Ulster Veneer Force (#UVF) and the #UDA have joined forces they must be sharing the same dental surgery’s

Councillor calls for NI offensive law change over UVF and Parachute Regiment flags on sale


‘OPEN YOUR EYES’: Are loyalist paramilitaries mainly the UVF to blame for flooding the streets of Belfast with their drugs?.


UVF warns of ‘winter of discontent’ if Uk PM Liz Truss fails to supply UVF underneath NI offer

Paramilitary group adopts wait-and-see method as Trus can take business office at No. 10 Terrorist leaders have manufactured it very clear that tearing down the disputed Irish Sea border is a minimal necessity – if not fulfilled, they will acquire to the streets. The paramilitary has adopted a wait around-and-see tactic as Truss normally takes […]

UVF warns of ‘winter of discontent’ if Uk PM Liz Truss fails to supply UVF underneath NI offer

The PSNI/RUC have made plenty of loyalist arrests but none of the loyalist arrests of UVF activities has resulted in any being charged with belonging to a proscribed organisation (two-teir political policing)


UVF prisoner who warned of ‘loyalist violence’ over NI Protocol dies following illness.


UVF – LVF – PAF – UDA – UDR – RUC – British Secret Service – MI5 – MI6

Call for removal of militarist mural at Belfast football grounds

Irish resist attempt of paramilitary gang to use sport to recruit youth Disturbing new hoarding featuring masked UVF gunmen has appeared next to the home ground of Crusaders Football Club. The mural, bearing the logos of the UVF and the paramilitary group’s “youth wing”, the YCV, appeared at the Irish League ground last month. The […]

Call for removal of militarist mural at Belfast football grounds

Pregnant woman forced to flee Co Derry home after loyalist sectarian attack.


Jamie Bryson dressed up for Halloween 🤤🤤👻👻☠

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW | Woman who passed information to terror gang before murder says ‘I didn’t do anything wrong’.


Son of leading UVF Chief has all charges against him dismissed in paramilitary show-of-strength at Pitt Park.


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