‘Man accused of secretly filming teenage stepdaughter in shower and sexually assaulting her friend refused bail’.



Prince Andrew tests positive for COVID, Buckingham Palace says | UK News | Sky News

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No Prison sentence only community service for man who admitted having indecent images of children

A CO DOWN man who admitted possessing child porn and indecent images of children and sharing them online has been sentenced to community service.

Nathan Samuel Francis Orr (25), of Dakota Avenue in Newtownards, was ordered to perform 100 hours’ community service and was placed on probation for two years. The father-of-one will also be on the sex offenders register for 10 years and was made the subject of a five-year sexual prevention order. Downpatrick Crown Court he began to find mainstream pornography ‘Boring’, his desire for illicit material increased and he joined an online group that shared indecent images of children. When Orr’s home was searched in January 2017, police officers seized items including a mobile phone, laptop and tablet and found indecent images of children in the form of both photographs and video files. It also emerged that he had been involved in online chats with others about distributing and trading images.

Orr pleaded guilty to 11 separate charges, including both possessing and distributing indecent images of children, as well as possessing an extreme pornographic image. When he spoke to a probation officer about his offending, he said he accessed the images during periods of binge drinking and when he was feeling lonely and depressed. Orr said that while he found the images sexually arousing, he did not have a sexual interest in children. He also expressed disgust in himself and said he now realises what he was doing was wrong.

Judge Geoffrey Miller noted that he was unemployed and on benefits and had mental health issues. He also said he had a clear criminal record and had not offended since his arrest three and a half years ago. Addressing Orr – who appeared at the remote hearing via a videolink with his solicitor’s office – he said: “The internet opens many positive windows on the world, but on the other hand it is a very dangerous mechanism.

It can allow access to more dangerous avenues which encourage young minds such as yours to effectively click and click and click without perhaps appreciating that these sorts of pictures represent real victims.” After imposing the combination order, the judge said part of Orr’s period on probation should include addressing the issues which motivated his sexually deviant behaviour. He also told him that if he reoffended within the next two years, he would have “no hesitation” in revoking the order and imposing an immediate jail term.

With many thanks to: The Irish News for the original story 

PSNI/RUC officer Ryan McKenna (37), accused of child sex abuse

A POLICE officer has been charged with historical sex offences against a child.

Ryan McKenna (37), whose address was given as PSNI Headquarters in Belfast, is accused of sexually assaulting a girl between 2003 and 2005. He is also alleged to have made the child engage in sexual activity between 2012 and 2013. A detective constable told Dungannon Magistrates Court the charges could be connected. District Judge Michael Ranaghan remanded him on continuing bail and listed the case for mention next month. It is understood Mr McKenna has been suspended from duty pending the outcome of the case.

With many thanks to: The Irish News for the original story 

Follow this link to find out more: https://www.pressreader.com/uk/belfast-telegraph/20200723/281809991214526

How Prince Andrew and Ghislaine Maxwell’s Friendship Became a Scandal | Vanity Fair


Prince Andrew with convicted child molester




DEPRAVED child rapist Paul Fenton is today exposed as the sick monster who raped a 10-year-old child. 

Follow this link to find out more: https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=3199821756764243&id=100002093504519&set=a.439170419496071&source=48&ref=bookmarks

This is the face of a vile sex abuser who tried to heap the blame for his stomach-churning abuse on his young prey – his crimes now exposed. There is no longer any hiding place for monster Fenton, who is the son of murdered IRA informer Joe Fenton. The Sunday World can reveal Fenton was found guilty last November of raping the young girl he sexually abused since she was 10 years of age. And when his sordid crimes were exposed he blamed the little girl whose life he destroyed to fulfil his sick sexual desires. Fenton, who had an address in Ballycastle, appealed his 11-and-a-half-year sentence last week only for appeal judges to take three minutes after private consultation to deny his plea. Fenton raped the innocent child, he even blamed her for instigating the sordid abuse he inflicted. When initially charged with rape and the sexual abuse of the minor, he claimed she started the four-year nightmare.

