Ballymurphy Massacre March for Truth


Seosamh O Bradaigh > Ballymurphy Massacre support group for truth

The Ballymurphy Massacre Families will be participating in the Exhibition on the history of Internment, Family members will be present to tell their story, the story behind the photography exhibition will also be on display.

Ballymurphy Massacre March for Truth

Location: Starts Springfield Park

Date: Sunday 11th August 2013

Time: assemble 1.30 pm

You are invited to join the Ballymurphy Families on our 2013 March of Thruth as we revisit the locations where our loved ones were murdered .We invite all NGO‘s to take part and promote to all their members .We ask those effected by state violence please bring along photo’s of your loved ones and campaign banners .

Photos from Seosamh O Bradaigh’s post in Ballymurphy Massacre support group for truth ·

Man arrested in connection to RAAD vigilante attacks

A man has been arrested in connection with paramilitary attacks in Derry.

Police say the 56-year-old was arrested earlier today (Friday).

The PSNI also came under attack by petrol bombers during a search of a house in the Creggan area of the city.

“A number of items have been seized for specialist examination including a quantity of suspected Firearms, believed to be similar to those used in attacks in the city,” a PSNI spokeswoman says

It is understood the arrest is in connection to the activity of vigilante group Republican Action Against Drugs (RAAD).


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A FORMER SOLDIER who was discharged from the army after being injured in Afghanistan subjected a terrified women to a ” ghastly…. cruel and callous” sex attack in North Belfast.This was the fourth women Gerald Verner had physically and violently assaulted.

The judge said the 23 – year – old was a danger to women and jailed him for seven years. Judge Gemma Loughran told him his victims statement ” Is a chilling account of a ghastly experience, a very cruel and callous series of attacks by you “. She said it would be up to the parole board when and under what licence conditions he would be released under and added that he would serve an extra three years on that licence. Last month, just before his 20-year-old victim was due to take the stand Verner, from Forthriver Park in north Belfast, pleaded guilty to charges that he sexually assulated, falsely imprisoned, threatened to kill and caused actual bodily harm to the women on February 6th last year.

The court heard Friday 23rd March 2012 how he took the women prisoner in his Forthriver Park home and that during the terrifying ordeal, he sexually attacked her, threatened to kill her and punched and kicked her in the face. Verner suffered permanent hearing damage in a road side bomb in Afghanistan. In jailing Verner, Judge Loughran said he had ” violated her dignity ” and that it was a ” seriously aggravating factor ” that this was his fourth female victim, although she accepted it is Verner’s first sex crimes. She also imposed an indefinite Sexual Offences Prevention Order barring Verner from ever contacting his victim or her family, living at any address without approval, changing his personal circumstances such as address, Job or car ownership wihout prior approval or from entering a new relationship without telling his designated risk manager.CONVICTED RAPEST

Friends Of Irish Freedom Inc.

FOIF has been under a siege of attacks by a group of ppl claiming to be Republicans. They threatened FOIF in October & November 2010. This is the same group of thugs that took sealed envelopes for POW families and opened them and removed money raised in the USA. They began an attack on FOIF 48 hrs ago on the FREE MICHAEL CAMPBELL fb pg. Many ppl saw it. When we decided to NAME & SHAME they suddenly deleted their crude posts.FOIF will not tolerate ruthless attacks and slander made by thugs pretending to be Republicans. Our record stands on it’s own merits. We have been around a lot longer than these phonies. One can only conclude they are doing the work of Ireland’s enemy. End statement.


A global march to Jerusalem is being planned. On March 30th, The Land of Palestine Day, people from all over the world are planning on converging on Jerusalem and Israeli
embassies to draw attention to the discrimination of Palestiniansin Jerusalem and make a constructive effort to end the occupation through peaceful means.East Jerusalem is my family’s ancestral homeand I have many cousins who still live there today.I wish I could go to this! FREE PALESTINE!
~ Nader Jalajel
 — with Gabriel Nikolovski and Joe Sugrue.

A Summer To Get Paralytic


01 July at 08:00 – 01 September at 03:00

Your Local Parks/ Bars or Clubs


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Drink as much as possible……and see how much you remember when september rolls round.

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Petition: Stop Israel hosting UEFA U21s Championship

Petition: Stop Israel hosting UEFA U21s Championship

CAMPAIGNS / Posted by Administrator / Thursday, 24th February, 2011

Sports Boycott

Historically, the sports boycott effectively sent a message to Apartheid South Africa that the international community did not accept her racist policies. The sports boycott tool can be used to send a message to Israel.

Most sports competitions sign up to the doctrine of ‘fair play’ yet they allow Israel to take part in these competitions despite the fact that Israel routinely continues to impede Palestinian sportsmen from the same participation. Sports boycott, like the cultural boycott exposes Israel’s violations on an international platform, preventing Israel’s efforts to falsely portray itself as a normal state.

Sign Petition to stop Israel hosting UEFA U21s 2013

Israel has been awarded the privilege to host the UEFA U21 Championship 2013. We would like you to sign the petition, which we will send to the President of UEFA, Mr Michel Platini to reverse its decision.

We, the undersigned ask UEFA to reverse its decision to grant Israel to host the UEFA U21 Championship 2013. Historically, the sports boycott effectively sent a message to Apartheid South Africa that the international community did not accept her racist policies. We would like UEFA to reverse its decision to send a message to Israel that civil society around the world does not accept its Apartheid policies and that it should end its illegal occupation of Palestine.

Sign the Online petition

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