‘Suspected device recovered by police investigating the activities of the West Belfast UDA ‘.


Take a look at this post… ‘Multicultural blaze: ‘When Councillor Billy Hutchinson and UVF spokesman and PUP leader denies any UVF involvement your guaranteed their was most likely is UVF involvement’! ‘.


Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF)

Sinn Féin and the DUP now neck to neck in North Belfast according to the Bookies

Seán South
#NorthBelfast From today #JohnFinucane has caught up with Dodds in the betting stakes, now neck in neck -looks like Finucane could pull ahead as momentum
seems to be building for his anti-Brexit/pro-remain message! #SouthBelfast Doesn’t look good for E.Little-Pengelly in 3rd spot


7:54 PM · Nov 12, 2019Twitter for iPhone
Seán South
% correct-#SouthBelfast is drifting further by the day from the #Dup grasp as it now seems the #UUP are up for a scrap there after being intimidated out of the #NorthBefast fight by loyalist paramilitaries-a dish serve cold it seems in SB.
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Little Pengelly raps UUP over South Belfast seat bid

CANDIDATE: Councillor Michael Henderson

A DUP election candidate has said she is disappointed that the UUP is running a candidate in her constituency, potentially splitting the unionist vote.

Emma Little Pengelly is defending a 1,996-vote majority in South Belfast.

At the weekend Michael Henderson was selected as the Ulster Unionist election candidate for the area.

Mr Henderson represents Castlereagh South on Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council.

The move could improve the chances of the SDLP’s Claire Hanna or Alliance’s Paula Bradshaw taking the seat.

Sinn Fein opted against putting a candidate forward in South Belfast after the SDLP declined to stand in North Belfast.

Green Party leader Clare Bailey also decided against standing candidates in Belfast to boost the chances of pro-Remain politicians being elected.

Ms Pengelly said it was “very disappointing to hear UUP are running a candidate in South Belfast”. She continued: “So many unionists, across all party views, have contacted me to express strong feelings on this.

“Can I appeal to all to remain stoic and calm despite this decision – no matter how strongly the views, please do nothing that could damage the cause or our campaign to hold this seat for the Union.

“We need all and every vote.

“Let us focus on uniting unionists behind the unionist cause that can win this seat, and let’s do so with the positivity, love and strength that unites us.”

The UUP was contacted about its decision to run in the South Belfast constituency.

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INLA men’s murders reconstruction

THE murder of two INLA men in Co Louth more than 30 years ago has featured in an RTÉ reconstruction broadcast.

SHOT: Thomas ‘Ta’ Power (left) FEUD: Hugh Torney (right)

Thomas ‘Ta’ Power (33) and then INLA ‘chief of staff’ John GerardO’Reilly (26) were gunned down as they sat in the Rossnaree Hotel, near Drogheda, in January 1987 by members of the Irish People’s Liberation Organisation (IPLO). The INLA men had been in the hotel to try and settle an internal dispute about the direction of the group and were due to meet other members. However, the potential peace summit ended up in bloodshed when gunmen wearing false beards burst into the hotel and opened fire as their victims drank tea.

Two other men were injured during the ambush including Peter Stewart and Hugh ‘cueball’ Torney, who was himself killed in another feud in 1996. Leading IPLO man Gerard Steenson has been linked to the double killing, although others claim he was not involved.

He and another man were shot dead weeks later in March 1987 by the INLA faction in west Belfast. It is understood that the renewed appeal for information comes after relatives of Power, who was from the Markets area of south Belfast, met gardaí recently.

Campaign group Relatives for Justice recently wrote to the Republic’s Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald and Garda commisioner Nóirín O’Sullivan on behalf of the Power family asking for a review of the case. It is beleived that at that meeting family members learned for the first time that three men were questioned after the ambush but later released. No-one has ever been convicted. Gardaí failed to respond to a series of questions put to them by The Irish News about the case.

A reconstruction of the attack was featured on RTÉ’s Crime Call programme on Monday. The broadcaster declined to release any details of the programme in advance. Mike Ritchie from Relatives for Justice said: “Families who have lost loved ones below the border face a difficult situation because they were not able to benefit from the Historical Enquires Team information and review,” he said. “It’s important that the Garda reviews these cases themselves.”

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Iris was not expelled from party insists DUP

THE DUP maintains that disgraced former MP Iris Robinson and was not expelled from the party, as widely thought.

