Cathal Brugha RIP, your sacrifice for Ireland will never be forgotten.


Óglaigh Na HÉireann

Cathal Brugha.

A simple stroke of pen and ink by simple men who failed to think

(or thinking failed to pay due heed to consequence and future need)

has left in wake of smile and speech a lesson for our sons to teach

of how a leader must not be: all money-mad and moral-free.

For future generations cringe when thinking back upon this binge

of glutton-driven money greed so blind to children’s children’s needs.

And every passing douring day, another dreamer fades away

as poisoned progress has its way and businessmen decide our fates.

Well mór bhur nair! Mór bhur nair, ye whose pens have brought this fire!

Mór bhur nair! Mór bhur nair, ye who’ve sold the heart of Eire!

Mór bhur nair ye ministers: who’ve trampled and dishonored her!

Mór bhur nair ye businessmen: who sold her soul for silver yen!

Mór bhur nair ye Síocháin Gaurds: who’ve left for dead your sacred charge!

Mór ár nair we sleeping bards: who’ve withheld aoirs and blunted barbs!

Now’s no time for seeing-short, nor money-hoarding last-resorts.

These issues of both time and space: of travelling and fair Tara’s face;

Have and can be swift resolved; this controversy can dissolve:

By listening to the people’s pleas for future generations’ needs.

Let conscience lead you, Leaders- Think! A simple stroke of pen and ink

Can open up the Iron Road to carry families safely home,

And save that now embattled place, preserving Tara’s sacred space.

To do what’s right is often hard, for moneyed men will scoff and barb,

But heroes never came to be by bowing down to money greed.

I beg you, take the rocky road: prove your souls are yet unsold.

Save your honor and your name; not for money, power or fame;

But simple love of doing right: to end a wasteful, foolish fight;

And be, in darkness, yet a Light.



GET the gift wrap out, we’ve just been sold. They can dress it up anyway they like but handing Peter and Marty the North of Ireland as an Enterprise Zone should be sending a chill down our spines.


The lads have decided that little things like planning laws, objections to decisions and the preservation of our countryside should no longer be in the hands of actual experienced planners. No, hand it over to the First and Deputy First ministers and let’s party. And if anyone wants the courts to look at a planning decision with a judicial rreview they’ve knackered that too. Objecters can only go to court on the grounds of their human rights or a breach of European law, if it’s a Wednesday and you’re an elephant standing on one leg. It’s hard to know if this is just two fingers to Environment Minister Alex Atwood or shameful shinners handing the North of Ireland to the DUP‘s developer pals on a plate.

After fighting a long and bloody war for Ireland the party is suspiciously keen to sell it to the highest bidder. MinisterAtwood hasn’t covered himself in glory after telling John Lewis to get lost at Sprucefield while welcoming the RU Kerry golf course next door to the Giant’s CausewayBut that’s nothing compared to what could happen if we let devolpers build where they like because the Pete and Marty show have decided it’s an ‘enterprize zone.’ Fracking in Fermanagh anyone? You provide the cash, we’ll provide the unspoiled green belt and the earthquakes. At least Minister Robinson’s back garden won’t be included. He’s already sold it and with Iris’s friends in the industry he can get plenty of advice close to home. The dirty deal between the parties exposed the schizophrenic nature of politics here. One minute it’s handbags at dawn over Gerry Kelly and his police Land-Rover stunt – do you know how hard it is to get a taxi in this town? – and the next minute they’re dancing round their handbags and putting up a big For Sale sign. So that’s two multi-story car parks on the top of Slieve Donard and an oil rig at Oxford Island. Well this is an enterprise zone.

With many thanks to : Roisin Gorman, Sunday World.

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‘ What we are trying to eencourage is actually using plants such as climbing roses, barbarous plants that have a high thorn content, so you can protect your property – Kenny McHugh.


POLICE are advising homeowners to employ thorny plants to help deter burglars. Other practical tips contained in a new public information leaflet include laying gravel to hear intruders approach.

The PSNI explained to people in the Clooney Community Centre in Derry‘s Waterside the bbenefits of ‘defensive planting’ – flowers, shrubs and trees with sharp spines which would put off criminals. “What we are trying to encourage is actually using plants such as climbing roses, barbarous plants that have high thorn content, so you can protect your property,” Kenny McHugh from the crime prevention branch said. “When you look at the value of property that’s actually stored in your shed, on average your talking about £1,200 up to £1,500. “That’s very attractive to a burglar.” The event on Thursday was used to launch a public information leaflet on defensive planting which will be made available across the North of Ireland.

It includes a ‘spike rating’ of the best plants. “Criminals do not like climbingthrough prickly plants and hedges,” the leaflet says. “They know that a small item of ripped clothing or blood can help the police identify them.” Horticulturist Gareth Austin, who helped to develop the leaflet, said the response has been very positive. “A lot of what we’re covering is common-sense but it’s simple things that make the difference. “I’ve had tools go missing on me before and at £30 for a spade it all adds up. “All of my own tools are both visibly marked with UV ink.” The leaflet also encourages homeowners to keep boundary fences and hedges low to “allow as much natural surveillance as possible from neighbours and passing pedrestrians and traffic”. The PSNI urged anyone who suspects garden crime to call their neighbourhood crime prevention officer on 0845 600 800.

With many thanks to : CActual McGuigan, The Irish News.


El Salvador

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We now declare the HUMAN CONSCIENCE’S DEATH….

We now declare the HUMAN CONSCIENCE’S DEATH,,,,the Khalidya starved baby girl from a couple of days ago,,, DIED!!! Shame on you humanity if babies should be born and die under shelling,, and die of starvation,,, NEWS FLASH to the world: we don’t want your help anymore, your help just made people get killed even more and more!! Thank you governments,, thank you officials,, thank you UN,, Thank YOU STUPID SILENT ARABS,, you all deserve a big round of applause! YOU HAVE BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS

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Lisburn Print & Design: 250 Business cards FREE

Lisburn Print & Design: 250 Business cards FREE

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Suburbia Roller Derby Season Opener: Brawl vs. Hellions of Troy

Suburbia Roller Derby Season Opener: Brawl vs. Hellions of Troy


127 North Broadway – One block South of Ashburton Ave, Yonkers, NY 10701
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Breast Cancer Charity Night

Breast Cancer Charity Night 

    • Friday, 24 February 2012
      19:00 until 00:00
    Join Mick The Click & Friends For an Evening of Music & Fundraising
    Music on The Evening From:John jo, An Spiorad, The Rising, Fianna and Shebeen
    … Everybody get along and show support for a great cause
    If last years is anything to go buy it’ll be a super night.Tickets £5

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You Decide 2012 ! Icecream Vs. Chocolote !

The Cheesecake Factory logo

You Decide 2012 ! Icecream Vs. Chocolote !

Yesterday at 00:38 until Thursday, 26 January 2012 at 00:44

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CATB – Dundee January 2012

CATB - Dundee January 2012

Celtic crest

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