Losing a Pet Is More Painful Than Most People Think

Ask any pet owner about their pet and they’ll say how amazing and awesome having a new best friend is


Pets are the perfect company. They’re always happy to see their owners. Whether they’re gone for five minutes or five hours, their pets will be waiting eagerly at the door to welcome them home.

They love playing around and can do tricks and pranks to make everyone laugh. They’re great with kids and will always offer love and care, no matter the situation.

Pets are always there to cheer anyone up and are quick to offer a warm hug and a bit of comfort when it’s needed. Pets are amazing! However, this makes it all the more difficult to say goodbye when the time comes. It’s far more painful than what many people think.

Final Goodbyes

The fact that pets are so amazing and wonderful creatures explains why so many people find it too difficult to say goodbye to their pets when they finally pass away. However anyone looks at it, it’s still the loss of a best friend and loved one. Losing a pet is, and always will be, a traumatic and painful experience for everyone. Many people underestimate the pain felt after losing a dog, cat, parrot, or any other pet for that matter. It’s for this reason that researchers decided to investigate the extent of sorrow owners feel in the aftermath of losing their beloved pets.

Mascota Y El Hombre Pet German Shepherd

How much does it hurt?
To find out the extent to which pet owners were hurt when they lost a pet, researchers decided to set up an investigation. The study was carried out in the Department of Psychology at the University of New Mexico. Here, researchers questioned pet owners about their feelings after the loss of their pet. It’s no surprise that all the pet owners agreed that the pain has just been too intense and deep to handle.

This isn’t the only research that has been done on this difficult topic either. Hawaiian researchers have also initiated some studies into the pain felt after losing a pet and interestingly, they have even found that the pain after the death of a pet is usually much longer lasting than the pain which is felt after the loss of a loved one. It’s universally agreed by many people that they simply cannot compare the pain that they experience after the loss of their pet to the one after the loss of a loved one. Both hurt very much, but the fact is that pet owners are deeply connected to their pets. So much so that losing them is like losing their soul mate. It’s just too much for the heart to handle.

There’s no doubt about it – the death of a beloved pet is difficult and tough to bare. It’s understandable why so many people say that the pain and hurt is just too much for them. As the owner of a dog myself, I cannot help but think about that dreaded day when my little pooch passes. Just thinking about it is enough to turn my stomach over many times. That day is inevitable but until then, it’s important to have fun with our pets while we still can. Hopefully my dog has many years of life left in her for us to run around and enjoy, as do many of yours! Just take things one day at a time and enjoy it while it lasts.

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Tell KFC to stop destroying rainforests

KFC: no good for rainforests

Hi there

A couple of days ago I wrote to you asking you to join the revolt to change KFC’s secret recipe for destruction. As it turns out the Colonel has been keeping his chicken fresh with packaging made from Indonesian rainforests, home to the endangered Sumatran tiger.

KFC has no policies to tackle deforestation and has been caught using paper made by Asia Pulp and Paper. APP is one of the world’s most notorious forest destroyers and a company recently found using illegal timber.

So far, more than 28,000 people have joined the revolt to tell KFC to stop trashing the rainforest.  Check out all the revolting characters that have been created so far.

Now, you can help add the pressure on KFC by joining the revolt! Sign up now and create your own revolting character to tell the Colonel that his secret recipe for rainforest destruction is ‘no good’.

Time is running out for the Sumatran tigers so let’s make sure that KFC hear our message loud and clear!

Franziska Grobke
Greenpeace UK

Original email

Hi there,

Thank you for everything you’ve done to help protect Indonesia‘s rainforests – it’s really making a difference. Now I need to ask for your help again.

Guess what? KFC’s secret recipe is out of the bucket. It turns out the Colonel has been keeping his chicken fresh with packaging made from Indonesian rainforests, home to the endangered Sumatran tiger.

KFC has no policies to tackle deforestation and has been caught using paper made by Asia Pulp and Paper. APP is one of the world’s most notorious forest destroyers and a company recently found using illegal timber.

But a revolt is in the air and we need thousands of people like you to join it! You’ve done it before: as a result of your pressure, Mattel, Lego and Danone were just a few of the many companies that ruled out supplies from APP. Let’s make sure KFC is next!

KFC thinks turning the tigers’ home into trash is timber rippin’ good. There are only 400 Sumatran tigers left in the wild and they stand little chance of survival unless fast food companies like KFC stop boxing their food with rainforest packaging.

