SOLICITOR FOR POLICEMAN’S KILLER: I feared arrest during appeal.

‘This has gone past the issue of [the] appeal. This has become intimidation in my view and I think a number of people in this room will agree with me, it’s now intimidation – Darragh Mackin.

A SOLICITOR for one of the men convicted of Constable Stephen Carroll’s muder has accused the PSNI of “intimidation” of defence lawyers in the case and said he was “terrified” that he would be arrested for representing his client.


Darragh Mackin made the remarks during a public discussion organised by supporters of Co Armagh men Brendan McConville and John Paul Wotton who were convicted of shooting the officer dead in Craigavon in 2009. McConville, from Lurgan, was jailed for a minimum of 25 years while Wotton (21), from Craigavon, was told he will have to serve at least 14 years following their trial in 2011. Both men have continued to protest they had no part in the Continuity IRA sniper attack. Campaigners and the men’s legal teams have raised questions about eyewitness and forensic evidence. Last Friday Mr Mackin claimed that the PSNI had attempted to “undermine” an appeal hearing that was due to be held in April. He confirmed that his office has contacted the UN special rapporteur in connection with the case. Controversy erupted on the day of the appeal was due to begin after a defence barrister claimed police had attempted to “sabotage” the hearing.

It was also revealed that a new defence witness was arrested and questioned by police before being released without charge days before the appeal was due to begin. McConville’s legal team bbelieve they and the new witness had been under security-force surveillance in the lead-up to the appeal hearing, which will now be held in October. The solicitor says he and a colleague, Peter Corrigan, feared that that they too would be arrested.

“I will never forget the day when we went down to Brendan McConville’s appeal, obviously with members of the farmily, and it’s an absolutely terrifying fact to think there’s a chance – and Peter would agree with me on this – that me or him or both of us will be arrested at that point in time,” he said. “This has gone past the issue of [the] appeal. This has become intimidation in my view and I think a number of people in this room will agree with me, it’s now intimidatIon.” A PSNI spokesman said: “Since this matter is currently before the courts, we are unable to comment.” Shame Fein policing board member Pat (the rat) Sheehan told those at the discussion that the case “looks like a clear mmiss carriage of justice”. A PSNI spokesman said: “As a member of the board, Mr Sheehan will have opportunities to raise issues with senior officers in both open and private sessions.”


” They offered me money and said they could help with my mortgage and help get me to Australia.

THE nephew of a prominent Co Tyrone republican has said he has been left ” terrified ” after attempts were made to rrecruit him as an informer while he worked in England. Emmet McElhatton, of Kildress, near Cookstown in Co Tyrone, has said he will never return to England to work again after claiming he was approached by MI5/MI6 officers four times in the space of a week last month.


The 21-year-old is a nephew off well known republican Kevin Murphy. Mr McElhatton said he had been approached in London on March 18 by a man and woman as he walked to a shop the day after arriving in the city to start work as a plumber. The Tyrone man said that during a series of attempts to recruit him MI5/MI6 officers had mentioned his uncle and also the republican ex-prisoner Damien McLaughlin whose early.release licence was revoked last month by Secretary of State Theresa Villiers.” They offered me money and said they could help me with my mortage and help get me to Australia,” Mr McElhatton said. ” I told him I wasn’t interested.” Mr McElhatton said that a day later he had received two calls to his mobile phone from people he beleived were MI5/MI6 officers. ” They had Northern accents but I think they were MI5/MI6,” he said. ” He rang me on the phone twice and again offered me money. ” I was walking through the house with the phone and he told me to come to the door so he was obviously watching me. ” This scared me and it meant I couldn’t even go out of the house to the shop. ” Work is scarce and I went out there to earn a living but now I can’t go back.”