These ludicrous and stomach-churning claims were slammed by the judge who handed him one of the highest sentences in Northern Irish history for rape and sexual abuse of a minor. He refused to admit his guilt despite damming evidence, forcing his young and traumatised  victim to appear in court and be cross-examined in the dock from 10am to 4.30pm. The exhausted child was forced to live through every harrowing moment and every sickening detail of what he did to her and what he forced to do. It was revealed in court that he made her watch pornographic movies, and every opportunity he had he molested her.

Follow this link to find out what depraved child rapist and child molester Paul Fenton looks like today without a beard: https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=3200747976671621&id=100002093504519&set=a.439170419496071&source=48&ref=bookmarks

He told her he loved her, that they were best friends and this is what ‘best friends do’. It was only when she grew older she realised the depravity of what was happening to her, that it was wrong and the man who was supposed to be her best friend was a monster. The child, who was a neighbour of Fenton, is now 16 years of age. Her childhood ruined, her innocence taken and any natural trust she had completely shattered. It was only after the young girl, at 13, confided in friends that Fenton was exposed for the paedophile he is. In an exclusive interview with the victim’s grandmother, the true horrors are now exposed. For the Sunday World can reveal that Fenton has claimed to friends that he is working away instead of admitting the truth. At a court hearing last Thursday morning the sicko was almost unrecognisable since his court appearance and sentencing last year (the before and after photographs are both included in the above links).

Sweating profusely, continuously pulling at his face and hair, he looked like a man on the edge. Dark circles, almost like black eyes, were clearly seen from the public gallery. It appeared he was missing several teeth – the Sunday World understands this is the result of a vicious jail-house beating once his identity as a child rapist was discovered by fellow inmates inside Maghaberry Gaol. Speaking to the Sunday World on Saturday night July 4th 2020, the grandmother of Fenton’s brave victim revealed the pain and horror he had inflicted on her innocent granddaughter and the heart-breaking effect it had on the entire family circle. “He is an evil bastard. What he did is unforgivable. She was a baby, she was a innocent child,” the devasted grandmother told the Sunday World.


“He has repeatedly lied, over and over again, telling people he is innocent when every piece of evidence proved he was a rapist, that he raped and abused my lovely granddaughter over and over again. “That is why we as a family have decided to speak out, enough is enough, everyone needs to know what he is. A paedophile, a cruel evil bastard and a liar and coward trying to make out that he is the victim. He makes me sick,” she said. Fenton’s victim told her loving mother what had been happening after she confided in two close friends. “She told two friends and that is how it all came out, one of them, a wee boy came to the house and told her if she didn’t tell her mummy then he would. She called her mum upstairs and told her the awful things he had been doing to her, grinding against her and raping her, and the police were called.” Fenton’s father Joe was murdered by the IRA in 1989 after he was exposed as a Special Branch agent.

With many thanks to the: Sunday World and Paula Mackin for the EXCLUSIVE original story – p.mackin@sundayworld.com

Follow these links to find out more: https://thebrokenelbow.com/2016/05/15/joe-fenton-the-ruc-special-branch-and-the-destruction-of-the-belfast-ira/

(2)-: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/army-handlers-let-killing-of-informer-go-ahead-dt8v8wn66

(3)-: https://wikivisually.com/wiki/Joseph_Fenton

(4)-: https://belfastchildis.com/tag/joseph-fenton/

Women welcome sex abuser’s prison term

Abuse occurred in Ardoyne area in 70s and 80s

SENTENCED: Francis McDonnell was given a 12-year term at Downpatrick Crown Court for sexually abusing two children



Two women who were sexually molested as children yesterday welcomed a 12-year sentence handed to their abuser declaring “we’ve finally got our justice”.

Francis McDonnell was jailed for what Judge Geoffrey Millar QC described as a “very serious case of pre-meditated abuse of young children, sustained over a period of several years”.

The 63-year old, originally from North Belfast and with an address of Ardowen in Craigavon, Co Armagh faced two trials last year and was convicted by a jury of offences against both complainants.

As the grandfather-of-16 was being led into custody from the dock of Downpatrick Crown Court in handcuffs, he turned to both his victims and said ‘you may hope I die in jail’.