It’s tragic to think that our rapidly disappearing rainforests – which millions of rare plants and animals and thousands of forest-dwelling communities call home – could end up in rubbish bins or chucked in the street.

Help us tell the Colonel that his secret recipe for rainforest destruction is no good. Right now, people like you across the world are telling one of the world’s biggest fast food manufacturers that responsible companies don’t turn rainforests into trash.

Sign up now to design your own revolting packaging.

Tell KFC to change its secret recipe for destruction.

Thank you,

Greenpeace UK

Siúlóid Ná Saoirse – Walk of Freedom

Thanks again for registering to take part in the Sperrins Challenge 2012. There are a few things we need to mention ahead of the walk.

Dogs are not permitted

    • Please note that, due to the Lambing Season, no dogs are permit on the hike. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

      Protecting our environment – ‘Leave No Trace‘ approach

      The organisers of the Sperrins Challenge are asking all participants to adopt a‘Leave No Trace’ approach and to leave the route of the hike in as good a condition, or better, than that in which they found it.

      I have attached a link to Mountaineering Ireland’s recently adopted policy on Organised Events in Ireland’s Mountain Areas. This document includes practical guidelines for event organisers and also participants.

      We hope that you will take a few minutes to consider how this policy and that you will take on board the positive spirit of the guidelines for the benefit of the mountains, the local community and other hillwalkers.

      Should you require further information, please do not hesitate in getting in touch.

      Thanks you in advance for your cooperation. Wishing you well for the Sperrins Challenge 2012!


      Sperrins Challenge Organising Committee.


  • Declan Mc Aleer

What will Brazil’s President Dilma do?

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Amazon Watch

What will Brazil's President Dilma do?

Dear Kevin,

The Brazilian Congress has just passed catastrophic changes to its Forest Code that could spur Amazon destruction on a massive scale.

Dilma‘s environmental legacy – and the fate of the Amazon forest – could be sealed in coming days. She has the power to veto these changes, but time is running out.

With the world’s largest environmental summit being hosted in Brazil in just a few weeks, she can’t afford to look the world in the eyes as the leader who approved the slashing of environmental protections and rainforest destruction.

TELL DILMA to do the right thing before it’s too late!

Amazon Watch is supporting a huge international petition drive led by our friends at Greenpeace and Avaaz. Already there are over two million signers and the delivery is happening right now. Let’s turn the heat up on Dilma before she makes her final decision tomorrow!

Won’t you add your voice?

Take action now, tell President Dilma to veto the new Forest Code before it’s too late.

For the Amazon,

Christian Poirier
Christian Poirier
Brazil Program Coordinator

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British Army search for explosives

THE FAMILY OF a North Belfast man murdered by the British Army more than 40-years-ago said they hope the truth will finally be exposed after the Attorney-General agreed to reopen the inquest into his death.

After more than four decades fighting to clear his name the family of Ardoyne man Barney Watts received notice recently the Attorney General will reopen the inquest into his murder and re-examine the circumstances surrounding his death. Last April the release of the Historical Enquires Team (HET) report into his murder concludes the soldiers ” shot the wrong man” and the findings should allow ” for the consideration of an apology at government level ” for the family.

The father-of-one was shot dead near his home in Hooker Street in 1971 after he had been socialising with a friend in the area. The army claimed at the inquest into his death that they shot the 28 year old because he was about to throw a metal object at them that was alight and later exploded, blowing him six or seven feet into the air. However the soldiers’ version of events were challenged by witnesses and forensic reports, with one forensic scientist who took swabs from Mr Watt’s body concluding no presence of lead had been found. The pathologist who carried out the postmortem also said there was no evidence Barney had been injuried in an explosion.

Barney’s wife Theresa, who was seven months pregnant with her daughter Bernadine at the time of his death, has spent the past 40years with the knowledge her husband was shot for no valid reason. Theresa Watts said this week that she always knew the truth behind her husbands murder but is glad another step on the road to a public acknowledgement of his wrongful death is imminent, ” The truth has to come out, I always knew it,” she said. ” I have waited long enough, it is over 40 years now and I have been knocked back so many times. I just kept trying.”