Aftermath (Peter Robinson novel)
Aftermath (Peter Robinson novel) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ms Robinson, wife of DUP leader and First Minister Peter Robinson, left the party in January 2010 following scandalous revelations over financial dealings with a teenage lover. Less than a fortnight after she announced plans to retire from politics due to Iill hhealth it emerged the Strangford MP and MLA had help secure tens of thousands of pounds from two developers for then 19-year-old Kirk McCambley. Mr McCambley used the money to set up the Lock Keeper’s Cottage (nicknamed the Lock Keeper got it in) restaurant in South Belfast. Mrs Robinson, stepped down just a week after the revelations. A party spokesman last night said a statement was issued at the time Mrs Robinson “was stepping down and was not expelled”. Mr Robinson also temporarily stepped down as first minister in the wake of the scandal. Since then police have ruled out any wrongdoing by Mrs Robinson. A report commissioned by Castlereagh Borough Council cleared the former councillor of any wrongdoing in her role as an elected representative….


Inmate was on remand during death bid !

A PRISONER was granted bail as he fought for his life in a Belfast hospital after an attempted suicide in jail, we can reveal. But the bizarre circumstances mean the Northern Ireland Prison Service do not have to record Joseph Rainey‘s death as a ‘ death in custody ‘.

2013-05-01 15.12.16

Once again, however, the Prisoner Ombuinye will be called in to investigate the tragic circumstances at the controversy-hit Hydebank Wood Prison in South Belfast. And it’s the first major headache for new Governor Paul Norbury who only took up he new post at Hydebank two weeks ago. The jail has been dogged with scandals and there have been a number of inmates who have died at the prison which caters for young offenders as well as women.


Last year the Governor Paul Alcock was suspended after inmates Frances McKeown and Samuel Carson took their own lives within hours of each other.The latest tragedy came as Joseph Patrick Thomas Rainey was in Hydebank Wood and Young Offenders ‘ Centre on remand awaiting trial for an attempted burglary charge. The 20-year-old, from Oldpark Avenue, North Belast, tried to hang himself in the prison’s Beech House but was cut down by prison officers. After 10 days on a life support machine, he passed away on April 19. The Sunday World has now learned that in an extraordinary twist, Rainey was granted bail in court – as he fought for his life in hospital a week after he tried to commit suicide. His case was listed for April 17 at Belfast Magistrates Court where he was officially remanded on bail and then last Wednesday,  April 24, the charge was officially withdrawn – after he had died. On Saturday night the Prison Service said it ‘accepted’ that his death was not a ‘death in custody’ because he had been granted bail – even ‘though the event which led to his death occurred behind bars. And they confirmed the Prisoner Omdudsman, Pauline McCabe, would be investigating.


Part of that investigation will centre around the fact that Joseph Rainey was deemed to be a Supporting Prisoner At Risk (SPAR) by the Nortern Ireland Prison Service. But despite prison chiefs recognising he was a potential danger to himself they decided not to place him in a specially designed cell for such inmates. Prison sources have said the Prison Service could be let off the hook bencause of the technicality. “Incredibly they are not treating this as a ‘death in custody’ because Rainey got bail before he died,” says a source. “but it’s yet another embarrassing case for them to deal with. The new Governor had barely taken his coat off and he has now had this chucked on his lap. “It’s not a great start but the incident happened before he officially started in the job.” A spokesman from the Prison Service said on Saturday night : “As Mr Rainey was bailed prior to his death it is accepted that this is not a ‘death in custody’ but as the cause of death is directly attibutable to his time in custody, his death will be the subject of a Prisoner Ombudsman investigation in line with her terms of reference.” Paul Norbury was appointed governor of Hydebank Wood in February 10 months after his predecessor was suspended following allegations of misconduct.


It emerged rather surprisingly, that Mr Norbury was the only candidate who applied for the job which comes with a salary of £72,000. Mr Norbury has been a prison governer elsewhere since 1982, with his most recent role in Wymott Prison in Leyland, Lancashire. An interim governor has been running Hydebank Wood since Gary Alcok was suspended in May last year. He was suspended after a report into the circumstances surronding two young inmates who took their own lives within three hours of each other in May 2011. Both prisoners, Frances  McKeown and Samuel Carson, had been subjected to bullying inside the jail. The suspension, after an interim report carried out by Ombudsman Ms. McCabe sent shockwaves through the Prison Service as it was the first time a jail Governor had been suspended from his post in over 140 years. In August Mr Alcock was charged with misconduct after a recommendation by an independant team from the Scottish Prison Service who were asked to carry out an investigation.

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A DOCTOR appointed by the United Nations is to assess bomber Marian Price ( 57 ) as concerns grow for her health . In an unprecedented move, the medic will visit her in Hydebank Wood detention center, on the outskirts of South Belfast, this week in his role as special rapporteur and report back to the UN.

