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List of Republican prisoners that are looked after by Irish Republican Prisoners Welfare Association (IRPWA)

Portlaoise Gaol

E3 & E4, Dublin Road, Portlaoise, Co Laois

Dublin: Tallaght
Michael Finlay
Dean Byrne
Edward McGrath


Patrick Brennan


John Troy


Sean Connolly


Stephen Hendrick

East Wall

Pierce Moran

Rush Co Dublin

John McGrail


Donal O’Coisdealbha


Connor Hughes


Darren Fox


Owen McCann
Conan Murphy


James Smithers


Tony Carroll
Brian Walsh
Joe Walsh
Sean Walsh
Mick Gilmartin
Martin McHale


Kevin Devlan


Damien (DD) McLaughlin

Roe 4, Maghaberry Prison, Old Road Ballinderry Upper, Lisburn BT28 2PT


Dee Duffy
Shea Reynolds
Ciaran Magee
Brendan McConville
Sean McVeigh
Luke O’ Neill (held on a non-political wing on protest)
John Paul Wotton


Anto Davidson
Christie Robinson


Barry Concannon
Jason Ceulmans
Damien Harkin
Neil Hegarty
Nathan Hastings
Seamus McLaughlin


Barry Petticrew (Held on a non – political wing in isolation)


Darren Poleon
Brian Walsh


Gavin Coyle
Martin McGilloway (CSU)

Point Rd, Limavady BT49 0LR


Brian Millar


List of Republican prisoners that are looked after by Cogús prisoner support group


Old Road Ballinderry Upper,
County Antrim,
BT28 2PT

Conor Hughes

Gerard Flanagan

Carl Reilly

Tony Taylorq

Ta Mc Williams

Ciaran Mc Laughlin

Paddy O’ Neill (teach na failte)

Cogús Prisoners E2, Portlaoise Co Laois:

Charles Anthony Deery

Garret Mulley

Seamus McGrane

Ryan Glennon

With many thanks to: Stephen Codd @ Revolution Ireland.


Teen facing charges linked to north Belfast bomb ‘radicalised by dissident republicans’, court hears –


Maghaberry Prison ‘most dangerous’ ever visited says chief inspector – BBC News



Maghaberry Prison: Reaction to damning report :

Maghaberry Prison - End British Internment & Mistreatment of Republican Prisoners.


THE Prison service has been accused of trying to put out a ‘firestorm’ after it played down a serious fire at Maghaberry Gaol last week.


Sources within the prison say tensions between inmates and staff are at an all-time low as swingeing staff cuts continue to bite. Last week there were two fires started within the jail – one in Roe House and the other in Erne House which jails long term sex offenders. Sources have told the Sunday World they were started deliberately and the second fire in Erne House has caused hundreds of thousdands of pounds worth the damage. However, despite a number of sources telling us that the fire caused mayhem at the prison last Sunday, the Prison Service has played the incident down. We spoke to a number of soucres including prison officers and inmates who told us the fire, which was started in a storeroom at Erne House last Sunday, was a mayor incident. We have been told inmates are feed up with being locked up in their cells 24/7 each day and ran amok at one stage after starting the fire.



“It’s complete chaos in here because threre are few staff on duty which means prisoners are being locked up 24 hours a day,” Said one inmate who witnessed the fire in in Erne House. “The fire started in a storeroom but it quickly spread though the ducts and prisoners managed to get into the Senior Officers room and started smashing lap-tops and other equipment. “It took them six hours to put the fire out and on Monday inmates from Erne House were transferred to Folye House.” But the Prison Service remains adamant that it was a small fire, nobody was injured and there  was no evacution of Erne House. “It’s no surprise that the Prison Service is keen to play down the incidents as senior staff/bosses have continued to come under fire for a staff chris which has been blamed for stoking up tensions inside the jail. Another prisoner source told us: Erne House was built to hold 108 prisioners but it has dozens more in it at the moment and there are so many new recruits leaving the service that officers are struggling to cope. “If there’s not enough staff then inmates are hardly allowed out of their cells because it’s not safe in case they kick off. “This is causing major problems and it’s only a matter of time before the place in case they kick off. “This is causing major problems and it’s only a matter of time before the place completely erupts.” The Sunday World has previously revealed tensions within the prison between the old and new guard with the new prison custody officers earning just over £18,000 – 32366_356798177742003_871891923_nhalf what some of their colleagues are getting paid for doing the same job. Last year we revealed how the Prison Service was facing a staffing crisis as the so-called ‘yellow-pack’ workers were leaving in droves. The Prision Service, under the guidence of Director General Sue McAllister, embarked on a massive restucturing programne aimed at reducing costs while charging the regime by bringing in hundreds of new recruits.

