DEPRAVED child rapist Paul Fenton is today exposed as the sick monster who raped a 10-year-old child. 

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This is the face of a vile sex abuser who tried to heap the blame for his stomach-churning abuse on his young prey – his crimes now exposed. There is no longer any hiding place for monster Fenton, who is the son of murdered IRA informer Joe Fenton. The Sunday World can reveal Fenton was found guilty last November of raping the young girl he sexually abused since she was 10 years of age. And when his sordid crimes were exposed he blamed the little girl whose life he destroyed to fulfil his sick sexual desires. Fenton, who had an address in Ballycastle, appealed his 11-and-a-half-year sentence last week only for appeal judges to take three minutes after private consultation to deny his plea. Fenton raped the innocent child, he even blamed her for instigating the sordid abuse he inflicted. When initially charged with rape and the sexual abuse of the minor, he claimed she started the four-year nightmare.

These ludicrous and stomach-churning claims were slammed by the judge who handed him one of the highest sentences in Northern Irish history for rape and sexual abuse of a minor. He refused to admit his guilt despite damming evidence, forcing his young and traumatised  victim to appear in court and be cross-examined in the dock from 10am to 4.30pm. The exhausted child was forced to live through every harrowing moment and every sickening detail of what he did to her and what he forced to do. It was revealed in court that he made her watch pornographic movies, and every opportunity he had he molested her.

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He told her he loved her, that they were best friends and this is what ‘best friends do’. It was only when she grew older she realised the depravity of what was happening to her, that it was wrong and the man who was supposed to be her best friend was a monster. The child, who was a neighbour of Fenton, is now 16 years of age. Her childhood ruined, her innocence taken and any natural trust she had completely shattered. It was only after the young girl, at 13, confided in friends that Fenton was exposed for the paedophile he is. In an exclusive interview with the victim’s grandmother, the true horrors are now exposed. For the Sunday World can reveal that Fenton has claimed to friends that he is working away instead of admitting the truth. At a court hearing last Thursday morning the sicko was almost unrecognisable since his court appearance and sentencing last year (the before and after photographs are both included in the above links).

Sweating profusely, continuously pulling at his face and hair, he looked like a man on the edge. Dark circles, almost like black eyes, were clearly seen from the public gallery. It appeared he was missing several teeth – the Sunday World understands this is the result of a vicious jail-house beating once his identity as a child rapist was discovered by fellow inmates inside Maghaberry Gaol. Speaking to the Sunday World on Saturday night July 4th 2020, the grandmother of Fenton’s brave victim revealed the pain and horror he had inflicted on her innocent granddaughter and the heart-breaking effect it had on the entire family circle. “He is an evil bastard. What he did is unforgivable. She was a baby, she was a innocent child,” the devasted grandmother told the Sunday World.


“He has repeatedly lied, over and over again, telling people he is innocent when every piece of evidence proved he was a rapist, that he raped and abused my lovely granddaughter over and over again. “That is why we as a family have decided to speak out, enough is enough, everyone needs to know what he is. A paedophile, a cruel evil bastard and a liar and coward trying to make out that he is the victim. He makes me sick,” she said. Fenton’s victim told her loving mother what had been happening after she confided in two close friends. “She told two friends and that is how it all came out, one of them, a wee boy came to the house and told her if she didn’t tell her mummy then he would. She called her mum upstairs and told her the awful things he had been doing to her, grinding against her and raping her, and the police were called.” Fenton’s father Joe was murdered by the IRA in 1989 after he was exposed as a Special Branch agent.

With many thanks to the: Sunday World and Paula Mackin for the EXCLUSIVE original story – p.mackin@sundayworld.com

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DISSY chief Thomas Ashe Mellon has insisted the Lyra McKee murder weapon is clean, a source has claimed 

Dissident boss Thomas Ashe Mellon

Terror boss Mellon has assured dissident pals cops will find nothing on the pistol that will link the teenage shooter believed to have blasted the young journalist to death.

