Cop warning to protesters

  • REBEL republicans have issued death threats to Orange demo supporters manning the protest camp at the Ardoyne interface in Belfast.

  • The Sunday World can reveal that police have visited the homes of a core of those keeping vigil at the so-called Protestant Civil Rights Camp at the top of the city‘s Twaddell Avenue.

  • And the cops have told them that their lives are in danger from dissidents, and they must take precautions to protect themselves and their families.

  • We can also reveal that the camp which is costing £40,000 a day to police – is being run on a ‘shift’ basis, detailed in its nine-point, four pages long ‘Code of Conduct‘, a copy of wwhich the Sunday World has seen.

  • And that includes a ban on booze at the 24/7 makeshift camp and barring kids from the camp, but ‘encouraging’ them to be on the front line supporting Orange ‘parades and events’.


A number of pickets, staging shifts at the so-called ‘Equality Civil Rights Camp’ on the corner of the city’s Twaddell Avenue, have been visited at their homes access the city by police and officially warned their lives are in danger.They have been told that the rebel republican militants may have details of their movements, their workplaces, their cars, and their home aaddresses – many in the loyalist districts of the city – and their domestic and family circumstances. It is understood that the dissidents may have been targeting  prominent loyalists way back since the six-week long Union Flag pprotests which streached over last Christmas and New Year, and sparked mayhem on city streets.


  • The death threats come at a critical time after a the long hot summer of marching and rioting in Belfast, with violence erupting on both sides of the sectarian devide. It has been reported in recent days that there are now splits emerging in the ranks of the two main loyalist paramilitary organisations, the UVF and the UDA, with some hawks in both organisations wanting to break their ceasefires and ‘go back to war’. That was underpinned by the huge haul of UVF guns discovered hidden in a glen in South Belast a fortnight ago. If the dissidents dotarget any of the potesters – especially those prominent at the so-called ‘Civil Rights’ Camp situted on the fringe of the tinderbox Ardoyne interface – retaliation is almost certain to folow from the UVF, who staged a sinister show-of-strength at its annual Brian Robinson commemorition parade in the West of the city yesterday. There were also reports yesterday of masked UVF men firing a volley of shots in the Sankill Parade area on Friday night, as a preveiw to yesterday’s parade. Said a senior loyalist on the Shankill last night: “The dissidents should be aware. If they act against any loyalists taking part in parade protests, or any of hsr keeping vigil at the Twaddell Avenue camp, that will be tantamount to an act of war.” Meanwhile, we can reveal that  a self-styled ‘Code of Conduct’ means that the protest camp – labeled the ‘Civil Rights’ Camp, and ‘established to campaign for Equility’ according to the titleon the Code – is being run on a military-style template. We have seen the extensive nine-point, four-page Code. It requires a specified minimum number of camp supporters to do ‘shifts’ round-the-clock, 24/7. And the Code, which carres almost 40 clauses, covers such Camp ‘Protocols’ as: –
  • A total ban on booze and drugs. A crucial clause reads: ‘Alcohol/Substances are ‘NOT TO CONSUMED’ in or around the vicinty of the Camp under any circumstance, and those considered to be under the influence of Alochol/Substances will be removed from the Camp and requested to leave the vicinty. It further states ‘this includes visitors from ther venues’.
  • A ban on nocturnal nookie at the Camp. One Protocol states: “Only couples (married/partners ) will be permitted to share Night/Duty”.
  • A ‘No Smoking’ ban on indoor or inclosed areas of the Camp, near cooking facilities.
  • A ban on music after nine at night.
  • A strict, military-style Camp Duty Shift rota.
  • A Never-on-a-Sunday ‘events’ ban, with the Sabbath ‘being used only for White Line Protes and Camp Staffing’.
  • A ban on children from the Camp and White Line protests ‘for reasons of Health and Safety’, although there is no ban on children being in the front line in other circumstances. One protocol reads: “They [children] are however encouraged to support parades and events but MUST be under the supervision of an adult at all times.’

The penultimate line of the Code of Conduct even carries a disclaimer in a blunt warning in bbold type it warns: “You enter and remain on this site at your own risk.”


Meantime, the UVF’s annual stage-managed show-of-strength on the Shankill Road passed off peacefully yesterday. The parade is held annually to ‘commemorate’ UVF volenteer Brian Robinson, shot dead in an SAS ambush after he gunned down a Catholic shop kepper, Paddy McKena, at the Ardoyne in 1989. Ranks of UVF men dressed in black suits, white shirts and black ties, were marshalled and marched to a wall mural in Robinson’s memory in Disraeli Street closr to the’Civil Rights’ protest at Ardoyne. Said a loyalist siurce on the Shankill: “The UVF put out an order that the ‘lid was to be kept’ on the Robinson commemoration.”

With many thanks to : Jim McDowell, Sunday Word.


A SENIOR Catholic cleric has spoken out against the “sectarian hatred of Catholics” shown during some Twelfth of July celebrations. Fr Tim Bartlett, an adviser to Cardinal Sean Brady, said most Orange parades had been “jjoyful, positive celebrations” but that “totally unacceptable sectarian hatred and propaganda” was linked to some demonstrations and bonfires.