Mr McElhatton said that when returning home from England on March 27, officials at Belfast International Airport had stopped him and ” pushed ” him into a room where he was meet by two men – one of whom had previously approched him in England. ” I kept asking could I leave and they said ‘ no’, he said. ” They were very rash and angry and used a lot of bad language. ” They offered me money and they said they could help me get to Australia. ” At one stage my phone in my pocket went off and I turned it off. ” One of the men demanded my phone and when I wouldn’t give it to him he twisted my arm behind my back. ” In the end they said : ‘ Are you willing to help us ?’ ” I said ‘ no ‘ and one of them said : ‘ The next time you see us we will be wearing forensic suits ‘. ” It was really frighting.” Mr McElhatton said he beleived he was being tergeted because of his relative. ” I am not politically involved in anything,” he said. ” I think I am being targeted because of my family background. ” The whole experience was terrifying, knowing I am being watched, my phone calls tracked and being followed.” Mr McElhatton’s solicitor Peter Corrigan said they would sue MI5/MI6 under the European Convention on Human Rights. ” We will be taking action against MI5/MI6 for an invasion of his privacy under article 8 of the European Convention,” he said. ” They were disturbing him while he went about his bussiness and work in London. This is improper policing.” Ulster Unionist Policing Board member Ross Hussey said attempts to recruit informers were legitimate in a bid to prevent dissident republicans taking lives. ” We have a severe dissident threat and that is visible to everybody. I understand people being approached,” he said.

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Tough new approach by NIO

” The government will not hesitate to use all the powers at its disposalaccder the law to counter the residual terrorist threat ” – Mike Penning.

A FORMER Republican prisoner accused of supplying a car to the killers of prison officer David Black has had his release licence revoked. Damien McLaughlin (36) from Kilmascally Road, Ardboe, in Co Tyrone was told last week that his governmentrelease from prison, where he had served a sentence for firearms offences, has been overturned.


It is believed  to be the first time a former republican prisoner convicted of an offence committed after the Provisional IRA‘s 1994 ceasefire has had their release licence revoked. McLaughlin is on remand in Maghaberry Prison charged in connection with the shooting of Mr Black by dissident republicans last November. He is accused of being involved in transporting a car belived to have been used in the attack into the from Co Litrim. McLaughlin denies the charge of ‘ preparation of a terrorest-act ‘. Mr Black, a father-of-two, died after gunmen opened fire on his Audi car as he drove to work at Maghaberry Prison.The attack took place on the M1 near Lurgan, Co Armagh. A group styling itself ‘ the IRA ‘ later admitted responsability for the attack. In 2011 McLaughlin was sentenced to four and a half years in prison for weapons offences dating back to 2009. He pleaded guilty to possessing two rifles, a sawn-off shotgun and ammuntion. He also admitted having two silencers, a magazine and two telescopic sights. The haul was discovered in a rucksack liner in the boot of his car which was parked outside the house where he lived at the time. He was released later in 2011 on conditation he serve the remainder on probatition and after serving some time on remand. In September last year he received a suspended jail sentence after being convicted of damaging his cell at Maghaberry Prison during a republican prison protest.

A spokesman for the Northern Ireland Office said the decision to revoke McLaughlin’s release licence was taken after a recommendation from the Parole Commissioners for Northern Ireland that ” he poses a risk of harm to the public which can no longer be safely managed in the community “. NIO junior minister Mike Penning, who revoked the licence on behalf of Secretary of State Teresa Villiers said : ” The government will not hesitate to use all the powers at its disposal under the law to counter the residual terrorist threat.” Mr McLaughlin’s solicitor Peter Corrigan said his client will ” be challenging the legality of the revocation “. UUP justice spokesman Tom Elliot defended the move. ” At this particular time there is a suspected connection with a serious incident which is murder and obviously they need to take all reasonable precautions in those cases,” he said. Two other republicans, Marian Price-McGlinchey and Martin Corey , are also being held in prison after having their release licences revoked. Price (58) was originally jailed for her part in the 1973 Old Baily bombing and released in 1980. However, her relese licence was revoked in 2011 by then Secretary of State Owen Paterson. Corey (63) from Lurgan in Co Armagh was convicted of killing two RUC men in11973 and released from prison in 1992. His licence was revoked in April 2010, again by Owen Paterson.

