Maghaberry prisoners drinking hand sanitiser

PRISON chiefs are facing a hand sanitiser shortage as inmates are drinking it!

Alcohol-based solutions are now banned in Maghaberry Gaol maximum security facility after it emerged prisoners were necking it rather than cleaning their hands. The Prison Service has instigated a strict lockdown regime which has seen near zero coronaviris infections, but they now face a problem of sanitiser dependent prisoners. The Sunday World also understands inmates are sniffing it in an attempt to get a hit. The Prison Service has been sourcing hand cleaners that are non-alcohol-based. Prisoners are notoriously innovative when it comes to booze and drugs but when it comes to protection from coronaviris prison bosses have unwittingly handed them access to a free supply of drink.

But with it comes enormous health risks. Consuming products like hand sanitisers is not unique to the current health crisis but has been a current problem. Brand name bottles of sanitiser are at least 60 to 65% alcohol, the equivalent of two shots of 80 proof vodka. Hand sanitiser contains ethanol alcohol as well. This is the same substance within one glass of wine that can create a buzz when you drink it. Health risks include damage to internal organs, vision problems, memory loss and alcohol poisoning.

Unfortunately, there are ways to steer clear of the bad taste of hand sanitiser. Many who abuse the substance have begun adding salt to separate the alcohol from the gel or add in mouth wash to alter the taste. They’ve also begun inhaling it which can also cause serious side side effects and health issues including nausea and vomiting. Prison sources have told the Sunday World that prisoners quickly saw the opportunity. “It’s not rocket science, Alcohol is the magic word,” our source told us. The Sunday World contacted the Prison Service for comment but the was no response.

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THE Prison service has been accused of trying to put out a ‘firestorm’ after it played down a serious fire at Maghaberry Gaol last week.


Sources within the prison say tensions between inmates and staff are at an all-time low as swingeing staff cuts continue to bite. Last week there were two fires started within the jail – one in Roe House and the other in Erne House which jails long term sex offenders. Sources have told the Sunday World they were started deliberately and the second fire in Erne House has caused hundreds of thousdands of pounds worth the damage. However, despite a number of sources telling us that the fire caused mayhem at the prison last Sunday, the Prison Service has played the incident down. We spoke to a number of soucres including prison officers and inmates who told us the fire, which was started in a storeroom at Erne House last Sunday, was a mayor incident. We have been told inmates are feed up with being locked up in their cells 24/7 each day and ran amok at one stage after starting the fire.



“It’s complete chaos in here because threre are few staff on duty which means prisoners are being locked up 24 hours a day,” Said one inmate who witnessed the fire in in Erne House. “The fire started in a storeroom but it quickly spread though the ducts and prisoners managed to get into the Senior Officers room and started smashing lap-tops and other equipment. “It took them six hours to put the fire out and on Monday inmates from Erne House were transferred to Folye House.” But the Prison Service remains adamant that it was a small fire, nobody was injured and there  was no evacution of Erne House. “It’s no surprise that the Prison Service is keen to play down the incidents as senior staff/bosses have continued to come under fire for a staff chris which has been blamed for stoking up tensions inside the jail. Another prisoner source told us: Erne House was built to hold 108 prisioners but it has dozens more in it at the moment and there are so many new recruits leaving the service that officers are struggling to cope. “If there’s not enough staff then inmates are hardly allowed out of their cells because it’s not safe in case they kick off. “This is causing major problems and it’s only a matter of time before the place in case they kick off. “This is causing major problems and it’s only a matter of time before the place completely erupts.” The Sunday World has previously revealed tensions within the prison between the old and new guard with the new prison custody officers earning just over £18,000 – 32366_356798177742003_871891923_nhalf what some of their colleagues are getting paid for doing the same job. Last year we revealed how the Prison Service was facing a staffing crisis as the so-called ‘yellow-pack’ workers were leaving in droves. The Prision Service, under the guidence of Director General Sue McAllister, embarked on a massive restucturing programne aimed at reducing costs while charging the regime by bringing in hundreds of new recruits.

With many thanks to: Steven Moore, The Sunday World, for the origional story.

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