He highlighted issues ranging from the statue of Our Lady that had been placed on an onlit Twelfth bonfire “to effigies of priests in the most tragic of circumstances, which is simply depraved, right through to the playing of The Sash outside a Catholic Church“. He said there was “excuse-making, not least from some Protestant ministers in the public domain” for some sectarianism. Fr Bartlett said sectarianism was at odds with the “many fine people” he knew within the Protestant and Orange community and called on unionists and Protestant Church leaders to tackle the issue.

Presbyterian minister and Orange grand chaplain the Rev Mervyn Gibson has been criticised for his emotive Twelfth speech and his praise of loyalist flag protesters. “Let this generation not be found wanting. Do not fight the war on yesterday’s battlefield – fight the war on today’s battleground as we unite to get rid of the Parades Commission,” he told Orangemen on Friday. Former Presbyterian moderator Dr Norman Hamiliton said on Sunday that the “case for civil disobedience” did not “stand up to either biblical or public scrutiny” but that Mr Gibson must speak “for himself”. “I personally, and the Presbyterian Church, totally, utterly, abhor any expression of sectarianism in any way,” he said. Meanwhile, parishioners at St Matthew’s Catholic Church in east Belfast, which was targeted by loyalists on Friday night, heard on Sunday that Bishop of Down and Connor Noel Treanor had telephoned from Lourdes to offer his support to parish priest Fr Aidan Kennan.

With many thanks to : Claire Simpson, The Irish News.

Frazer’s Facebook account suspended !

Loyalist posted image of DoE letter for removal of memorial.

LEADING loyalist Willie Frazer has had his Facebook account suspended after posting an image of an official letter from the Department of the Environment (DoE) call  the removal of a memorial to the victims of the Kingsmill massacre.

Willie Frazer’s Facebook account suspended

A notice threatening legal action was sent to the owner of land on the Kingsmill Road, Bessbrook, on which a large stone memorial to 10 Protestant workmen shot dead by the IRA in 1976 has been built. Environment minister Alex Attwood was forced to appologise after officials from the department threatened action unless the structure, which has no planning permission, was removed. The minister said the letter should never have been sent and the matter would be “fully checked out”. However, a complaint was sent to the social networking site after the DoE letter was posted online. Mr Frazer placed a scan of the correspondence on his Facebook page, which has over 1,000 followers.

Looks like Willie’s page is back up and running again.

The south Armagh man, who is presently on bail in relation to the loyalist flag protests, was admitted to hospital yesterday after taking unwell. He had been arrested on Monday on suspicion of breaching his bail conditions by being in the vicinity of a protest at the former Maze prison site. Mr Frazer’s wife Ann said yesterday that he was being held in hospital overnight after taking unwell, saying he had been “manhandled” during his most recent arrest. Paster Barrie Halliday said yesterday that Mr Frazer’s social networking page had been suspended following a complaint. “Whilst we very much welcome Alex Attwood’s apology it is obvious that someone else involved in that department isn’t at all happy and has complained about the image on the letter,” he said. A spokesman for the department said they had not asked for the closure of the Facebook account.

With many thanks to : Allision Morris, Irish News.


Protestant Coalition was formed just 5 weeks ago

A NEW hard-line loyalist party is already in a state of disarray after losing a number of senior members just weeks after it was launched in a blaze of publicity. The Protestant Coalition’s most prominent figure, Willie Frazer, also faces a possible return to prison on Monday after being accused of breaching bail conditions.

2013-04-25 18.32.25

Launched just five weeks ago, the new political party headed by leading flag protesters claimed to have more than 500 members. The most politically experienced was former Ulster Democratic Party spokesman Davy Nicholl, who took part in negotiations leading up to the Good Friday Agreement. He confirmed to The Irish News yesterday that he has left, saying it was for health reasons. Former British Nationalist Party fundraiser Jim Dowson is also said to have parted ways with the group, while north Belfast loyalist Bill Hill is another prominent member no longer believed to be involved. Controversial victims’ campaigner Willie Frazer is on bail on charges linked to the Union Flag protests. He confirmed he is to appear in court on Monday morning for alleged breach of his release conditions after making comments in the media criticising the sentencing of a woman jailed for throwing stones at police during a flag related disturbance. “I haven’t been very well so I’m not up to speed with what’s been happening,” Mr Frazer said last night.

Cracks appearing in Protestant Coalition

Party can reorganise says Frazer

WILLIE Frazer last night suggested his new political party could still “reorganise with a different line-up” after it emerged it has already lost a number of prominent members.

2013-06-01 13.46.07

The south Armagh man, who is being treated for terminal cancer, part of his bail conditions ban him from speaking to the media about the flag protests. Last night, Mr Frazer said he had been in hospital and therefore not in contact with other members of his new party for several weeks. “There is still interest from the public. I think we reorganise, albit possibly with a different line-up,” he said. “I haven’t been very well so I’m not up to speed with what’s been happening.” The biggest blow to the hard-line loyalist party is the departure of its most politically experenced member, Davy Nicholl, a former member of the Ulster Political Research Group who took took part in talks leading up to the Good Friday Agreement.

