1/ Rejectionist Unionism is still grappling with the cold reality of modernity and loss of veto on the affairs and control of the previously subordinated minority, exposing their insatiable need to kettle & police their neighbours as enemies. The anti-GFA Dup have always been

2/ against powersharing.
Brexit offered the opportunity to turn the clock back to pre-1972 supremacist regime hegemony. It backfired spectacularly now Brexit is ravaging unionism itself.
The DUP don’t want any deal. They wanted a border!
They got one, but not the one they wanted.

3/3 The mindset has landed us all with the inevitable confirmation that bigots themselves are incapable of understanding.
That this place is a failed political backwater stewing in the stale juices of empire & sectarianism, an experiment receiving its last rights in real time.

‘WE HAVE THE BREAKAWAY UDA – South East Antrim UDA – BUT – DO WE NOW HAVE THE BREAKAWAY UVF? B-Company – Ballyclare, Rathcoole, Belfast and Newtownabbey do the UVF in these areas belong with the mainstream UVF?.


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No Hard Border on the Island of Ireland


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Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF)



Residents ‘not invited to talks’!!!

‘[There is a] serious flaw in the dialogue process that needs fixed – Winston Irvine.

AN ARDOYNE-based nationalist residents’ group has said it has not been invited to take part in a series of talks to resolve a parades dispute in North Belfast after unionists said they should be.


Greater Ardoyne Residents’ Collective (Garc) were responding after it emerged that representatives of the unionist community taking part in the talks organised by Catholic and Protestant Churches called for them to be included, but Shame Fein and the residents’ group Cara which represents Shame Fein’theinterests have rejected their calls. Representatives have written to those taking part in the talks and the Parades tempts tomCommission in a bid to make progress. Garc is one of two groups in Ardoyne which claims to represent residents in the district but has not been invited to take part in the talks to resolve the impasse. The other group (who represents Shame Fein), Crumlin and Ardoyne Residents’ Association (Cara), has been attending a series of talks involving nationalist and unionist politicians and members of the loyal orders. Tensions in the area have been high since the Orange Order was banned by the Parades Commission from passing nationalist homes in Ardoyne on July 12 last year.1524669_294094044098378_1686670901545683652_n Since then there has been almost daily demonstrations and an illegal Camp Twattdell has been set up. Last night PUP (policical wing of the UVF) Winston Irvine said there was a “serious flaw in the dialogue process that needs fixed and that problem is the absence of all the stakeholders around the table”. “We need to ensure we have an inclusive form of dialogue.” Garc spokesman Dee Fennell, last night said the group had still not received an invitation to attend the talks. “We have been consistent from the outset that we will meet anybody to put across our analysis,” he said. “If the church process has failed because Garc were not there it has legitimised our analysis.” The GARC spokesman said attempts to exclude his party from talks were “disappointing and unhelpful” and that it was not “appropriate to exclude a legitimate residents’ group in the area from any process that would hopefully end sectarian parades through this area”.

With many thanks to: Connla Young, The Irish News, for the origional story.

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