‘Charged PSNI/RUC officer would lose his job if convicted’, his solicitor tells court.



British army soldier serving in the North of Ireland charged with rape

A SERVING British soldier has been charged with rape in the occupied six Counties of the North of Ireland. 

Robert Politi (28) did not attend Newry Magistrates Court, sitting in Lisburn

Robert Politi (28) did not attend Newry Magistrates Court, sitting in Lisburn yesterday. Mr Politi, whose address was given as c/o Thiepval Barracks in Lisburn, faces a single charge of rape on June 21st this year. Granting legal aid, District Judge Amanda Brady adjourned the case until August 12th.

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Follow these links to find out more: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/248956863_’Drunken_Tans’_Representations_of_Sex_and_Violence_in_the_Anglo-Irish_War_1919-21

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(3)-: https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/northern-ireland/english-soldier-admits-belfast-city-centre-rape-after-hes-confronted-with-cctv-footage-31006968.html

Friend of alleged rape victim says she heard moaning and saying the word ‘harder’ during sex, court told

Central Criminal Court, Dublin. (Stock photo)

THE friend of a student allegedly raped by two men has told a trial she heard the alleged victim moaning and saying the word “harder” during sex.

The complainant was a student at a college in Co Donegal in February 2015 when she says the two defendants raped her after a night of drinking.

In a trial at the Central Criminal Court, the men, who have a legal entitlement to anonymity, have pleaded not guilty to two counts of rape of the woman in a town in the county.

The defendants are now aged 29 and 33 and are residents of Donegal. The complainant is now aged in her 20s.

The alleged rape happened after she and her female friend accepted a lift from two men at the end of a night out and ended up in an apartment. She earlier told the trial she was too drunk to consent to any sexual activity.

Giving evidence the complainant’s friend told the jury they were both “very bad” in the way of intoxication, adding she thought the complainant “was worse”.

She said that back in the apartment she remembers being offered a vodka drink but declining. She viewed some video taken of the complainant in the bathroom being lifted to her feet by two men.

She said her next memory is helping her friend into bed and laying beside her.

“I remember I lay beside her and then all of a sudden the lights were off. I could have closed my eyes for a minute. Next I remember one of the guys was on top of [the complainant].

“I couldn’t tell [which one]. He was having sex with her. The other guy was on my side. He had his fingers up my dress and he was penetrating me…

“I remember [the complainant] saying harder. The guy beside me tried to put his penis inside me but I put my hands in front of myself and said no no no.

“The guy on top of [the complainant] left the room and then the guy who had his hands up my dress went over to her and started having sex with her as well…I heard some moaning.”

She said the next morning she woke up on the bed and one of the men was lying between her and the complainant.

“I was still drunk. We were both really confused, we didn’t know where we were. We were looking for her purse and her bag.” She said they were chatting to the men and the complainant asked one of them for cannabis weed.

Under cross-examination she agreed that in the days after the incident she told gardai that the complainant “seemed drunk, she seemed ok drunk, she didn’t seem that bad”.

“From the very start I underestimated how drunk we were. In hindsight, looking back on it all. Not remembering things like coming out of the nightclub illustrates how drunk we were,” she said.

Earlier in the trial Barry White SC, defending, put it to the complainant that her detailed description given to gardai of the route she took home was “not a description of someone who was blind drunk and hasn’t a clue where they are”.

The woman replied that it was a route she knew very well. She said her last memory was of her friend coming into her in the bathroom and saying “we have to go”.

She told Mr White that she was giving to talking in her sleep and “I have been known to moan and make noises in my sleep”.

The jury heard she told gardai “I don’t know if I was moaning or not, I think I might have wanted him to go quicker so that it was over soon”. Counsel put it her this suggests “you were fully awake”.

“I was in and out of consciousness,” she said. Counsel asked her then why she didn’t say no.

“I was extremely drunk,” adding “I don’t believe I was sober enough to be able to give consent prior to being had sex with”.

Mr White put it to her that her statement to gardai that she doesn’t remember “when it stopped” and “I don’t think he was wearing a condom” were inconsistent with her evidence that she was too drunk to know what was happening.

