1/ Rejectionist Unionism is still grappling with the cold reality of modernity and loss of veto on the affairs and control of the previously subordinated minority, exposing their insatiable need to kettle & police their neighbours as enemies. The anti-GFA Dup have always been

2/ against powersharing.
Brexit offered the opportunity to turn the clock back to pre-1972 supremacist regime hegemony. It backfired spectacularly now Brexit is ravaging unionism itself.
The DUP don’t want any deal. They wanted a border!
They got one, but not the one they wanted.

3/3 The mindset has landed us all with the inevitable confirmation that bigots themselves are incapable of understanding.
That this place is a failed political backwater stewing in the stale juices of empire & sectarianism, an experiment receiving its last rights in real time.

L.A.D & The Loyalist Lie

The Stormont Circus, LADFLEG When I first wrote this article in September 2016, I submitted it to a popular political commentary platform believing it to be worthy of consideration for sharing. I didn’t receive a response to my email but was politely told later by one of the editors that my piece was “not academic […]

L.A.D & The Loyalist Lie

Anti-Nationalist Ards and North Down Borough Council have put forward a proposal to withdraw funding for sports clubs with ‘political objectives’.


‘TUV fails in an attempt to block bid of hosting a cross-community event of the international Irish Trade festival ‘.


Part of the jointly orchestrated Loyalist campaign by the UDA/UVF against the Irish Language Act

‘Criticism leveled at former TUV councillor over protest at ‘drag’ storytime event at the Mac’.


I would highly suggest everyone adds these books to their child’s book collection! And Grown ups, you might learn something https://twitter.com/MsCherrieOntop/status/1554242590354055170?s=20&t=GxM9opFIx8uW-vxxHo87uA

No Hard Border on the Island of Ireland


Take a look at this post… ‘UK must accept border on Irish Sea is inevitable, says ex-WTO chief.’.


Vote for Sectarianism, Vote for Hate, Vote to reverse the Good Friday Agreement, Vote for ‘NO’ Sinn Féin First Minister, Vote for No Change, Vote to have no Catholics about the place, Vote to return to the way it was, A Vote for the TUV only shows you never want to move forward! #DontVoteForSectarianism #LetsAllMoveOn

Don’t Vote TUV

Vótáil Sinn Féin and ‘Keep the Brexit parties out’

JIM Allister Throws his weight behind Ulster GAA


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