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A DOCTOR appointed by the United Nations is to assess bomber Marian Price ( 57 ) as concerns grow for her health . In an unprecedented move, the medic will visit her in Hydebank Wood detention center, on the outskirts of South Belfast, this week in his role as special rapporteur and report back to the UN.

The West Belfast dissident republican has been held in isolation for more than a year after her life sentence licence was revoked by secretary of State Owen Paterson. She is accused of providing a mobile phone alleged to have been used to admit the 2009 murder of two soildiers at Massereene Barracks in Antrim. A second charge relating to an Easter commemoration in Derry was thrown out of court last week after the trail judge criticised Prosecution delays. Peter Corrigan of Kevin Winters & Co solicitors, who represents Price, last night welcomed UN involvement. ” There is unanimous medical opinion that Marian Price is unable to participate in any legal proceedings due to her deteriorating health so we would welcome this intervention by the UN on behalf of our client,” he said.

Pat Ramsey of the SDLP said: “While I welcome a further independent doctor’s assessment, it isn’t really required – there have already been enough medical examinations carried out that are all in agreement about her rapidly deteriorating mental health.” DUP justice spokesman Paul Given said outside intervention ” undermines the credibility of the established process” of assessing prisoners” health.

AUTHORITIES have been accused of ” failing ” veteran republivan Marian Price as it was revealed that a United Nations – appointed doctor is to visit her in prisonthis week to assess her medical condition. The doctor will attend Hydebank Wood outside South Belfast in his role as a UN special rapporteur. The 57-year -old former IRA bomber is being held in isolation in the prison’s hospital wing. SDLP Foyle assembly member Pat Ramsey last night welcomed news that the UN had taken an interest in the plight of the former IRA prisoner. ” I have to say in yhe strongest possible terms that this women should be moved to a hospital envirinment where she can receive the medication and treatment she so badly needs,” he said. ” It beggers beleif why that has not happened to date. ” The Government & the state is failing badly in the case of Marian Price.” While I welcome a further independent doctor’s assessment it isn’t really required.”There have already been enough medical examinations carried out that are all in aggreement about her rapidly deteriorating mental health”


The West Belfast Republican has been held for more than a year after a life sentence licence was revoked by Secretary of State Owen Patterson. Along with her sister Dolours and Gerry Kelly MLA, Price was jailed for life for the bombing of the Old Bailey in London in 1973. She was released early from prison in 1980 after being granted a Royal pardon and suffering from anorexia nervosa. Price is facing a charge in connection with providing a mobile phone alleged to have been used to admit responsibility for the murders of two British soldiers at Massereene Barracks in 2009. A second charge relating to an Easter commemoration in Derry in which a masked man read from a statement was thrown out of court last week after the trail judge criticised the prosecution for unacceptable delays.

She was granted bail after being arrested on this charge a year ago but was held in prison after her licence was revoked. The Public Prosecution Service has since indicated it intends to proceed with the case against Price and four others by indictable summons. Her case has been the subject of numerous protests by republican groups and she has been visited in prison by some nationalist politicians. Peter Corrigan of Kevin Winters & Co solicitors said any move by the PPS to charge Price again could represent ” an abuse of process”.He also welcomed UN involvement in the case. “There is unanimous medical opinion that Marian Price is unable to participate in any legal proceedings due to her deteriorating ill health so we would welcome this intervention by the UN on behalf of our client.” he said.

DUP justice spokesman Paul Givan said the only opinion that should count is that provided by the prison-appointed medical team. ” The south-eastern board provide medical treatment to all prisoners in Northern Ireland and any advice taken on board by the parole commissioners should only come from them,” he said.” To do otherwise would undermine the credibility of the current established process. ” Due to the terrorist campaign in Northern Ireland we have hundred of people currently free on licence. “To send out the message that they can involve themselves in further criminal activity and not have their licence revoked is very dangerous. “Those involved in any political campaign to have any prisoner freed regardless of who they are, should reflect carefully on that.”


