Catholic Church admits responsibility for Pedo priest

Did The RUC Special Branch Cover Up The Kincora Scandal? | The Broken Elbow

Convicted IRA bomber charged with historic child sex offences

Women welcome sex abuser’s prison term

Abuse occurred in Ardoyne area in 70s and 80s

SENTENCED: Francis McDonnell was given a 12-year term at Downpatrick Crown Court for sexually abusing two children



Two women who were sexually molested as children yesterday welcomed a 12-year sentence handed to their abuser declaring “we’ve finally got our justice”.

Francis McDonnell was jailed for what Judge Geoffrey Millar QC described as a “very serious case of pre-meditated abuse of young children, sustained over a period of several years”.

The 63-year old, originally from North Belfast and with an address of Ardowen in Craigavon, Co Armagh faced two trials last year and was convicted by a jury of offences against both complainants.

As the grandfather-of-16 was being led into custody from the dock of Downpatrick Crown Court in handcuffs, he turned to both his victims and said ‘you may hope I die in jail’.

Before handing McDonnell the sentence, which will be divided between six years behind bars followed by six years on licence, Judge Miller said that despite being convicted by a jury following two trials, he continues to maintain his innocence.

McDonnell claimed that whilst one of the complainants had a vendetta against him, he couldn’t actually remember the other complainant.

He targeted and sexually abused both complainants in the Ardoyne area of Belfast in the late 70s and early 80s, the court heard. Although both women want to remain anonymous, they wanted McDonnell to be named for the first time and the public made aware of the crimes he committed against them as children.

One of the victims, who is now 47, was first targeted by McDonnell when she was four and was abused until she was 11. The abuse ended for a period but he targeted her again when she was aged 14/15 when he raped her in his home.

Reacting to the sentence, she said: “He always told me nobody would believe me, but the truth came out and he’s in jail now. He still gives me the same feeling now as he did when I was a child. I still freeze, I’m still afraid of him. I can’t believe he threatened us, even now.

“He took my childhood away from me and to this day what he did affects me. I don’t hug people, I don’t like anyone touching me. I’m glad he’s in prison now.”

The second complainant was first abused when she was three, and his campaign continue until her family moved from the area when she was seven. She is now 43.

She said: “I moved away from Belfast because of what happened to me for a long time, and I thought it would be a case of ‘out of sight, out of mind,’ but it wasn’t.

“He ruined my life, he took my childhood away from me and I came back with the sole reason to get him for what he did. I went to Nexus in 2016 and now he’s locked up.

“He told us in court ‘you may hope I die in jail.’ Well, I hope he does.”

Peter Irvine QC, for the Crown, noted ten aggravating factors which included the vulnerability of both of McDonnell’s victims due to their young age, the “protracted” period of time the abuse occurred and also “the gap of four or five years before the offence of rape occurred”.

Mr Irvine also spoke of the lasting impact McDonnell’s actions have had on both women, and revealed McDonnell had previous convictions for abusing a five-year old and an eight-year old in the mid 80s.

Niall Hunt QC, representing McDonnell, said that since leaving school at 15, his client had a steady work record which included employment with the DoE.

He also told Judge Millar his client “is not in great health” which includes very poor eyesight.

Saying his client’s offending ended in the 80s, Mr Hunt added: “There are no further offences in the pipeline and no-one has suggested there is anything else hanging over him or waiting to come out.”

During yesterday’s sentencing, Judge Millar noted McDonnell’s continued denials and a lack of remorse. The Judge also said: “There can be no doubt that both complainants suffered trauma which has impacted on their development, childhood and into adulthood.”

Judge Millar handed McDonnell a 12-year sentence which he said was “justified and necessary” for the protection of the public. He also placed McDonnell on the Sex Offenders Register for an indefinite period, and made him the subject of a ten-year Sexual Offences Prevention Order.

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RUC/PSNI officer arrested on child abuse image charges

A serving RUC/PSNI officer from the County Derry area has been arrested during a criminal investigation into the alleged possession and distribution of child abuse images.

