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The bigger Bloody Sunday cover-up – Irish Republican News – Fri, Oct 16, 2015



MANUS DERRY murdered by the British army JUSTICE DENIED

Manus Derry murdered by the British army JUSTICE DENIED

Derry Doire

Neil Doyle O’Donnell


An escape route offered from ‘Derry Dole’.

Fancy uniform; sport, some adventure and a life of your own.

Just leave the love for your country and values behind.

Never a normal return to your land and add a new word to your life book, such as pariah.

Controlled leaves, precious holiday times spent in ‘Ebrington Barracks’, sometimes a laundry van for a taxi.

Live in a world controlled by racist right wing idiots, disliked: the reason that your people protested wishing for their ‘Civil Rights’.

Murdered like dogs in the street by red-capped uniformed killers from a gene pool found swilling in the bottom of a bucket of brock.

I this joke trained to fight the ‘Russian Might’, whilst a school friend Jim Wray lies dying in the street.

A best friend’s brother ‘Paddy Doherty’ shot twice in the back.

Jim, Paddy and others lie dead and dying to satisfy a ‘Vicious Tory Spleen’.

Allowing the ‘Masters of Deceit’ to quench and sup at their evil feasts as they feed scraps to the ‘Horsemen’ to fuel never ending evil deeds.

Neil D.O’Donnell.

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‘Is the intention to sow seeds of division amount the families, especially those left behind… – Paul O’Connor.

CONCERNS have been raised over a decision to move 12 Historical Enquiries Team (HET) investigators to the Bloody Sunday criminal investigation. The investigators have been ordered to move to the Bloody Sunday investigation on Monday morning.


The move will result in some HET investigations being put on hold. Following the exoneration of the victims in the Seville Report, a criminal investigation was launched into the soldiers responsible for the murders. Human right’ pressure group, the Pat Finucane Centre (PFC), said the fact that all 12 transferred officers are ooriginally from the outside of the North of Ireland upsets the HET’s balance in investigating RUC cases. Both the PFC and the Bloody Sunday Trust (BST) said the move implied they were receiving favourable treatment. Final McFeely, chairman of the BST, said : “For the chief constable and his advisors to use the families of Bloody Sunday as an excuse to stop other investigations can only increase the pain and hurt of other families seeking truth and justice in respect of their loved ones killed and injured in the conflict.

“It also sets the families of victims against each other in a competition for resources.” Mr McFeely said it was “morally wrong” to put HET investigations on hold because of the transfer of resources.” “When (the chief cconstable) announced last year that he was putting in place a proper PSNI investigation into the events of Bloody Sunday, it was our understanding that he would provide the additional resources needed and that these resources were to be put in place with immediate effect,” he said. PFC spokesman, Paul O’Connor said the decision was wrong on a number of levels. “Is the intention to sow the seeds of division amount families, especially those left behind and ultimately damage any prospect of historic investigations?” A police spokeswoman said preliminary work has begun into what she said would be a lengthy and complex investigation. “The allocation of the precise resources at the SIO’s ( senior investigating officer ) disposal is still being determined,” she said.

With many thanks to : Seamus McKinney, The Irish News.

EX-general’s Bloody Sunday Video comments suspended !

A DECISION to suspend a contribution by former British army head General Sir Michael Jackson to a Bloody Sunday video installation has been welcomed. A number of Bloody Sunday families complained when General Jackson’s comments were included in the ‘interpretative area’ at Derry‘s Guildhall.


The installation was put in place at the newly refurbished Guildhall to mark the fact that the building hosted the Seville Inquiry into Bloody Sunday. A spokeswoman for a number of the families, Kate Nash, said they were angered and insulted by his inclusion. Ms Nash’s brother, William was shot dead and her father, Alex was shot and wounded on Bloody Sunday. As adjutant to the Parachute Regiment on Bloody Sunday, then Captain Jackson drew up a ‘shoot list’ in the minutes after the killings which was used by the British government to brand the dead as gunmen and bombers. All Bloody Sunday victims were eventually exonerated by the Seville Inquiry. A spokeswoman said the installation has now been temporarily switched off as it was being reviewed. She said : “It is not presented as a chronology or insight into Bloody Sunday and there is no intention to offend any families involved.” Welcoming the move, Ms Nash said : “The other families I’m in contact with are delighted that has happened. I do have to say though I think its only a reprieve.” Ms Nash called on Derry City Council to consult with all Bloody Sunday families about what should go into the Guildhall interpretative area.

With many thanks to : Seamus McKinney, Irish News.



Linda Nash

We are among those whose family members were murdered on Bloody Sunday or who were ourselves victims of attempted murder. We have been angered, distressed and insulted to find that the installation just unveiled at Derry Guildhall includes a contribution from General Michael Jackson.

Jackson is the man who organised and orchestrated the cover-up of the Bloody Sunday killings. It was his so-called “shot-list” which was sent out around the world within hours of the massacre to libel the dead and wounded and exonerate the killers of the Parachute Regiment.

The Jackson cover-up was maintained by the British Government and the British Army for decades. We fought a long campaign to force the British authorities to admit the innocence of the victims of Bloody Sunday, a repudiation of the Widgery Tribunal and the prosecution of those responsible of the murder and attempted murder of the victims of Bloody Sunday. As a result of our campaign the British Government established ‘The Bloody Sunday Inquiry‘. The results of that inquiry met some of the demands of the families.