With many thanks to: Steven Moore, The Sunday World, for the origional story.

Dissidents in jail after judicial review

Five dissident republican suspects have gone back to prison after they challenged police moves to take them directly for questioning about other terrorist offences.

Dissidents in jail after judicial review

The judge dismissed the judicial review. (© UTV)

The men launched High Court proceedings following their transfer from Maghaberry Prison to Antrim Serious Crime Suite.

They are currently being held on remand in Roe House, along with other republican prisoners.

But on Wednesday the men were taken out of the prison to be interviewed in connection with allegations of preparing for acts of terrorism.

Police lawyers say the PSNI were granted permission to have the men taken out of Roe House.

The men, who all face other terrorist-related charges, sought an emergency judicial review. They argued that authorisation is required from a magistrate before police can take remand prisoners for further questioning.

Frank O’Donoghue QC, for the suspects, told the court on Thursday: “This is about the removal of prisoners from detention.

“It’s now done very strictly, we say, under judicial scrutiny once the person is charged.”

Paul McLaughlin, for the PSNI, told the court that the men had been arrested.

But following a break in proceedings judges were told a decision has been taken to return them to Maghaberry “for the time being”.

Mr McLaughlin added: “Thereafter police will decide what course to follow to continue their investigation.

“But for the present purposes the return of the prisoners to Maghaberry brings an end to the case.”

Lord Justice Higgins, sitting with Mr Justice Stephens, decided the case should then be dismissed.

Outside the court the men’s solicitor, Paul Pierce of Kevin R Winters and Co, said the case was taken to examine the procedures surrounding the decision to take the prisoners directly to a police station.

He added: “Our concerns have been vindicated in view of the fact that the police have decided to return each of the men to custody and they have indicated they will now review their position.

“The method by which these prisoners were produced is clearly open to abuse by any police officers who want to use a power which is not subject to any form of judicial scrutiny or legal restraint.”


Prisoners staring into the abyss

THE ongoing protest by republican prisoners in Maghaberry will be stepped up  if Justice Minister David Ford does not implement the full terms of the August 2010 Roe House agreement.Representatives of the support group Family and Friends of Republican Prisoners in Maghaberry were speaking to the Andersonstown News as inmates in the prison’s republican Roe House wing continue their no-wash protest at the continued use of full body strip-searching by prison authorities. The Northern Ireland Prison Service(NIPS) claim the use of full body strip-searching is “essential” for security reasons, an argument dismissed by the prisoners and their supporters, who say the inflammatory practice never guaranteed prison security in the past. It has also been alleged that some long-serving prison officers are using full body strip-searching as “an opportunity to even old scores” against republicans.The August 2010 Roe House agreement, which was struck  between the republican prisoners and prison authorities with the help of independent facilitators, did away with full body strip-searching in the prison in favour of the non-invasive BOSS chair scanner and other technology-based procedures.  The agreement also allowed for a gradual reduction in controlled movement for republicans within Roe House.However, that agreement was to break down only a month later after prison authorities claimed it did not cover strip-searching in the reception area of Maghaberry Prisonas prisoners were leaving and entering the facility.The ensuing stand-off with the prison authorities over the issue, say supporters and relatives, has led to nearly 200 forced strip-searches on republicans inmates and the beating of prisoners who refuse to submit to strip-searching. It also saw the start of the latest no-wash protest, in May 2011.