Police officer arrested on child abuse image charges PSNI



A serving PSNI officer from the County Derry area has been arrested during a criminal investigation into the alleged possession and distribution of child abuse images.

The policeman, who is in his 50s, was detained following a search of an address close to Garvagh earlier this month.

He was questioned by detectives on a number of serious allegations.

They include; possessing an indecent photograph or pseudo-photograph of a child, the making of indecent photographs or pseudo photographs of children and distributing indecent photographs or pseudo photographs of children.

The arrest took place on Wednesday, January 15, but has only now come to light.

The officer was released on bail pending further enquiries.

In response to a query from the County Derry Post, a PSNI spokesperson confirmed that a man in his 50s had been arrested on suspicion of a number of offences relating to the alleged possession of indecent images of children.

It’s understood the man has been suspended from his police role whilst an investigation is carried out.

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Paedophile caught with baby rape film spared prison term

Luke Marriott had vile child abuse images of very young girls

Luke Marriott admitted his disgusting crimes(Image: Derby Telegraph)

A young Derbyshire paedophile who got sexual pleasure from watching a film of a six-month-old baby being raped has been spared immediate custody.

Perverted Luke Marriott was also watching sick child abuse images showing toddlers aged two-to-three years old.

More images and movies the 21-year-old downloaded involved boys aged between 10 and 12 being abused by adults.

And he was also looking at disgusting videos showing women having sex with horses and dogs.

Marriott, of Ripley, kept the images in a Dropbox account on the internet which, when he was asked about them by the police, admitted he was keeping them to share if anyone else wanted to see them.

‘Graphic and disturbing’
Sentencing him to 20 months in jail, suspended for two years, Judge Robert Egbuna said: “The images were graphic and disturbing with young children being abused in various sexual position.

“One of them was a baby who was just six months old and it is abundantly clear that child must have suffered significant pain.

At his original hearing before Christmas, prosecutor Christopher Eckersley said the offences date back to 2015 and have taken this long to come to court as the Dropbox account Marriott used was held by a Californian firm and it has taken this amount of time for the American authorities to provide Derbyshire police with a report.

He said the National Crime Agency alerted the police that the Dropbox account containing indecent images was linked to his email address.

They went to his home address in Nottingham Road, seized his devices and arrested him.

Sharing the images
Mr Eckersley said: “Significantly, he told police that he kept the images just in case anyone he was talking to on the internet asked him for them.

“129 indecent images and movies were discovered which included 81 of (the most serious) category A.”

Mr Eckersley outlined some of the films and images that were found.

He said they included a 54-second long movie of a six-month-old baby being raped.

Mr Eckersley said while under investigation for these offences, police seized Marriott’s mobile phone in July of 2018 and it again contained four further vile child abuse images of category C which is the least serious.

He pleaded guilty to four counts of making indecent images and has a previous conviction for the same offence dating back to 2014, when he was 15.

What was said for Marriott?
Marriott’s sentencing at Derby Crown Court had been adjourned so that psychiatric tests could be done on him.

They concluded he was “not dangerous” but the probation service prepared a different report which concluded he was “a high risk of harm to female children and posed a high risk of re-offending”.

Joe Harvey, mitigating, said: “Mr Marriott is a young man who had various difficulties during his formative years.

“I have no intention of airing his dirty laundry in public but his history has clearly had an impact on his social development.

“Something needs to be done to manage his risk, whether it is high or medium.

“He has a supportive family who have put an action plan in place.”

As part of the suspended sentence, Judge Egbuna attached a two-year community order which will see Marriott supervised by the probation service.

He must attend a 90-day sex offender group work programme and attend 60 rehabilitation days to address his offending.

Marriott was also handed a 10-year sexual harm prevention order and placed on the sex offenders register, also for 10 years.

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Boris Johnson should not bully Dublin over Brexit because the Irish Government has information which could damage the Royal Family


Lord Louis Mountbatton

It is a near certainty that the Irish Government has files which show that Joseph Mains, the Warden of Kincora, brought a number of boys to Lord Louis Mountbatten’s castle in the Republic of Ireland for sexual abuse. One of the boys killed himself a few months later.

