Another Catholic family let down by the bigoted PSNI/RUC

Ms Davidson said: “They had spoken to a man who saw Damien in a “distressed”state, with no socks or shoes on, later that evening. He told the man he was running from people who were after him”.

Damien McFall (28) was found dead on April 26th
THE family of a Co Tyrone man have said they feel “let down” by the PSNI/RUC as they seek answers about his death more than three months ago.

Follow this link to find out more: body of Damien McFall (28), who was from Dungannon but lived in Cookstown, was found in the early hours of April 26th in nearby Pomeroy. The father-of-three had been missing for three days when he was discovered on wasteland on Limehill Road, wearing just his boxer shorts. Heartbroken relatives said police informed them that no foul play was involved. However, when his remains arrived at the family home for a wake, they said they were “completely shocked” at his appearance – his face was swollen, there were strangulation marks on his neck and cuts all over his body. They claimed repeated efforts to speak to the PSNI/RUC about this have failed.“When my brother came home the left-hand side of his face was swollen and there were strangulation marks on his neck. He had been beaten. There were cuts all over his arms and legs” Stephanie Davidson Damien’s sister, Stephanie Davidson, said no explanation has been offered as to why her brother, who had become a father for the third time just a month before his death, was found almost naked or how he sustained his injuries. Relatives last saw the Dale Farm worker at the Dungannon home of his parents Michelle and Damien on April 22nd. Ms Davidson said they have spoken to a man who saw Damien in a “distressed” state, with no socks or shoes on, later that evening. He told the man he was running from people who were after him. Ms Davidson claimed the man had not been interviewed by the PSNI/RUC despite being the last person to see her brother. She said the PSNI/RUC “have not told us anything”. “We didn’t even get a family liaison officer,” she said. “We had one phone call. They asked questions about his life and we haven’t heard anything from that.

Repeated efforts to get answers on injuries to his body have failed says sister 

“When my brother came home the left-hand side of his face was swollen and there were strangulation marks on his neck. He had been beaten. There were cuts all over his arms and legs. “He had shaved a few days before and had his top off at mum and dad’s and that’s how we know there were no marks on him previously.” She said she has left “numerous messages trying to get hold of the police”. “They don’t speak about injuries or anything. We are sitting here now and it is nearly four months on and we are no better off. We don’t even know what happened. “It has been difficult. We do feel as if we have been let down. “My brother lost his life and there are no answers. We demand a thorough investigation into Damien’s death. “He was found with no clothes on. Somebody has to have seen something.”

Ms Davidson, who has appealed for anyone with information to come forward, said her family believe her brother had been “set with care” at the scene where he was found, given his position with his hands over one another across his stomach. “It is torture. It is a living nightmare. Every day it is the same questions going around in my head.” She said. “We believe my brother was murdered. We want justice for our brother and we will not stop at anything. I will die trying.” Asked by The Irish News about the case, Chief Inspector Michael McDonald said: “A post-mortem to establish the cause of death has been completed, and we are now waiting on toxicology results. “In the meantime, enquiries are ongoing and we will continue to liaise with the coroner’s office and keep Damien’s loved ones updated.”

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Female inmate ‘forcibly strip searched’

BRITAIN STILL ABUSES IRISH REPUBLICAN WOMENSecond woman missed hospital appointment after refusing to remove clothes campaigners say.

REPUBLICAN prisoner campaigners have claimed a forced strip has been

out on a female republican inmate at Hydebank Wood Prison.


Sharon Rafferty, of Cavana Linn in Pomeroy, was forced to remove her clothes before and after making a court appearance in Omagh, Co Tyrone, last month. Supporters say the 38-year-old refused to take off her cloths voluntarily female prison officers forcibly removed them down to her underwear. Ms Rafferty is facing charges relating to republician paramilitary activity in Co Tryone. Since her arrest in May last she has been detained on a separated wing at Hydebank Wood Prison on the outskirts of Belfast. It has also emerged that a second republican prisoner, Christine Connor, missed a hospital appointment last month after refusing to be strip searched. The 27-year-old is facing two counts of attempted murder and possession of pipe bombs in relation to an attack on the PSNI in North Belfast in May. The Irish News understand both wimen have indicated they will not voluntarialy submit to strip searches in furture.

On Wednsday night Mandy Duffy from the Irish Republican Prisoners Welfare Association (IRPWA) sais Ms Rafferty felt like she had been “sexually assaulted” after the search. “She feels very strongly she should not have to remove her clothing,” she aid. The prisoner campagner says Ms Connor will also continue to resist strip searches. “Christine feels she is being denied the right to medicial treatment which is a basic human right,” she said. “She is on medication and needs to see a specialist.” The last high-profile female republican prisoner to be subjected to strip searches is believed to be Roisin McAliskey – daughter of former Mid Ulster MP Bernadette McAliskey – who was searched more than 70 times while pregnant in custody awaiting extradition to Germany in connection with an IRA mortar attàck in 1996. She was released wîthout charge in 1998.


In November last year male republican prisoners in Maghaberry Prison ended an 18-month no-wash protest sparked by a number of complaints about the jail regime, including the use of strip searches. A spokesman for the Department of Justice (DOJ) said: “The Prison Service Full Search Policy for women prisoners has developed a two stage full search procedure. A stage one search requires the woman to remove her outer clothin; however she would not be requied to remove her underwear. If staff have suspicions or intelligence has been received to suggest that the woman could be concealing items in her underwear she would be required to proceed to a level two search. “This would require her to remove the clothing from her top half of her body, including her underwear. When dressed she would remove the clothing from the bottom half of her body, including her underwear. While we cannot comment on specific individuals, at no stage has a level two search been deployed in Ash House in recent weeks as is being claimed in some quarters.”

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