English: "Stop Strip Searches" (Sinn...

Tensions have escalated to such an extent that the prison’s riot squad now permanently mans part of the wing in place of regular prison officers.

Brendy Conway of Family and Friends of Republican Prisoners in Maghaberry, himself a prisoner in Maghaberry at the time of the Roe House agreement and who helped negotiate that agreement on behalf of the prisoners, said the problem has become so bad that prisoners are “looking into the abyss”.

“Nothing has given rise to any hope at this stage that this can be resolved,” said Brendy. “The prisoners believed that they had been given cast-iron guaranteed commitments by the [prison] administration to do away with the strip-searching completely and to relax controlled movement within a given time-frame.  It was also the understanding of the facilitators that that was the case.  However, the Prison Service have now made it quite clear to the facilitators that the August 12 agreement did not cover  strip-searching in the reception area. Had we known that we would never have signed the agreement.

“Since May 5, the protest has increased. We have a situation now where we have prisoners on various forms of protest – some are on dirty protest and some guys are not, due to health reasons and age. We are looking into the abyss.”

Former blanketman Alex McCrory, also of Family and Friends of Republican Prisoners in Maghaberry, said that elements within the prison and the NIPS “began to work against the agreement” immediately after it was agreed upon by the relevant parties.

Strip-searching was re-introduced after the agreement  within a very short time and progress on controlled movement was stalled to a snail’s pace,” said Alex. “The prisoners would refuse to comply with the strip-searching as they said it was in breach of the agreement and this then led to forcible strip-searching.  Since August 2010 there have  been almost 200 forced strip-searches in the prison, leading to countless injuries to prisoners.  These searches are very aggressive, involving four to six screws dressed in riot gear wielding shields and batons.  Prisoners are beaten to the ground. They have restraining locks applied to their joints and their clothes are forcibly removed.  On at least two occasions clothes have been cut off from their bodies using scissors.  Several prisoners have received injuries as a result of that. In relation to controlled movement, in Maghaberry today there is a ratio of three screws to one prisoner and five screws to two prisoners. In Long Kesh you had a ratio of two screws to thirty-plus men on a wing with unrestricted movement.  The history of republican wings tells us that prison staff are safe when points of conflict are removed. That is the situation that we find ourselves in at present.”

Alex said the facilitators who helped broker the initial Roe House agreement have told the Friends and Family group that a “a blockage in the system at a very senior level” is preventing the full implementation of the terms agreed in August 2010. He added that long-serving prison guards were the main instigators of the “hassle” the prisoners were getting.

“They [the independent facilitators] said that there are people within the system that are totally opposed to the ending of full body strip-searching for the purposes of security even though there is new technology available that makes a full body strip-search obsolete and unnecessary.

“Certain protestors are singled out, such as Colin Duffy [Lurgan] and Harry Fitzsimons [Ballymurphy], men who have a history going back to Long Kesh. There is a sense that some prison guards are getting their own back now for what happened in the past. They have this old mindset and unfortunately Maghaberry affords them the opportunity to even old scores.”

The current no-wash protest involves some 35 prisoners aligned to different republican groups who are refusing to wash, shave or have their hair cut.

“For example, on the top landing you have ONH  [Óglaigh na hÉireann]-aligned and RSF [Republican Sinn Féin]-aligned prisoners who are putting their human waste on the walls,” explained Alex. “On the bottom landing, prisoners aligned to the 32 County Sovereignty Movement and independent prisoners are putting their human waste on to the landing. Although there are differences in tactics, there is a full protest at present.”Liam Mellows Society, Derry

Alex added that current conditions for prisoners in Roe House are “extremely harsh” and the atmosphere within the wing is “extremely hostile and tense”.

