‘Sam ‘Skelly’ McCrory: ‘Security fear’ at former UDA chief’s funeral that is expected to take place in the North of Ireland ‘.


‘Cleric rejects Dee Stitt’s suggestion that UDA/UFF part of ‘Protestant culture’ as Jamie Bryson announces north Down loyalist is ‘a client’’.


‘Former Lisburn UDA Brigadier Adrian ‘Aidy’ Bird loses press complaint against the Sunday Life. ‘.


‘UDA leader loyalist Dee Stitt head of ‘Homeland Security’ in North Down among five men charged with taking part in an illegal Protocol parade/protest ‘.


DUP supporter and UDA Scumbag Dee Stitt

Watch the video of masked members of the UDA’s North Down Defenders Flute Band taking part in an illegal Protocol protest/parade

Watch the DUP U-turn on the NI Protocol – Never Trust The DUP – DUP Lies!

Row over NI Protocol ‘reinvigorating loyalist terrorist groups’!

Most Favoured Nation: What Does the UK Want Changed? (What Johnson the Clown really wants over the Brexit Sea Border and the NI Protocol)


Take a look at this post… ‘Jamie Bryson has said power-sharing in NI is finished for a long time to come’.


Take a look at this post… ‘DUP gets DUPed once again over the NI Protocol – Where do they go from here? ‘.


Don’t get DUPed like the DUP vótáil Sinn Féin and show the #dinosaurs the #Protocol is going nowhere

Will Sinn Fein unite Ireland? – UnHerd


This is Ireland’s call for Irish Unity
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