The Late Bro Rev RR Kane LLD

◾ONE of the more interesting graves in the guide Dara Barrett’s Memory Lane Tour of Belfast City Cemetery is that of Reverend Rutledge Kane.

Kane was Church of Ireland rector of Christ Church on Durham Street and County Grand Master of the Orange Lodge in Belfast.

But he was also a fluent Gaelic speaker and, as a strong advocate of the Irish language, he was an active member of the Gaelic League.

Born in Omagh in the years preceding the Irish famine, Kane followed in his father’s footsteps in choosing the ministry as a profession. As rector of Christ Church, he served the staunchly loyalist people of Sandy Row who regularly fought pitched battles with the Catholics of Durham Street.

The Kane Memorial LOL 890 (pictured) is based in Sandy Row and is named in his honour

His memorial stone (pictured in the featured image) which was paid for by the Orangemen of Belfast, describes Kane as a ‘loyal Irish patriot’. Unlike their present day counterparts, the Orangemen of 100 years ago didn’t see the Irish language as a threat.

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