UDA chiefs have pledged to do “all that’s needed to ensure a DUP election victory in North Belfast.

The paramilitary group has thrust itself into the heart of the battle in the north of the city – the most contentious seat in the country. They have followed up threats issued to the Ulster Unionist Party members by removing Sinn Féin election posters across the constituency. Masked UDA men armed with ladders took down John Finucane posters during the week and it is understood they intend targeting posters wherever they can.


Sitting MP “Deputy” Dog (Nigel) has condemned threats against UUP staff but this week Sinn Féin called on the party to make clear its opposition to loyalist paramilitary groups. North Belfast is a straight shoot-out between Dodds and Finucane with the DUP deputy leader defending a narrow 2,000 vote majority. The party has long had the support of the UDA. In the past paramilitary leaders have ordered their members to vote DUP and in some instances members have distributed election literature. There are now fears election canvassers campaigning for Finucane may come under pressure, with concerns being raised about personal security.

A photograph of one of the posters targeting John Finucane and Shankill bomber Sean Kelly

Masked UDA men remove SF candidate’s posters 

The revelation that Shankill bomber Sean Kelly is on the ground campaigning for Belfast Lord Mayor Finucane has further fuelled tensions. There is fury the mass killer has been given a high-profile role in the campaign a stone’s throw from the scene of the 1993 Shankill bomb which cost nine innocent lives and that of Kelly’s fellow bomber Thomas Begley.

Óglach Thomas Begley died on Active Service on the Shankill Road in North Belfast

Loyalist sources in the north of the city say the UDA leadership sees victory in North Belfast as essential. Hundreds of people attended a public meeting in the area last week (organised by Jamie Bryson and his cohorts in the UVF) to express opposition to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal.

No mention of the UDA threats against UUP staff in North Belfast

The previous week a number of high-profile paramilitary figures attended a similar meeting in the east of the city. According to sources there is genuine anger and unease at the Johnson proposals, but they were quick to dismiss fears of a return to violence. “Anger is one thing but we know resorting to violence will be like shooting ourselves in the foot,” said one source.

If as they state loyalism is not threatening people or communities with violence then why produce sinister posters like this one?

“But we will not stand back and let Sinn Féin have a free run and we will do whatever we can to impede their campaign.” Former Stormont minister Carál Ní Chuilín said Sinn Féin had complained to police after the banners were taken down on Belfast’s Oldpark Road. “Only last week, the UDA threatened members of the Ulster Unionist Party simply because the party had indicated it might field a candidate in the election in North Belfast.

A copy of one of the New posters “ULSTER SAYS NO TO AN ECONOMIC UNITED IRELAND

“Those threats were made only days before the UUP said it would not enter the contest, giving a clear run to the DUP.” The incident came after Sinn Féin contacted the police on Monday about “vile posters erected by loyalists” in the Shankill Road area attacking John Finucane, his family “and the memory of his father Pat, who was murdered by a UDA death squad colluding with the state”. Ms Ní Chuilín said that in the latest incident, men with their faces covered mounted a ladder to remove Sinn Féin election posters from the Oldpark Road”. “Our party has made a complaint to the police about this criminal act of theft,” she added. “There is a responsibility for these threats and attempts to demonize John Finucane to be condemned across the board and a duty on the police to take these actions seriously. “It’s time for the DUP to make it clear it supports without any equivocation the democratic process and to put distance between itself and active loyalist paramilitary groups engaged in intimidation and threats to kill.”

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Men caught with UDA documents, balaclavas and gloves told to “grow up”

Judge Neil Rafferty told the pair it was time for them to “grow up”

Brian David Dean at Belfast Crown Court on Friday where he was sentenced for possession of three balaclavas and documents likely to be of use to terrorists

A man who was caught with balacavas and UDA documents was jailed yesterday as a judge told him and his co-accused to “grow up”.

Judge Neil Rafferty branded those who persist in living in the terrorist past as “wrong-headed”.

He told Desmond John William Lundy, 41, and 52-year-old Brian David Dean: “Both of you have reached an age where it is long since past time for you to grow up and put away childish things.

“Such days are in the past and in the past [they] must remain.

“Terrorism, from whatever extreme, from either side, is a scourge and blight on our community.”

The pair had initially been charged with being, or proporting to be members of the UDA but this was not proceeded with after they pleaded guilty to possessing articles and documents useful to terrorists.

They included balaclavas, gloves and jackets with UDA emblems and documents, some to be used in a form of “swearing-in” ceremony “for those foolish to consider joining such an organisation”.

Judge Rafferty told Belfast Crown Court some of the documents were “almost laughable” in that the section identifying the UDA and UFF was left out but which was something even “a child would have made out”.

