Derry councillor brands Police Ombudsman ‘toothless tiger with no credibility’ after decision on RUC/PSNI’s Facebook post about Tony Taylor

Tony Taylor

The Police Ombudsman’s decision to take no further action against an officer who used a PSNI Facebook account to comment on the live case of Derry Republican Tony Taylor has been described as “disgraceful”.

Independent councillor for the Moor, Gary Donnelly, said the “ridiculous decision” comes as no surprise from an organisation that “sweeps human rights abuses under the carpet”.

At the end of last year the Ombudsman’s Office confirmed to the Derry News that it had launched an investigation following numerous complaints made against a PSNI Facebook page which posted about the case of Derry Republican, Tony Taylor.

On November 9 of last year, Mr Taylor was due to attend a parole hearing which was postponed. On the same evening, the PSNI Craigavon Facebook page posted a lengthy statement in response to Irish Republican Prisoner News regarding Mr Taylor’s continued imprisonment.

Part of it read: “If you have sympathy with those who talk about ‘internment in 2018’, ask yourself the questions; WHY did the license get revoked? WHY won’t the convicted prisoner make those reasons public?

“It’s not for us or others to do so, it’s for the prisoner to do. Their silence on the matter should tell you what you need to know.

“There is of course a simple alternative to license. Serve the sentence in full first time. Would RSF (Republican Sinn Féin) prefer that? I’m sure a judge would be only too happy to grant the wish of, ‘Actually your worship, I’d much rather just do the full whack first time.’”

The post was subsequently removed and the PSNI passed the matter on to the Ombudsman’s Office.

Mr Taylor was detained in March 2016 after his early release licence was revoked by then secretary of state Theresa Villiers. He was sentenced to eighteen years in jail in 1994 for IRA activity and again for three years in 2011 for possession of a rifle.

No further charges were brought against him and he did not face trial but remained in Maghaberry prison for almost 1,000 days before his eventual release on November 27, 2018.

At the weekend the Police Ombudsman said the investigation had concluded and it found the Facebook post was “neither prejudicial nor breached privacy”.

The statement read in full: “We received a complaint which stated that the Facebook post had included a number of political comments and suggested that it had breached privacy. There has also been public comment that the post was prejudicial to the parole process.

“We have considered these issues and concluded that the post was neither prejudicial nor breached privacy. It referred to information in the public domain while setting out the processes involved in the revocation of a licence.”

‘Public attack’

In response, Cllr Donnelly described the decision as “disgraceful but not unexpected” and questioned past decisions by the Ombudsman’s office.

He commented: “For many in working class community this ridiculous decision is what we have come to expect from this office. The ombudsman’s office is a toothless tiger which has a track record of impotence.

“Whether it’s investigating withholding information about mass murder or inquests, the use of child informers, the targeting of children of Republican activists in aggressive house raids or stop and searches by the PSNI, this office has no credibility.”

He continued: “They operate safe in the knowledge that apart from some faux outrage near election time by constitutional Nationalism their ineffectiveness along with the human rights abuses will be brushed under the carpet so as not to upset the normalisation policy.

“The facilitation of a public attack on Tony Taylor on social media by the PSNI while he was enduring a tribunal lacking the very basic tenants of justice is typical of what passes for so called policing and justice in this failed statelet.”

With many thanks to: Derry Now for the original story

No plans to release dissident prisoner Tony Taylor

SECRETARY of State Karen Bradley has said she has no power to overturn a Parole Commission refusal to release high-profile dissident republican prisoner Tony Taylor.

Mrs Bradley also refused to meet Derry City and Strabane District Council to discuss the case. The Derry man has been held in prison since March 2016 when former Secretary of State Theresa Villiers revoked his early release licence.

He was released under the Good Friday Agreement after being sentenced to 18 years in 1994 for IRA activity, before being jailed for a further three years for possession of a firearm in 2011. However, since his re-arrest in 2016 he has not been charged with any offence.