This is only my mere opinion and I would like to say to the Justice spokesman Paul Given ” Paul you must have a very short memory have you so quickly forgotten a case very recently concerning a Mr Brendan Lillis ??? ” The South-Eastern health board were also treating him & promised the public that he was getting the best treatment possible but that turned out to be far from the case in fact he had to be released to get PROPER MEDICAL TREATMENT ! ” Have you already forgotten this case Paul ? Here is a little reminder !


Charges against Marian Price dropped

Marian Price charged over murder of Massereene soldiers

22 July 11 14:21

Patrick Azimkar and Mark Quinsey

A prominent republican has been charged in connection with the murders of two soldiers in Antrim in March 2009.

Marian Price – also known by her married name Marian McGlinchey – has been charged with providing property for the purposes of terrorism.

The charge is related to the murders of Sappers Patrick Azimkar and Mark Quinsey at Massereene barracks.

On Friday, a lawyer said no new evidence has been produced to link republican Marian Price to the charge.

He said the 57-year-old was first questioned 18 months ago about allegations of supplying a phone.

Peter Corrigan also said a legal bid will be made to have the case against her thrown out as an abuse of process.

She was charged by summons earlier this month, a relatively new process in Northern Ireland, rather than at court on Friday.

The soldiers were shot dead outside their base as they collected a pizza delivery.

Two men are due to stand trial accused of their murders later this year.

Ms Price, who is also known by her married name Marian McGlinchy, is in custody following the revocation of her release on licence.

She was convicted for being involved in the IRA bombing of the Old Bailey in 1973, but has been critical of Sinn Fein in recent years.

Three witnesses

She was expected to appear before Belfast Magistrates Court for a preliminary enquiry on Friday.

But she was not produced after it emerged that her defence team want to cross-examine three witnesses, including two senior detectives, as part of their challenge to the case against her.

A date for the day-long committal hearing is expected to be fixed next month.

Mr Corrigan told the court an abuse of process application will also be mounted.

He said: “The defendant was originally questioned in relation to these matters in November 2009. That’s 18 months ago.

“No new evidence has been adduced since that date.”

The solicitor detailed how his client’s previous release from prison was subsequently revoked by the secretary of state.

He claimed the allegations which formed part of the new charge against her were linked to that decision.

A hearing into the revocation of her licence is due to take place in August, the court was told.

District Judge Fiona Bagnall ordered that the case be listed again for August 5.

At that stage Ms Price is expected to appear via video link…..


Justice for Marian Price

“It’s in the nature of this judicial system that one is condemned not only in innocence but also in ignorance.” – Kafka’s The Trial.

The treatment of Marian Price is a scenario akin to one described in Kafka’s novel, The Trial, whereby it describes the prisoner’s arrest, imprisonment, and prosecution by a remote, inaccessible authority, with the nature of his crime revealed to neither him nor the reader. Similarily Marian Price finds herself in this situation.

The justification of Marian Price’s imprisonment has been claimed by British Secretary of State Owen Patterson, to be on the revocation of her licence, dating back to 1980. This is contrary to the fact that Marian’s release was on the basis of the Royal Prerogative of Mercy due to life threatening illness after serving a lengthy prison sentence.

The British authorities have stated that they have shredded her pardon, a document which would have secured her release according to her solicitor Peter Corrigan. Questions must be raised as to why this document was shredded, thirty years after it was issued and at the time when it would have been admitted as evidence for any subsequent hearing in relation to her imprisonment and revocation of her licence.

Subsequently, Marian Price is suffering from serious health issues, a direct consequence of nine months of isolation in an all male prison. She has since been referred to the healthcare centre at Hydebank Wood where all female prisoners are imprisoned. It has been alleged that the recent move for Marian Price came as a result of clinical advice given by the South Eastern Healthcare Trust.

At a recent meeting, in regard to the Plight of Marian Price a panel of guests including Peter Corrigan, Marian Price’s Solicitor, Bernadette McAliskey, Monsignor Raymond Murray and others discussed the situation of Marian Price and the conclusion became apparent that we must all call for the release of Marian Price, and stand against Interment by Revocation of Licence.