Last December Taoiseach Leo Varadkar had to slap down Priti Patel, now serving as Britain’s Home Secretary, when she threatened the Republic with food shortages if the Irish Government did not drop demands for the Irish backstop. Varadkar reminded Patel of the starvation that had engulfed Ireland in the 19th century and said he hoped she would think more carefully about what she said in the future.

The coalface of Brexit negotiations: Boris Johnson and Leo Varadkar

If Britain tries to bully the Republic over Brexit, or deploy dirty tricks, Dublin could retaliate by releasing damaging information which its police force holds about Lord Mountbatten.

If Britain does not get what it wants out of the forthcoming Brexit negotiations with the EU, Anglo-Irish relations could deteriorate again. However, the Irish Government may hold a file which could be used to severely embarrass the British Establishment if Johnson decides to play a heavy hand, e.g. by deploying the army of dirty trick experts in MI5 and MI6 at his disposal.

Starving the Irish into submission: Priti Patel who wanted to threaten Ireland with starvation

Boris Johnson deems her a suitable person to serve as Home Secretary. As such, she is now in political control of MI5.


Last August Village published an article revealing that a boy abused by Lord Louis Mountbatten in August of 1977 committed suicide a few months later. He had been taken by car to Classiebawn, Mountbatten’s castle in the Republic of Ireland from Kincora Boys’ Home in Belfast. The man responsible for trafficking him was Joseph Mains, the Warden of Kincora, also a paedophile.

Mains was a British agent and an asset of both MI5 (Home Office) and MI6 (Foreign Office). Mains had to cross the Irish Border to get to Classiebawn.


Village also revealed that the British historian Andrew Lownie had sought the Garda file on the assassination of Mountbatten in August of 1979 while preparing a book on the Mountbattens. Lownie was rebuffed politely. His book has since become an international bestseller and was listed by the Daily Mail as one of the best biographies of 2019.

Lownie’s book contained interviews with two other boys who were abused by Mountbatten.

Since the publication of his book, Lownie has asked the Gardaí to release the logs they made of the vehicles which visited Classiebawn

They emailed Lownie on 7 October 2019 stating that files ‘generated during the course of a criminal investigation’ are considered confidential and hence they would not be releasing them. It is significant that they did not deny that the logs still exist.

Garda Email to Andrew Lownie dated 7th October 2019

Lownie responded by pointing out that the logs he was looking for related to August 1977, i.e. two years prior to Mountbatten’s assassination. There could not have been an investigation of a ‘criminal’ nature in 1977 into an assassination that did not take place until 1979.

The Gardai did not – and clearly have no intention of – releasing the logs.

Dogged researcher: Andrew Lownie


The Mains’ log (or indeed logs) are political dynamite, even forty years on, especially with the Royal Family reeling from the Prince Andrew-Jeffrey Epstein scandal.

Prince Andrew with with convicted Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein

Boris Johnson should be told in no uncertain terms that MI5 and MI6 are despised in the Republic and it would be folly to unleash them to spy on, bully or coerce the Irish government during Brexit negotiations; most particularly, they should not use their influence in the media – on either side of the Irish Sea – to besmirch Irish politicians. Village has evidence that one of the most senior media figures in Ireland was an ally of MI6. That particular individual (who gave money to Dr Martin O’Donoghue which the latter used to attempt to bribe two Cabinet ministers – Sean Doherty and Ray MacSharry in the 1980s) has faded from the scene but it is unlikely he was not replaced. Village has referred to him in the past as the ‘Paymaster’.