Earlier this year the council wrote to Ms Bradley requesting a meeting. At a meeting of the council yesterday, officials read a letter from Mrs Bradley in which she said she had no power over a planned Parole Commission review later this year and it would be inappropriate for her to comment on the case. Her response was criticised by Sinn Féin, SDLP and independent councillors.

With many thanks to: The Irish News and Seamus McKinney for the origional story.

Demand the release of Tony Taylor

Tony Taylor, a Derry Republican has now been interned for 7 months.

Tony is a normal family man with a wife, children and responsibilities just like everyone else, he has been interned at the behest of the British Secretary of State in Ireland and has no charge against him, he has no case to answer and he has no trial to face. So why exactly is Tony Taylor in Jail? Why was he taken from his home and placed indefinitely in a prison cell? He certainly doesn’t know why nor does his family or lawyers; his predicament can be summed up with only one word – Internment!

This is a word that in 2016 people are hesitant to use, it has an emotive history in Ireland, where hundreds of people in the 70’s had been wholesale subjected to internment. There are even those who somewhat support Tony who are at pains to avoid using this word when talking about Tony’s case, yet anyone with the faintest knowledge of British abuse again Irish Republicans will know that internment is exactly what Tony is a victim of.

It is no secret that Tony Taylor is an ex Republican political prisoner and indeed is still a proud and active Republican. Tony had served 3 years previously in Jail and was released in 2014. Tony was a member of Republican Network for Unity, a perfectly legal Political organisation and he contributed significantly to the local politics in Derry raising issues such as benefit cuts, prison conditions and policing issues.

It is precisely this, Tony’s politics which has led to his internment. Ireland in 2016 is a cold house for Republicanism, anyone who doesn’t rubber stamp the good Friday agreement is a threat to the state, state sanctioned harassment is a daily occurrence for Irish Republicans and in Tony’s case it would seem to me that the extreme of internment has been used against him to try and make him toe the political line.

Of course we have seen this before, in the last few years a number of high profile interments have taken place such as that of Martin Corey and Marian Price, Tony is just the latest victim and undoubtedly he won’t be the last. The revocation of Tony’s licence is justified ostensibly with the line that he is a “risk to the Public”. Any justification they are using to intern Tony is of course subject to secrecy with neither Tony nor his legal team able to see any evidence against him, which of course means he cannot be defended against any allegations.

The current climate worldwide allows governments to act in this secret and abusive way, the general public are happy to believe that these “measures” are taken for their protection that “they” must have a good and valid reason for doing it and that is as far as their thinking goes. This apathy of the general public is essential for governments carrying out this sort of abuse and so it’s up to us all to highlight to the general public why they should be concerned, such is the apathy that these secret agencies do not even need to go through the bother of creating trumped up charges.

Tony Taylor is a victim of the secret Police and agencies working in Ireland, instead of transparently enforcing the rule of law and being subject to public scrutiny as ordinary police agencies do, their modus operandi is to operate beyond and above the law in order to suppress political dissent, anyone who comes under the scrutiny of the secret police can expect to be arbitrarily arrested and detained without due process.

The internment of Tony Taylor strikes at the very heart of democracy and the right to a fair trial. The use of secret evidence and secret police is not something that anyone would expect in the western world in 2016, yet is going on in Ireland; this should be enough for any citizen to publicly question what is going on.

It is now time that the media investigated this case that those concerned with human rights issues demand an explanation as to why Tony Taylor has been taken from his home and incarcerated due to secret evidence that we cannot see. I question the secret evidence, is there evidence at all? Or is this a well-rehearsed ploy to stifle political dissent?

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

With many thanks to the: Irish Republican News for the origional story.

The DUP and ‘What really happened at Number10’ ?

The DUP said tonight on English News: “All the cliam’s about my party were untrue and unfounded” but my response is “I am very sorry to say she lied”.

Jeffery Donaldson M.P. There are many faces of the DUP but here are just a few.

Ms Foster said she would not ‘negotiate over the airwaves’
The Democratic Unionist Party leader has said she hopes to seal a deal on supporting Theresa May’s minority government “sooner rather than later”.
After meeting the prime minister in Downing Street, Arlene Foster said discussions were “going well” and she hoped for a “successful conclusion”.Apparently a final meeting to approve the deal is set for Wednesday.