WITH MANY THANKS TO : The Irish Law & Democracy Committee

Marian Price needs our support

MARIAN PRICE could be in a British prison in Northern Ireland for the rest of her natural life. Unlike other political prisoners in the North, she has had no trial, no sentence, no release date, nor even a date when the Parole Commission will review her case. Unless the courts intervene, she will only be released by order of Secretary of State for Northern Ireland Owen Paterson.

Twice, Price has been arrested under Northern Ireland’s special security laws and brought before what is known as a Diplock Court, where no jury serves. Twice, a judge has ordered that she be released on bail.

Each time, Paterson overruled the judge and ordered Price back to prison. He said that he was revoking her license (parole). But Price was not actually on license. Convicted of bombings in Britain, she received a full royal pardon (the “Royal Prerogative of Mercy“) when she was freed in 1980 because she appeared to be on the brink of death from severe anorexia nervosa. The anorexia was the result of being force-fed more than 300 times when she was on hunger strike in a British prison.

The Northern Ireland Office now says the pardon “cannot be located”–that it has either been lost or shredded. Price’s lawyer Peter Corrigan recently told an overflow public meeting in Belfast that this is the only time in the history of the Royal Prerogative of Mercy that a pardon has gone missing. Monsignor Raymond Murray, the veteran human rights campaigner, said simply, “You can draw your own conclusions.”

Nevertheless, the Parole Commission sided with the Northern Ireland Office and refused to release Price. Her lawyers will be appealing the decision in court.


Send an e-mail to the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland Owen Paterson and ask him to free Marian Price immediately.

To learn more about the case and get the latest updates, go to the Free Marian Price website.

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PRICE IS being held in conditions designed to break her body and spirit. She has been in solitary confinement for more than 300 days. The UN Special Rapporteur on Torture says solitary confinement for more than 15 days amounts to torture.

She is locked in her cell 21 hours a day. There is a camera in the cell. She has been told that it is switched off, but there is no way to know if that is true.

She has no privacy because prison staff constantly goes in and out of her cell. At night, male prison guards open a peephole and shine a light in her face so she can’t sleep. Marian has told relatives she feels like she is “in a zoo.”

Her husband, Jerry McGlinchey, recently told the WBAI show Radio Free Eireann, “My fear is that Marian will slip into a deep depression that it would take her years to come out of. I believe that is what the government intends.”

He previously said that he is “very, very worried” about her health. She has never recovered from the force-feeding. It caused tuberculosis that had to be treated in 2010, and she was due for a checkup when she was arrested. The anorexia has returned, and she suffers from such severe arthritis that she can’t even open her hand. McGlinchey believes that her health will get steadily worse as long as she is in solitary confinement.

Price is a dedicated Irish republican. She believes that it is necessary to wage an armed struggle to end British rule in Ireland.

But what is at stake is much more than Marian Price or her politics. As the Irish civil rights leader Bernadette Devlin McAlsikey told the Belfast meeting, “From the government’s point of view, this is a clear message that no dissent will be tolerated. You challenge the status quo at your peril.”

We can’t depend on the courts to free Marian Price. Each of us needs to help set her free. In the past month, hundreds of people have come to protest meetings in Derry and Belfast.

There is one very simple thing each of us can do today. We can e-mail Owen Paterson and tell him to free Marian Price immediately. This may be especially important for those of us who don’t live in Ireland. The British government has often proven very vulnerable to international pressure.


British destroyed document to prolong incarceration of Marian Price

Pressure is growing for the immediate release from jail of former republican spokeswoman Marian Price after it was admitted that a royal pardon central to her case has been shredded by the British government.

