Armed UVF member

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Jamie Bryson denies ever being a member of the outlawed (Illegal) Ulster Volunteer Force – UVF

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In the featured image is Jamie Bryson left with his sidekick Dee McConnell (right) who was recently stood down as Second in Command of the UVF in East Belfast (TELL THE TRUTH) and shame the Devil

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It is illuminating to sit back & observe when there is a co-ordinated bot attack, such as the laughable one launched against me today. There is a co-ordinated, relentless & persistent assault by a range of anonymous accounts all RT & amplifying eachother. Sad people.
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Twitter didnt do the writing on the wall.. People from your community did..
Never trust a loyalist!!! – Jamie Bryson – Anti-Catholic – Sectarian – Sectarianism


How come if Jamie Bryson and Dee McConnell were such very close comrades – how come he didn’t know that his friend Dee was a high ranking member of the outlawed UVF?
If Jamie Bryson was not a member of the UVF then why is he pictured here?
Óglach James Bryson, cousin of the UVF’s Jamie Brayson

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Police probe online paramilitary images

POLICE are investigating after an image was posted online showing a masked man apparently firing shots in tribute to a Socialist Republican in west Belfast.

“The final salute to comrade Harry O’Hara” – IRSP.

Photographs posted on Facebook by the Irish Republican Socialist Party (IRSP) – the politicial wing of the Irish National Liberation Party (INLA) – show masked men posing on a street with a picture of Harry O’Hara. Mr O’Hara, from Norglen Drive in the Turf Lodge area, died on February 28th and was buried in the City Cemetery earlier this month following Requiem Mass at Holy Trinity Church. Among death notices expressing sympathy at Mr O’Hara’s passing was one from “Connor Hughes, Cogús Republican Prisoners” in Maghaberry Jail.

West Belfast – INLA

The IRSP’s Belfast branch posted photos on Facebook of a “final salute to comrade Harry O’Hara”. It said “Harry was a loyal republican socialist and he will always be remembered with honour and pride by the Republican Socialist Movement” (RSM). The images show masked men dressed in paramilitay-style uniform posing beside candles and a photo of Mr O’Hara (copy of picture above). In one, a member of the group raises a gun above his head in a firing motion.

The images have been condemned by SDLP councillor Tim Attwood, who represents the area on Belfast City Council. “These are scenes which belong in the past. There is no excuse for masked gunmen on the streets of our city, no matter what the context,” he said. “This was a reckless act and should be roundly condemned.” A RUC/PSNI spokeswoman said: “Police are aware of footage on social media showing shots apparently being fired by a masked man in west Belfast. An investigation is under way.”

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A 21-YEAR-OLD man was jailed for three years on Monday after pleading guilty to a paramilitary-style shooting,according to police.


Tiernan Porter, of Glasvey Walk, Dunmurry, Co Antrim, admitted wounding a man with intent, possession of a firearm with criminal intent, possession of a firearm in suspicious circumstances and possession of articles for a terrorist purpose. The victim was wounded in his thigh and ankle in the attack in Twinbrook, on the outskirts of west Belfast, on May 31 2010. Porter will spend a further three years on licence. A police spokesman said : “Paramilitary attacks are a scourge on our local community and today’s sentencing demonstrates that the PSNI and our partners within the criminal justice system are committed to bringing those responsible for such attacks to justice.”

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