An Irish News, cartoon, previously printed. I think it says it all. Really.

But ex-Conservative PM Sir John Major said he was “dubious” about the idea and its impact on the peace process.
The Conservatives are having to rely on the support of 10 DUP MPs after they fell eight seats short of winning an overall majority at the general election.

The Headlines in the News Letter. One of the best selling Protestant newspapers in the North of Ireland (Northern Ireland).

But Sir John told BBC World at One that if the party “locked” itself into a deal with one of the main parties in Northern Ireland, there was a danger the government would no longer be seen as an “impartial honest broker” in restoring the power-sharing arrangements and upholding NI institutions.

Peace in Northern Ireland should “not be regarded as a given”, said Sir John – whose government laid the foundations for the peace process in the 1990s – and nothing should be done to “exaggerate the differences” between the unionist and nationalist communities.

Nigel Dodds M.P. A True Blue, pictured here showing his true colours. This bigot and anti-gay supporter could possibly be the next speaker in the House of Lord’s.

I am “concerned” about a deal with the DUP, says former prime minister Sir John Major
He urged Theresa May to consider governing on her own, saying this would not “carry the baggage” for the Conservatives that an arrangement with the DUP would.

Nigel Dodds M.P. The pictures he wouldn’t want you to see. When he came very close to losing his Westminister seat, but not to worry Nigel there’s always next time.

Sir John suggested the DUP would be asking for money and that would be seen as the “government paying cash for votes in Parliament”, and would be received badly in other parts of the UK.

I think this picture tells it all. The writing is on the wall’s ! Speaks for itself really.

The agreement with the DUP is expected to be very different to the coalition deal agreed between the Conservatives and Lib Dems in 2010, with DUP politicians not getting cabinet jobs and their support for the majority of new legislation to be determined on a vote-by-vote basis.
‘Giving stability’

The lie’s sorry “untruths” being peddled by the BBC. If you really believe their ‘false news’ then you need to open your eyes to the real truth.

The Secretary of State for the North of Ireland, James bronkenshire will not be accepted as impartial to the negiotions on restoring the North of IRELAND institutions. He has to go !!

Asked about Sir John’s comments during a trip to Paris, Mrs May said she was “absolutely steadfast” in her support for the 1998 Good Friday Agreement – which created the Northern of Ireland Assembly – and efforts to revive the power-sharing executive.

The Irish have stood shoulder to shoulder even in London to oppose the Conservitive/DUP alliance.

QMrs May, who has been holding talks with French President Emmanuel Macron on counter-terrorism and Brexit, said the “productive” talks with the DUP were about “giving stability to the UK government that is necessary at this critical time” ahead of the start of the Brexit process.

Theresa May & the DUP will push through so-called extra terrorist legislation and pull out of the European Convention of Human Rights.The Conservite/DUP alliance ‘Do not deserve to be in power’.

Bercow: I’m a Speaker ‘for testing times’
May to meet Macron for anti-terror talks
The clock’s ticking, EU warns UK
Reality Check: Has election changed EU views of Brexit?
Conservative sources said “constructive” progress had been made in the talks and both sides were “working carefully through the paperwork” to complete the deal.

Mrs Foster told the BBC areas being discussed including Brexit, counter-terrorism and “doing what’s right for Northern Ireland in respect of economic matters”.
The BBC’s assistant political editor Norman Smith said the DUP was likely to demand money for investment in Northern Ireland and an end to austerity.

The Conservite/DUP collation will vote through emergency legislation giving the British Securirty Services/MI5 and the British Army ” get out if jail free cards” for past murders. Including those of innocent women and children. No-one should be immune from prosecution including the IRA and it’s leadership.

“At least someone got a landslide” – the PM’s comment was met with laughter
Sinn Fein, whose seven MPs will not take their seats in Westminster, said any deal must be approved by the Northern Ireland executive when it is back up and running.
“Any agreement reached with the DUP – financial or otherwise – cannot be to the detriment of anyone else in our society,” said Belfast West MP Paul Maskey.

