ed Maloney’s book ‘A Secret History of the IRA, had a different view. “Byrson didn’t trust Adams, because he had never fired a shot,” “He was such a hard bastard, and I think Adams was basically frightened of him.” According to Maloney in the early years of the troubles, Bryson’s weapon of choice was a vintage Lewis Machinegun.



He used the weapon to break the IRA’s 1972 ceasefire when he, along with Brendan Hughes and Tommy Tolan, opened fire on British troops in Lenadoon, in West Belfast. Bryson was also a feared sniper who used an Armalite rifle fitted with a telescopic sight.It was this gun that British intintelligence believe he killed a number of soldiers and policemen. His death created a huge outpouring of grief from his fellow Ballymurphy republicans who later created a mural in his honour. So powerful is the IRA legend’s legacy that republican leaders still refereference his importance to the struggle. At the 2001u unveiling, three years after the Good Friday Agreement, Gerry Kelly told the gathered crowd to remember Bryson and his fellow IRA man Patrick Mulvenna, who was killed alongside him. “None of us can speak for Jim or Paddy and say what they would think of the situation today. “But at the time they were leaders of the struggle and they led with courage and imagination.”


Described as the by the battalion officer of the British Army unit that killed him as “a cunning ruthless killer”, Bryson was much loved by his family and the wider community in Ballymurphy. To this day an annual commemoration is held for him and Mulvenna. The British Army’s own account of the armambush said it “destroyed arguably the best Provisional ASU in Belfast and disposed of two dangerous men in the North of Ireland.” A source close to James Emerson Bryson told the Sunday World the IRA man would be aghast to discover any relative of his was a loyalist. “If you had told him that a direct descendant of his and his namesake would turn out to be a wee loyalist scrote like that he would drop down dead.” “He must be turning in his grave.” Fellow flag protester Willie Frazer described the news of Bryson’s lineage as “a turn up for the books.” When contacted by the Sunday World a horrified Bryson denied any connection to the IRA man, whose father Albert was a brother of James Bryson the father of Walter Bryson…. Jamie’s grandad.

With many thanks to : Eavan Murray, Sunday World.

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Frazer’s Facebook account suspended !

Loyalist posted image of DoE letter for removal of memorial.

LEADING loyalist Willie Frazer has had his Facebook account suspended after posting an image of an official letter from the Department of the Environment (DoE) call  the removal of a memorial to the victims of the Kingsmill massacre.

Willie Frazer’s Facebook account suspended

A notice threatening legal action was sent to the owner of land on the Kingsmill Road, Bessbrook, on which a large stone memorial to 10 Protestant workmen shot dead by the IRA in 1976 has been built. Environment minister Alex Attwood was forced to appologise after officials from the department threatened action unless the structure, which has no planning permission, was removed. The minister said the letter should never have been sent and the matter would be “fully checked out”. However, a complaint was sent to the social networking site after the DoE letter was posted online. Mr Frazer placed a scan of the correspondence on his Facebook page, which has over 1,000 followers.

Looks like Willie’s page is back up and running again.

The south Armagh man, who is presently on bail in relation to the loyalist flag protests, was admitted to hospital yesterday after taking unwell. He had been arrested on Monday on suspicion of breaching his bail conditions by being in the vicinity of a protest at the former Maze prison site. Mr Frazer’s wife Ann said yesterday that he was being held in hospital overnight after taking unwell, saying he had been “manhandled” during his most recent arrest. Paster Barrie Halliday said yesterday that Mr Frazer’s social networking page had been suspended following a complaint. “Whilst we very much welcome Alex Attwood’s apology it is obvious that someone else involved in that department isn’t at all happy and has complained about the image on the letter,” he said. A spokesman for the department said they had not asked for the closure of the Facebook account.

With many thanks to : Allision Morris, Irish News.

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