The woman agreed that she could have phrased this part of her statement differently. The trial continues before Mr Justice Alex Owens and a jury.

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Trial for alleged sexual offences against child.

A 68-year-old man has been committed for trial on multiple charges involving alleged long-term sexual abuse of a female child, including rape.

Appearing for a preliminary enquiry before Dungannon Magistrate’s Court was John Francis Devlin from Canal Place, Coalisland who is accused of a total of 21 offences.

These involve two counts of rape, twelve counts of indecent assault and seven counts of sexual assault. The offences are alleged to have occurred on various dates between May 2003 and March 2011.

A prosecution lawyer told the court there is a case to answer, which was supported by District Judge John Meehan. Devlin spoke only to confirm his name and that he understood the charges. He choose not to call witnessess or give evidence on his own behalf during the short hearing. Judge Meehan set bail at £200 and ordered Devlin to appear for arraignment at Dungannon Crown Court on 7th May 2017.

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Shankill shamed by Mo’s 11th night drugs party

POLICE are trailing a bonfire rapist after a teenage girl was sexually assaulted during an 11th Night party on the Shankill Road.

CASHING IN: Mo Courtney organised massive bonfire on the Shankill.

The Sunday World understands that a 14-year-old girl was subjected to the alleged attack close to the site of a bonfire party organised by UFF killer and drug dealer Mo Courtney. The incident took place in the early hours of the Twelfth and was reported to the PSNI around 6am. A 16-year-old youth was arrested and subsequently released without charge. A police spokesman said inquirieswitness.going. Witnessess have also told us that in a separate incident Courtney and fellow UDA thug Sam Hinton stood and watched as Courtney’s sidekick Dee Coleman battered another girl in a row over drink. A crazed Colman is said to have snapped when it emerged the girl had not bought her drink from him. “He lost it, she ended up on the ground and he was just kicking her and stamping on her head,” said our wittness. “Courtney and Hinton just stood and watched.” A number of women intervened to rescue the distraught victim who was taken to a nearby house.


DEE: Battered girl

But it is the alleged rape that has left the lower Shankill community stunned. The exact circumstances of the attack remain unclear but it is thought the young girl may have been given a spiked drink, and only relised she may have been the victim of a sex attack when she came around in the early hours of the 12th morning. The teenager arrested and released is known to have family connections to the UDA. The Sunday World is aware of his name but for legal reasons he cannot be identified. The 11th night horror is the lateest step in the rapid decline of the Lower Shankill estate since the return of killer Courtney. He ordered the construction of a huge bonfire, set up beer tents openly selling alcohol to underage drinkers and the Sunday World also understands his drug dealers were selling the green ‘Rolex’ pills at the centre of a recent spate of deaths, believed to have been caused by the dangerous E-type tablet. “Coleman and Hinton were going round confiscating drink from anyone they thought was underage and then making them buy it back from their own beer tent,” said our source. “You couldn’t make it up. The party was out of control, there were kids off their heads, lying everywhere.” Residents are now saying the estate is in a worse state than when controlled by the notorious UFF boss Johnny Adair. Courtney is a hate figure, and is rarely seen in the area, but his trusted lieutenant Coleman is terrorising the area by stepping up the drugs trade. The blaze, onenof the biggest in Belfast, was just 75 yards from dozens of houses. At almost 80ft high it dwarfed nearby buildings. Locals blame Courtney for the massive bonfire and say he’s keen for it to be a big event so he can make money from selling drugs to the people attending it.


Courtney asassumed control of UFF C company in the area earlier this year following his release from prison last year. He was jailed in 2007 in connection with the murder of Adair’s pal Alan ‘Bucky’ McCullough. Mo was given control of the area after his predecessor, Ebby ‘Bonus Ball’ Irvine was stood down amid claims of missing money, with Dee Coleman he has set about boosting the local drugs trade. Last night police confirmed they were investigating an incident involving a 14-year-old girl.

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Accused denies seven charges including rape

AN ALLEGED rapist accused of grooming girls for sex has been banned from any unauthorised contact with children. The prohibition was imposed on Andrew Trevor Williamson as part of a series of conditions under which he was granted High Court bail.