Before handing McDonnell the sentence, which will be divided between six years behind bars followed by six years on licence, Judge Miller said that despite being convicted by a jury following two trials, he continues to maintain his innocence.

McDonnell claimed that whilst one of the complainants had a vendetta against him, he couldn’t actually remember the other complainant.

He targeted and sexually abused both complainants in the Ardoyne area of Belfast in the late 70s and early 80s, the court heard. Although both women want to remain anonymous, they wanted McDonnell to be named for the first time and the public made aware of the crimes he committed against them as children.

One of the victims, who is now 47, was first targeted by McDonnell when she was four and was abused until she was 11. The abuse ended for a period but he targeted her again when she was aged 14/15 when he raped her in his home.

Reacting to the sentence, she said: “He always told me nobody would believe me, but the truth came out and he’s in jail now. He still gives me the same feeling now as he did when I was a child. I still freeze, I’m still afraid of him. I can’t believe he threatened us, even now.

“He took my childhood away from me and to this day what he did affects me. I don’t hug people, I don’t like anyone touching me. I’m glad he’s in prison now.”

The second complainant was first abused when she was three, and his campaign continue until her family moved from the area when she was seven. She is now 43.

She said: “I moved away from Belfast because of what happened to me for a long time, and I thought it would be a case of ‘out of sight, out of mind,’ but it wasn’t.

“He ruined my life, he took my childhood away from me and I came back with the sole reason to get him for what he did. I went to Nexus in 2016 and now he’s locked up.

“He told us in court ‘you may hope I die in jail.’ Well, I hope he does.”

Peter Irvine QC, for the Crown, noted ten aggravating factors which included the vulnerability of both of McDonnell’s victims due to their young age, the “protracted” period of time the abuse occurred and also “the gap of four or five years before the offence of rape occurred”.

Mr Irvine also spoke of the lasting impact McDonnell’s actions have had on both women, and revealed McDonnell had previous convictions for abusing a five-year old and an eight-year old in the mid 80s.

Niall Hunt QC, representing McDonnell, said that since leaving school at 15, his client had a steady work record which included employment with the DoE.

He also told Judge Millar his client “is not in great health” which includes very poor eyesight.

Saying his client’s offending ended in the 80s, Mr Hunt added: “There are no further offences in the pipeline and no-one has suggested there is anything else hanging over him or waiting to come out.”

During yesterday’s sentencing, Judge Millar noted McDonnell’s continued denials and a lack of remorse. The Judge also said: “There can be no doubt that both complainants suffered trauma which has impacted on their development, childhood and into adulthood.”

Judge Millar handed McDonnell a 12-year sentence which he said was “justified and necessary” for the protection of the public. He also placed McDonnell on the Sex Offenders Register for an indefinite period, and made him the subject of a ten-year Sexual Offences Prevention Order.

With many thanks to: Belfast Live and Ashleigh McDonald for the original story 

Follow this link to find out more: https://www.belfastlive.co.uk/news/belfast-news/north-belfast-women-finally-justice-17673194

RUC/PSNI officer arrested on child abuse image charges

A serving RUC/PSNI officer from the County Derry area has been arrested during a criminal investigation into the alleged possession and distribution of child abuse images.

Police officer arrested on child abuse image charges PSNI



A serving PSNI officer from the County Derry area has been arrested during a criminal investigation into the alleged possession and distribution of child abuse images.

The policeman, who is in his 50s, was detained following a search of an address close to Garvagh earlier this month.

He was questioned by detectives on a number of serious allegations.

They include; possessing an indecent photograph or pseudo-photograph of a child, the making of indecent photographs or pseudo photographs of children and distributing indecent photographs or pseudo photographs of children.

The arrest took place on Wednesday, January 15, but has only now come to light.

The officer was released on bail pending further enquiries.

In response to a query from the County Derry Post, a PSNI spokesperson confirmed that a man in his 50s had been arrested on suspicion of a number of offences relating to the alleged possession of indecent images of children.

It’s understood the man has been suspended from his police role whilst an investigation is carried out.