“The bottom landing, which holds 14 of the protestors, is being run by the prison riot squad in full riot gear so the ordinary screws have effectively been withdrawn,” he said. “The prisoners are searched leaving the cell, outside the cell and on returning to the cell. The screws in the riot squad are trained to be aggressive and in-your-face so there has been an awful lot of hostility and tension which the prisoners live with on a daily basis. There is always potential for a flare-up because of the tense  relationship between the prisoners and the riot squad. A few of the prisoners have been in jail before and a sizeable number have been in the Kesh, but for the vast majority of them this is their first time in jail.  There are no former blanketmen there, so this would be their first experience of these types of conditions and they find it very, very difficult to cope with, but they are very determined to see the agreement implemented in full.”

NIPS claims that the use of full body strip-searches is essential for security reasons have been rubbished by the Friends and Family group.

“As ex-prisoners, we can tell you that that’s complete nonsense,” said Alex. “A full body strip-search never guaranteed prison security. On the blanket protest we were able to bring in thousands of comms, tobacco, radios and God knows what else despite a full body strip-search and mirror search.  The full body strip-search is about control and domination, it’s as simple as that. It’s the first contact that the prisoner has with the system and in the first contact you have with that system you are compelled to remove your clothing and stand naked before three or four grown men. The ironic thing is that the technology that we are proposing probably enhances security rather than compromises security.”

The support group backs the implementation of the recommendations of the recent independent review into the Northern Ireland Prison Service by Dame Anne Owers, in which she found the Prison Service here to be “dysfunctional” and “ineffective”.32 CSM IN DEFENCE OF THE NATION.

“She recommends that the Prison service as a whole gets other forms of search procedures in place other than full body strip-searching,” said Alex.

“She says there are new technologies that would render the full body strip-search absolutely unnecessary and describes the practice as ‘an invasion of privacy and intrusive’. That report was released two months ago but [Justice Minister] David Ford is saying that it could take two years to implement her recommendations.”

The two men say that prisoners feel that they are not getting “the type of support they deserve from former friends and comrades who should know better and who have been through this whole experience before”.

“Sinn Féin have met with the prisoners on several occasions and met with our group on several occasions and we have discussed the issues inside-out,” said Alex.

“They have made numerous public statements calling on David Ford to implement the agreement, but unfortunately that is not enough.  We believe there has to be some sort of meaningful political action following on from these statements. The DUP are the main obstacle to the implementation of this agreement so there has to be a counter to that. The Family and Friends group are calling on Sinn Féin to use their political strength in a positive way to counter the DUP on this issue and to bring a speedy resolution to this problem.”

Alex accepts that the lack of outside interest in the protest could be because it involves prisoners from micro-republican groups.

“To a large extent that is the case, but I also think that people don’t like the idea of the past coming back to haunt them,” he said.

“The situation is bad at the moment and it is difficult to see how the protest can be escalated without something drastic coming into play.  Obviously that’s not something that’s being talked about by prisoners or the organisations they align to, but we are talking about a situation here where prisoners are living in their own waste.  Now I spent two and a half years on the blanket protest and it cannot get any worse than that. They are under enormous pressure in terms of the physical conditions in which they find themselves and because of that, that puts enormous pressure on the men’s families.”

Brendy Conway added that the prisoners “are not looking anything that was not already agreed as far back as August 2010”.

“Going into 2012 we have prisoners still on dirty protest and locked down 23 hours a day and people going through lengthy trials who are being forcibly stripped twice a day, such as Colin Duffy,” said Brendy.

“The ball’s in their court. To quote the facilitators, an hour could sort this out.”

A spokesperson for the NIPS said the service has “consistently maintained that full body searching on entering and exiting any prison is essential to preserve the security of the establishment and the safety of other prisoners, staff and the wider community in line with practice in other jurisdictions throughout Europe”. The spokesperson continued: “A search facility for separated prisoners at Maghaberry, incorporating a BOSS chair, has been operational since November 17, 2010. In line with the August 2010 agreement, there is no longer any requirement for routine rub-down searching within the separated wings, except where a prisoner is being moved out of the wing. However, the BOSS chair cannot detect non-metallic items. NIPS believes that the existing arrangements are consistent with the August agreement and remains committed to the implementation of the agreement. This position was upheld by the courts when it was challenged by judicial review earlier this year.

