‘No alternative date has been suggested or discussed with us – Jim Mcllmurray.

LURGAN republican Martin Corey, who has been interned without charge for over three years inside Maghaberry Prison since 2010 after his licence was revoked, has had his latest parole hearing canceled just days before it was due to take place.


The 63-year-old who served 19-years in prison for his part in the shooting of two RUC men in 1972 was released on licence in 1992 and worked as a grave digger prior to being arrested over three years ago. He has subsequently not been charged with any offence and despite being entitled to an annual parole hearing has not been in front of the Parole Commissioners, who decide if he should be released, for 25 months. Jim Mcllmurrey who acts as a spokesman for the Lurgan republican said his legal team was contacted on August 30 to say a parole hearing due to take place last week was once again being postponed.”No alternative date has being suggested or discussed with us,” Mr Mcllmury said. “A variety of reasons have been given for the delay, including blaming Martin himself for his legal challenges against his detention. “The European Court of Human Rights ruled in 2012 that it was uunacceptable to deny an annual parole hearing to anyone held in custody. “This ruling followed a case of a man who waited 14 months for a parole hearing, Martin Corey has now waited 25 months. The Secretary of State in a recent communication stated, ‘an individual who served a life sentence can be returned to prison if they pose a risk to the public or commits further offences.” “Since Martin’s arrest in April 2010, he has never been charged with a crime, or given any explanation as the risk he poses to the public. “He has now served the equivalent of a seven year sentence since his arrest in 2010.”

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Martin Corey Campaign Dublin


Martin Corey: justice denied .

Martin Corey,a Republican from lurgan ,now 62 years of age is in Maghaberry jail the last 3 years.

Within those past 3 years,Martin has NEVER been questioned, never charged, or never sentenced.He has served what amounts to a SIX-YEAR sentance based on “”secret evidence”” witheld by various unelected British secretaries of state in the Occupied Six Counties.Martin’s legal team is denied access to this secret evidence, and the prosecution claim it too is denied access to it.

This has to be untrue because all arms of the british state are working together to keep this man in jail without charge or trial, ensuring he never gets to know the reason why.Effectively a Political Hostage interned in a British prison on Irish soil.Martin is in a no-man’s land.

In July 2012,a Belfast High Court judge, Judge Treacy –Well versed in human rights–Ordered Martin’s immediate release, which was overturned within hours by the then British Secretary of State, Owen Patterson.This decision was challenged in the High Court and the case concluded unsuccessfully in December 2012 with the three-man panel of judges upholding the directive of Owen Patterson.At that stage, an application was made to appeal the High Court’s decision in the Supreme Court in London.

On Thursday, May 2, 2013, Martin received the news that the High Court had overruled the application to take Martin’s case to the Supreme Court in London.This devastating news came without warning.According to one of his Friend’s working hard on his behalf, Jim Mcllmurrey said: “”Martin’s legal team has spent months building his case with such strong conviction that I feel it would have ensured his immediate release under the European Convention of Human Rights.Our attendance at the Supreme Court in London would have given us the opportunity to expose many aspects of this case which i feel would not be acceptable in any English court.The fact that the Secretary of State could hand out directives, dismissing decisions by the High Court judges, would have been highlighted in the Supreme Court in London , exposing the fact that politicians in the North of Ireland rule the judiciary.” On May 3 Martin was told that the Parole Board denied him parole (this was after a wait of 19 months).This was again a body blow.However we will not let this deter us from continuing the fight for Martin’s release.It is a setback, but that is all it is.

We will continue the fight to get justice for Martin Corey.

The families of the victims of Bloody Sunday waitied over 30 years for justice, the Hillsborough families waited 24 years,We cannot let this happen to Martin, ACT NOW !!




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