Free Marian Price – e-petitions

Ms Price, 57 years old and in poor health, has been held in solitary confinement at the notorious Maghaberry prison since her arrest in May in connection with a republican rally at Derry’s city cemetery on Easter Sunday.
She was jailed for IRA activities in 1973 but was given a royal pardon in 1980 because she appeared to be close to death from anorexia.
But after acting as a spokesperson for the 32 County Sovereignty Committee and heading up a prisoners’ welfare campaign, she was arrested and returned to prisin by British Direct Ruler Owen Paterson.
Her legal team have insisted the pardon should have precluded her return to jail on the basis of previous offences.
Last month the British government confirmed that the pardon document had been “lost”. On Wednesday, a parole commission hearing in Maghaberry heard the pardon had actually been shredded.
The veteran activist will now spend Christmas behind bars after judgment on her parole was reserved until the New Year.
Following the hearing, her solicitor Peter Corrigan said: “The royal pardon is central to the case against our client’s detention.
“During the parole commissioners’ hearing it was confirmed that the pardon has been shredded, in light of this information Owen Paterson should release Marian Price immediately.”
“It’s very convenient that the only lost document in this case is the pardon,” he added.
Mr Corrigan revealed the UN special rapporteur on torture recently called for solitary confinement to be banned in all but “exceptional circumstances” and for it never to last more than 15 days.
“Marian Price has been in solitary seven months. This shouldn’t happen in a civilised country. Even those who vehemently oppose my client’s politics must realise this amounts to inhuman and degrading treatment,” he said.
The SDLP has challenged the Justice Minister at Stormont about the continued internment of Marian Price.
Mr Ramsey said, “I raised with the Justice Minister the current incarceration of Marian Price which I believe to be morally wrong given her state of health and the fact that she is being detained as a result of the Secretary of State’s action in revoking her license, a totally unaccountable act.
“This case is of paramount importance to bring a new level of confidence in how we deal with justice related matters.”
Boards were erected this week highlighting her case and a push to release her for Christmas.
The 32 County Sovereignty Committee in Derry blasted Sinn Fein for their inaction on the matter.
According to a statement, Price’s former comrades “sit within the bastion of Unionism [Stormont] playing at politics and getting handsomely paid for their pretence — until Westminster, as it tends to do, flexes it muscles to show where the real power lies.
They pointed to a saying attributed to Irish martyr James Connolly: “Ruling by fooling is a great British art — with great Irish fools to practice on.”
They said; Internment has been reintroduced, Irish innocents are suffering once again British injustices, and those who shouted loudest about previous miscarriages of justice are now implementing new miscarriages of justice for their paymasters.”

Massereene lawyer’s ‘arrest’ row



Legal firm’s fury after police defer plan to quiz solicitor on eve of trial

Thursday, 3 November 2011

A legal firm has said the planned arrest of one of its lawyers was an attempt to “undermine his ability” to conduct the defence in a high-profile murder trial next week.

It is understood leading lawyer Peter Corrigan had originally been asked to report to police today after being told he was to be arrested regarding charges against two of his clients.

But last night police appeared to back off after receiving “additional information which would make it inappropriate to progress with what was intended to be a planned and voluntary interview”.

They added they would be rescheduling it for a later date.

The Belfast lawyer is due in court on Monday to lead the defence of Colin Duffy and Brian Shivers — accused of murdering Sappers Mark Quinsey and Patrick Azimkar. The soldiers were shot dead outside Massereene army barracks in Antrim in 2009.

It is understood Mr Corrigan’s proposed police interview is not connected to the case.

A spokesman for Kevin R Winters and Company said the move had represented “oppression of the worst kind”.

The company where Mr Corrigan is a senior member claimed that it would have been “an attack on the integrity of a lawyer defending his client and sends out a sinister message to those who robustly defend the interests of those charged before our criminal justice system”.

In a statement, Mr Corrigan’s legal firm had described the move as a “completely unfounded manoeuvre on the part of the PSNI intended to undermine our firm’s ability to conduct the defence in a forthcoming high-profile trial.”

In an earlier statement last night, police said they “have a legal responsibility to follow all lines of enquiry as part of their investigations into organised criminality”.

“No inference should be drawn from this.”

The PSNI added that they were “continuing to make a number of enquiries into money laundering”.

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