And I was taken off air by RTE for saying that Gregory was a sectarian extremist

This Gregory Campbell…👇 😬

One person in this photo voted for the Protocol and said it was an opportunity👇👇

Fuck the DUP

Two others have been recorded praising the Protocol and openly stating it wasn’t a threat to the union

Now they’re raging because a Judge agreed with them

Welcome to unionism 👍

“The DUP portrait of themselves as defenders of the GFA is enough to make a cat laugh enough to cough up a hairball.”~Fionnuala O’Connor☕️🥐

An excellent & accurate if not sobering piece by Fionnuala O Connor.

So many of us who want to share power & build peace across this island continue to look for a spark of genuine reconciliation from our neighbours that sadly may not materialise!

We must keep trying…

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‘Ooh ah up the ‘Ra’ singing ‘Ooh ah up the ‘Ra’

DUP only damaging itself through desire to shift the goalposts on Irish unity

Ian Paisley’s fantasy legislation only continues party’s trend of weakening the Union as perception grows that reunification is looking more likely

Belfast artist Brian John Spencer’s take on DUP MP Ian Paisley’s suggestion of a border poll supermajority bill

The most compelling reason to believe that Irish unity might happen is not that nationalists are likely to win a border poll, but that a hapless unionism might lose it.

Ian Paisley Jr is not a stupid man, but this week he set out a monumentally stupid idea.

(1) Ian Paisley Jr is not a stupid man, but this week he set out a monumentally stupid idea. In attempting to strengthen the Union, he weakened it – just as the DUP has been doing for years. The episode confirms Jamie Bryson’s role in directing DUP policy.

(2) Cartoon of Ian Paisley’s hapless attempt to move the goalposts on Irish unity drawn yesterday at very short notice by the outstandingly talented @brianjohnspencr.

Jacob Rees-Mogg Says It Could Take 50 Years To Reap The Benefits Of Brexit | HuffPost

Brexit Sea Border

No Hard Border on the Island of Ireland[0]=18743&tl_period_type=3&mc_cid=35652ed74a&mc_eid=fe1f459437

Take a look at this post… ‘UK must accept border on Irish Sea is inevitable, says ex-WTO chief.’.

Boris Johnson: Stormont must be restored so politicians can deliver for the people of Northern Ireland –

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