The Watts’ family Solicitor Padraig O’ Muirigh explained how the family were able to successfully petition the Attorney general to reopen the inquest.” There are a number of changes to the Coroner’s court in recent years which assisted the Watts  family‘s decision to make an application to the Attorney-General to reopen the inquests,” he said. ” The fact that the inquest will have to comply with Article 2 of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). The fact that the British soldiers involved in the killings are now compellable witnesses. The fact that the House of Lords has made it clear that the Coroner dealing with an inquest has a generous discretion in relation to the remit of an inquest and the fact that a jury will now be in a position to reach ” findings”. “The decision by the Attorney General is a significant step forward for the families’ quest for truth. ” The Watts family are also considering civil proceedings against the MoD and PSNI in light of these findings. I have also written to the British Secretary of State, Owen Patterson, the British Secretary of State for Defence, Dr Liam Fox, and General Sir Peter Wall, Chief of the General Staff of the British Army to demand an apology for the Watts family for the actions of the British Army.”


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NHS reforms: GPs losing faith, BBC poll suggests

GPs are taking charge of the majority of the NHS budget under the reforms

The number of GPs who believe that the government’s health reforms in England will improve patient care is falling, a BBC poll suggests.

Just 12% agreed that putting GP-led groups in charge of the budget would mean patients saw a “noticeable” improvement.

That figure was 23% when a similar poll was carried out in September 2010.

A majority of the 814 GPs polled also believed there would be more rationing of care because of financial pressures.

In total, 83% said there would be an increase in rationing in their area.

Ministers have cited the financial challenges facing the health service as one of the reasons they have pushed ahead with the changes in the face of mounting opposition.

While 12% of family doctors agreed that GP-led commissioning – the buying and planning of services on a local level – would improve care, some 55% said they disagreed and 33% said they did not know whether or not it would.

The polling also asked about another controversial aspect of the reforms – the role of the private sector.


Asked about the role of private companies in the NHS, 87% agreed the changes set out in the health bill would lead to them having a bigger role.

The King’s Fund, a health think tank, said the poll highlighted once again the challenge facing the government in carrying the NHS with it as it implemented the health reforms.

“GPs will be in the vanguard of this – their commitment is essential for implementing clinical commissioning, the government’s big idea for ensuring that care meets the needs of patients,” said chief executive Chris Ham.

“The public will judge the government’s stewardship of the NHS on the basis of whether patient care improves, so ministers should be concerned that many GPs fear that care will get worse rather than better in the years ahead.”

Dr Laurence Buckman, chairman of the British Medical Association‘s GPs committee, said the findings came as no surprise and reflected what doctors had been telling them directly.

“Increasingly, GPs are worrying that they will be blamed for making the hard decisions that may need to be made in order to meet the £20bn savings target set by the government. The government needs to be much more upfront with the public about the scale of savings that need to be made and why.

“If those who will have to deliver the latest health reforms are unconvinced and reluctant, the government should take notice of what they say.”

April changes

In April next year the control of about £60bn of the NHS budget in England is due to pass to GP-led groups that will plan and buy most routine healthcare for their local community.

Continue reading the main story


Branwen Jeffreys Health correspondent, BBC News

More than anyone else in the NHS, GPs are central to the government’s plans for the NHS.

If you’re a patient in England, your surgery will have agreed to work with others in your area. From April 2013, these GP-led groups – 240 of them – will be taking control of £60bn of the NHS budget.

So what GPs think matters, because they’re essential to making this new system work.

This polling by ComRes suggests a deepening scepticism among GPs that putting them in charge will improve patient care.

Some believe they have been given too little power. Others are worried they’re taking over as the NHS faces the lowest growth in its budget since the 1950s.

They will be taking over at a time of unprecedented financial pressure. The latest government statistics suggest the NHS is currently managing to meet all waiting targets and has found the savings needed in the last financial year. The polling for the BBC suggests considerable anxiety about what lies ahead.

Almost half of the GPs, 49%, thought the NHS would not be able to go on meeting the 18-week target for routine treatments. Just 22% thought that it would be possible. A similar picture emerged for A&E departments, with 42% agreeing the NHS would need to close or downgrade some in the next five years.

The health secretary Andrew Lansley said the Health and Social Care Act would hand power to GPs, put patients at the heart of the NHS, and reduce needless bureaucracy.

“Of course, every important reform to the NHS, under whatever government, has had its critics from within the system. But putting GPs in leadership positions in the NHS will mean they can improve services for their entire local population. Patients want doctors to make decisions about their care, not managers, and that is what our reforms will deliver.”

Andy Burnham, Labour’s shadow health secretary, said the findings were significant.

“Most GPs are clear that the NHS is going in the wrong direction and that the government’s changes will make it worse not better. These results echo the concerns Labour has consistently raised and flatly contradict the reassurances given by the prime minister to get his Bill through.”