He said his decision to stand down is due to ill health. Mr Nicholl, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease, said he was only ever a member of the Protestant Coalition in a “supportive role”. “Due to my health problems I just cant do as I used to so that was mainly why I left,” he said. The future of north Belfast loyalist Bill Hill, who played an active role in the flag protests, is also in doubt. Sources say Hill, from the Tigers Bay area, who was also a member of the Ulster People’s Forum, has been keeping a low profile in recent weeks. Former British Nationalist Party foundraiser Jim Dowson, who also faces charges relating to the protests which were sparked by a decision at Belfast City Council to limit the flying of the Union Flag over City Hall, is also said to have left the fledgling party. His daughter Alice Dowson was also present at the Protestent Coalition launch in the La Mon Hotel, and it is not known if she will follow in her father’s footsteps. Meanwhile, money raised during a foundraiser for prisoners jailed for taking part in the flag protests is understood to have gone missing. It is thought around £700 was raised at an event held in a loyalist bar and an investigation is now under way to try to establish what happened.

With many thanks to : Allison Morris, Irish News.

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‘ It is the very first time that we have got firm independent information on on the contrinformationt the loyal orders and the bands make to society in the North of Ireland – Nelson McCausland.


SOCIAL development minister Nelson McCausland. aas defended a £40,000 report funded by his department into the economic benefits of loyal order and band parades. Compiled by accountants RSM McClure Waters, the report claimed that the loyal orders and bands generate almost £55 million in economic and social benefits for the North each year.

However, the ‘report on the Socio-econmic impact of the traditional Protestant parading sector in Northern Ireland‘, published yesterday, did not include the cost of policing these parades, which last year ran into millions of pounds. Speaking to The Irish NewsMr McCausland, a member of the Orange Order, defended the independence of the research. “The report was produced by an independent consultancy firm – a very well and highly regarded firm,” he said. “There was input from the Institute of Irish studies at Queen’s. niversity. “That shows the validity and the strength of the information. “This is solid, credible information and I sincerely hope that in the media it will receive the same levels of coverage that some newspapers might give to other events.” The £55m figure includes an estimated £39m contribution per annum through the provision of facilities – around 750 Orange Halls – the undertaking of community and volunteer work and fundraising.

English: Nelson McCausland (on right), Ministe...

Researchers claim parades boost the economy by another £15m a year through spending on goods and services, including regalia, uniforms, instruments and bus hire. The potential tourism revenue generated by those travelling to the North to watch or take part in the marching season, was not factored in the research. Mr McCausland described the research as “significant”. “It is the very first time that we have got firm independent information on the contribution that the loyal orders and the bands make to society in Northern Ireland,” he said. Drew Nelson, the grand secretary said : “The loyal orders and bands are an integral part of the fabric and make-up of the Protestant community and it is appropriate that their social and economic contribution to the wider society is now highlighted,” he said. SDLP assembly member Patsy McGlone said the economic benefits of parades should be balanced against the cost of policing them. He added there should be a report into the economic and social benefits of the GAA. While not equating the two I beleive a similar study into the economic and social impact of the GAA across the North must be commissioned by the DSD as well as the cultural benifits fully factored in through the Department for Culture, Arts and Leisure.”

With many thanks to : Connia Young, Irish News.


Loyalists wielding iron bars attack Catholic girl in drinking club f.

A CATHOLIC teenager has said police told her she is lucky to be alive following a terrifying sectarian aassault by a loyalist mob at a south Belfast drinking club where she went with a Protestant friend.

2013-05-11 16.19.37

The 18-year-old from the Falls Road area of West Belfast was beaten by a crowd of men and women in the Rangers Supporters Bar on Barrington Street, off Donegal Road, on Saturday night. Her 21-year-old Protestant friend has since fled her flat after being warned that she was under threat from the UVF for bringing a Catholic into the area. The two women fled the club pursued by a mob wielding iron bars. They barricaded themselves into the flat on Donegall Road until police arrived and escorted them to safety. The thugs have since boasted on social-network sites about attacking a Catholic. The incident happened close to where Margaret Wright was murdered in 1994. She was beaten and shot at a loyalist drinking club at Meridi Street on Donegal Road after being mistaken for a Catholic.

The 18-year-old told The Irish News that she had required medical treatment. “I didn’t think I was in any danger,” she said. “I have Protestant friends. I treat everyone the same. “They were punching me and I was asking, ‘What did I do wrong ?’ When we were locked in the flat they were outside screaming, ‘Get the Fenian out of here’. “I thought were going to be killed. I haven’t slept properly since.” Her mother said : “I sent my child to intergrated college because she is from a generation born into peace who should be able to socialise with each other without worrying about religion or background. “I just want this to be a warning to other young people who may be naive to the dangers that still exist. A PSNI/RUC spokesman said : “Police  in south Belfast are investigating the circumstances surronding an assult in the Donegal Road area on Saturday May 4 in which two women were assulted. “Police received reports of the assults at around midnight on Saturday and then a further report of damage being caused to the frount door of a property nearby by a crowd shortly after.”

With many thanks to : Allison Morris, Irish News.

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