Hammerli X-Esse, a.22 German-made pistol. The gun used to murder journalist Lyra McKee
Other bullets were also recovered by the RUC/PSNI

The Sunday World understands he insists the gun was “professionally cleaned” in the wake of the fatal shooting in Derry’s Creggan estate. When summoned to a meeting in Belfast last week by his dissident cohorts, he said this was the reason why the gun was not taken out of Derry as instructed. He claimed that because it was forensically wiped, it was better off within reach of his Derry unit considering the availability of weapons was so restricted. The Sunday World revealed on the anniversary of the Belfast women’s murder that the gun was still in Derry and within reach of the killer gang. While members of the Collective Leadership of the NIRA were unconvinced by Mellon last week, they had no option but to swallow the explanation safe in the knowledge that if they acted against Mellon they would loose Derry completely. 

“They knew, as did Tommy, that if they moved on him then he would have walked Derry firmly behind. “If Tommy goes then so does Derry, he will have their support. He already operates on his own effectively giving two fingers to lads on a regular basis and he has done it again,” said a Derry dissident.

The IRA Green Book, Informers will be tolerated LOOSE-TALK COSTS LIVES. Including your own





“The IRA do not like do not like what Thomas is doing, setting his own agendas, ignoring orders such as no operations during this pandemic thing, but they need Derry and without Thomas, at this stage anyway, there is no Derry without him,” he revealed. Crisis talks have taken place with members of the organisation publicly raising their concerns that their were informers within the ranks. This comes after we revealed last week that Derry were in the firing  line after a series of botched jobs, four in recent months, with the most concerning being the discovery of the Hammerli X-Esse pistol (pictured above). The Sunday World can also reveal that the levels of paranoia and suspicion has increased after last week’s article exposing the chinks in the criminal gang.

With many thanks to the: Sunday World and the EXCLUSIVE story from Paula Mackin for the original story 



Chilling advice hospitals giving to their frontline staff

FRONTLINE hospital staff in Belfast’s three hospitals have been advised to make their wills as the COVID-19 takes grip. 

The Sunday World can reveal the recommendation was given by human resource chiefs who have sent a template to staff encouraging them to get their affairs in order as two more nurses died in the UK over the weekend. Key workers in Belfast’s Mater, City and Royal Victoria hospitals are at the coal- face of the pandemic that has claimed thousands of lives across the world.


Medical staff have been advised to declare who will benefit from their work pensions and who is their next of kin. The chilling recommendation is a stark reminder to staff that by working they are putting their lives in immediate danger. One nurse who contacted the Sunday World said: It says it all, at 30 years of age I am being asked to make my will, it is terrifying. “I’m frightened to go to work, the Mater is the main coronaviris hospital, every member of staff is putting their lives at risk but what choice do we have? “I came into this profession to care for people, I have never expected to have to work through something like this. “It’s like a movie, you have to pinch yourself sometimes to make sure it is real and not a nightmare you have to wake up from,” she said.

Images from Belfast’s Royal Victoria show the old accident and Emergency unit converted into showering facilities for staff and relatives of COVID-19 victims. Car parks have been converted into makeshift medical units as staff prepare for the worst with Musgrave Park Hospital now preparing to take COVID-19 suffers. “This week will be the first wave of admissions and we are as prepared as we can be but we don’t have enough of what we need, masks, scrubs and even gloves.

“I never expected to have to work through something like this”

In all my time as a nurse I have never seen anything like though I have never seen professionalism like I have seen from my co-workers,” she said. “It sounds like a corny cliché but we are a family, we look after each other. “It’s emotional, dealing with family members totally confused and devastated by what is happening. And we notice each other, when someone is struggling, a kind word, asking if you are okay, a hug because we can’t social distance, makes such a difference,” the nurse added. This comes as finance minister Conor Murphy faced criticism on Friday last week after he admitted that a joint order for vital Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) was not completed. The Shame Féin man was forced to backtrack days after pledging a “significant” consignment of PPE had been secured with the Irish government (which was completely untrue). However, Mr Murphy has promised health workers will get the protective equipment they need.

With many thanks to: The Sunday World and Paula Mackin for the EXCLUSIVE original story –Paula.mackin@sundayworld.com

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