The poll interviews were carried out by ComRes for the BBC between 21 and 30 March.


The evacuation of the Kayapó tribe – an Indian people of the Amazon region in Brazil’s Mato Grosso has started.

Stop the Belo Monte Monster Dam!

We’ve already delivered half a million signatures to Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff, but we’re just getting started. Help us stop the Belo Monte Dam by signing the petition here!

243,997 people have taken this action so far.

Please help us defend our river and future generations by signing this petition.

– Sheyla Juruna, Juruna Tribal Leader

Dear Brazilian Government:

I support the demands of Brazilian civil society and urge you to defend the Amazon and its people and stop the Belo Monte Dam Complex.

Dear Brazilian Government*,

I am deeply concerned about your plans to build the Belo Monte Dam Complex on the Xingu River in the Amazon, in violation of the human rights of indigenous people and other threatened populations, and despite warnings by renowned Brazilian scientists, engineers, economists and religious leaders about the project’s huge social and environmental costs and lack of economic viability.

I support the demands of Brazilian civil society that the Brazilian government immediately stop the Belo Monte Dam Complex, and instead:

  • Implement Brazilian legislation and international agreements on protecting human rights and the environment, giving special attention to indigenous peoples and their territories,
  • Invest in energy efficiency and alternative energy sources to meet Brazil’s legitimate energy needs, and
  • Support participatory and sustainable development in the Xingu region, aimed at strengthening local livelihoods and safeguarding the region’s delicate ecosystems.

Brazil has an opportunity to demonstrate global leadership in protecting the Amazon, its people and the global climate. Current and future generations of Brazilians are counting on you to make the right decision.


Your Name

* Brazilian Government:
President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff
President of the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES), Luciano Coutinho
President of Eletrobras, Jose Antonio Muniz Lopes
President of the Norte Energia Consortium, Carlos Nascimento
Minister of Mines and Energy, Edson Lobão
Minister of the Environment, Izabella Teixeira
Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (IBAMA)

THE WORDING ABOVE IS THE WRITING ON THE PETITION & THIS IS THE DIRECT LINK : http://amazonwatch.org/take-action/stop-the-belo-monte-monster-dam

This picture is to go around the world.
The evacuation of the Kayapó tribe – an Indian people of the Amazon region in Brazil’s Mato Grosso has started.
The construction of the Belo Monte hydroelectric dam is released, despite numerous protests and more than 600,000 signatures were collected.

Thus, the death sentence was spoken about the people at the great bend of the Xingu River. Belo Monte will be a total of 400,000 hectares of flooded forest, an area that is larger than the Panama Canal. 40,000 people of indigenous and local communities are distributed – the habitat of many animal and plant species will be destroyed. All this in order to produce electricity, the easier, more effective, and can be profitably produced primarily by investors.

I know this does not happen to our country, not on our continent. Some people will say I do, what we care Brazil? As if we did not have their own problems.
But this opinion I am not! The despair inherent in this picture brought me to think.

The history of the Kayapó tribe should go around the world and perhaps cause a rethink. Away from the ruthless capitalist progress towards responsible society.

Parts of it, if you want to know more people from the fate of Kayapó tribe should.

I like = I do not like. (your friends will see that on their home page, name inappropriately, but a positive effect)

PS:. Also you can sign the petition online, thus supporting the opponents of the Belo Monte dam directly.

n 2004, thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers from all four corners, moved by their concern for our planet, came together at a historic gathering, where they decided to form an alliance: The International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers. This is their story. Four years in-the-making and shot on location in the Amazon rainforest, the mountains of Mexico, North America, and at a private meeting with the Dalai Lama in India, For the Next 7 Generations follows what happens when these wise women unite. Facing a world in crisis, they share with us their visions of healing and a call for change now, before it’s too late. This film documents their unparalleled journey and timely perspectives on a timeless wisdom.


The Elders Speak
Lakota Traditional Elders met today in the Porcupine District to discuss the on-going issues with the OST Tribal Governments failure to address and meet the needs of the District’s Elderly .

During the meeting the Elders ask one of my relatives to call me and have me call where they were meeting so that I might hear their words and share them with the world.They spoke in the Traditional way of the Lakota, each taking a turn at speaking.Hearing their words, their daily struggles to just survive was heart wrenching and would make any with a soul angry.

