‘Strabane incident sees woman arrested after ‘attempting to drive off in ambulance’ ‘.


‘Óglach Tobias Molloy murdered by the British Army 1972 – still no justice for Molloy family ’50 years on’ ‘.


Strabane: Two men released in New IRA investigation – BBC News


‘IRA” says it struck police vehicle with EFP (explosively formed projectile).

THE Republican paramilitary group known as the ‘IRA’ last night claimed it was “confident” it struck an RUC/PSNI vehicle with an EFP mortar in Strabane last week.

In a statement the organisation, sometimes referred to as the ‘New IRA’, said it fired the potentially lethal device at the passing patrol car at Townsend Street in the Tyrone town last Tuesday night. The group claims the EFP (explosively formed projectile) mortar contained Semtex and was triggered by command wire and fired from a distance of nine feet at the police vehicle as it passed at around 8pm. The ‘IRA’ claims that the mortar was moved from another location in the border town earlier on Tuesday after the security forces failed to show up.

Using a recognised codeword, the republican group claimed that an attempt to target a police car with the same device at Townsend Street was abandoned an hour before the attack because of the prescence of civillian vehicles in the area. The RUC/PSNI has said that the device, which it described as a “roadside bomb with command wire attached” was “designed to kill or seriously injure” its officers. Three officers who were travelling in the vehicle were uninjured but believed to be left shaken. The RUC/PSNI vehicle left the area after the attack and police were later criticised for failing to cordon off the scenne for three hours.

Several people were removed from their homes during a follow up operation but later allowed to return. Politicians have condemned the latest attack which came just weeks after the ‘IRA’ tried to kill a Catholic police officer in Derry using an undercar bomb. Policing Board member and SDLP MLA Daniel McCrossan said: “Such attacks on the PSNI (RUC) have no place in a modern progressive society.” DUP MLA Tom Buchánan said: “There must be a united and resolute stand from right across the political spectrum to such activities.”

In August 2015, a motar was discovered and disarmed at a cemetery in Strabane after a security operation. EFPs, which can pierce armour over a long distance, have been used by the ‘IRA’ in Derry and Belfast in the past. On those occasions no-one was injured. Unexploded EFPs have also been recovered by the security forces accross the north. Believed to have been developed in Iran, the homemade weapon was regularly used in Iraq. It is considered by some as the modern version of the horizontal mortar – known to republicans as a ‘doodle bug’ – which was used by the Provisionals. Meanwhile, police have been given additional time to question a 20-year-old man arrested in Newtownstewart in connection with the attack last week, while a 31-year-old man arrested on Saturday continued to be questioned last night.

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Strabane security alert ongoing, police say

 Police are dealing with an ongoing security alert in Strabane.

RUC/PSNI said there was no access to the County Tyrone town via Liskey Road as a result of the incident.

The PSNI warned in a tweet that the alert in Townsend Street was likely to cause some disruption to residents in the area.

British Political Policing Ongoing in the North of Ireland….

             1916 SOCIETY’S

The Charles D’arcy 1916 Society Strabane would like to totally condemn the futile actions of the occupying forces of the PSNI/RUC on the streets of Strabane over the last number of weeks and indeed months.


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“My brother Eamon was shot dead by the Royal Marine Commandos on 18th August 1971. He was the first person to be murdered in Strabane.”


“Eamon was 28-years-old. He was deaf and mute, but he was a happy man. Eamon had friends; he could communicate; he enjoyed having a laugh. Eamon was well known and loved in the community. A few days after he was murdered  Eamon’s friends from St Joseph’s school in Dublin held a silent demonstratio against the actions of the British Army. They marched to the British Embassy and delivered a letter in protest of what happened to Eamon. The British Army shot and killed my brother. They branded him a gun man. This is despite the numerous eye witnesses who could testify that this was lies. We have never given up on justice and tried to pursure our case in Europe. For 8 years we engaged with the Historical Enquiries Team (HET) and received some draft reports that regurgitated the lies of the Army at the time. We were waiting on a final report when the HET were suspended. Now they want the RUC/PSNI to investigate the past. The British Government is playing a waiting game. It has been 43 years since Eamon was murdered. I have lost two sisters and a brother since then. How long will they keep us waiting? They throw you a few crumbs to try and keep you happy, but never the full truth and justice. The McDevitt family want an apology for what happened to Eamon. We want them to say they are sorry and they were wrong for what they did.”

