Frazer completes ‘charity bed push’ without a bed !

LOYALIST (half wit) flags protester Willie Frazer completed his ‘charity bed push’ yesterday – without a bed. The victims’ campaigner was joined by about 20 people as they walked through North Belfast.

Willie Frazer is a dick

Mr Frazer plans to hold illegal parades without notifying the Parades Commission. He says he has been left with no choice. The 53-year-old, who faces charges in relation to flag protests, wanted to raise funds for victims to travel to Libya as part of a legal case over the former regime’s support for the IRA. However, the commission noted that no street collection permit had been applied for by the organiser and it would therefore be illegal for money to be collected along the route. The commission banned the walk from passing Ardoyne. Instead it stopped at Hesketh Road. Police attended to ensure that the event obeyed the ruling. Mr Frazer said the bed push had been turned into a political event by the commission. “It was an opportunity for them to deal with a charity event in the right way but they didn’t do that and that’s why we didn’t bring the bed – we’ll do that when we do our walk properly,” he said. “Their mindset is that if you’re a Protestant and you have a cause, they will defy you. “We’re not going to give any more pre-warnings. There’s no point. We’re just going to turn up in places where it will be controversial.

Parade organiser named

Organiser of weekend parade named

This is the man who organised a loyalist protest parade through central Belfast on one of the busiest shopping days before Christmas.

pictured: John ‘Dougie‘ Lanigan.
Photographs openly displayed on Lanigan’s networking site
Photographs openly displayed on his social networking site
John ‘Dougie’ Lanigan sporting a pair of glassses

Politicians from all sides called for the march to be banned or moved to another day. They and business leaders said the organisers’ identities should be made public so that they could be challenged. Police and the Parades Commission refused to publish the names for “data protection” reasons. Yesterday The Irish News revealed that the organiser whose identity has been concealed for weeks was John ‘Dougie’ Lanigan, pictued above. He is orginally from Belfast but is believed to live with his wife in Antrim. Two police officers were injured after the parade and the protest breached a commission ruling by failing to leave the city centre by 12.30pm. The march, which marked almost a year since councillors voted to restrict flying the Union Flag from the city hall, was organised under the name of Loyal Peaceful Protesters. The parade application estimated that up to 10,000 loyalists and 40 bands would join the demonstration but in the end just over 1,000 people and two bands materialised at the city hall on Saturday. The Sash was also played as the parade passed the nationalist Carrick Hill area of North Belfast. Friends took to social networking sites to congratulate Mr Lanigan for the protest, descibing him as “a true loyalist”. It is understood he was asked to hand himself in to police on Monday over a breach of a commission ruling. When asked by The Irish News on Monday night about his role, he said: “We have nothing to say to any of the papers.” Police  said officers interviewed a “49-year-old man in connection with a breach of a Parades Commission determination on Saturay November 30 2013 in Belfast city centre“. The man voluntarily attended a Belfast police station on Monday afternoon. He was later released pending a report to the Public Prosecution Service. In September, the same loyalist organisation held another unlawful parade through the city centre towards the Shankill area. More than 3,000 protesters joined the Saturday afternoon demonstration, which breached a Parades Commission determination by setting off from city hall an hour later than planned. Politicians including Shame Fein’s Gerry Kelly, Alban Maginness of the SDLP and Glyn Roberts of the Nothern Ireland Independant Retail Trade Association (NIIRTA) had previously called for the organisers of Saturday’s parade to be named. Mr Maginness said there needed to be more accountabilty from those organising parades. “If there is not a duty on those who have made the application to disclose their identity there ought to be in the interests of scrutiny,” the North Belfast MLA said ahead  of Saturday’s protest. “It’s reasonable for those who are organising to identify themselves or be identified.

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Come visit Balcombe Community Protection Camp This Weekend !!!!

1233337_513711248717798_1484854661_nFrack Off (UK)

Come visit Balcombe Community Protection Camp this weekend.

Loads going on: Help with the kids area, do a cooking shift, give a workshop, donate some food or just come down to say hello, hang-out and meet some fellow protectors.

FREE bus running from Brighton to camp Sunday (tomorrow) at 10am. Pick-up from 10am at Old Stein bus stop (near RBS).

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Have you read the Mail today. Apparently you have got it all wrong

Flag protester Jamie (Provo Bhoy) Bryson wants his bail conditions relexed !!!

LEADING loyalist flag protester (and poster boy) Jamie Bryson is to aa play to have his bail conditions relaxed so he can attend further protests and speak at demonstrations.


Mr Bryson (23), will a play to Belfast Magistrates Court today in a bid to be aallowed to attend a protest against a contentious republican march through Castlederg in Co Tyrone later this month. His friend pastor Mark Gordon said Mr Bryson expects his application will be refused and if so he will a play to the High Court. “Police seem to want to drag this out as long as they possibly can. In the meantime they expect Jamie to sit on his hands and remain silent,” he said. “I think the time has come when he cannot reasonably be expected to do it any longer, especially given the current circumstances within the pProvence.”


A FRESH inquest into the death of a young Belfast boy is expected to examine documents showing the British government deployed rubber bullets despite knowing that they could be lethal.

Rubber bullet in 37mm calibre. This is British...
Rubber bullet in 37mm calibre. This is British Army issue, as used during The Troubles in Northern Ireland. 37×122R rubber bullet and casing, as originally issued. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A preliminary inquiry in the case of 11-year-old Francis Rowntree will open today. Francis, from Lower Clonard Street in West Belfast, died (was murdered) in April 1972 when he was struck on the head with a rubber bullet. At his original inquest, British soldiers claimed the projectile ricocheted off a lamppost. However, fresh evidence that he was shot directly and at close range has led to the new hearing. It is also expected to consider new information about rubber bullets published by human rights’ group the Pat Finucane Centre this week. The evidence – in declassified documents – show the British government knew how lethal rubber bullets could be before they allowed them to be used on the streets of the North of Ireland from 1970 to 1975. The files relate to compensation case taken by Derry rubber bullet victim Richard Moore in 1977.