It was humbling to hear the words of Unci (Grandmother) Ester Whiteface who was born on Feb 11th 1922 and speaks about the small amount of food provided through the Elder Meals Program,of the failure to get any real help, adequate medical care,transportation and heating help or any of the basic needs.That she and many of the Elders have less than $400 a month to pay rent & utilities with,buy food, get to & pay for medical appointments etc.

Her daughter Lorraine who is 77 years old, spoke about being assaulted,hit and kicked by younger women last week when she went to where the Trucks were dropping supplies, as the younger women tried to take the small box the truck driver had given her away from her. She spoke about how she felt bad hitting them back as holding anger and acting in anger was not the Lakota way, but she could not help it. That she is poor and they needed those supplies.She Spoke of needing transportation at times and when the Tribe would help with money it was $15 to $20 and once a Elder had received it were ineligible for help again for six months.

Enoch Brings Plenty spoke of how the Elders had asked that he be put in charge of the Elder Meals Program,How after the Occupation of The Elders Center by the Elders.The same relative of a Council Member that had been in charge before the Occupation had been hired back and was again in charge.How once again the Elders that were getting any food from the program were not getting enough. He spoke about how in spite of a $100K allotment for a New Center & The Elder Program in the District, That The OST Council are again talking about renovating the current building.A building that has now been condemned 4 times by different State & Federal Agencies.He spoke of the in-ability for many of them to get housing, so they lived in old mobile homes,often with holes in the roofs, cracked & broken windows and general disrepair and no help with maintenance.

He spoke of them no longer even knowing where to turn for help and that they just kept hanging on, struggling to survive and praying that some-one, some-how would make a difference and change things for the Elders there.

Unci Cecelia Martin spoke of being in a wheel chair, having to pay the Tribal Housing Authority rent, but that she had a hole in her living room floor that they would not repair.

She told of how there is a $3.750 allotment every 90 days for the Elder Programs in the District as well, and how to date there has never been a clear accounting of where those funds are going really made.

She shared about being with-out food, how often all the Elders deal with that. Of stopped up sewers and no one fixing them and not having money to hire and pay some-one to do so.That her grandson and a few others try to help her and the other Elders but it is difficult to address all the needs when they too have limited incomes.

A 22 year old Warrior named Leo, Who stayed with the Elders through out the entire Occupation of The Elder Center shared his thoughts and feelings about the experience, and how his heart had been touched by the strength and courage of these Elders.He stressed how important it is that the World understand what is truly happening on Pine Ridge to the Elders, of the abuse they are being subjected to by their own BIA Tribal Government.

After hearing my Elders speak going between Lakota and English, Leo’s words indeed need to be a reminder to the Lakota Oyate.” Our elders built today for us yesterday, as Lakota People we need to recognize that and show respect and honor and help them”


Cante Tenza Okolakiciye also known as the Strong Heart Warrior Society of the Lakota Nation is an ancient Lakota warrior society as well as a broad-based civil rights movement that works to protect, enforce and restore treaty rights, civil rights, and sovereignty of Native people and their communiti…

World Down’s Syndrome Day

Saint Patrick's Day Parade, Omagh - (49) Omagh...
Saint Patrick's Day Parade, Omagh - (49) Omagh and District Down's Syndrome (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Help strengthen the Celtic connection with Down’s Syndrome Scotland on World Down’s Syndrome Day (Wednesday, March 21). Find out more about the club and organisation’s work – and how to support it – by following the link to the official site.https://www.facebook.com/CelticFC

TODAY, March 21, is World Down´s Syndrome Day and this year, for the first time, the United Nations has officially recognised the day. While there will be a big celebration in New York, Down’s Syndrome Scotland is celebrating with its third annual ‘Do a Dish for Down’s Syndrome’ fundraising and awareness campaign!

Celtic have strong links with Down´s Syndrome Scotland, through the club´s ongoing and successful Ability Counts Programme. And the forthcoming visit of the children from the Good Child Foundation aims to raise funds to help children with Down’s Syndrome in Thailand, and also support the work of Down’s Syndrome Scotland.

Supporters can get involved by donating online at http://www.everyclick.com/thaitimsvisit, via text – Text CELT07 followed by £1, £5 or £10 to 70070 or through various initiatives that will be announced in the coming weeks.

Down’s Syndrome Scotland is currently celebrating its 30th year of providing services, support and information to people with Down’s Syndrome, their families and professionals. We work to help people with Down’s Syndrome reach their full potential.

