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This is the story of Tory MP Michelle Mone and that £29m

Strap in, we’re going on a ride from Westminster to the Isle of Man.

EXCL: Suella Braverman was investigated over claims she leaked sensitive details about the Northern Ireland protocol earlier this year.It’s the third leak inquiry into the Home Sec this year.With @kateferguson4

I give you Liz Truss apparently the next British Prime Minister

Never Trust A Tory

The Tories Broke The Economy – Never Trust A Tory!

Jacob Rees-Mogg Says It Could Take 50 Years To Reap The Benefits Of Brexit | HuffPost

Brexit Sea Border

Suella Braverman British Attorney General who advised Boris Johnson to rip up the NI Protocol

Boris Johnson’s Father Accused of “Inappropriate Touching” | Who are the complainants – OI Canadian

Priti Patel

Why Boris Johnson let the EU keep the North of Ireland

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