Well well well. Jim Alister finally admits the real reason there is no Stormont.

Just as we thought. Will not serve under Sinn Fein first Minister!! He just said it.

Welcome progress. A deal on the protocol must be done.

Good Friday Agreement (GFA) Free From Sectarian Harassment #FuckTheDUP

No hard border, protection of the GFA, access to the single market must be maintained. Keep what works, fix what doesn’t. Then govt must get back to work. No more delay.


“If we don’t get Dáithí’s Law, I’m gonna crack up!”

#Time4Action #DáithísLaw


I don’t know how the good Christians @J_Donaldson_MP and @paulgivan can live with themselves.

Random facts that only mice know. The “Belfast Agreement” was insisted on as a name of the treaty.

Good Friday Agreement (GFA)

(1) As IRL and GB civil servants pointed out
“There are already 3 Belfast Agreements and this one must stand out.The other two are about linen”

(2) The agreement was at 23:00 hrs.
“we will, in uk , say Belfast and also good friday as politics dictate”

(3) The “Belfast/Good Friday Agreement” passed through the house of commons at 02:17 with a speaker and master of rolls present.

(4) It was never brought to parliament for a vote.
why ?
Because international peace treaties outlive parliaments .

(5) why ? because uk/gb/england has a dysfunctional parliament with 3 pm’s in a strawberry season

(6) It is a matter of constitutional law which is lacking in the UK. The Crown enters into international treaties NOT the government of the day.

(7) This “normal” treaty law is why Spain is bound by treaty with regard to Gibraltar.
UK/GB/England is aware it cannot resile from treaty without consequence.
The UK/EU Withdrawal Agreement is an international Contract in all its parts.

(8) By the way.The reference to mice is an inside joke in the english security services because most of their establishments are old…also the real fact that rodents can be trained.
What’s next !!!!
mad monks ?

L.A.D & The Loyalist Lie

The Stormont Circus, LADFLEG When I first wrote this article in September 2016, I submitted it to a popular political commentary platform believing it to be worthy of consideration for sharing. I didn’t receive a response to my email but was politely told later by one of the editors that my piece was “not academic […]

L.A.D & The Loyalist Lie

NI Protocol: Funeral of Good Friday Agreement unless it is sorted – Poots.


Stormont was mothballed in 2017

Leading bands announce NI Protocol Aid 2022

Rumours circulated today about the organising of a large concert to increase attention of, and bring aid to, those deeply affected by the N.I. Protocol. Olde Time Rockers ‘Leaders of Unionism’ are understood to have agreed to headline the event, with backing from modern electro-rock group ‘Protestant Action Force’. The man leading attempts to bring […]

Leading bands announce NI Protocol Aid 2022

The End is Nigh for NI!


Family of man shot by British Army to take legal action against PPS

John Copeland was shot dead by the British army in October 1971
The widow of a north Belfast man shot dead by the British army almost 50 years ago is set to launch legal action over a decision by prosecutors not to order a new PSNI investigation into the killing. 
Isobel Copeland’s husband John died in October 1971. Mr Copeland (23) was shot close to his Ardoyne home by a member of the Green Howards regiment and died two days later. Just before he was killed another man, Michael McLarnon, was shot by troops in nearby Etna Drive and died a short time later. Mr Copeland’s widow is currently suing the Ministry of Defence for the alleged unlawful killing of her husband. In 2014 Attorney General John Larkin refused a request to order a fresh inquest into the case. However, after the release of a draft Historical Enquiries Team (HET) report by the RUC/PSNI, Mr Larkin was asked to revisit his original decision. In response he wrote to the Public Prosecution Service (PPS) asking them to direct the RUC/PSNI to investigate the shooting.
The PPS has subsequently refused to make what is known as a section 35 (5) referral.
“We have been fighting this for 15 years and it’s [still] going around. Hopefully we will get some sort of closure” Eddie Copeland 
Mr Copeland’s son, prominent Belfast republican Eddie Copeland, said his family was disappointed by the latest decision. “Legacy cases are just dragging their heels and it’s really disappointing,” he said. “My mother is going into her seventies and we want some sort of closure for her before it’s too late.” Mr Copeland said he is mindful of other family’s who lost love and that his family is determined to continue their campaign despite the latest set back.
Sectarianism, Murder, Collusion, RUC, PSNI, MI5, Loyalists, UVF, Stormont, UDA,
“I was one and half when my father was killed and my sister two and a half,” he said. “Between us there will be someone there to fight. “We have been fighting this for 15 years and it’s [still] going around. “Hopefully we will get some sort of closure.” Solicitor Kevin Winters, of KRW Law, said as a result of the Attorney General’s intervention the Copeland family had “raised expectations that at last their case would be looked at”. “With decisions like this you cannot blame families if they become disillusioned,” he said. Mark Thompson from Relatives for Justice, who has helped the Family, said: “Rather than acting in the interest of justice it appears the PPS is content with this continuing situation. “This is unacceptable.” A spokesman for the PPS said: “While we understand why families may view a section 35(5) request as a vehicle by which their case can be expedited, the Director of Public Prosecutions considered such a request inappropriate in this case. “The reasons for this have previously been outlined in a letter to the legal representatives of the Copeland family.”
With many thanks to: The Irish News and Connla Young for the original story 


No special help for terminally ill PIP applicants because of Stormont standoff

Nichola Mallon wants the process to be fairer and more compassionate for people with the ‘least time to spare’

SDLP MLA Nichols Mallon

People facing terminal illness will have no special help to make urgent PIP applications because of the continued limbo at Stormont.

SDLP MLA Nichoal Mallon is trying to help hundreds of people navigate the new PIP rules.

And she had given special attention to those with terminal illnesses and life limiting conditions.

She has repeated called for a review of the definition of the term ‘terminal illness”.

There has been no working government in the North of Ireland since January 2017

But her plea urging action from the Department of Communities has responded with a resounding ‘no’ blaming the Stormont impasse.

Officials urged to explain how they will protect sick and disabled people from “appalling PIP experiences”
Mrs Mallon said: “I’d written to the Department for Communities to see if, in light of the Secretary of State’s Guidance on Civil Service Decision Making, work might be able to begin on making the PIP application process fairer and more compassionate for those with a terminal illness.

Stormont protest calls for politicians to “get back to work”
“The answer in short – no.

“So those with the least time to spare, the terminally ill applying for PIP are left to wait until whenever the Stormont standoff and stalemate might end.”

Record £37.1million paid in additional Northern Ireland benefits to people who made a call

The letter sent to Nichola Mallon

The letter from the Department of Communities stated: “The statutory framework introducing PIP – including a definition of terminal illness used for the special rules – in Northern Ireland was put in place by the Westminster Government following the approach agreed by the Executive to introduce welfare Reform here and the subsequent legislative consent motion endorsed by the Assembly.

Proposal for Universal Credit claimants to get half price public transport can’t go further because there is no Minister
“In the absence of Ministers the Department is constrained in the actions it can undertake: civil servants do not have the authority to commence work on a major policy review or take legislative decisions to break parity that go beyond the current arrnagemtns as previously agreed by the Executive and Assembly.”

Universal Credit cake sparks outrage

With many thanks to: Belfast Live for the original story.

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