The RUC/PSNI, are not accepted in the North of Ireland as impartial. They are the very same police force as before. Anti-Catholic & just as bitter.

Earlier in the Commons, as MPs gathered for the first time since the election, Jeremy Corbyn congratulated Mrs May on “returning as PM” and said he “looked forward to this Parliament, however short it may be”.
The Labour leader joked that he welcomed the prospect of a Queen’s Speech once this “coalition of chaos has been negotiated”, but said if this did not happen, he was “ready to offer strong and stable leadership in the national interest”.

With many thanks to: BBC, for the original story.

Internment Without Trial- Still Happening in the North of Ireland in 2017.

Internment without Trial 2017-No Charges -No Trial -No Justice !

Lorraine  Taylor Speaking at a protest at  Free Derry Corner on Sunday

Lorraine Taylor, wife of Tony Taylor issues an emotional appeal. A protest was held at Free Derry Corner this evening over the continued imprisonment of Tony Taylor.
Mr Taylor was returned to prison in March 2016, on the instructions of the then Secretary of State Theresa Villiers.

Lorraine Taylor wife of Tony Taylor speaking at an earlier protest.

He has remained in prison but has not been charged with any offence.

A two-day hearing took place in Belfast last week to decide whether or not the father-of-three should be released from prison.

However, his release was refused.

Protest outside RUC/PSNI Headquarters in Belfast. At the continued Internment without Trial imprisonment.

In March 2016, the Northern Ireland Office (NIO) said Mr Taylor’s licence was revoked by the Parole Commission because of the risk he posed to the public.

He was sentenced to 18 years in prison in 1994 after he was seriously injured in a premature explosion in Derry.

The Provisional IRA inmate was released under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement.

In 2011, he was then sentenced to three years behind bars for possession of a rifle in a case that made history by using covert surveillance evidence gathered by a drone.

Tony Taylor, Interned Without Trial in 2017 – No Charges – No Trial – No Justice.

The 48-year-old is currently detained at Maghaberry Prison.

However, concerns have been raised by those campaigning for Mr Taylor’s release that his legal team were excluded from hearing evidence against him, which was heard in a closed session.

At the protest at Free Derry Corner this evening, Mr Taylor’s wife, Lorraine, wept as she spoke about the impact that his imprisonment is having on her family.

Mrs Taylor appealed for people to continue to support the campaign to have her husband released.

Among other speakers at the event were Sinn Fein councillor Paul Fleming and Gary Donnelly, an independent councillor on Derry City and Strabane District Council.

Follow this Link to read the whole story:

Among those who also attended the protest was SDLP Foyle MLA Mark H Durkan.

With many thanks to: Derry Now for the original story.

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Theresa May: “Human rights laws could change for terror fight” What she really means is that she will abolish it completely and no longer abide by the ‘European  Convention on Human rights’ this is bad for everyone. Including Ireland, Scotland and Wales!

Theresa May says she will change human rights laws if they “get in the way” of tackling terror suspects.
She said she wants to do more to restrict the freedom of those posing a threat and to deport foreign suspects.
The UK could seek opt-outs from the European Convention on Human Rights, which it has abided by since 1953.
Labour said the UK would not defeat terrorism “by ripping up basic rights”. The Lib Dems said it was a “cynical” move ahead of Thursday’s election.
Rival parties have been criticising the Conservatives over police cuts following the terror attacks in London and Manchester.
Live: Follow the latest developments in the campaign
Last push for votes in election campaign
Manifesto guide: What the parties are promising
Speaking after Saturday’s London attack, Mrs May said “enough is enough” and that “things need to change” in the terror fight.