Our Family Support Service provides home visits to families; training to teachers, coaches and carers; and support and information via telephone, e-mail and social media. Our new Down’s Syndrome Sports initiative provides sports opportunities to children and adults with Down’s Syndrome.

Supporters of Down´s Syndrome Scotland are being asked to bring awareness, equality and inclusion to their communities, workplaces, schools and hairdressers throughout March. Hold fundraising events and also teach the children about inclusion and equality at schools and ask your hairdressers to raise awareness by posting our Nine Facts about Down’s Syndrome fact sheet on each mirror of a salon.

These are great ways to raise some money for charity but to also have an opportunity to speak about Down’s Syndrome and dispelling the myths that surround Down’s Syndrome.

We have many supportive schools, supporters and hairdressers planning their own Do a Dish events throughout Scotland. We hope more people can join in to celebrate the day of recognition and awareness.

To find out more about our Do a Dish event visit our website at www.dsscotland.org.uk. Or to get involved, e-mail Heather at heather@dsscotland.org.uk.

30 Courses in 30 Days Golf Challenge
To celebrate Down’s Syndrome Awareness Week (March 19-25) and our 30th anniversary, Lesley Moffat, a single mum and member of Down’s Syndrome Scotland, is playing 30 Fife golf courses in 30 days, which started on Mother’s Day.

Lesley is playing golf to raise money for Down’s Syndrome Scotland. Lesley played her first course on Mother’s Day with her daughter Eve Crawford. To view the list of courses to play www.dsscotland.org.uk/or to join Lesley for a day e-mail golf@dsscotland.org.uk. To support Lesley’s challenge text GOLF30 £5 (or a sum up to £10) to 70070. Lesley will be tweeting updates of her challenge. Follow her @Golf30in30

Lesley said: “I first received support and information on Down’s Syndrome from Down’s Syndrome Scotland when Eve was born four years ago and I’ve been a member of the charity ever since.

“I’m raising money for Down’s Syndrome Scotland so that the charity can continue to provide support for families like mine. As a single parent, I will need more support from Down’s Syndrome Scotland’s Family Support Service as Eve grows up regarding choosing schools and even power of attorney, guardianship and independent living.”

Facebook & Twitter Q&A Session on World Down’s Syndrome Day
We know families are very busy, so to help, our Family Support Service Team will be on our Facebook and Twitter pages from noon to 1 pm on World Down’s Syndrome Day (Wednesday, March 21) to answer any questions you may have. This service is provided every month on the 21st or if the 21st falls on a weekend, the service will be held on the Friday.

POSTED ON BEHALF OF : http://www.celticfc.net/newsstory?item=2299

Sinn Fein say no to £5,000 pay increase for MLAs

 Sinn Fein say no to £5,000 pay increase for MLAs


MLAs are set to get a pay rise of 11%, almost £5,000, from April next year, an independent panel decided today.

An MLA’s basic pay is currently £43,101. MLAs who are committee chairs get another £11,331, while deputy chairs get an extra £5,667.

Junior ministers get £19,609 on top of the basic while ministers get £37,801. The first and deputy first ministers are entitled to £114,535 each.

The pay rise will be financed by a cut in office costs and expenses.

Sinn Féin have welcomed the publication of the report but says MLAs should not get a pay increase.

MLA Barry McElduff said: “I welcome the publication of the report. It was Sinn Féin who pressed for the establishment of this independent body. We did so to ensure that these matters are dealt with in an open and transparent manner and that MLA’s are not left in a position of deciding on their own salary.

“Throughout the consultation on these issues we maintained the position that there should be no increase to the salary arrangements for MLA’s. That remains our position.

“We believe it would be hypocritical for MLA’s to be contemplating an increase in the current economic climate when everyone else is expected to cope with the effects of the recession. It is our view that the current remuneration is adequate.

“We have only had an opportunity for a quick study of the report. We welcome the indication of the report that the implementation of its recommendations will result in £3m savings to the public purse between now and 2015.

“However we have misgivings about the proposed increase in MLA salaries set alongside a reduction in Office Cost Allowances. One reading of this suggests that constituency service monies will be used to finance an increase in MLA salaries. This would not be acceptable to Sinn Féin.

“This amounts to removing monies from front line constituency work and placing it in the pockets of MLA’s. Sinn Féin will certainly not contemplate such an outcome. Sinn Féin MLA’s take the average wage and contribute the rest of their salaries to the delivery and expansion of constituency services for those we represent.

“We will now consider what steps we have to take to maintain this situation and to ensure that constituency services are maintained at the current level.”


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