With thanks to : Seamus McKinney, Irish News.


2013-04-25 18.32.25

LOYALIST campaigner Willie Frazer has been arrested on suspicion of breaching his bail conditions.

Mr Frazer was arrested in the Portadown area of County Armagh, at aaround 19:35 BST on Monday, after allegedly taking part in a protest at the Maze Prison.

The Maze protest was against plans to build a peace centre on the site.

Mr Frazer is currently on bail after being charged with offencens related to Union Flag protests.

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Judge denies request due to the threat of protest

LEADING flag protester Jamie Bryson cannot attend today’s Irish Cup final, a judge has ruled. The Ulster People’s Forum spokesman sought permission to attend the showpiece soccer match between Glentoran and Cliftonville.


Mr Bryson is banned from being within four miles of Belfast City Hall while on bail charged with offences connected to the ongoing Union Flag dispute. He sought to have the pprohibition relaxed so that he could join thousands of supporters at the game being held at Windsor Park in the south of the city. Police opposed his application amid concerns protests could be staged at the ground over the decision not to play the British national anthem before the match. They argued that such an event would lead to Mr Bryson being in breach of another condition not to go within a mile of any public demonstration. The 23-year-old, of Rosepark, Donaghadee, Co Down, faces six charges involving allegations of encouraging or assisting, offences and taking part in an unnotified public procession.


With many thanks to : Irish News.


A SECOND nationalist residents group has lodged an application to hold a protest during a parade at a North Belfast flashpoint on Monday. Greater Ardoyne Residents Collective (GARC) want to demonstrate as up to 100 Apprentice Boys and a march past the Nationalist area.


The Crumlin and Ardoyne Residents Association has already been given permission to hold a protest numbering 100 people. GARC spokesman Dee Fennell said the ddecision on a second protest was taken after consultation with residents. ” We carried out a number of consultations and had a meeting to consider going through proper channels or just go ahead because that’s what loyalists have been doing,” he said. ” For our part, GARC remain fully committed to having dialogue with any and all the loyal orders, either face to face or through agreed intermediaries, in order that they get a representive feeling of the vast majority of Greater Ardoyne Residents – that no sectarian marches are welcome.” A spokesman for the Parades Commission said GARC’s application will be considered today.

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Saturday, 17 March 2012
    21:00 until 00:00

POSTED ON BEHALF OF : Public event · By QuadrofeniansGlasgow

Cork Protest in solidarity with POWs

 Rsf Cork
    15:00 until 18:00
    This event is organized by the Prisoner Solidarity Group an independent group of activists in Cork City.INTERNMENT,TORTURE AND RESISTANCE!INDEPENDENT PUBLIC PROTEST IN SOLIDARITY WITH ALL REPUBLICAN
    … PRISONERS IN MAGHABERRY!It is now quite clear to most that the practice of Internment is being used again in the occupied six counites.What we have now is selective Internment!, selective of individuals who dare oppose the British statein the north,especially those who would be ex-prisoners themselves,having served lenghty sentences for political action against the british occupation. In Maghaberry itself the riot squad prison officers/screws are subjecting republican prisoners to degrading forced strip searches even though strip searching from a security point of view is obsolete,and a practice they agreed to do away with following the 12th August agreement! However there is resistance to this torture,both inside and outside Maghaberry!Internment has been a practice used by both the 26-county state, and the British state in the north for decades,at times its use is on a mass level,but today it is quite selective.As the former British General Frank Kitson once said ‘the law is nothing more than a way of getting rid of undesirable members of the public.’

    Beneath all the ‘peace process’ propaganda and the squeeky clean image of the new ‘Northern Ireland’ lies a festering sore.

    The 12th August Agreement was brokered in 2010,between the prisoners and prison administration by independent facilitators,the issues at the heart of the agreement are controlled movement and strip searching.Controlled movement is the denial of free association ,controlled movement was supposed to be phased out but has not yet happened.

    Forced Strip searching involves 5-6 screws holding down,beating and tearing clothes from prisoners to search them going to and from court proceedings and visits,this inhumane treatment isnt even necessary from a security point of view,so why is it happening?

    The British state believes that it can break resistance by breaking the prisoners.This will fail. For over 7 months now prisoners have been on dirty/no shave/no wash protests and the crisis seems set to escalate.
    On the outside support is building for the prisoners with demos, white line pickets car convoys and marches to highlight their struggle,

    Cork City will be no exception………The Prisoner Solidarity Group is an independent group of activists in cork city formed to organise protests in solidarity with ALL republican prisoners and to encourage unity among republicans and the left but especially to highlight the ongoing struggle in Maghaberry prison.As a group we oppose internement by section 30 in the 26 counties, or internment by remand in the occupied 6 counties,and we call for the repatriation of any republican prisoners held overseas.Due to the worsening situation in Maghaberry prison we decided to put together an independent group as we feel the best way forward for all concerned is a united independent campaign to call for the implementation of the 12th of august agreement.

    We call on republicans,socialists, anarchists and trade unionists and all those who support Human rights and justice to stand up for those who have stood up for themselves in defence of their dignity and their struggle.

    A public protest in solidarity with the prisoners will take place on SAT FEB 18TH at daunt sq at 3PM.See more

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