A judge also ordered him not to use the internet after hearing claims he used a social networking service to make contact. Mr Williamson (25) of Dromore Street, Banbridge, denies seven charges including rape, meeting a child following sexual grooming, sexual activity with a child and trafficking within the UK for sexual exploitation. The alleged offences were committed against girls aged 13 and 15 at locations in Co Down between June 2012 and January 2013. The younger of the girls said Mr Williamson forced himself on her after she was taken to different houses and plied with alcopops. Prosecutors said it was alleged that he spent a month chatting with the teenager through the Blackberry BBM mobile messaging service before suggesting a meeting. Mr Williamson offered her £15 to help pay for a friend’s birthday present on condition that she did something for him, according to the girl. The court heard the girl was taken to a garage where the first sexual contact took place.

She also showed police two houses in Banbridge where she claimed to have beenn raped. He allegedly brought bottles of WKD and Buckfast tonic wine for her to drink with him. The second alleged vvictim, who was aged 15 at the time, said she had consensual sex with Mr Williamson for months after they were introduced last summer. She claimed they meet twice a week either at his home or in his car. Defence counsel stressed that Mr Williamson categorically denies the charges against him. Mr Williamson accepted corresponding with the younger girl through BBM but said there was never any sexual contact. Ruling on Thursday on his bail application, Mr Justice Maguire decided that a package of condititions could be imposed to deal with prosecution concerns. The judge ordered that a £5,000 cash surety must be lodged and imposed an alcohol ban. He directed that Mr Williamson must be curfewed, electronically tagged and is to have no contact with either victim. The accused cannot use a mobile phone, computer or any device linked to the internet or social networking sites. Mr Justice Maguire also banned him from contacting anyone under 16 or being in a relationship with any woman who has a child below that age, unless prior consent has been given by a police officer. “I want to make it absolutely clear that I have given great attention to this application. He has only very narrowly obtained bail,” he said. “What has made bail possible in his case are a series of stringent conditions.”

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Richard O’Hara,who was watched walking the streets of Belfast,strangled pretty secretary Deborah Robinson to death and dumped her body in a ditch.


The former British ssoldier, one of the North of Ireland‘s longest serving prisoners, has been refused release several times since being convicted of the 1980 murder.

As well as bbeing responsible for one of Ireland’s most horrific murders,he was a suspect in the death of a 9-year-old English girl whose body was dumped in a lay-by.

O’Hara (55) was queitly releashed within recent months after decades behind bars.

The Sunday Life was previously barred from printing his photograph whilst he was a serving prisioner but today we can show you his face for the first time.

Sources say the killer’s life tariff exspired way back in the mid 1990’s but it was decided he was not fit to be released.

His victim, South Belfast teenager (19), had traveled to Dublin in September 1980 on a blind date arranged through a computor dating agency.

As she waited for a bus home to Belfast at Parnell Square in Dublin she meet O’Hara, also from Belfast.

The ExBritish soldier, who served with the Royal Green Jackets, lured Deborah to a factory where he worked and then raped and strangled her to death.

The next day he drove 30 miles outside Dublin to dump the body in a ditch near Clane in Co Kildare. A farmer found her body but O’Hara was not charged until December 1981.

When being questioned about the murder O’Hara confessed but denied he had raped her – a compleatel lie.

He claimed he got angry when Deborah told him she “felt nothing” after they had sex.

After the trial Deborah’s outraged family warned they would sue O’Hara for defamation of their daughter’s character by claiming she had consensual sex.

Yesterday we visited her elderly father at his Belfast home to tell him the person rresponsible for his daughters murder was now a free man.

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A convicted rapist has gone to court to seek the rremoval of a Facebook page he claims is being used to harass him. Lawyers for Michael Sean Quinn claimed yesterday that comments posted on anti-abuse campaigner Joe McCloskey’s personal page threaten the safety of him and his family.