“In line with Dame Anne Owers’ recommendation that we should seek an alternative to ‘full body searching’ in her review of NIPS, we are currently researching what, if any, other alternative technologies are available. To date, no viable alternative has been identified.”

Asked about the deployment of the prison riot squad at sections of Roe House in place of regular prison guards, the NIPS spokesperson added: “Members of the NIPS Dedicated Search Team are currently deployed to Roe House at Maghaberry prison for operational reasons, but this arrangement is kept under review by the Governor.

“There is a complaints procedure in place, in particular the Prisoner Ombudsman, should any prisoner believe that NIPS staff have behaved inappropriately.”

With many thanks to :  Gráinne Brinkley ( Belfast Media Group )

The bad faith and broken promises

Concern over disease outbreak

Sister speaks of brother’s beating



RNU have expressed dismay and concern at the sick antics of the Maghaberry administration who have again used the plight of seriously ill POW Tony Taylor to confuse and cause maximum distress to his wife and family. Yesterday afternoon, Tony (who suffers from injuries he sustained in an explosion in the early 90s), was taken from Maghaberry Gaol to an outside hospital after a severe infection caused his right arm to swell at an alarming rate. Tony who is on full dirty protest in Roe House, lost his spleen in the explosion and had his body peppered with shrapnel which is still present, this makes him vulnerable to infection as his immune system is particularly compromised. Infections if left untreated can lead to blood poisoning and in Tony’s case can prove fatal. At no time did the prison administration contact Tony’s wife or family to inform them he had been taken to an outside hospital, it was only through conversation with other prisoner’s families that the news reached his wife late yesterday evening. On calling the Gaol, his wife was then denied details as to his medical condition and was even refused knowledge of the which hospital had been taken to. Being given the impression that he was in Lagan Valley hospital, Tony’s wife then spoke to a senior staff nurse there who flatly refused to give her any details on either his condition or exact whereabouts. From the language and attitude displayed by this nurse it appears that she had been briefed not to divulge any such details to anybody who called on Tony’s behalf. Only when she persevered and again called Lagan Valley, this time speaking to a junior staff member did Tony’s wife discover that he was in fact in Belfast City Hospital and was undergoing treatment for a serious infection to his arm. On discovering that Tony’s wife had again called, the previous senior nurse then came back onto the phone and lambasted her for calling back, insisting that she stop calling the hospital on behalf of her husband. Upon calling Belfast City Hospital, Tony’s wife was again met with resistance from staff who refused to divulge any information as to the condition of their patient; again it appeared that staff had been briefed not to speak to any callers about Tony’s wellbeing or whereabouts. Several times in calls to the Gaol governor, Tony’s wife was told that a visit with him was out of the question, all the time being given imprecise information about his condition and exact whereabouts. Eventually this morning she was told that Tony was on his way back to Roe House as his condition had been treated, however on again calling Belfast City Hospital she was informed that he was in fact still in their care and under armed PSNI guard. Upon demanding an explanation from the Maghaberry administration for the confusion caused, Tony’s wife was told that the PSNI were in control of the situation and that it was a matter for them. Tony is currently still in Belfast City Hospital and is not on his way to Roe House as previously claimed by the Maghaberry administration. This sustained confusion and refusal to divulge information is leading to unbearable stress and worry on the family of Tony Taylor. RNU believe that worry is deliberately being visited on Tony’s family in direct retaliation for his commitment to the Dirty Protest in defence of the August agreement in Maghaberry and in hope that visiting suffering on families will place further pressure on protesting prisoners. We would ask NHS staff not to be press ganged into going along with these tactics and demand that they respect the rights of families to know about the condition and whereabouts of their loved ones. We condemn attempts to put pressure on families of protesting POWs from any quarter and salute their resolve, we also call for the immediate release of Tony Taylor on medical grounds alone, it is clear that his medical condition is placing his life in danger within the confines of Maghaberry prison.

Posted on behalf of :Rnu Abú

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