Bribery and corruption: Dr Martin O’Donoghue (left) who offered bribes to Fianna Fail ministers Ray MacSharry (centre) and Sean Doherty (right) to oust Charles Haughey as Taoiseach in 1982

The money was to be made available by ‘The Paymaster’, an MI6 asset in the Republic if the two ministers agreed. Both men rejected the inducement. A copy of the transcript of the attempt by O’Donoghue to bribe MacSharry emerged in 1983. It ended O’Donoghue’s political career save for some work he did for Des O’Malley’s Progressive Democrats.
British spies and their agents are also blamed by all and sundry in Ireland for the Dublin and Monaghan bombings of 1974 which led to the death of 33 people; the atrocious Miami Showband massacre; the egregious assassination of the solicitor Patrick Finucane in 1989; and a multitude of other acts of violence and dirty tricks.


The Irish Government has traditionally viewed the British Embassy as a ‘nest of spies’. The most senior of politicians have never doubted that MI5 and MI6 recruited a host of treacherous agents inside the Gardai and the Irish civil service to let London know what they were doing.

Taoiseach Jack Lynch was convinced his administration was being betrayed by a traitor to PM Edward Heath’s government and asked Chief Superintendent John Fleming of the Special Branch to root out what he – Lynch – described as a ‘spy in the camp’. Lynch later alluded to the possibility British agents bombed Dublin in 1972 (a separate attack to the Dublin and Monaghan massacre).

A matter of trust: Liam Cosgrave who didn’t ‘trust the Brits’ and Garret Fitzgerald who was too trusting

Taoiseach Liam Cosgrave once told one of his ministers ‘Never trust the Brits’ before he set off to an EEC meeting.

Taoiseach Charles Haughey was utterly convinced MI5 and MI6 plotted to topple him

There is a mountain of evidence that they did. Also view organisations such as The British-Irish Association as an MI5/6 intelligence gathering operation.

Brit spies out: Bertie Ahern, Charles Haughey and Albert Reynolds

Haughey forbade his ministers from attending the British-Irish Association, an institution he believed was an MI5/6 intelligence gathering operation.
Taoiseach, Albert Reynolds, told British PM John Major not to listen to MI5 whom he distrusted and that he – Reynolds – would keep him straight about what was really happening in Ireland.

Taoiseach Bertie Ahern was angered at Britain’s refusal to release the files it held on the Dublin and Monaghan bombings.

Meanwhile, GCHQ intrudes upon the privacy of Irish politicians and senior civil servants on a daily basis by tapping phones and intercepting emails and texts.

No such thing as a moment of privacy: GCHQ monitors the private lives of Irish politicians

Even Garret FitzGerald, perhaps the most pro-British taoiseach of them all, admitted that he was aware that his phone might be tapped, something he presumably bristled at. FitzGerald was so embarrassed by his relationship with an MI6 asset called Brian Crozier that he made no mention of him in his otherwise extraordinarily comprehensive biographies, All in a Life and Just Garret. Crozier’s links to MI6 were made public decades ago. FitzGerald was an avid attendee of the British-Irish Association which Haughey so despised.

Bearing this sordid background in mind, the possibility that the Joe Mains’ logs almost certainly still exist and, if leaked, could severely damage the British Royal Family, should keep Johnson, Patel, MI5 and MI6 on their best behaviour during the ongoing Brexit process. If Fianna Fail returns to power next year, Micheal Martin will undoubtedly ask to see the file.



One person who would be most displeased if the Classiebawn logs were to be leaked is Garda Commissioner Drew Harris. Harris is a former RUC Special Branch officer who worked extensively with MI5 before he took over the Irish police.

To date, he has not intervened to have the logs of Mains’ visit to Classiebawn in August of 1977 extracted from the main file, copied and sent to Lownie. Instead, on 7 November the Gardai reverted to Lownie saying: ‘I wish to inform you that all such security logs form part of the Garda Investigation File, and for the reasons outlined in email of 7th October 2019 will not be released’.

Lord of the files: Gardaí Commissioner Drew Harris. Harris worked with the RUC Special Branch and MI5 before he became the head of police in the Republic of Ireland

Lownie is still pressing the Gardai for the logs.

Harris will presumably ensure that they do not disappear from the Mountbatten file.

If there are any British moles inside the Irish civil service, Drew is quite possibly the best man to root them out as he knows quite a lot about how his former colleagues in MI5 – who run the traitors – operate.

