Indignant UVF veterans vow to get rid of drug dealers until management cleans up group

Anger is escalating at the leading of the terror team for failing to crack down on drug sellers in the organization. Main of Staff members John “Bunt” Graham is dealing with mounting phone calls for motion, and in spite of assurances he is identified to weed out drug sellers, he has failed to protect against […]

Indignant UVF veterans vow to get rid of drug dealers until management cleans up group

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Two Harrods workers face jail for attacking homeless man (51), who died later

“Larger than life” Desmond O’Beirne died six months after being fatelly punched. (Image©copyright: MET POLICE)


Two men who worked in Harrods are facing jail after they admitted attacking a homeless man in Trafalgar Square who later died.

Desmond O’Beirne, 51, was filmed running away from agency workers Lucas Antunes and Luis Abella near the National Gallery on 3 June 2017 before he was floored with a single punch.

He died from a head injury six months later.

Antunes pleaded guilty to manslaughter and Abella admitted attempted assault.

Antunes was extradited from the United States to face the manslaughter charge.

Mr O’Beirne, who was homeless, had asked the pair for a cigarette.

When they said no, he allegedly threatened to “shank” them.

But in CCTV footage, Mr O’Beirne was moving away from the pair when Antunes, 21, floored him with a punch in the head, and Abella, 22, appeared to kick him.

A spokeswoman for Harrods said the pair were not staff but worked for a company which did in-store demonstrations.

The attack in Trafalgar Square was caught on CCTV (Image©copyright MET POLICE)

Lucas Attuned (left) and Luis Abella admitted attacking Mr O’Beirne (Image©copyright MET POLICE)

Mr O’Beirne died on December 20 last year.

Antunes, of Tottenham, north London, pleaded guilty at the Old Bailey to manslaughter earlier this month.

His co-defendant Abella, from Lambeth, south London, previously pleaded not guilty to manslaughter. He admitted attempted assault occasioning actual bodily harm on Friday.

The pair will be sentenced at the Old Bailey on 8 February.

Earlier this year, police offered £20,000 to anyone who could help them track down the culprits.

Mr O’Beirne’s sister, Vivienne Folan, previously said she was “devastated” by the loss of her “larger than life” brother.

With many thanks to: BBC England for the original story.

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Provisional Irish Republican Army (PIRA).

Provisional Irish Republican Army (PIRA)

The structures of PIRA remain in existence in much reduced form. This includes a senior leadership, the ‘Provisional Army Council’ (PAC), and some ‘departments’ with specific responsilities. At lower level, there are some regional command structures. At this lower level, some activity takes place without the knowledge or direction of the leadership. We do not beleive the group is actively recruiting. The group took part in decommissioning between 2001 and 2005 but continues to have access to some weapons. PIRA has not conducted organised procurement of new weaponry in the period since the last IMC report of 2001. PIRA members believe that the PAC oversees both the PIRA and Sinn Féin (Shame Féin) with an overarching strategy. We judge this strategy has a wholly political focus. PIRA members have been directed to actively support Sinn Féin (Shame Féin) within the community including activity like electioneering and leafleting.

PIRA on training exercise in Ireland

Some PIRA members are involved in gathering information of interest to the group including details of DR (dissident Republican) activities and the attempted identification of covert human intelligence sources (MI5), (undercover British Army) and (SAS). A small number are involved in the storage of remaining weaponry in order to prevent its loss to dissident republicans. Individual PIRA members remain involved in criminal activity, such as large scale smuggling, and there have been isolated incidents of violence, including murders.
The investigation into the murder of Kevin McGuigan is still ongoing;

Catholic Protestant Dissenter

However, we judge that the assessment put forward by the Chief Constable in his public statement on 22nd August remains accurate. The group is not involved in targeting or conducting terrorist atracks against the state or its representatives. There have only been very limited indications of dissent to date and we judge that this has been addressed effectively by the leadership.

Irish National Liberation Army (INLA).

Irish National Liberation Army (INLA) guard-of-honor at the funeral of Peggy O'Hara - mother of INLA hunger-striker Patsy O'Hara.

THE structures of INLA remain in existence but there is little indication of centralised control from the leadership. As a consequence, groups accross the North of Ireland operate largely independently of each other. There are indications that INLA is attempting to recruit new members. The group decommissioned weapons in 2010 but continues to have access to some weapons. There have been some efforts to redirect INLA towards community initiatives and a small number of members have taken roles in republican politics with the Irish Republican Socialist Party (IRSP).

Members of the Irish National Liberation Army (INLA), prepare to fire a volly of shots over the coffin of the late Peggy O'Hara

However, INLA members have continued to be heavily involved in criminality including extortion, drug dealing, distribution of stolen goods and fraud.
INLA has also been responsible for paramilitart-style assaults and intimidation attacks against alleged drug dealers. These activities have a significant impact on the local community.


Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF)/Red Hand Commando (RHC).

Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF), Preparing For Peace - Ready For War

THE structures of the UVF remain in existence and there are some indications of recruitment. A top leadership sets strategy for the group but there are lower levels of leadership who have some independence in decision making. The group took part in decommissioning in 2009 but continues to have access to some weapons.

Red Hand Commando (RHC) a cover name that was used by the UVF.

The UVF leadership has attempted to steer its membership towards peaceful initiatives and to carve out a new constructive role. A small number have taken up roles in the politics with the PUP.
However, a large number, including some senior figures, are extensively involved in organised crime including drug dealing, extortion and smuggling.


The UVF are involved in conducting paramilatary style assaults. In some cases UVF members are heavily involved in violence and crime.
The UVF leadership is committed to transforming the purpose of the group to community focused initiatives but have only limited control over the activities of its membership.

Ulster Defence Association (UDA).

Ulster Defence Association (UDA) with members posing at one of their many wall murals. Remembering their dead.

THE UDA structures remain in existence but have become increasingly fragmented. The organisation is split in a number of geographical areas, each with its own structures which act almost completly autonomously.

The UFF ( Ulster Freedom Fighters), previously used as a front (cover name) for the UDA, no longer exists.

Ulster Freedom Fighters (UFF).

Organisation decommissioned in 2010 but continues to have access to some weapons. There are some indications of recruitment. There are members who have continued to steer the group into positive community based activism. However, others have been resistant to change and remained active in criminality and violence. Individual members and senior figures within many UDA areas are involved in organised crime including drug dealing, robbery, extortion and the distrubution of conterfeit goods.

Ulster Defence Association (UDA).

There has been an increase in paramilitary activity in the North Antrim area resulting in a murder (Brian McIlhagga) for which a murder investigation is ongoing.
The UDA leadership are committed to transforming the group but have only limited control over its membership.

South East Antrim UDA

South East Antrim UDA (SEA UDA)

SEA UDA remains a separate entity from the mainstream UDA. It retains structures similar to those within the mainstream UDA and its membership is engaged in the same types of criminal and violent activity.

During the Union Flag protests in 2012 individual members were believed to have been involved in serious disorder in the Carrickfergus area.

South East Antrim UDA (SEA UDA)

Loyalist Volunteer Force (LVF)

The late Billy Wright founder of the Loyalist Volunteer Force (LVF) and murdered in the Maze prison by the INLA

THE LVF exists only as a criminal group in Antrim and Mid-Ulster.

With many thanks to: The Irish News.

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