Nick Clegg tells Today Theresa May’s comments about human rights laws aren’t supported by evidence
Addressing activists in Slough on Tuesday evening, she did not make any specific new policy proposals but said: “I mean longer prison sentences for those convicted of terrorist offences.
“I mean making it easier for the authorities to deport foreign terrorist suspects back to their own countries.
“And I mean doing more to restrict the freedom and movements of terrorist suspects when we have enough evidence to know they are a threat, but not enough evidence to prosecute them in full in court.
“And if our human rights laws get in the way of doing it, we will change the law so we can do it.”
Sources suggest if elected on Friday, Theresa May might consider ideas of curfews, controls on who people can visit and suspects’ access to communications.
More controversially,

Labour has immediately cried foul, claiming another manifesto U-turn, at almost the last minute of the campaign.
Tory sources deny that flatly, saying they would not pull out of the European Convention on Human Rights but instead, seek fresh derogations – essentially legal opt-outs.
Theresa May’s team say she is not, at this late stage, making up last-minute policy, but that the terror risk has changed so fast since the start of the election, that she wanted to make clear that if re-elected she is prepared to toughen the law.
Read more from Laura
In an interview with The Sun, Mrs May said she would also consider extending the time suspects could be held without charge to 28 days, after it was reduced to 14 days in 2011 under the coalition.
“We said there may be circumstances where it is necessary to do this. I will listen to what they [the police and security services] think is necessary for us to do.”
What powers do the police have?
What new anti-terror powers could be used?
The Conservative manifesto committed the party to remaining in the European Convention on Human Rights – which is separate to the EU and which the UK helped to establish after World War Two – for the whole of the next Parliament.
Conservative sources say they would not withdraw from the ECHR but would seek temporary opt-outs called “derogations” from certain aspects.
This could possibly include Article 5 – which guarantees individuals’ rights to liberty and security and the right to a trial “within a reasonable time”, while protecting against unlawful arrest and detention.
During last year’s Conservative leadership campaign, Mrs May said she personally backed leaving the ECHR, saying it made it harder to deport terror suspects and criminals. But she later said she did not believe there was enough support in Parliament for the move.
The Conservatives have said they will reconsider the UK’s human rights legal framework after leaving the EU but that the 1998 Human Rights Act will remain in place until that time. The party has long proposed replacing it will a British Bill of Rights.
Sir Keir Starmer, the former director of public prosecutions who is now Labour’s shadow Brexit secretary, told Today the Human Rights Act “had not got “in the way of what we were doing” during his many years prosecuting serious crime.
He warned against “throwing away the very values that are at the heart of our democracy and everything we believe in”.

Media captionDamian Green tells Today it is possible to have derogations from the European Convention on Human Rights
Labour’s leader, Jeremy Corbyn, said laws were already in place to deal with people, including foreign nationals, who presented a threat and that the government must always act “within the law”.
What is the European Convention of Human Rights?
Judges on the European Court of Human RightsImage copyrightECHR
The ECHR is a treaty between the 47 Council of Europe member states and is intended to protect the human rights of the 822 million people who live in its jurisdiction
All European states, except for Belarus, are members of the convention. It includes right to life, prohibition of torture, slavery and forced labour, and the right to a fair trial
Cases are heard in the European Court of Human Rights, which was established in 1959 in Strasbourg
The cases that European judges rule on include allegations of human rights abuses, discrimination, the improper conduct of trials and the mistreatment of prisoners
Former Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg said the PM was making a “very cynical” attempt to appeal to UKIP voters, telling the BBC “attacking the principles of human rights legislation is not the right way to keep us safe”.
Speaking on Today, he denounced the “explosive claim, free from any evidence, that the problem lies with human rights legislation”, saying the prime minister had a “track record” of making “ludicrous” claims about the impact of the laws.
He said ministers’ focus should be on the fact that one of the perpetrators of the London Bridge attacks had been on a Italian terror watchlist and whether this information had been properly shared and acted upon.
Linking Brexit to security, he added: “I think we need to enhance our use of those EU-wide databases which are proving to be the most sophisticated pool of information about would-be criminals.”
“It would be illegal for 27 other countries in the European Union to share data with us if we in the future, under Theresa May’s plans, rule out abiding by European Union data protection rules.”
UKIP has already backed extending pre-charge detention to 28 days. Their immigration spokesman Jon Bickley said the UK had to “stop being so tolerant of other people’s intolerance”.