The evidence to the Inquiry also exposed the Jackson cover-up as a tissue of lies. We find it incredible that Jackson is now presented in Derry Guildhall as an honourable man in what is supposed to be a tribute to the dead and wounded.

We do not know who is responsible for this travesty or who sanctioned it. But we want the reference to Jackson removed without delay.

We also wish to express our concern at the references to the Bloody Sunday Inquiry as “The Saville Inquiry”. This shifts the focus away from the massacre in Rossville Street to the Inquiry into the massacre. The effect is to present British role as benign – as far from the truth as it would be possible to get.

We would like to know who designed this memorial and decided what would be included. Certainly, we were not involved.

Members of the families are also angry that no mention is made of the shadow left by The Bloody Sunday Inquiry on the memory of Gerard Donaghy – found, in contradiction of the overwhelming evidence, to have probably been carrying a nail bomb when shot down. We cannot put the Bloody Sunday killings behind us until ‘all’ the Bloody Sunday dead are vindicated. The Guildhall must acknowledge the fact that the search for the ‘full’ truth of Bloody Sunday continues.

Kate Nash

Linda Nash

Liam Wray

Joe Friel

Damien Donaghy

Micheal Bridge

Jackie O’Reilly

Mona Bradley

Linda Nash

Press Release sent to newspapers


FLAGS ssupporting a controversial British Army regiment have been erected at an interface – just days after ‘peace’ talks in Cardiff.


The flags, which bare the insignia of the Parachute regiment, have been fixed onto lamp-posts on the loyalist side of the Donegall Road interface at the Broadway roundabout. They had already been erected in other areas of Belfast and show support for the ‘Paras’ who will forever be despised in nationalist areas of Ulster. Soldiers of the parchute Regiment were responsible for the Bloody Sunday murders in Derry were 14 innocent civilians were shot dead during a civil rights march in 1972. They were also the regiment in the Ballymurphy massacre where 11 innocent civilians were murdered. But it’s the fact these flags were erected just days after loyalist leaders including Winkie Irvine and Jackie McDonald returned from Cardiff that have caused the most surprise. And also the First and deputy ffirst ministers statements around a shared further. Following talks in Cardiff it was declared by all sides that “respect” would be the order of the day to help prevent a violent summer. It’s understood a notorious UVF gang from the Donegall Road, run by ‘The meerkat’ Colin Fulton, was behind the flags.”You have to assume the only reason is they want to intimidate people on this side of the road.” The flags issue is one of the most contentious facing politicians here and the situation has only been made worse since the row over the flying of the union flag at Belfast City Hall. A spokesman for Sinn Fein said last night : “The erection of UVF flags along with flags of the British Parachute Regiment at Broadway roundabout is both provocative and inflammatory.”


“This is Jackie McDonald’s turf and by putting these flags up after he and other loyalists came back from Cerdiff promising a new dawn, is sending a clear message,” said a loyalist source. “And that message is that not everyone is on board with the peace plan.” Why on earth would someone in Belfast want to put up a flag of this particular regiment of the British Army?” asked one nationalist resident who lives nearby. 

BALLYMURPHY .. “The Aftermath”

BALLYMURPHY .. "The Aftermath"

Friday at 19:30 until Sunday at 23:00
    THREE PERFORMANCES OF THE AWARD WINNING PLAY BALLYMURPHY MASSACRE…………A Play about the events of the MassacreThe stories of those killed and their families who have organised the research and the lobbying that has brought this event to public attention.The Fami…lies believe that by putting the event on record it will force the Britishto admit its wrong doings of 1971 and lead to an apology from those responsible. The play will tell this story.The play is written by Brenda Murphy, Directed by Pam Brighton …. tickets £10
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Ballymurphy families seek talks with David Cameron

Ballymurphy in 1971
Soldiers clearing up in the aftermath of the Ballymurphy killings
Relatives of 10 people shot dead by soldiers in west Belfast in 1971 are calling for a meeting with the Prime Minister, David Cameron.

In December, families handed in a petition to Downing street calling for an independent investigation into the killings.

John Teggart, whose father Danny died, said the families wanted a panel to look into the shootings.

Oberon Books first edition cover

He said an international figure could head the panel.

“It’s 40 years since my father was murdered in Ballymurphy. There’s been no police investigation. It needs to be independent. It needs to be done by the right people, in agreement with the families.

“To sort out and start talking about terms of reference we need to be sitting with the man who holds the power, that’s David Cameron.”

He said Ballymurphy could have been dealt with during the Saville Inquiry into Bloody Sunday.

The families have previously called for an independent inquiry into the killings.

The victims, which included a priest and a mother-of-eight, were killed over the course of three days in August 1971 by members of the Parachute Regiment during Operation Demetrius, when people suspected of paramilitary activity were interned.

Banner and Crosses carried by the families of ...

The Army said it opened fire in the Ballymurphy area in response to gunfire from republican paramilitaries.

Last November, the Attorney General John Larkin announced that new inquests would be held into their deaths.

The families said the decision by Mr Larkin was an important step in their ongoing campaign for justice but said their campaign for an independent investigation would continue.

The Northern Ireland Office has ruled out any public inquiry into the killings akin to the Bloody Sunday Tribunal.

The 10 people shot dead


  • Fr Hugh Mullan
  • Francis Quinn
  • Daniel Teggart
  • Joan Connolly
  • Joseph Murphy
  • Noel Phillips
  • Edward Doherty
  • John Laverty
  • Joseph Corr
  • John McKerr


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