A man who was freed from prison last Wednesday has been sent back to jail after he allegedly breached a Sexual Offences Prevention Order within 24 hours of his release.

Ian Kernohan, with an address at a probation hostel on Belfast’s Ormeau Road, is accused of breaching the order by contacting a “vulnerable” female.

Belfast Magistrates Court was told he allegedly went to an internet cafe and contacted the person via Facebook.

A judge remanded him into custody.



Ronald burnside….. Derry

Fury as ‘initiation’ four freed

The parents of a boy who was bound, gagged and attacked by colleagues at work are furious the men are free.

The four, from County Londonderry, had been sent to prison but their sentences were quashed on appeal.

During the attack, which was filmed on a mobile phone, the 15-year-old was gagged, tied to a chair, assaulted and one man exposed himself.

The victim’s father said his son was devastated: “He kept asking ‘why’ this had happened to him.”

“It’s totally destroyed him ever since, two years on, he’s still up in his room,” he added.

During the attack, the men tied the boy to a chair, repeatedly hit him and stuffed paper into his mouth, his father said this aspect was particularly traumatic.

“He panicked because of his asthma, he couldn’t breathe and thought he was going to die.”

Appeal court judges overturned the prison sentences imposed on Brian Murphy, 27, and Ronald Burnside, 26, over the assault at a Derry garage in the summer of 2006.


The pair challenged the jail terms a day after their two co-accused, garage boss, Patrick Deery, 39, and Jason Ferguson, 21, won appeals against their prison sentences.

The Lord Chief Justice described the behaviour of the four men as “despicable”, but ruled alternative punishments could be handed down because of their previous good records.

Mr Burnside had been jailed for nine months for false imprisonment and two counts of indecent exposure.

Instead he was given 150 hours of community service, two years’ probation and will have to sign the sex offenders’ register.

Mr Burnside had his original three-month jail sentence for common assault suspended for two years.

The trial judge said the victim was at a vulnerable stage of adolescence when such an incident could have a “calamitous effect” on his emotional well-being.

The judge added that the behaviour of Ronald Burnside in particular was distressing to the victim.

“Not only did he expose his private parts, he brought these into contact with the complainant on two separate occasions.”

“There’s nothing remotely funny or humorous about his behaviour.”Please like and share to show the victims of sex crimes we care.. Please comment with a heart to show the survivors of sex crimes we respect them…..

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A VICTIM of a sex offender his hit out at the latest sentence handed to the North Belfast man who a magistrate this week branded a “public nuisance“. James Rankin was given a six-month suspended sentence and put on the sex offenders register for seven years after exposing himself to a woman as she walked through a park last July.

James Rankin leaves Laganside Courthouse in Belfast where he was appearing in relation to exposing himself in pubic.
James Rankin leaves Laganside Courthouse in Belfast where he was appearing in relation to exposing himself in pubic.

While Belfast Magistrates Court was told he had ‘propositioned’ another woman just one month earlier, it has also emerged he carried out a more serious attack previously. The victim, who was 20 at the time, was assaulted by Rankin who tried to drag her into undergrowth as she walked her dog at the Bone Hills in the Oldpark area of North Belfast. The young woman, who was left traumatised by the attack which happened in broad daylight, managed to free herself and run off following a struggle. Rankin (36), of Clareglen in Ballysillan, sped off in his car but his victim managed to memorise the registration and reported it to police, who traced him to him home within hours of the offence. At a hearing in December last year, the court was told when police arrived Rankin had changed and his clothing was in the washing machine in an attempt to destroy any evidence. He denied the offences but was found guilty of attempted sexual assault. Last month he was sentenced to four years in prison suspended for two years and placed on the sex offenders register for that offence.

However, his young victim was not told at the time that Rankin was facing a further charge of exposing himself and committing a sex act in front of another woman, who fled the scene and reported him to police. Rankin again denied the offence, claiming he hadn’t been in the park, but later entered a guilty plea just as a  contest  hearing was due to take place. Sentencing him on Wednesday for the second offence, District Judge Amanda Henderson told Rankin had he made physical contact with the woman he would have gone straight to prison. Speaking to The Irish Newsthe mother of Rankin’s first victim said her daughter feels let down that she was not informed about the latest case. ” My daughter went through the ordeal of giving evidence in court beause she thought it would stop this happening again to anyone else,” she said. “She only found out that he had attacked another woman when she read it in the paper. “The day we went to court he didn’t care less – he walked up and down past us smirking. “He’s more than a mmenace, he’s a danger to women everywhere and should have been jailed.”

With many thanks to : Allison Morris, Irish News.


Paedo caged for grooming girl is nicked after children’s party.

A convicted peadophile who groomed a North of Ireland schoolgirl online has been nabbed working as a kids DJ. Depraved Anthony Scott Taylorfrom Radcliffe in England, was caged for in 2010 for a series of sickening sex attacks on a 15-year-old.