With many thanks to: Derry Now and Patricia Devlin for the original story 

Pedophile Orangeman ran for DUP in election

Pervert who sexually assaulted his sister and granddaughter faces boot from Orange Order

Ivan Russell

A “SELFISH and monstrous” paedophile jailed for abusing two young family members is a former DUP election candidate.

Leading Portadown Orangeman Ivan Russell was sentenced to six years for sexually assaulting his sister Margaret Brown when she was just 13 years old, and granddaughter Rebekah Russell when she was aged 17.

Both his victims, who are now adults, bravely waived their right to anonymity in order to identify their pervert relative who was caged at Craigavon Crown Court last week.

Russell’s admissions have rocked the Orange Order and Free Presbyterian Church in north Armagh – with both institutions at one time considering the shamed 65-year-old a valued member.

They have also embarrassed the DUP, who he represented in the 2005 local government elections.

A former friend told Sunday Life: “Ivan Russell pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes. We thought he was an upstanding member of the community, when in fact he was abusing young female relatives.”

Our source said it was well known that Russell had a dark side – pointing to a 2002 Drumcree rioting conviction – and that he had been supportive of paedophile Orangeman Mark Harbinson after he was jailed in 2011 for abusing a schoolgirl.

“People thought it strange that Ivan spoke up for Harbinson (below) after he was found guilty, but no one suspected this was because he was also a child abuser,” added his ex-pal.

“It was thought that this was because he was convicted of rioting with Harbinson at Drumcree, and nothing else.”

Stoneyford Orangeman and Pedophile Mark Harbinson

Russell was so well thought of in unionist circles in Portadown that he was selected by the DUP to run for Craigavon Borough Council in the 2005 local government elections. He polled 302 first preference votes which was not enough to win a seat in the Loughside ward.

What Russell’s loyal supporters had no clue about is that he was, in fact, a long-standing paedophile who started abusing his younger sister Margaret in the mid-1970s.

He was aged 21 when he first crept into the terrified 13-year-old’s room and molested her.

The abuse, which started shortly after the birth of Russell’s first child, took place between 1974 and 1976 until after his second child was born and he became a Christian.

Margaret was targeted by her older brother while she babysat the youngsters in his home.

Now living in Canada, she only made a statement to police in 2016 when she learned that he had also abused his granddaughter Rebekah, who is her grand-niece.

A drunken Russell sexually assaulted the 17-year-old during a family holiday in Crete, pinning her to the hotel bar next to a pool table.

Frightened Rebekah later told a teacher at Portadown College, with her grandfather confessing to the attack during a counselling session.

Ivan Russell

Disgraced Russell no longer has any connection to the DUP and in the aftermath of his child abuse convictions, faces being kicked out of his beloved Orange Order.

He comes from a family steeped in loyalist tradition with images of his father Alex Russell and grandfather Ballantine Russell adorning two Lambeg drums carried by Tamnificarbet LOL 17, which is based in Portadown. The self-confessed paedophile was also a regular attendee at Sunday services in Lurgan Free Presbyterian Church with his wife Muriel, who is standing by him and was in court to see him jailed and placed on the sex offenders register for life.

She and a group of supporters sat on one side of the public gallery away from Russell’s brave granddaughter Rebekah and her immediate family.

In a joint statement issued after he was jailed, victims Rebekah and Margaret Brown branded their relative “cruel”.

They said: “After consulting with friends and family, we have made the uneasy decision to waive our anonymity so that the perpetrator can be publicly identified, the truth be heard and those most cruel to us can finally be silenced.

“The selfish and monstrous actions of one man, who was a brother and a grandfather, have left deep and lasting scars on both of us but we now at least have a measure of justice.”

In a victim impact statement, Margaret added: “I feel Ivan took my innocence at 13. I will never understand why he did it.”

Their words have had a sobering effect on Ivan Russell’s former friends in north Armagh, some of whom stood by him after he was charged.

Up until Rebekah and Margaret went public last week, the coward had hidden behind the cloak of anonymity, unable to be named by the media as it would identify his victims.

With many thanks to the: Belfast Telegraph and Ciaran Barnes for the original story -cbarnes@sundaylife.co.uk

‘Law & Order’ Director Jason Alexander Charged With Child Pornography: Police | NBC New York


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