Michael Sean Quinn (24)
Michael Sean Quinn (24)

Quinn is seeking an injunction against Mr McCloskey and the social networking giant to have the constants removed from the site. The 24-yyear-old, originally from Glasvey Drive, Twinbrook on the outskirts of West Belfast, was jailed for eight years in 2007 for raping a 15-year-old girl. His victim was attacked in the city in August 2005 while she was on holiday from England. During the trial it emerged that Quinn later used the ggirl’s mobile phone to call her mother and state : “I enjoyed raping your girl.” Following his release from jail he was rreturned to custody for breaching a sexual offences prevention order. In court yesterday Quinns council, Michael Ward, confirmed he was seeking an order for the removal of Mr McCloskey’s personal page. The barrister said “inflammatory” comments posted on it by other users referred  to what be done to his client. “These comments constitute a threat to the personal safety of not only him but also his family,” Mr Ward said.

He told Mr Justice Horner how last month police notified Quinn that he was under threat. A suspect device was also found outside his home which later turned out to be a hoax, the court heard. “The information posted, the nature of the information and the speculation as to the current whereabouts of the plaintiff amounts to harressment of the plaintiff,” Mr Ward said. But Barry McKenna, for Mr McCloskey, questioned why Quinn’s represtatives never tried to approach his client to ask for any offending material to be taken down. “This plaintiff, I would say, does not come to court with clean hands,” he said. “He has failed to disclose in respect of his rape conviction that he then was in breach of a sexual prevention order.” Council for Facebook, Peter Hopkins, argued that the legal move was disproportionate when ballenced against users freedom of expression rights. He also queried the extent of the risk Quinn claims to be under. Following a further suggestion that only material directly related to the plaintiff should be removed, Mr Justice Horner adjourned the case for two weeks. He directed Quinn’s lawyers to write to Mr McCloskey’s legal representives setting out what they are seeking. The judge told the parties : “There are a whole lot of issues that araise here that haven’t been looked at in any detail.”

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” It’s alarming that this man has disobeyed the terms and conditions of his release and is being sought after by police ” – Alban Maginness.

A 29-YEAR-OLD rapist who brutally attacked a 64-year-old women in her own home has gone on the run. Joseph Francis McCabe from West Belfast, was jailed for 14 years in 2006 and put on the sex offenders ‘ register for life after he admitted to breaking into the women’s house and raping her in February 2005. But he did not serve his full sentence and has now gone missing.

Joseph Francis McCabe (29)DO NOT APPROACH
Joseph Francis McCabe (29)

McCabe, who had been living at an undisclosed address in Belfast, was reported missing on Tuesday evening. Police disclosed he had gone on the run yesterday. They have warned the public not to approach him and have appealed to McCabe to hand himself in. He is decribed as being 6ft tall, with short dirty fair hair. During his 2006 trial McCabe, who had an address at Iris Street in West Belfast at the time, claimed he had been hearing voices since he was eight. Sentencing him at Belfast Crown Court sitting in Antrim in September 2006, Judge Kevin Flinnegan described the attack as a “terrifying, prolonged ordeal”. Judge Finnegan said the woman had been subjected to “a violent sexual offence carried out with significant gratuitous violence”.

McCabe and another masked man smashed their way into the woman’s flat when she was reading in bed. McCabe told his victim to “kiss me, kiss me on the lips” before he partly stripped her and raped her. The pair later ran off. SDLP North Belfast assembly member, Alban Maginness, said he was disturbed McCabe had gone on the run. “Given the circumstances, people would be very concerned and particularly his victim will be concerned,” he said. “It’s alarming that this man has disobeyed the terms and conditions of his release and is being sought by police. “I would also appeal to people who have any knowledge of his whereabouts to report it to police so he can be safely returned, either to his address, or prison, if that is necessary.”

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  1. Blacks Road sex attacker who phoned victims ‘ mum to taunt her

  2. Quinn wants to block site from ” harrassing, pestering, annoying or molesting ” him

  3. Now forced out of loyalist villunabler r suspicious object left at his home.

ONE OF THE North of Ireland‘s most notorious sex offenders is taking legal action to prevent an anti-abuse campaigner ” annoying ” him. Michael Sean Quinn was sentenced to eight years in prison in June 2007 after being convicted of raping a 15-year-old girl and later phoning his victim’s mother to tell het , ” I enjoyed raping your girl.”