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Culture minister Caral Ni Chuilin said she was “delighted work has begun on the important historical dig”

A TEAM of archaeologists are attempting to map the archaeological remains of the Ulster Plantation. Excavations have begun at a 17th-century castle at Baronscourt, Newtownstewart, in Co Tyrone.


It was built by Sir James Hamilton of Greenlawe, Scotland. Documentary sources date its construction and occupation by the Hamilton family to 1622. Even before the pivotal 1607 ‘flight of the earls’, King James 1 granted the earldom of Abercorn to the Scottish Hamilton family. In 1606, James became the first real and his brothers Sir George and Sir Claus were granted lands in the barony of Strabane, Co Tyrone. It is there that the castle at Derrywonne was built. The present duke of Abercorn granted permission for the excavation on his estate. Lead archaeologist Nick Brannon beleives the castle began as a domestic, rather than defensive, building but under threat of attack, an additional tower with pistol loops was built on to protect it.

English: James Hamilton, 1st Duke of Abercorn ...
English: James Hamilton, 1st Duke of Abercorn (1811-1885) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The ambitious three-year programme will see research excavations specifically targeting nearly 700 sites and monuments associated with Scottish Planters. It is founded by the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure on the recommendation of the ministerial advisory group for the Ulster Scots Academy, established in 2011 to advise on how best to promote research, knowledge and understanding of Ulster-Scots language, history and cultural traditions. Culture minister Caral Ni Chuilin said she was “delighted work has begun on this important historical dig”. “Evidence of a shared inheritance based on authentic research is an important element in building a united community for the future,” she said.

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RAAD claims responsibility for Strabane shooting

RAAD graffiti
RAAD graffiti (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Republican Action Against Drugs has claimed responsibility for the vicious attack on a man in front of his terrified girlfriend and baby daughter in Strabane.

The victim is now recovering in hospital after being badly beaten and shot in the knee.

The incident has caused shockwaves in the Carlton Drive area of the Ballycolman estate in Strabane where the couple live.

Shortly before 10.30pm on Tuesday, four men wearing masks entered the house and shot the 26-year-old in the leg.

Sources said that when they entered the house the man’s girlfriend screamed at the gang that that there was a baby in the house but was told: “You and the baby get the f*** out of here.”

They then dragged the man to the ground and began beating him with an iron bar before shooting him in the knee.

The victim sustained injuries to his elbow when he tried to protect his face and has a suspected broken nose. He was taken to hospital for treatment but it is understood his injuries are not life-threatening.

The woman and child were not injured but are believed to have been left traumatised as a result of being forced to witness the shooting.

The gang wore plastic coverings on their feet and arms and had sealed the face masks with tape to prevent evidence being left at the scene.

It is believed they fled in a small red hatchback car which was found burnt out on Prospect Road shortly after 1am.

Chairman of the Carlton Drive Residents’ Group, Andy Gallagher, said everyone in the area was stunned and angry at what had happened.

He said: “People in the area have described those behind this attack as having the IQ of goldfish, and I agree. They are just going round and round in circles.

“This is not the first incident of this nature to happen here.

“The type of people they are targeting are young people in working class areas, council estates, who have nothing, and local people are left wondering, who is next.

“There is a myth that they are targeting big drug dealers in big houses with flash cars and that is a nonsense — the evidence is there to show that.

“They are shooting young people without any proof.”


 Read more: http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/local-national/northern-ireland/raad-claims-responsibility-for-strabane-shooting-16140651.html#ixzz1rAkqSXiL

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