The West Belfast dissident republican has been held in isolation for more than a year after her life sentence licence was revoked by secretary of State Owen Paterson. She is accused of providing a mobile phone alleged to have been used to admit the 2009 murder of two soildiers at Massereene Barracks in Antrim. A second charge relating to an Easter commemoration in Derry was thrown out of court last week after the trail judge criticised Prosecution delays. Peter Corrigan of Kevin Winters & Co solicitors, who represents Price, last night welcomed UN involvement. ” There is unanimous medical opinion that Marian Price is unable to participate in any legal proceedings due to her deteriorating health so we would welcome this intervention by the UN on behalf of our client,” he said.

Pat Ramsey of the SDLP said: “While I welcome a further independent doctor’s assessment, it isn’t really required – there have already been enough medical examinations carried out that are all in agreement about her rapidly deteriorating mental health.” DUP justice spokesman Paul Given said outside intervention ” undermines the credibility of the established process” of assessing prisoners” health.

AUTHORITIES have been accused of ” failing ” veteran republivan Marian Price as it was revealed that a United Nations – appointed doctor is to visit her in prisonthis week to assess her medical condition. The doctor will attend Hydebank Wood outside South Belfast in his role as a UN special rapporteur. The 57-year -old former IRA bomber is being held in isolation in the prison’s hospital wing. SDLP Foyle assembly member Pat Ramsey last night welcomed news that the UN had taken an interest in the plight of the former IRA prisoner. ” I have to say in yhe strongest possible terms that this women should be moved to a hospital envirinment where she can receive the medication and treatment she so badly needs,” he said. ” It beggers beleif why that has not happened to date. ” The Government & the state is failing badly in the case of Marian Price.” While I welcome a further independent doctor’s assessment it isn’t really required.”There have already been enough medical examinations carried out that are all in aggreement about her rapidly deteriorating mental health”


The West Belfast Republican has been held for more than a year after a life sentence licence was revoked by Secretary of State Owen Patterson. Along with her sister Dolours and Gerry Kelly MLA, Price was jailed for life for the bombing of the Old Bailey in London in 1973. She was released early from prison in 1980 after being granted a Royal pardon and suffering from anorexia nervosa. Price is facing a charge in connection with providing a mobile phone alleged to have been used to admit responsibility for the murders of two British soldiers at Massereene Barracks in 2009. A second charge relating to an Easter commemoration in Derry in which a masked man read from a statement was thrown out of court last week after the trail judge criticised the prosecution for unacceptable delays.

She was granted bail after being arrested on this charge a year ago but was held in prison after her licence was revoked. The Public Prosecution Service has since indicated it intends to proceed with the case against Price and four others by indictable summons. Her case has been the subject of numerous protests by republican groups and she has been visited in prison by some nationalist politicians. Peter Corrigan of Kevin Winters & Co solicitors said any move by the PPS to charge Price again could represent ” an abuse of process”.He also welcomed UN involvement in the case. “There is unanimous medical opinion that Marian Price is unable to participate in any legal proceedings due to her deteriorating ill health so we would welcome this intervention by the UN on behalf of our client.” he said.

DUP justice spokesman Paul Givan said the only opinion that should count is that provided by the prison-appointed medical team. ” The south-eastern board provide medical treatment to all prisoners in Northern Ireland and any advice taken on board by the parole commissioners should only come from them,” he said.” To do otherwise would undermine the credibility of the current established process. ” Due to the terrorist campaign in Northern Ireland we have hundred of people currently free on licence. “To send out the message that they can involve themselves in further criminal activity and not have their licence revoked is very dangerous. “Those involved in any political campaign to have any prisoner freed regardless of who they are, should reflect carefully on that.”


This is only my mere opinion and I would like to say to the Justice spokesman Paul Given ” Paul you must have a very short memory have you so quickly forgotten a case very recently concerning a Mr Brendan Lillis ??? ” The South-Eastern health board were also treating him & promised the public that he was getting the best treatment possible but that turned out to be far from the case in fact he had to be released to get PROPER MEDICAL TREATMENT ! ” Have you already forgotten this case Paul ? Here is a little reminder !



PHONE (02890) 805850/287836.

 Families affected by suicide are being invited to Belfast City Hall for an evening of food and entertainment. The Celebrating Life event is being hosted by Lord Mayor Niall O’Donnghaile on Wednesday 25th April. Singer Frances Black will be joined by a number of local artists providing entertainment for the event w…hich will be held in City Hall’s Great Hall.

“Sadly suicide has affected many families across our city and I wanted to offer support,” said Mr O’Donnghaile. Irene Sherry, joint chair of the Mental Health & Emotional Well-being Working Group, said: This is a wonderful opportunity for families affected by suicide to come together.”

Anyone interested in attending should contact any of these groups – East Belfast Community Development Agency (90451512), the South Belfast Partnership Board (90244070) and Bridge of Hope (90746737).


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