With thanks to the: BBC

Ádh mór oraibh -Tony Taylor Now! – Good Luck


Thinking off Lorraine Taylor her children and the entire family circle as they await today’s decision from Tony’s hearing.


A farcical hearing where two days of testimony was given to a closed court by unaccountable British intelligence agency’s . The same discredited agency’s that use every dirty trick in the book to coerce, bully and blackmail vulnerable citizens into becoming informers then throw them to the wolves when they are no longer required or in order to save other agents. The same unaccountable agencies that gave evidence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq that led to millions losing their lives. All lies and an excuse in the name of greed. And yet the great and the good talk about democracy. Ruling by fooling a great British art with great Irish fools to practice on

Check out this link to find out what British PriMe-minSTer will do to our human rights:

Free Tony now!

With many thanks to: Gary Donnelly (Independant councillor, DERRY City.).

A Message from Tony Taylor’s wife Lorraine

Well people that is the hearing finally over thank god .like to thank everyone for there lovely posts and good luck messages .It meant the world I feel very blessed how supportive u all have been to Tony taylor .WE realy appreciate it all just keep the candles lit for 7 more days then it’s decision time .I will let u all know the minute we hear anything thanks again xxx

With many thanks to: Lorraine Taylor.

Upon learning of the news regatding Tony Taylor’s scheduled hearing today Junior McDaid House publicly call on everyone, Republican or otherwise, to support Tony and his family during these difficult times.


At the hearing today Tony was kept in a holding cell while his wife and more specifically his legal representatives were prohibited from entering the court room and were ordered to wait outside while unaccountable British Intelligence officers from MI5 took a full day in closed session to submit their “evidence” against Tony.

At previous hearings held openly and behind closed doors during Tony’s 447 days of internment similar “evidence” was produced by MI5 and various other British Crown Forces personnel which was deemed to be insufficient and unsubstantiated.

Tony will again be faced with the notorious riot squad in Maghaberry tomorrow for a forced strip search, once before he leaves and again upon returning so that he can find out the summing up of his hearing, however Tony will then have to wait a further week to find out the overall decision all the while having never been charged or facing a court.

With political instability amongst the establishment parties and the reorganising & growth of grassroots Republicanism, Westminster have handed MI5 and the un-reformable RUC/PSNI a huge war chest to try their utmost best to quash our spirits but in the words of Bobby Sands, “They have nothing in their whole imperial arsenal that can break the spirit of one Irishman who doesn’t want to be broken”.

Junior McDaid House stands by Tony Taylor and we give our unwavering support to his wife Lorraine and their children in their quest to see their husband and father get the freedom he deserves.

With may thanks to: Junior McDaid House.




Tony Taylor was released from prison in 2014 after having served three years in custody, with four further years on Licence. Tony, as a member of the Republican Network for Unity, contributed to local politics in Derry by peacefully raising benefit cuts, prison conditions and policing issues. Tony complied with the terms of his licence, including reporting his activities to the NI Probation Board.
Tony was detained by police in Derry on October 17, 2015 and interviewed over two days at Musgrave Street Station about alleged republican activity based on MI5 “Intelligence”. He was unconditionally released pending a report to the PPS.
On 10th March 2016 Tony, while out shopping with his wife and children, was taken by the PSNI and returned to Prison. The Northern Ireland Office said his licence was revoked by the Parole Commission because of the risk he posed to the public. Tony’s solicitor, Aiden Carlin, has confirmed that this “risk to the public” was based on an MI5 assessment, and the same “Republican Activity” for which Tony was questioned and unconditionally released in October 2015.
Three weeks after Tony was returned to prison the Secretary of State admitted that her original order revoking his licence had been illegal. The recommendation to return Tony to prison had been made without even contacting the Probation Board. Tony remained in prison.
In July the P.P.S. concluded its examination of the file on his arrest and questioning in October 2015, and directed that Tony would not face prosecution.
Tony Taylor remains in prison for the same reasons of a “risk to the public” for which he has been:
Detained and questioned for two days in October 2015
Unconditionally released by the PSNI
Told by the P.P.S there will be no prosecution.

With many thanks to: Kevin Kinsella.