Kincora and Classibawn

With many thanks to the: Village Magazine and Joseph de Burca for the original story 

Albert Reynolds, Andrew Lownie, Charles Haughey, Garret FitzGerald, Jack Lynch, JOhn Major, Joseph Mains, kincora, Leo Varadkar, Louis Mountbatten, mi5, mi6


Secrecy laws passed to hide pedophile ring connection to Royal Family | Galactic Connection

Prince Andrew removed from guest list for Royal reception with Nato leaders

Prince Andrew will not be welcomed when the US President meets the Queen: PA

Prince Andrew will not be present when US President Donald Trump and other Nato leaders meet the Queen at Buckingham Palace.

The “disgraced” duke, who has been left struggling to recover from a “car crash” television interview, has not been named by Buckingham Palace as attending the event.

The Queen’s second eldest son has faced a backlash after the interview in which he was questioned about his links to convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Lord Mountbatton another Royal Nonce who favoured young boy’s

In the wake of it he was forced to sack his most senior aide, several large organisations withdrew their support for his entrepreneurship scheme, and he stood down as the chancellor and patron of two different universities.

Prince Andrew forced to sack most senior member of staff

The Duke of York speaking to the BBC’s Emily Maitlis during the interview

Why Prince Andrew will be out of the public eye for some time
Andrew’s lack of presence will no doubt be noted as a raft of other family members will be in attendance.

Buckingham Palace confirmed the Queen, Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall will formally greeting the international delegation.

Other royals at the event will include the Duchess of Cambridge, the Earl of Wessex, the Princess Royal, the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester and Princess Alexandra.

The Duke of Cambridge will be away on an official visit to the Middle East.

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Yorkshire Air Ambulance latest to withdraw support for Prince Andrew

Prince Andrew left, and Jeffrey Epstein in New York’s Central Park Image copyrightNEWS SYNDICATION

Prince Andrew has previously said he regretted this 2010 meeting with Epstein
An air ambulance service has become the latest charity to withdraw its connection to the Duke of York.

Yorkshire Air Ambulance (YAA) said “staff, volunteer and donor opinion” had led to the move by its trustee board.

It follows Prince Andrew’s appearance on BBC Newsnight and the controversy over his ties to the convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

The duke opened the air ambulance base at Nostell in 2015.

For several months the duke had been facing questions over his ties to US financier Epstein, who took his own life in August while awaiting trial on sex-trafficking charges.

Virginia Giuffre, one of Epstein’s accusers, claimed she was forced to have sex with the prince three times. The duke has always denied any form of sexual contact or relationship with her.

BT and Barclays have joined universities and other charities in distancing themselves from the duke.

YAA, which has become the latest charity to withdraw its connection, said: “As a charity funded generously by public donations, we must seriously consider the opinions of our donors and supporters, and this has been a significant factor in reaching this decision.”

Prince Andrew, 59, announced on Wednesday he would step back from royal duties and all organisations he is patron of because the Epstein scandal had become a “major disruption” to the Royal Family.

Buckingham Palace had described it as “a personal decision” following discussions with the Queen and Prince Charles.

Emily Maitlis interviewing Prince Andrew

Prince Andrew’s resignation from all royal duties followed an interview on the BBC’s Newsnight programme

He is no longer patron of the Outward Bound Trust, the English National Ballet, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and London Metropolitan University.

The University of Huddersfield has also said the prince would step down as chancellor .

The main role of a royal patron is to raise the profile and attract publicity for work done by charities.

The prince will no longer carry out public engagements but will still attend Royal Family events such as Trooping the Colour and Remembrance Sunday.

Standard Chartered Bank and KPMG also announced they were withdrawing support for the duke’s business mentoring initiative Pitch@Palace, though sources told the BBC the decisions were made before the interview.

Four Australian universities also said they would not be continuing their involvement in Pitch@Palace Australia.

Prince Andrew also cancelled a planned visit to flood-hit areas of Yorkshire on 19 November, the Sun newspaper reported .

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