PERVERT - Anthony Scott Taylor who was jailed for sex attacks on a girl in 2010
PERVERT – Anthony Scott Taylor who was jailed for sex attacks on a girl in 2010

The overweight sicko was jailed for nine months after he pleaded guilty to three counts of unlawful carnal knowledge between September and December 2007. Taylor admitted flaying to the North of IIreland three times and having sex with the vulnerable young girl after first meeting her on an internet chat room. During his sentencing hearing the court heard sickening evidence that Tylor booked into hotels in Antrim three times during a four-month period in 2007 for sex with the girl after he had phoned and texted her. The court was told that on one occasion the girl came straight to the hotel straight from school in her uniform and she had her schoolbooks with her, leaving Tylor in no doubt about what age she was. The girl told police that she informed Taylor she was 15 at their first meeting and he replied : “That’s all right.”

In interveiws, Tylor said the girl had a young looking face, but he claimed nothing was ever mentioned abouth her age. He said the sex was consensual and that the girl was “an experienced and willing participent “. The court heard the girl told police that in her veiw the accused had done nothing wrong. The lawyer said that the girl’s mother rang Taylor to tell him to leave her alone because she was only 15. He claimed he immediately broke off contact with the girl, but the girls mother said her dadaughter’s third meeting with him came after a phone call.


Judge Gemma LLough ran said that by sending Tylor to prison she was sending out a clear signal that the law existed to protect all young people. As well as serving time Tylor was ordered to sign the sex offenders ‘ register and was banned from unsupervised contact with anyone under the age of 18 for five years.But the brazen pervert ignored the conditations and was this week hauled before the courts after he was discovered organising a monthly disco for under 11s at the Funtastic Play Centre in his home town of Radcliffe. Following the venue’s first show on March 1, bosses became aware of Tylor’s past and immediately called police. He performed for more than two hours to a crowd of 25 children for a 30 fee and later told officers he had not understood the terms of the order. He was arrested for breaching the order after the disco, and hauled before Bury magistrates court.Shazia Aslam, prosecuting, said : The defendant is prohibited from working with children or vulnerable adults and is allowed no unsupervised contact with any under-18 unless it is consented by the parents or police.


The court heard an employee had aapproached Taylor with a view to employing him to DJ a monthly children’s disco for zero to 11-year-olds beginning on March 1. The court heard the staff member contacted Taylor as he is the brother of one of her good friends. She made it clear to him that the party was for children aged under 11. He set up his lights and DJ equipment and the children started to arrive at 5.45pm and were supervised by parents. The party ended at 8pm when the music was stopped and the defendant left at 8.30pm. Emma Savage, defending, said : There’s clearly work that needs to be done with Mr Taylor. This offence has been committed as he had some confusion with the conditions of the Sex Offender Order. He was given a six-month community order with supervision. He was also order-ed to pay £85 costs and a £60 victim surcharge. A spokesman for Funtastic Play Centre said : Everyone at Funtastic Play Centre is deeply upset by the recent events and we are relieved the matter has been dealt with.

With many thanks to : Eavan Murray, Sunday World.

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” It’s alarming that this man has disobeyed the terms and conditions of his release and is being sought after by police ” – Alban Maginness.

A 29-YEAR-OLD rapist who brutally attacked a 64-year-old women in her own home has gone on the run. Joseph Francis McCabe from West Belfast, was jailed for 14 years in 2006 and put on the sex offenders ‘ register for life after he admitted to breaking into the women’s house and raping her in February 2005. But he did not serve his full sentence and has now gone missing.

Joseph Francis McCabe (29)DO NOT APPROACH
Joseph Francis McCabe (29)

McCabe, who had been living at an undisclosed address in Belfast, was reported missing on Tuesday evening. Police disclosed he had gone on the run yesterday. They have warned the public not to approach him and have appealed to McCabe to hand himself in. He is decribed as being 6ft tall, with short dirty fair hair. During his 2006 trial McCabe, who had an address at Iris Street in West Belfast at the time, claimed he had been hearing voices since he was eight. Sentencing him at Belfast Crown Court sitting in Antrim in September 2006, Judge Kevin Flinnegan described the attack as a “terrifying, prolonged ordeal”. Judge Finnegan said the woman had been subjected to “a violent sexual offence carried out with significant gratuitous violence”.

McCabe and another masked man smashed their way into the woman’s flat when she was reading in bed. McCabe told his victim to “kiss me, kiss me on the lips” before he partly stripped her and raped her. The pair later ran off. SDLP North Belfast assembly member, Alban Maginness, said he was disturbed McCabe had gone on the run. “Given the circumstances, people would be very concerned and particularly his victim will be concerned,” he said. “It’s alarming that this man has disobeyed the terms and conditions of his release and is being sought by police. “I would also appeal to people who have any knowledge of his whereabouts to report it to police so he can be safely returned, either to his address, or prison, if that is necessary.”

With many thanks to : Claire Simpson, Irish News.

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