2013-03-26 22.19.45

The West Belfast man now taking legal action in a bid to shut down a Facebook page which campaigns against sex offenders. The Irish News has also learned that Quinn, who has been living in Newbuildings, Co Derry, fled the loyalist area earlier this month after a suspicious object was left at the house he was staying in. Quinn (24), originally from Twinbrook, on the outskirts of West Belfast, is understood to have been living with his girlfriend in the loyalist village for several months. His solicitors earlier this month lodged an appliction seeking an injunction against Joe McCloskey,pictured right, the man operating the Facebook page and social media giant itself. The aapplication was lodged in the High Court in Belfast on March 12 but was adjourned by Mr Justice Gillen, is seeking an interim injunction preventing either party ” harassing, pestering, annoying or molesting ” Quinn by ” distributing, broadcasting, or transmitting ” information about him on  Facebook. Quinn also wants Facebook to hand over all information it holds about the site’s author.

Joe McCloskey

During the brutal attack on Blacks Road, Belfast, Quinn’s cousin Terence McKenna used an iron bar to threaten three teenage boys who were with the victim as she was being threatened with a screwdriver and raped at a garage forecourt. Quinn was released from prison in August 2009 having served half his term. He was classed as a level three offender, the highest category, and deemed at risk of reoffending. Quinn then raped his victim a second time a short time lateriI in the grounds of a nearby golf course. After carrying out the crime Quinn used the teenage victims mobile phone to ring her mother and gloat : ” I enjoyed raping your girl.” In December 2009 his release licence was suspended for two months after he breached the rules of the hostel where he was staying. The following year he received a two-year sentence for burglary and breaching a court-imposed sexual offences prevention order. In June last year he was back in the dock again and sentenced to seven weeks for again breaching the court order. However, the serial offender walked free from court due to time already served.

It is the second time this month a notorious sex offender has attempted to close down Facebook pages operated by by Mr McCloskey. Earlier this month The Irish News revealed that a child sex offender, known only as XY after he was granted anonymity by the court, launched legal action against  Mr  McCloskey after details about the paedoophile were posred on a ‘ name-and-shame ‘ Facbook page called ‘Keeping our kids safe from predators’. In November last year Mr McCloskey was involved in a landmark case when the court ordered Facebook to close the page down. In an interveiw with The Irish News earlier this month Mr McCloskey said he has ” no regreats ” about posting details of convicted sex offenders on Facebook. Mr McCloskey’s solicitor Brian Stelfox says his client will fight the attempts to silence him. ” He is saying he will strenuously contest the appliction as he feels he [Quinn] should be legitimately named and shamed,” he said. ” The client feels given what he [Quinn] has been convicted of, his stance is entirely legitmate.” A spokesman for Facebook declined to comment.

Sex offender forced to flee loyalist area

CONCONVICTED West Belfast double rapist Michael Sean Quinn has been forced to flee the stunch loyalist enclacve where he has been living. The Irish News can reveal. The sex offender fled Newbuildings, near Derry, earlier this month after a suspicuious object was left at the house where he was staying.

Michael Sean Quinn

Quinn, originally from Twinbrook, on the outskirts of West Belfast, is understood to have been living in the loyalist village area for a number of months. The alert at the Gortin Meadows house where he was staying was sparked after a suspsicious object was discovered on March 1. A number of homes in the area were evacuated during a the following security alert and the object was later declared a hoax.Quinn has been unable  to return to his Twinbrook home since his 2007 conviction for raping a 15-year-old girl twice. In 2009 dissident republican group Oglaigh na hEireann (ONH) shot thr vicious rapist’s 17-year-old brother to ” act as a warning ” to him not to return to his Twinbrook home. 

At the time the organisation said the shooting of the teenager was a direct warning to his older brother. ” Should he attempt to return to his former home let there be no doubt what the consequences wll be,” the republican group said. ! If ONH volenteers cross paths with Michael Quinn the punishment he will receve will be far greater than any we have delt out to date.  We have shown that we can enter his home at any time so he is well awahere should he return we will be paying a return visit.” In 2009 the defendent rapist dismissed the threat. ” You’ll not see me in Twinbrook anyway,” he said. ” I don’t care. Let them shoot me if they want. I’m not afraid of them. The y’re wnasters.”

With many thanks to : Connla Young, Irish News.

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