Prosecutor Sam Magee said Lundy and Dean’s fingerprints were found on the documents which included a “Code of Conduct of the Ulster Defence Association”, a “Plegde of Allegence” to the terror group and a copy of the “Monkstown Agreement”– allegedly between the UDA, UVF and Red Hand Commandos.

Lundy, of Abbey Ring, Holywood, Co Down, who had possessed 10 balaclavas, 18 pairs of black gloves and multiple UDA emblemed jackets, in addition to the documents, was sentenced to 15 months, split equally between custody and parole.

Dean, from Ainsworth Avenue, West Belfast, who had three balaclavas and documents received a nine-month prison term suspended for three years.

Counsel for both men said the offences dated back to September 2016 when police officers raided their homes and there was “no tangible reason” for the delay, described as “huge” in dealing with their case.

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Loyalism in meltdown over Brexit

Don’t Be Conned

Members of the public (Loyalists as the public were barred) arriving at the Con Club in East Belfast to attend one of a series of public meetings (so why bar the public then?) for the unionist community to discuss their fears around the Betrayal Act

With the recent Betrayal Act proposed by Boris and his cronies galvanising a renewed unity of unionists and loyalism in Northern Ireland and further afield the local gutter press has made it very clear that their agenda will be to attempt to drive division amongst the rank and file loyalists in Ulster.

The Sunday papers are alive with fanciful stories of Commanders stepping on each other’s toes, turf wars between the UDA and UVF and even plainly stating that, without justification or proof, that any congregation of like minded unionists, the likes of which was held in the Conn Club last week will most probably descend into wanton violence, the likes of which the country has never seen. Taking the biscuit however has got to be the ‘sensational exclusive’ of how one of the main reasons for a convicted drug smuggler’s descent into her personal hell (sic) in Peru stemmed from fleeing loyalists to that well known reclusive place of refuge and sanctuary, Ibiza.

One of the main proponents to peddle this poo is Richard Sullivan, ‘Journalist’ for the Sunday World and other works of fiction.
Richard has no fewer than five stories in this weeks rag, all of which are a testament to his amazing imagination and complete disassociation with reality.

Of course, no edition of the ‘Sunday Stickie’ would be complete without the bar stool ranting of the self appointed voice of the people himself, champagne socialist Jim Mcdowell whose email address featured under his column header is aptly titled mcdowellsworld@outlook.com. Jim must surely live in a different world if he believes the wide range of people who attended the unionist event in the Con club last Monday night (some from as far afield as County Fermanagh) from all walks of life including women, armed forces veterans, loyal orders and an array of political parties are “mafia”, and, the 1974 Ulster Workers Council strike was a “euphemism for a street campaign of balaclava-clad bullying and intimidation”. For someone who falls back on his working-class unionist background when the occasion suits, no-one does falsely stereotyping and caricaturing of that community better.

Do not be taken in by these fables which are only of worth and merit in the land of Hans Christian Anderson, as more of these desperate attempts to weaken the growing spirit of united unionist resolve will surely appear in the coming days and weeks.

Don’t be fooled by agenda media.
Don’t be Conned.

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Rare Bobby Sands picture found

A NEVER before seen picture of hunger striker Bobby Sands at a rally along with republican Máire Drumm is to be included in a new book about the Sinn Féin  vice-president.

ON PARADE: Bobby Sands, front holding the flag, with Máire Drumm in front of the banner

Born in the village of Killeen, Co Armagh, the mother of five was gunned down in cold blood on October 1976 by cowardly gunmen dressed as doctors as she lay in her hospital bed in the Mater Hospital in North Belfast where she was recovering from a major operation. The attack was claimed by the Red Hand Commando, a cover name that was used by the UDA. An commemorative event took please in South Armagh, on what would have been her 100th birthday. A book about her life by former Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams will also be launched.

Republican News Front Page at the time of her murder

It contains a previously unseen photograph taken at a Sinn Féin rally on August 8th 1976, two months before she was murdered at the age of 57. Well-known for her defiant speeches at rallies and in courtrooms, she was jailed twice and spent time in Armagh Prison.

The funeral of Máire Drumm along with her former comrades from Cuman na mBann

Gerry Adams said in the years since her death Máire Drumm “has become an iconic figure in Irish Republicanism”. “Her leadership qualities and her enormous courage led to her being elected as vice-president.” The commemoration started at McKevitt’s petrol station at 7.3opm and was followed by a wreath laying ceremony.

With many thanks to: The Irish News and Allison Morris for the original story 

Follow this link to find out more: https://stairnaheireann.net/2015/10/28/1976-maire-drumm-was-the-vice-president-of-sinn-fein-and-a-commander-in-cumann-na-mban-she-was-assassinated-by-loyalists-while-recovering-in-belfasts-mater-hospital/amp/

(2)-: http://Cumann na mBan https://g.co/kgs/Fg8UtG

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